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'Arrowverse' Reacts to Supergirl: Sara's Got a Crush, Oliver Keeps His Distance

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When Supergirl crosses over with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow later this fall on The CW, the Girl of Steel will turn at least one head in the superhero collective.

One time-traveling legend in particular is “instantly charmed” by the Kryptonian newcomer, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals. “I think Sara’s got a little crush on her.”

For Arrow‘s Dig, “just when he thinks he’s seen it all,” his mind is blown by an alien encounter that makes his first interaction with a super speedy Barry look like child’s play. (Better hold onto those fries, Dig!)

“There’s a moment where somebody says, ‘This is Supergirl,'” Kreisberg describes, “and they say, ‘What’s so super about her?’ and she just lifts off the ground. Dig’s like, ‘I’m convinced.'”

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But not everyone is so quick to welcome Kara into the superhero club.

“Part of Oliver’s journey in those [crossover] episodes is he’s kind of hit his breaking point [in terms of] things he’s willing to accept,” Kreisberg explains. “He’s had Mirakuru soldiers and the Lazarus Pit and magic and Damien Darhk. Flying aliens who can incinerate you with their eyes, it’s one beyond the pale for him. He’s keeping his distance, which is a very Oliver thing to do. Kara sort of comments, ‘Does he not like me?’ and Barry’s like, ‘No, that’s kind of how he treats everybody.'”

Personally, the Green Arrow is keeping Supergirl at arm’s length, but professionally, the costumed crimefighters band together with their friends to fight an alien race called the Dominators, making for an “exciting” and unprecedented team-up.

“Every time I get those dailies and we see them all together, it’s insanity,” Kreisberg raves.

Which character interactions are you most looking forward to seeing in the #FlarrowGirlofTomorrow crossover?