Quantico: Who Was That Crying Woman in Alex's Room at The Farm?

Quantico Season 2 Who Is Alex Roommate Dayana

Quantico‘s Season 2 premiere closed Sunday evening on an intriguing visual: a woman we’d seen only in passing, crying quietly in the bedroom she now shares with new CIA trainee Alex Parrish.

That woman is Dayana Mampasi, played by South African actress Pearl Thusi (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency).

“I hate to say she’s the Shelby of Season 2, but by that I mean, she’s an incredibly accomplished business woman who is now here in the CIA, which is not a world that she thought she’d be in,” series creator Joshua Safran tells TVLine.

As we’ll learn in the next few episodes, Dayana is an accomplished human rights lawyer who came to America from Zimbabwe as a teenager. Unlike Ms. Wyatt, however, who “volunteered for the FBI, Dayana actually was recruited,” Safran adds. “The CIA don’t volunteer for it. They come to you.”

Look for Pearl and Aarón Diaz’s León to find some quick commonality given their shared “outside perspective” on America, the EP says. “It’s not romantic. I mean, maybe it will be at some point, but we’re really looking at them like: They don’t really like each other, but they also really look out for each other… It’s almost sibling-esque, and their stories are kind of intertwined.”

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