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Power Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

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If there were an Olympic medal for keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, Power‘s Ghost would take gold after this week’s episode.

Because — as our anti-hero learns during the hour — while he was busy dodging Lobos/trying to second-guess Angela/stopping Tariq from turning into a juvenile delinquent/wondering where baby Tasha is (JK, because NO ONE ever wonders where baby Tasha is!), James “Ghost” St. Patrick inadvertently hired one of his biggest enemies… and gave him an all-access pass to his professional and personal lives.

It’s a mess. And that’s not even adding in the fact that Lobos dies, Tommy acts really weird and Angela and Jamie both end the episode in tears. Let’s review the highlights of “The Right Decision.”

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO VIOLENT | Ghost finds a shellshocked Tommy sleeping in his car — because he didn’t want to spend the night in the apartment where he Of Mice and Men‘d Holly out of existence. They go upstairs, because “We’ve got work to do,” Ghost tells his pal: They’re prepping to take Lobos out.

Using Sandoval-provided intel about Lobos’ low-key transfer from prison, the guys strategize exactly how they’re going to take out the drug boss. Basically, Ghost will pretend to spend the day at one of Karen Bassett’s hotels — what he’ll tell Karen (and, not incidentally, Angie): he’s doing research for the pitch about running her in-house club — but will actually scamper away to help Tommy do the job. And when Tasha shows up at the apartment looking for Holly, she becomes part of the plan, too.

Later, at Tasha’s, Mrs. St. Patrick inadvertently clues Ghost in about Holly’s pregnancy, assuming that the reason she can’t get Hol to text her back is because the redhead told Tommy about the pregnancy and he flipped out. Ghost says nothing upon hearing this bomb, but he nearly chokes on his drink and his face speaks volumes. When he pulls it together, he asks Tasha to take care of Tommy for the night. “Usual s—t, Ghost!” she calls in his wake. “Leaving me with the mess.” But Ghost can’t hear her, because he’s gone back to Angie’s to have ankles-on-shoulders, dining-room table sex. He even asks her to go with him to Bassett’s hotel, knowing full well she can’t because of the transfer happening the next day. I don’t wanna, but I kind of have to admire the ballsiness of Ghost. Dude thinks he’s got everything under control 24/7.

PRISON BREAK | The next day, Tasha and Ghost check into Bassett’s lavish hotel while Tommy meets up with Hugo and Lobos’ other guys. Throughout the day, Tasha keeps up appearances like James is there — all the better to have an alibi — when he’s really out preparing to take out Lobos.

The action goes as follows: Sandoval texts Lobos’ guy to say that the kingpin is on the move. Greg sits in the van next to Lobos, which becomes problematic when Lobos’ crew (which includes Tommy) intercepts the transport and kills everyone except Greg (who still takes a few tough hits to his bulletproof vest). But when Tommy — who’s driving Jefe and his dude to safety — pulls under a bridge, everything changes.

Ghost steps out in front of the car and kills Raul, then Tommy pulls a gun on Lobos. Translation: IT’S ON. They march the smirking prisoner to the marsh, where he boasts that if he doesn’t show up to the rendezvous spot on time, his men will kill Angela. But when he also brags that he’s got a guy with Holly right at that moment, Ghost and Tommy know he’s lying.

HASTA LA VISTA, LOBOS | So they’re just about to shoot him dead when a phone rings: It’s coming from Lobos’ jacket, and Tommy and Ghost have a collective small stroke, because the device’s very presence means that the feds can triangulate his whereabouts. In fact, Sandoval is on the other end of the call — he knows about Lobos’ botched extraction — and has the same idea to do a trap-and-trace on the signal.

So while Tommy and Ghost argue about what to do next… Lobos runs away. (Side note: I love the slippery rat-ness of that character. I also love how Enrique Murciano plays him like he has Jell-O for bones.) A scuffle in which Lobos jumps Ghost follows, and it ends with Ghost’s pointing his gun into Lobos’ chest and Tommy’s advising him not to murder the cartel head.

“I need to end this now, Tommy,” Ghost replies, putting two bullets into Lobos at point-blank range and then leaving his body for the animals to nibble on. Later, while the two men clean up, Ghost waxes positive about how they’re “free” now, and they have their whole lives ahead of them. Tommy seems… less excited about this prospect, and also a little odd in the way he’s handling everything that’s happened. I mean, I don’t know that I’d handle two murders in two days well either, but still.

A NEW THREAT EMERGES | Ghost swings by the hotel, where Tasha has been pretending to be him while she answers Angela’s texts all day. (Side note: Who else loved Naturi Naughton’s reading of the line, “Seriously, ain’t you got a job?”?) But Tasha also has found the divorce papers Ghost had drawn up a while back, and she wonders what’s going on. “Our pre-nup says I get half if you want out,” she reminds him. It escalates a bit, ending with her tossing the envelope back at him. “I already signed them, because I am so done with your ass,” she proclaims, just before denying him access to the bed and demanding a car of her own for the ride home the next day.

Back at the club, Ghost fires his security team — the guys who saved his bacon last week. “You finally killed Lobos,” Dean, the head of security, says. Wait, what? Yep, it turns out that Dean is really the Serbian known as Milan (aka “the mother—ker who eats people?” as Tommy later remembers)… and he’s also the one who left the La Araña card on Ghost’s desk. “This has to do with Vladimir and his crew,” Ghost correctly ascertains, trying to play it cool but mentally peeing himself in fear. After all, Milan and his guys have had complete access to Ghost’s family and business, which is not something you want to hand over to your enemy.

So here’s the deal, per Milan: Ghost and Tommy are back in the business, and they’re going to work for him to make good on when they interrupted a shipment a while back. And Tommy is less than pleased to hear this development. “We just took out one sicko yesterday. I’m not emotionally prepared to work for another psychopath,” Egan laments. He also brings up the fact that Angela is in a lot of danger now — and she’s Ghost’s “soft spot,” which makes her a liability that needs to be erased.

ADIOS, ANGELA | Tommy thinks Ghost should kill Angie, which would afford her at least a painless death — unlike the one Milan and his crew would give her. Instead, Ghost goes to Angie’s, where he abruptly plays the “my kids have to be what’s most important” card, says that separating from Tasha was “a mistake” and bids her farewell as he breaks up with her cute, disbelieving little tush. After he closes the apartment door behind him, she sobs loudly and sinks to the floor; in the hallway, Jamie sheds a few tears himself and almost goes back inside, but then pulls himself together and walks away.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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