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Power Stars Talk [Spoiler]'s Brutal, 'Truly Unintentional' Death

Power Recap Season 3 Episode 5 Holly Dies

This post contains major spoilers from Sunday’s Power.

Tommy, what have you done?

Sunday’s Power found the burgeoning drug kingpin fatally choking girlfriend Holly during a rage blackout after learning that she’d hired the Jamaicans to kill his estranged best friend, Ghost. While Holly’s death wasn’t completely unexpected — the Starz series rarely rewards characters who adamantly refuse to stay in their lane — nobody thought that Tommy would be the one to take the love of his life out for good.

Especially Joseph Sikora, who plays the violently impulsive Mr. Egan.

Once his shock wore off, “I told [showrunner] Courtney [Kemp] after I had read the script, I had re-read Of Mice and Men, because it reminded me so much of the scene with Lenny and the young girl at the end of the book,” Sikora says. (If you’re not familiar with John Steinbeck’s classic novel, let’s just say the scene in question involves a man who doesn’t know his own strength.) “It’s truly unintentional.”

Holly’s final scene began with Holly goading her boyfriend about not being able to carry out his boss Lobos’ command to kill Ghost. It quickly escalated to a fatal,  physical brawl that, portrayer Lucy Walters wryly notes, some viewers have been looking forward to for a while.

“That’s the best, when they’re like, ‘Holly needs to die,'” she says, laughing. “Honestly, I feel like it’s a gift. There are so many roles for women that are described as ‘sexy’ and ‘pretty’ and ‘nice,’ and there’s all this pressure to be liked… There’s been something paradoxically liberating in this, where it’s like, ‘Oh, I thought she was supposed to be the hot bombshell cocktail girl, but she’s actually not. She’s actually this. And knowing that, ‘Oh, they’re going to hate me no matter what, so I can lean into that and I can be ugly.'”

Walters adds, laughing: “When people hate her I feel like, ‘Well, yes. We’ve done our job.'”‘

Moving forward, Walters says, Holly’s demise will be incredibly tough for Tommy to reconcile. But finding out she was carrying his child…

“The blowback from that is going to be really long and really hard,” the actress says. “Say what you will about these two people, but what they had was actually real. Yes, they are two very complicated and very broken people, but it was a real love.”

She adds: “It’s not a Hallmark love, but it is a real one.”

Do you have an opinion on Holly’s death and how it will affect the rest of Power‘s third season? Sound off in the comments!

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