Teen Wolf @ Comic-Con: Watch the Final Season's Haunting Trailer — Plus: Fresh Scoop on the Race to Save Stiles

Teen Wolf Season 6

Scott and his pack have a hell of a final fight ahead of them — that is, if they’re not completely wiped out of existence first.

The stars of MTV’s Teen Wolf assembled Thursday for their final panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and in addition to revealing the devastating news that the series will end after Season 6 — which premieres in November — they also shared a trailer for the show’s final 20-episode stretch, which features some of the most twisted images and concepts in the series’ history:

In a nutshell, the Wild Hunt — as foreshadowed by Kira’s mom in the Season 5 premiere — finally arrives in Beacon Hills, triggering a series of heinous events that ultimately leads to members of Scott’s pack being “erased.” Dun, dun, dun!

Though the cast is notorious for keeping spoilers close to the vest, there were a few notable nuggets dropped during Thursday’s panel:

* Executive producer Jeff Davis on Season 6’s Big Bad: “We have a Nazi Werewolf this season … and we get to see how he was put into this big glass capsule. … We’re history buffs at Teen Wolf, so we wanted to have a villain we haven’t seen before.”

* Cody Christian — who is returning for Season 6 — said Theo has gone “to hell and back.” His next journey will be one of redemption.

* Peter (Ian Bohen) will return to cause “family trouble” with Malia.

* “We are partaking in a couple different times periods this season,” Holland Roden revealed. “One in particular focuses on Irish folklore as a whole. … Is that somehow related to solving the mystery of Season 6? That’s the best I can give without giving too much away.”

* Though Season 6 is very much about saving Stiles, David clarified, “It’s more of a Beacon Hills-wide mystery. … The Wild Hunt myth is that is passes through your town. If you’re unfortunate enough to glance up at them, they take you with them.”

* The Ghost Riders have an “American West” feel, according to Davis.

* Argent is “there with Scott with the support that’s needed,” surprise-guest JR Bourne said. “I love where that relationship, over the series, has gone. It’s what his daughter showed him, that he’s more than a werewolf. He’s a young man who carries equal morals to Argent.”

How do you feel about Teen Wolf coming to an end? Hit PLAY on the trailer above, watch TVLine’s interview with the cast below, then drop a comment with your hopes (and fears).