Teen Wolf Premiere Recap: Senior Fear

Teen Wolf Season Premiere

The first Moonday of 2015 has officially come and gone, and judging by the looks on your faces — I’m assuming, anyway — you’re more than a little confused about what you just saw on Teen Wolf. But here’s the thing: You’re supposed to be.

Staying true to form, Monday’s Season 5 premiere dropped viewers in the midst of a hectic situation — in this case, a super-powered Lydia trapped in Eichen House — and wished them the best of luck in piecing together what the hell was actually going on. Fortunately, executive producer Jeff Davis explained to TVLine that the events at E.H. take place a week in the future, making everything else in the episode a flashback.

That means we can hopefully expect to see what landed Lydia there, not to mention how she suddenly mastered her kick-ass banshee powers. (That scream rattled my damn soul.) If all goes well, we’ll also see more of Aiden, easily the most welcome “surprise” of the entire hour.

On the flip side, Lydia’s memory of her fallen comrades was a most unwelcome surprise. Mama McCall slapping Papa Stilinski, Kira leaving Scott, Stiles in a car accident, Malia’s unfortunate first meeting with her mother, Parrish in a(nother) fire… all very, very bad stuff. (As for Malia’s mother, Davis tells me the Desert Wolf arrives at a “pivotal moment” further into Season 5A.)

Meanwhile, in the past…

Teen Wolf Season PremiereSENIOR MOMENTS | As promised by Sir Davis, the first hour of Teen Wolf‘s fifth season primarily focused on B.H.H.S.’ incoming senior class, which includes Malia, due to (I assume) some sort of clerical error. Meanwhile, Stiles established his overwhelming fear of being separated from his friends after graduation — “no one gets left behind,” not even the Jeep — while Scott vocalized his own concerns that life can’t possibly stay OK for long; eventually, it’ll have to tip towards good or bad. (Holy downer, Batman.) But in addition to looking towards/fearing the future, Scott and his pack also honored the past, particularly when writing their names on the library bookshelves during Senior Scribe. Seriously, if your heart didn’t squeeze at least a little bit when Lydia remarked that Allison “still is” with them, you might want to check your pulse. You’re probably already dead.

DOCTORS? EVIL! | As if we needed one more reason to fear the doctor’s office — it’s 2015 and everything can kill you — this week’s premiere sure delivered a doozy. Not only did the much-hyped “Doctors” exterminate one of their own hell-beasts for failing to snatch Scott’s powers (“No second chances!”), but one of them is also attempting to drill a hole in Lydia’s brain as we speak. To be fair, I’m not sure if the guy drilling into Lydia is in league with the aforementioned creeps, but honestly, this is Teen Wolf. When are we really sure of anything?!

THEO HUNKSTABLE | The premiere also introduced Cody Christian’s character, a lone wolf named Theo who knew Scott waaaaay back in the day. I’m talking ancient times. Like, elementary school. Anyway, when Theo found out there was a True Alpha named Scott McCall in Beacon Hills, he knew he had to head back to the homeland and join his pack. (I feel like Theo really lucked out. It would’ve been super embarrassing if there were two True Alphas named Scott McCall in Beacon Hills. Bullet dodged.) We’re not sure if we can trust Theo yet — that’s being saved for Tuesday’s follow-up episode — but I’m willing to go all in. I mean, Christian seems less creepy on Teen Wolf than he does on Pretty Little Liars and he’s literally playing a monster this time. So, there you go.

PARRISH, THE THOT | Parrish’s incessant whining about not having enough to do — like, just shut up and take your shirt off, right? — finally worked Sheriff Stilinski’s last nerve, prompting him to send the chiseled rookie on a seemingly routine house call. But this is Beacon Hills, so the visit quickly found Parrish going chest-to-claw with that hell-beast I mentioned earlier. “You’re no ordinary creature, deputy,” quoth the hell-beast, which immediately gave me major True Blood flashbacks. (“What are you?”) Parrish, of course, doesn’t know what he is, which only made the audience hell-beast angrier. In fact, were it not for Lydia appearing to (and almost kissing) him, he’d likely be a hot goner by now. Fortunately, he survived, and was able to inform Mama McCall that said hell-beast probably(?) has the ability to steal a True Alpha’s powers. Yikes! (Should we all start placing bets on when we’ll actually find out what Parrish is? At this rate, I’m thinking Season 9.)


* Do we think Kira’s mom’s speech about the “wild hunt” was foreshadowing anything? I didn’t see any black horses with stoner bloodshot eyes in the premiere, so I assume we can just chalk it up to Mama Yukimura’s folklore fetish and move on.

* Speaking of things that may or may not matter, did anyone put any stock in that Donovan kid? He seemed pretty pissed at Sheriff Stilinski, and people don’t usually make idle death threats on this show. Prayer circle commencing in 3… 2… 1…

* How freakin’ adorable was Scott’s exchange with Liam, in which he recalled Derek’s remarks about how Liam was one of the strongest werewolves he’d seen at his age? I love watching Scott become a leader, especially in seeing how his leadership style differs from Derek. (So far, I’m seeing a little less lurking in the shadows and a lot less eyebrows.)

Teen Wolf fans, let’s hear your take on the premiere: Do you trust Theo? Do you have any new theories about Parrish’s supernatural identity? Are you praying to any god who will listen that Stiles survives that car accident? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your every thought.

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