Madam Secretary Season 3: Elizabeth Is Offered Veep! — What Happens Next?

Madam Secretary Season 3 Elizabeth Vice President

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next?” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

“You’re firing me?!”

Elizabeth’s surprise and outrage in Madam Secretary‘s Season 2 finale echoed our own: After going through so much as President Dalton’s secretary of state, could her longtime friend/current boss really want to replace her?

The answer: Yes — but not for the reasons she suspected. Let’s back up a little.

Bess’ paranoia began when Mike arrived at her office with a glum look on his face: During an investigation into something else, he learned that the White House was likely vetting three people who would make pretty great secretaries of state. And though Elizabeth scoffed at the idea that her old friend might plot against her, her suspicion that Mike was right grew as the hour unfolds.

A meeting with Chief of Staff Russell Jackson didn’t calm any fears; rather than deny that her job security is in peril, he instead suggested that she speak with the president herself. Which brings us to the moment that Dalton revealed:

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“I’m not firing you. I’m trying to ask you to be my vice president,” he said from behind the Resolute desk. The Commander in Chief explained that current veep Delgado’s health issues would make it impossible for him to continue in the role, and he told Elizabeth that she was at the top of a very short list of replacements.

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A flabbergasted Elizabeth asked for some time to think about it… then immediately doubled down on her insistence that the United States try to recover a possibly alive Dmitri Petrov by trading captured spy Peter Buckley. And while that debate went on, the veep conversation was tabled.

“Here I am offering you the second most important job in the country, and you’re poking at my conscience,” Dalton later marveled. “Any wonder why I want you to take the job?”

So what do you think, TVLine readers? Will Elizabeth give up her current position to be Dalton’s No. 2? Rewatch the scene, then vote on your predicted outcome.