Grimm Season 6 Nick Renard

Grimm Season 6: Renard (Kinda) Saved Nick's Life! — What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next?” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Saved by the bell doll.

Grimm‘s Nick escaped a deadly fate — being Zauberbiest’d out of existence — in the Season 5 finale. To recount, Mayor-Elect Renard picked up a sword and ran it through Black Claw boss Bonaparte just as he was about to kill the Grimm. But here’s the rub: The former police chief didn’t do so of his own volition. Diana, his young daughter with Adalind, used her formidable, supernatural power to enchant a doll… which became a proxy for her unwitting dad.

Grimm Season 6 Nick RenardEarlier in the episode, the little girl had witnessed Bonaparte hurting her mother. And seeing as how Diana had also used her gifts to eliminate Renard’s girlfriend Rachel — another figure she perceived as threatening to her parents’ happiness — it was fitting that Bonaparte died at Diana’s hand (by way of her father’s).

But what will Season 6 mean for Renard, who was one of Nick’s allies right up until the captain’s dreams of power aligned with Black Claw’s master plan? All we know so far is that the premiere will pick up right where the finale left off, with a shocked Nick and Renard standing over the baddie’s body.

After all, as star David Giuntoli told TVLine about the episode’s closing scene, “There’s only so many ways this can go with the captain and Nick. Either we get into a huge melee, or the captain tries to somehow recruit me to his side. I don’t see how else it could go. I’m not going to say, ‘Let’s deal with this later.'”

Well, you heard the man: How do you think the cliffhanger will resolve when Grimm returns for a sixth season? Rewatch the closing scene below, then vote on your predicted outcome.

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  1. piebokou says:

    I’m actually truly torn between the melee and the gang bursting out. I don’t think recruiting Nick is gonna do any good to Renard, becuse there is no way Nick ever going to trust him. I just hoping that Diana remembers that Nick mom was good to her, and that she doesn’t see him as an obstacle to her parents hapiness because that wouldn’t be good for his health seeing as for now no one as an handle on that little kid. As an Nadalind shipper, I do believe that Diana would actually benefits more at having Nick as a stepfather than Renard as a father.

    • H.H. says:

      I don’t think Renard would consider trying to recruit Nick again. Heck, with the blood of a Black Claw leader on Renard’s hands he’ll probably figure he can’t even safely stay on Black Claw’s side. Renard will more likely instead try to convince Nick to take him back on Team Grimm since at the very least he’ll be in danger and so will Diana if anyone ever figures out that she pulled that metaphorical trigger. Once Renard’s had a moment to figure out just how tenuous his position with Black Claw just became he might try to lie and play off skewering Bonaparte as his own choice and pretend he’s been a double agent this whole time.

      • piebokou says:

        I would worry more for Renard that I would worry for Diana, that little henxenbiest could definetly give Black claw a run for their money. At just hope Nick’s kicks Renard behind first bfore thinking of any reconciliation.

  2. colig says:

    well if goes the way of a lot of shows nowadays,they will become a gay couple.

  3. Kic says:

    It BETTER be Renard reveals he’s been undercover 😡

    • Cyn says:

      Normally I would agree, but letting Bonaparte nearly choke Adalind to death and kill Meisner kinda negates an undercover gig. He was seduced by the power and in the process lost any ground he had with Team Nick.

      • I don’t think he’s physically powerful enough to fight Bonapart since he’s half Zauberbiest and Bonapart was full. Also, he had to maintain his cover with Adalind. Surely he would have tried if things had really gotten out of hand. He *has* to be undercover.

        • Cyn says:

          Adalind was being choked to death. She was gasping for breath. I’m not sure how much more out of hand it can get.

          • Like if he thought he’d actually kill her or she couldn’t fight for herself. Even choked, she *is* still more powerful than Renard, not only as a hexenbiest but as a made hexenbiest (the ritual she did after Nick took her powers).

        • Gabbyss says:

          I honestly agree, and hope so much for that…

      • JJ says:

        Maybe I need to go back and watch the episode where Meisner died, but I always got the impression Renard knew he couldn’t stop Meisner’s death but shot Meisner out of mercy rather than allowing him to continue to be choked to death with all of the blood coming out of every crevice possible.

    • H.H. says:

      It’s probably more likely than not that he’ll PRETEND he’s been undercover now that his hands were responsible for taking out a Black Claw leader. Killing Bonaparte is more likely to put him in danger, and if anyone in Black Claw figures out that Diana made that happen she’d be in danger, and he’d probably rather face that danger with some allies at his back. We know Renard’s always been opportunistic, and Bonaparte’s corpse would present some pretty compelling evidence that he has been playing them, given that none of Team Grimm would know that Diana made it happen. If those are the cards he’s been dealt it’s not a stretch to guess that that’s how he’d play them with both his own hide and Diana’s on the line.

  4. Allie says:

    It will be a huge melee. BUT I don’t understand why Nick doesn’t become an undercover agent for Black Claw – he is being recruited, it makes sense since his child is there and he could bring back a lot of valuable Intel for the group. My bigger issue is the return of Juliette. No. Just no.

    • Kiwi3 says:

      Same here. I was horrified in the beginning of this season because I thought that Juliette was back. Eve grew on me so I was actually sad that she might be dead but then for her to be back as Juliette is even worse.
      I can’t stand her. Funny thing, it’s obviously HOW the character is written because I do like Eve.

  5. Azu says:

    Renard has always been power hungry. He would have let nick die rather than lifted a finger to help him. No matter how good he tries to be, the quest for power has always been important to him

  6. Emor says:

    My only problem with the finale is that even if Nick was ‘killed’ he would have resurrected just like he did when he was shot just moments before in the episode. As long as he had the stick on him he was immortal. I’m guessing Diana did not know that, thus her actions make sense. But I was not concerned when Nick was being choked because it did not matter, unless they knew to remove the stick from his body.

  7. Pat says:

    I just do not know what you can do with a child like Diana. This was probably one of the reasons why Nick’s mother was raising her because she knew how to keep her under control.that child just looks so creepy and she looks like a child from the damn and that picture that is posted with this article, kind of speaks for itself, very eerie looking. Renard, well something tells me he will be gone by the end of next season, and by gone I mean dead.

  8. dman6015 says:

    Why can’t it be all three options? Renard tries to recruit Nick. He says no. A huge melee ensues. The gang arrives and interrupts. Nick says, “Later, dude”.

  9. Bella says:

    I wonder hat they’re going to h Diana? There don’t seem to be many limits to her power,and she’s too young to have much judgment or control.

  10. The biggest question is whether Rosalee and Monroe’s baby ends up being a wolf in sheep’s clothing or vice versa?

  11. Love this series Season Six is highly looking forward to.Just don’t know how it will resolve. Love Nick and Adline as a couple. I believe the Wood Stick is from the Cross of Jesus and is very powerful more so than Diane.

  12. Linda Nye says:


    • edyn says:

      Definitely good writers like supernatural. Supernatural and Grimm have limitless boundaries. I hope that Grimm stays for awhile. We have Diana’s abilities and we have Kelley. Formidable foes….if we get to see Kelley grow up. The royals can still want Diana since she has her powers and they can also want Kelley because he can be a hexenbiest Grimm. They may want to kill him or have him join them. It will be interesting to see how far the show goes.

  13. Kiwi3 says:

    I think Renard was already having second thoughts so I think he will be for forgiveness and renounce Blackclaw.
    We will see them team back up but with obvious wariness and trust issues.

    Not sure about how that will play out with Diana.

  14. edyn says:

    Uncharted waters for everyone….Renard, Adalind with Diana, Adalind and Nick with Kelley who can be a hexenbiest Grimm, Nick and Trubel with Eve/Juliette and Monroe, Rosalie having a baby with Black Claw running loose. I am hoping that Renard will explain why he is in Black Claw, his hidden agenda. He has done everything to protect the people of Portland, Diana, Adalind, even Nick. He knew Nick was a Grimm long before Nick told him and now he is going to the opposing side. He said Nick is a good officer after knowing what he was and kept him on the force. Renard went against the Royals. He does have his faults, but always has an agenda. They will be armed, but have a chance to talk now that Black Claw Portland is gone. He gave Meisner a mercy killing. I am wondering if Juliette came back because she looked very scared. The stick healed her of her hexenbiest, the HW mind conditioning, her wound. She may have a split personality and Eve comes out when she is needed. It will be some ride for next season.

  15. Louis says:

    Really the Grimm´s future plot in Season 6 will be Nick vs Renard? Agaaaaain?
    Nick and Juliette recovering their love? Agaaaain?
    Diana being bad like in S5 and trying kill to everyone? Agaaaain?
    Juliette recovering her memories, like in S2???? Againnnn?
    Rosalee in her home being a housewife bc she´s pregnant???
    This is Grimm or a soap opera? This is being repetitive, and repetitive.
    Nick losing his powers, Nick recovering them…Meisner resurrecting?
    What has happened with Grimm? was amazing in the past.

  16. Lucky says:

    Nick vs Renard, Adalind trying to come back to Nick but Juliet back will make Nick say NO to Adalind. I see issues of no trust between Adalind and Juliet/Eve.