Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap: R + L = Justice!

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Game of Thrones recap for Season 6, Episode 9, “Battle of the Bastards,” here. 

As Game of Thrones‘ sixth season draws to a close, a quote from the beloved Syrio Forel seems apt: “There is only one god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: …um, how does Sunday at 9 work for you?”

So. Many. Deaths. in the finale! Margaery, Loras, the High Sparrow and everyone else in the Sept of Baelor. Tommen. Walder Frey. And that’s long before we get to Daenerys’ navy shoving off or Jon’s true parentage pretty much confirmed or Queen Cersei ascending to the throne.

We’ve a lot to get to in this extra-long episode, so read on as we review what happens in the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter.”

HOUSE LANNISTER | As morning dawns in King’s Landing, Cersei, Tommen, Margaery and the High Sparrow get dressed for the big trials that will take place that day in the Sept of Baelor. Meanwhile, one of Qyburn’s sparrows arrives at Gran Maester Pycelle’s chambers and whispers something in his ear.

First up before the High Sparrow is Loras Tyrell, who confesses to his crimes: “All of them. I lay with other men, including the traitor Renly Baratheon,” he says, adding a bunch more naughty acts before kneeling before the holy man and saying that his only remaining wish “is to devote my life to The Seven” — aka abandoning the Tyrell name and his claims on Highgarden, and leading a life of celibacy. So while Margaery and her father look on, the faith militant’s symbol is carved into Loras’ pretty forehead. “The faith is the way, father,” Marg says, holding her dad back when he tries to interfere.

Back at the Red Keep, Cersei is pouring wine, putting on jewelry and basically not caring about the fact that her trial is about to begin. However, when Tommen prepares to leave for the event, The Mountain stands in his way. Why? Well, the presence of several sparrows flitting about the city is one clue. Pycelle being lured into Qyburn’s creepy lair and murdered by a knife-wielding flock of feral sparrows while the faux maester talks about doing away with the old to make way for the new? That’s another hint. And when yet another kiddo lures Lancel — who was sent to retrieve Cersei — down under the city and then stabs him near a giant cache of wildfire, it’s clear that Mad Queen Cersei is a go.

“We all need to leave, now!” Margaery tells everyone at the sept, having figured out that if the queen and Tommen aren’t there, there’s a very good reason for it. But the faith militant won’t allow anyone to leave. Underneath the religious building, Lancel crawls toward candles lying in pools of the green, highly flammable substance but can’t put them out in time. And as the beautiful score builds, the wildfire ignites and the building blows — with the breeze ruffling Cersei’s bangs from where she watches from her window at the Red Keep.

“Confess,” she later says, pouring wine into the face of the septa who shouted “Shame!” throughout her walk of atonement and whom she has apparently kept prisoner. Now THIS is the Cersei I know and love. “You’re not going to die today. You’re not going to die for quite a while,” the queen regent coos to her captive as she beckons The Mountain into the room and prepares to exit. “Your gods have forsaken you. This is your god now.” And then, because my girl knows how to make an exit, she chants, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” while closing the door on the nun’s horrified screams.

And then Tommen takes off his crown, steps into his window, and leaps to his death. OH GOOD GOD WE ARE NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH THIS MOTHER YET. “Burn him,” Cersei says upon seeing her dead son’s body. “Bury his ashes where the sept once stood.”

HOUSE LANNISTER: FREY’D NOT EDITION | At a celebration over the Riverrun victory, Jaime is rather reserved while Walder Frey gloats about the win. He calls them “two Kingslayers,” but Jaime quickly puts him in his place: If the Lannisters have to ride north every time the Freys lose the Riverlands, he asks, “Why do we need you?”

The next day, Frey angrily wonders where his two sons are, and his new serving girl says, “Here, my lord.” She’s indicating the pies he’s eating, which she made with their bodies, and oh my lord, it’s ARYA. She pulls off a face and makes sure the old jerk knows that a Stark is sending him to his eternal torment. Then she slits his throat and, well, the Starks send their regards, dude.

HOUSE TARLY | Sam, Gilly and Little Sam make it safely to The Citadel, where he proudly presents himself as a trainee for maesterhood. Sam’s happy to be let in the door, but Gilly and the baby have to wait outside while he peruses the library — think Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle singing, “Ohhhhh, isn’t this amazing!” as she rides around on a book ladder, and you’ve got an idea of his reaction to the world-class knowledge repository — and awaits word on whether he can continue.

HOUSE SNOW | At a now-empty Winterfell, Jon and Melisandre compare terrible childhoods until Davos runs in and throws Shireen’s carving at the Red Woman. “Tell him what you did to her!” he says. And she does, saying, “It was the only way.” Davos is beside himself. “If he commands you to burn children, your lord is evil!” he yells tearfully. She admits she was wrong, but it doesn’t help: Davos wants to kill Melisandre, and when given a chance to speak in her defense, she argues that she can help him win the approaching war with the white walkers. “Ride south today. If you return to the north, I’ll have you hanged as a murderer,” he answers — and Davos promises to do it himself if he ever sees her again.

Later, Jon tells Sansa he’s having the main bedroom prepared for her. “I’m not a Stark,” he says. “You are to me,” she replies. Plus, he adds, she-via-Littlefinger’s-forces saved the day at the battle. She apologizes for not telling him about summoning the Knights of the Vale, he kisses her forehead and says they need to trust each other, and they talk about how a white raven arrived from the Citadel: “Winter is here,” Sansa says as it snows.

HOUSE STARK: EEW EDITION | Littlefinger wants to sit on the Iron Throne, and he wants Sansa next to him, but she’s not down with that. “I’ve declared for House Stark,” he says just after she dodges his kiss; yeah, that and a quarter will buy you a nice, juicy nothing burger.

Later, when Jon is having trouble rallying all the Stark bannermen to the cause, the totally awesome Lyanna Mormont shames all these lame old men into doing the right thing by supporting Snow. “He’s my king, from this day until his last day,” she says. (Side note: I cannot love this kid more. Can’t. Impossible.) And when Lord Manderly declares that Jon Snow is “the King in the North,” it’s only a matter of moments before the rest fall in line and start chanting it. But, as Sansa sees, Littlefinger stays quiet.

HOUSE TYRELL | The Sand Snakes invite Lady Olenna to Dorne, positing that they should team to take down the Lannisters. And when she rings a bell, Varys appears, promising “fire and blood.” OK, intrigued…

Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 FinaleHOUSE TARGARYEN | Daenerys, in perhaps the classiest let-down ever, commands Daario to stay in Meereen and keep the peace… so she can make alliances via marriage. “Are you a queen or fishbait?” he asks angrily. “I can’t bring a lover to Westeros,” she says. “I don’t want a crown. I want you,” he maintains, offering himself up as her mistress man-stress as he pledges his love. “Bring me with you. Let me fight for you.” But, nope. So he licks his wounds, bows to his lady and leaves… then she meets up with Tyrion to process. “That’s the kind of self-sacrifice that makes for a good ruler, if it’s any consolation,” he says. “It’s not,” she counters.”

Tyrion refocuses the decision: Let’s talk about how everything you’ve wanted is actually happening, he says. “You’re in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying,” he adds. When she still wants to talk about Daario, Tyrion quietly says, “He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last,” and WAIT A MINUTE. He’s totally into her, isn’t he? It certainly seems that way when he pledges his counsel to her “now and always” and she gives him a Hand of the Queen pin and oh great, now I’m ‘shipping Tyrnaerys.

HOUSE STARK: YOU’VE-BEEN-WAITING-FOR-THIS EDITION | Benjen takes Meera and Bran as far as he can — there’s some talk about how magic keeps dead things (which he kind of is) from entering then takes off. And so Bran makes his way to a weirwood tree, places his hand on it, and is instantly back at the Tower of Joy with young Ned Stark on his way up to a screaming Lyanna. The bed is, indeed, soaked with blood — like, way too much blood — and she’s not doing well in wake of giving birth. There’s an attendant with her, but it’s clear that L is dying. So she whispers something in her brother’s ear; the conversation includes her saying, “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will.” And she makes him promise her something — which all you R+L=J enthusiasts know is that Jon is really a Targaryen — as the attendant hands Ned the infant. Raise your hand if you love rewarding payoff to seasons-long storyline!

HOUSE LANNISTER: SCORCHED-EARTH EDITION | Not long after, Jaime returns to King’s Landing, horrified to see a giant, smoking crater where the sept once stood… and Cersei sitting the Iron Throne, flanked by Qyburn and The Mountain. Elsewhere, the Ironborne navy — with Daenerys, Tyrion and the dragons — sets sail for Westeros.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate upon your thoughts!

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  1. greyworm says:

    yo its walder not walter

  2. Idan carmi says:

    The app that will notify you when Game of Thrones returns for season 7 – “Hobi “

  3. Walkie says:

    Remarkable hour + of TV. So much action. There wasn’t a moment wasted.

  4. katedfw says:

    Great they finally acknowledged that Jon is who we thought. Lady Mormont is my favorite character in years! She may end up on the throne!

  5. niloofar says:


  6. Ws says:

    Really culling the cast for next season.. I assume season 7 is the fight for the throne and then season 8 will be the battle with the white walkers… or maybe they will go on at the same time?

    • rob says:

      Fair shout. They can always introduce characters again I guess as well.

      Euron,Brienne,Gendry,the Hound and the Brotherhood,Bronn,Greyworm,Varys and Littlefinger will have much to add to the main remaining characters I think.

  7. AMANDA says:

    I think Jon is a Baratheleon, if Robert finds out, meaning that she was pregnant with his child yet the Dragon King killed her….I also think Dany will marry him to unite the houses and rule together….but this was a DARN GOOD EPISODE!!! A++++++ all around

    • Ummm, no. You completely missed the point. Jon is the son of rhaegar. If robert finds out, meaning, if he finds out theres another targaryn alive he will kill him. Jon being a baratheon makes no sense.

      • Amanda says:

        Him being Robert’smake all the sense! He’d be the true heir to the throne and in season 1, they said ALL of Robert’s children had dark black hair…before Cersi had all of them killed. Jon being his son makes all the sense because Stark never went back to king’s Landing after the war, why was that?

        • Gem says:

          Before GRRM allowed HBO to make this series he asked the producers(who claimed they read his books) who Jon’s father was. When they told him it was Rhaegar Targaryen GRRM agreed to let them adapt his books. I hope this settles it for tv views.

          • Chris says:

            he did that, really?? very, very cool.

          • Turtle says:

            The story actually was that he asked them who Jon’s mother was and allowed them to do it after they answered correctly. They never revealed what the correct answer was and he did not ask them who the father is, although there seems to be no doubt that it is Rhaegar. Just stating the correct facts about that story

        • Shaun says:

          he’s rhaegars son,he kidnapped Lyenna and the whole point of the war was to reclaim her and depose rhaegar.Why would the Kings guard protect her if the baby was Roberts,lol.

        • viola says:

          Sorry, Amanda. Your theory does not make sense based on what she told Ned.

        • Saiber says:

          Roberts Rebellion wasn’t because Robert wanted to be King. It was for revenge. Robert wanted Lyanna back. But she and Ryegar were lovers. Cersey did once tell Ned Stark in 1. Season, that Robert would had stepped aside if Ned wanted to take the Iron throne.
          Robert would have killed Baby Jon if he knew Lyanna was unfaithful and has a baby with his sworn enemy.

    • Jeffrey Hamilton says:

      Jon is not a baratheon.

    • Manu says:

      Yeah, right.. Why would Lyanna worry about Robert killing her slayer.? She would have wanted Robert to kill Rhaegar if he had actually tried to kill her.
      And, its Baratheon.?

      • gem says:

        Read the books if you want Lyanna & Rhaegar’s LOVE story(she wasn’t kidnapped or raped). Book fans have been hoping HBO will do a prequel series of Robert’s Rebellion, but no commitment on that as yet.

    • harley says:

      Fire and Ice or Ice and Fire, meaning Jon “Snow” (son to Lyana (Stark) and Prince Rhaegar (Targaryen-eldest son of King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister-wife, Queen Rhaella) ) will marry the mother of Dragons (Fire).

      That is if the writers don’t throw us another CURVE BALL!!!!

      • harley says:

        I forgot to end it with: A song of ice and fire theory.

      • Eva says:

        Actually, the way Dany’s storyline has been developed so far, having her end up as Jon’s (or anyone’s) wife would feel forced to me. He will definitely be a dragon rider, though.

        • Christina Jones says:

          Thank you. Them two marrying just seems off and I wont lie, I wouldn’t be a fan. Dany knows she has to marry yes, but I can see it being purely political and she’d rule.

          • AaronExo says:

            UM HELLO people are we seriously forgetting the fact that jon and dany are both targaryen.

            Why would jon marry his own neice?

            Rhetorical. He won’t. So save the fairy tale fantasies of the beautiful, benevolent disney princess dany marrying the handsome, noble, brooding prince jon,uniting all kingdoms and living happily ever after.

            Because the reveal is now out, and john will soon know of his targaryen heritage because bran is equipped with the truth and head south of the wall now, we will likely see a teaming up of dany/jon in order to unite the north and south just in time to battle the night king/walkers and the winds of winterctheg bring at their backs.

            Imo: your dragon riders are going to be dany, tyrion, and bran, with john on the ground as a lead commander of the aliance.

          • Alex says:

            (Replying here since for some reason, I can’t reply to AaronExo’s comment).

            Yes, Jon and Dany are both Targaryens. The Targaryens are also notorious for incestuous marriages in order to keep the bloodlines as pure as possible. And if, as implied, Rhaegar is Jon’s father, Dany wouldn’t be his niece; as Rhaegar’s little sister, Dany would be Jon’s aunt.

            That said, I don’t see Jon being comfortable marrying someone that close in relation if he knows his true parentage.

        • incognito says:

          Preach – about the Dany thing, don’t know about Jon thing.

    • Walkie says:

      No. No. No.

    • Alessandro says:

      And what if (given that both Lyanna and Robert had dark hair) Lyanna thought Jon was Rhaegar’s son because he raped her (or maybe loved, we don’t know), SO she asked Ned to protect and raise Jon as his bastard, BUT Jon was actually Robert’s son? And Lyanna did just a very (very very) big mistake?

      In this case Jon is actually a Baratheon, and he will end up marrying Daeny, living happy and reigning upon the seven kingdoms togheter.

  8. Cor says:

    Now that we know Jon and Sansa are cousins, and not siblings (not to mention that Jon’s blood has those Targaryen predispositions) will next season address the totally non-siblings like chemistry between Jon and Sansa?

  9. Joey says:

    I’d feel betrayed if I hadn’t been let down by Game of Thrones so many times before. They sure love just sticking in random things from the books whether its convenient or not. I find it very odd to include the Frey pies and Wyman Manderly (who by the way weighs probably at least 300 pounds less than he should but who cares about book-to-show consistency) in the same episode but they aren’t related to one another at all.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but the books and the show….they’re different things. They won’t be, and shouldn’t be, the same story. Don’t know why you keep watching if the show keeps “letting you down”.

      Oh, wait, I do. It’s so you can complain about the show not being like the books

      • Joey says:

        I don’t recall if I’ve seen you in previous Game of Thrones articles, but I’ve said before and I’ll say again that I can appreciate that they will be different, if the changes they make actually make sense within the confines of the narrative that they themselves have created, which they don’t, but, hey, if you’re completely fine slurping up the gruel that they’ve been serving for the past ten weeks, that’s fine by me.

        • Lala says:

          You always bring this up in GOT recaps…humor me, what didn’t make sense??

          • Joey says:

            Okay, for starters, how about the fact that the entire North rallied behind Jon Snow as the new King in the North, despite the fact that he’s a bastard (whether he’s Ned’s or Lyanna’s son, he’s still a bastard regardless) and a trueborn child of Ned Stark was sitting right next to him. By the laws of succession, Sansa should have been declared the Queen in the North. Granted, once the world realizes that Bran’s still alive, leadership of the North should pass to him as the eldest male child of Ned.

          • Joey says:

            Also, not even in terms of the narrative, should we talk about how characters teleport all over the world in order to service the plot. Should we talk about how Varys left Meereen in episode 8, a journey that by all accounts should take several weeks, and pops up in Dorne, then somehow magically appears back on Daenerys’s ship at the very end of the episode?
            After Sansa escaped Winterfell, Littlefinger, who was in the Vale, somehow traveled through the Vale, up the Kingsroad, slipped past Moat Cailin (the choke point that is currently held by House Bolton), strolled past Winterfell, and wound up meeting her in Mole’s Town? Then he somehow made it back past Winterfell and Moat Cailin, rallied his troops, and had to lead them back past Moat Cailin (again, this is a choke point that is held by House Bolton, their enemy!) in order to save Jon’s butt in the last episode. Maybe had they explained that Littlefinger got a fleet together in Gulltown and moved his ships up to White Harbor, I could buy that, but still the time it would take to do that is conveniently ignored by the showrunners in order to have a more “dramatic moment”.
            It’s just all very sloppy and shows that they don’t care much for the show they’re “crafting”.

          • Kylie says:

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joey. That was the one major thing that irked me about the episode. Varys’s was in Meereen, went back to Dorne with the sand snakes then is miraculously back on the ship with Danaerys and Tyrion to head BACK to Westeros. These trips (going by the books) seem to takes many weeks if not months. It didn’t make sense to see him on the ship back home (in the same outfit too!).

          • Lala says:

            @Joey yeah see what you are explaining here are mere time lapse technicalities…All of this was not happening in a space of a week…who is to say really what the time frame between episode 8 and episode 10 is…for all we know it could have been months.
            And again all the events happening in one episode are not all happening in conjunction with each other…If you are confused about the time it’s because you are trying to imagine that while Cersei was blowing up Kingslanding something else within the same episode was happening at the same time, which is not true. How long would it have taken for Olenna to travel to Dorne after hearing of the demise of her family, I’m guessing it’s not like they died today and then the next day she was on a ship to Dorne…it would have been weeks upon weeks between her deciding and actually journeying to Dorne. Same with when Daeny & Daario appeared talking about setting sail and the last frame of the episode were we saw Varys on the ship. The logic behind this is, time spend travelling is off-screen.
            And about Moat Cailin, just going by the show. I remember Moat Cailin being taken over by the Boltons and that was that, the show never mentioned or ever made a reference to the fact that Moat Cailin was the only way to get to Winterfell. What I remember is Ramsay being in awe of how big the North was when Roose was explaining that it stretched for hundreds & hundreds of miles in all directions from where they stood. So going by that conversation, who would just assume that there is only one road to Winterfell….no one, certainly not the average fan of the show. Yes we know of the King’s Road but the show has never denied the existence of any other roads leading to Winterfell/Castle Black. To an average viewer this is completely plausible. Nothing Sloppy here.

          • Lala says:

            Oh and with regards to Jon Snow….if you’ve been paying attention this season, you’ll know that this is certainly not the first instance were the old ways/tradition had been cast aside to reveal more progression & development in characters & tradition. It’s definitely been a running theme this season, maybe not in the books but on the show definitely yes.The old ways are being traded in. Few Examples:
            – The entire Dothraki army following Daeny (A non-Dothraki woman) when she had just murdered all their leaders. By Dothraki Tradition Daeny was supposed to be one of the Dosh Khaleen & there’s no way she was even considered to be a Queen to a living Khal let alone lead the entire Dothraki.
            -SmallJon Umber refusing to honor tradition of ‘bending a knee’ to Ramsay, he gave the perfect example that Roose Bolton followed tradition and knelt for Robb Stark but that did not stop Roose from betraying Robb..
            -Wildlings fighting alongside Northeners.
            – One of the most prayerful characters on the show, Sansa, finally declaring that she is done with religion/prayer.
            -Cersei Lannister taking the Throne for herself, pretty sure that’s not the proper tradition to getting on the Iron Throne.
            So having Jon Snow the bastard be declared King in the North is not too far off…and it’s quite fitting that young Lady Mormont was first to declare her House to Jon by saying it doesn’t matter if he’s a bastard, Ned’s blood runs through his veins. In a way, throwing out the old traditions.

          • Joey says:

            @Lala: You literally just added more examples to my list, and you’re trying to argue that they make sense? I don’t even know how to come up with a retort to that. But, hey, if you’re willing to suspend disbelief for this, I won’t stop you. Just don’t stop me from mentioning these well-deserved criticisms.

        • You actually do not appreciate that they are different because every criticism you have comes with a comparison to the books. That’s fine…I understand completely…but don’t criticize the issues you have with the differences and then claim you don’t have an issue with the differences. There are many choices they’ve made that would not make sense if this show were to be a faithful adaptation. If you judge the choices independent of the source material, most work well enough

          • Joey says:

            Don’t tell me what I do or do not appreciate. I know very well what I can enjoy and what I can’t. What I can say, however, is that they cannot call this an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire anymore, because while it might include some people who look like characters from the books, and they might share their names, they are nothing like the characters of the books. While the show might take place in a setting with locations that have the same names as places in the books, evidently you can complete a month-long journey in the space of 30 minutes, and so on, and so on. This show has become nothing more than a pathetic crack fic, and I’ll continue to criticize it as such for as long as I please.

          • Lala says:

            @Joey just admit that you are a book reader who has failed to compartmentalize and differentiate that the book & show are different. Your criticisms are quite petty to be honest.You are one of those book readers who don’t appreciate the fact that the show has surpassed the books and has had to take some liberties.Dan & Dave have a created a masterpiece from what they’ve chosen to adapt from the book series.The examples I made were to tell you that this is one of the themes for season 6, themes are done on purpose mind you. Out with the old and in with the new; another running theme of season 6 was of course ‘women taking their power back’. There’s nothing sloppy about showrunners intentionally showing a more progressive mindset within the characters & the Westerosi community. GRRM could learn a thing or two from D & D.

          • Joey says:

            @Lala: “I don’t want to listen to your criticisms, so I’m just gonna call them petty even when I don’t have any evidence to make that claim.” I think that’s what you meant to say.

          • Ken says:

            I think it’s funny that so many of the book fans are so offended the show doesn’t follow the books or that things “don’t make sense” when GRRM himself doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. I guess the readers know more than the author. Oh Fanboys! Gotta love them.

    • Gem says:

      Except GRRM told HBO his own endings for his characters. I was a fan of ASOIAF a decade b4 the tv series but even I’m sick of the constant whining from the fans of the books. If you don’t like the Game of Thrones the tv show, just stop watching it.

    • Manda says:

      Season 6 of GOT came out before the book was written.

      • Gem says:

        Season 6 came out b4 “Winds of Winter” has been published, not before George RR Martin told HBO how he plans for each point-of-view character’s story will end. GRRM probably won’t wrote many more tv episodes, but he is still a consultant & the author of ASOIAF. He’s fine with HBO condensing his book series for tv & so am I. I waited 5 years for his last book to be published & I’d like to know his ending before 2020 (though I’m sure I’ll still enjoy his books).

    • T.M. says:

      my reaction was more of ‘when did arya learn to make pies?

      • T.M. says:

        maybe Hot Pie taught her. Oh, that Hot Pie.

        • Tai says:

          My best friend literally said “Arya hated the Freys so much, she learned to bake. That shows true commitment.” She then declared Arya to be the episode MVP based on that alone.

    • lakeli says:

      just stop watching it and just enjoy the books man, its what i decided to do

  10. Ian says:

    Cersei sealed her fate as a villain and for death as soon as she killed Margaery (couldn’t care less about Tommen). She should have figured out some way of getting Margaery out of there for Tommen’s sake. Margaery was a fan fave, and so is Olenna. Cersei’s definitely marked, and the audience is supposed to feel fine with it now. And with Dany coming and the White Walkers marching, Cersei was never going to win the larger picture anyway.
    And is it wrong I’m kinda wishing for Sansa to give in to Baelish eventually? She could do worse. And has.
    Thought Arya killing Walder was too much of a footnote. So was the Tower of Joy. R+L=J was slipped in there like nothing, Lyanna wasn’t very pretty, and how are we ever supposed to learn Jon’s birth name is everyone in that room is dead?! Why was she whispering in a room with her brother and nurse?!

    • maregolden says:

      I disagree. The way they went from a close up on the baby’s face, especially the eyes, to a close up of Jon’s face, was very dramatic.

    • para says:

      well at least little finger truly love sansa

      • dee says:

        NO he doesn’ t he wants to use her again to win the throne good for Sansa she didn’t fall for it and stood by Jon.

    • para says:

      well at least little finger truly love sansa right?

      • DarkDefender says:

        No. He was in love with Caetlyn. Sansa is his second choice.

      • Melinda says:

        Are ya kidding me?! Truly loves her… he’s a weasel. Only wants the throne… which he has absolutely no claim to… and uh… he said it himself “the only woman I ever loved was your sister”-catelyn… his thing for Sansa is an obsession… he couldn’t get her mother… it’s creepy. NOT TO MENTION… he is one of the main reasons her father was killed.

    • Alrisha says:

      I think they were very clear Jon is a Stark. The eyes transition was cristal clear. At this point you should know GoT give a sh* about, the so call, “fan favorite”. The concept had done so many damage to other shows, I glad they are not listen to fandom and keep true to whatever they think the story should go.

    • bosco66 says:

      Bran isn’t dead. And now he knows the truth.

    • Gem says:

      The actress playing Lyanna should look terrible because she’s bleeding to death after agonizing labor. This entire series is going to wrap in about 20 more episodes & nobody will care if the complainers stop watching it right now. I loved the season 6 finally & I appreciate HBO giving long-time GRRM fans this r+l = j confirmation.

    • Jesus Al says:

      1. Sansa now has something she didn’t have previously – a choice. She won’t give in to Baelish. The fact that he sold her to the Boltons, and his annoying goatee, is too much for her.

      2. “Lyanna wasn’t very pretty”…she just gave birth and was bleeding to death!

    • Who is pretty when they are dying after having given birth?

    • Mike says:

      She just gave birth, is bleeding out or dying and is probably weak and with what she been through they weren’t going to pretty her up for that scene. Also probably wanted it out the way to focus on other storylines and the fight for westeros.

    • The girl says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If Cersei cared about her son and making any effort to keep him alive, she would have stopped Margeary from being at the trial that day. She spent so much time worried about Margeary being the pretty girl to take her place that she is entirely unprepared for Daenereys Stormborn.

      • AnnieM says:

        Who IS the pretty girl who will take her place. Lol.

      • Griffin says:

        I got the feeling that Cersei wasn’t that heartbroken about Tommen. Yes she held him back from the Sept, but he’s been a disappointment to her since he sided with the Faith.

        • Canon says:

          I think it also has something to do with the Prophecy. She resigned herself that all her kids would die so she knew he would. When it happened, she had already grieved him knowing it would happen,

        • Tamim says:

          I picked up on that too, her lack of real caring. It’s like she had reached a point where 1. she expected it to happen eventually 2. she was disappointed in him over and over after all she thought she had done to help him. 3. with Tommen gone there was no real for her to pretend that she actually loves anyone anymore. It’s all about power, control, and revenge, and hate, lots and lots of hate

      • Curlyone says:

        When you put it that way it reminds me of Snow White and the evil queen step mother who tried to kill her. I’m thinking it’s going to be Jamie who kills her despite all of the bigger people who want her dead.

    • Aimee says:

      Yes, it is very wrong to want Sansa to give in to Baelish considering that he is the one who orchestrated the death of her father. And let’s not forget he sold her to Ramsy Bolton knowing that he was a sick freak. He has no problem doing things that will hurt her emotionally and physically just to get what he wants. And his “love” was for her mother. She is just a stand in to fuel his sick revenge fantasy.

      So to recap…yes it’s wrong. Very wrong.

  11. MK says:

    My gosh what an amazing show!! So much thrilled me in this episode, can’t believe it’s over. So excited about all these storylines converging!!

    • Mk says:

      Also how did Varys get back to Mereen so quickly??? Or did they just speed that timeline up??

      • Chris Coburn says:

        He didn’t. He was in Dorne, on his “mission” for Tyrion/Dany.

        • Alex Guerra Nochez says:

          Yes, he’s in Dorne with Olenna Tyrell, but he was also shown on the Targaryen ship with Daenerys, Tyrion, and Missandei in the final scene. i’m also confused about this.

        • Nick Croker says:

          Mk is right, actually, Chris. Varys dies indeed go to Dorne, but he also appears the ship, standing behind Daenerys, at the end of the episode. I had exactly the same reaction as Mk, namely “Christ, he got back quickly, didn’t he?” :) I assume there’s supposed to have been an appropriate passage of time between him going to Dorne and the fleet leaving Meereen.

          • Manu says:

            Dont you guys see it.? Baelish n Varys have mastered the art of time-travelling. Whooop.

          • chiz says:

            He used the dragon express those things fly very fast

          • Turtle says:

            Cersei is funding her campaign by leasing out the dragon express for on-time arrivals anywhere in Westeros

          • Aimee says:

            Well, Varys went to Dorne to form an alliance right? I figured that him being on the ship meant that Danny and her army sailed to Dorn to meet up with her new allies. The last shot was showing her leaving Dorn. I didn’t think to look but we should go back and take a look at some of the flags on the ships. They weren’t all Daenerys’s were they? I could have sworn I saw some different flags mixed in there.

          • If you look at the map of Westeros, Dorne is on the way to Kings Landing from Mereen. Danaerys and her fleet simply joined the Dornish fleet on the way. You can see the Dornish sails in the last scene :)

        • Niall Stewart says:

          Yet he still managed to return to stand behind Dany and Tyrion on the ship’s deck.

      • Karen MT says:

        I’m trying to figure out how close Dorne and Meereen are. That really was a quick trip!

      • Chris says:

        compared to episodes earlier in the series, recent episodes have used more of this time-compression trick. whether it’s legitimate time-travel skills of certain characters (doubt it) or just a little cinematic sleight-of-hand, it’s a minor annoyance to put up with. cuz if w’re gonna complain that it’s “not realistic,” well we better pan the whole show :)

      • I was so confused too. I can’t imagine the producers making such a huge mistake…
        I gave it some thought and it’s still strange… No one in Westeros has already got wind of what happened in King’s Landing (or so it seems). How on earth does lady Olenna already know this (and Dornish women too) ? So maybe Varys, once arrived in Westeros, traveled to Dorne…

        But it’s not possible since we saw earlier Tyrion sending Varys away on a mystery mission…

    • Jeremy sheer says:

      Did you see last weeks episode where were you

  12. Terrence I says:

    John vs danny is what it’s setting up to be be . The bran get their in time to stop them killing each other .

    • Val says:

      No not at all they will be allies against the white walkers. John has no desire for the iron throne

      • Rose says:

        History: Tommen was Edward. Cersei is Bloody Mary, Dany will be Elizabeth the first and will leave her crown to her family in the North, after never bearing children. Either Jon or his child. King James of Scotland in real life.

      • Gem says:

        Bran will be in contact with Jon & Arya, but I think Sam will find documentation in the citadel that Robb, as King of the North, legitimized Jon and made him his legal heir to Winterfell (he might even find some birth record filed by Ned & Howland that Jon is the son of Rhaegar & Lyanna). Targaryen’s are psychic so I think Jon & Dany will know instantly they have a familial bond. Now will Sansa grow power mad & betray Jon? Which of Cercei’s “little brothers” will kill her?

    • April says:

      They’re gonna get married. United as Fire and Ice. Targaryen’s are known for keeping it in the family.

      • dee says:

        NO Jon (alone) is the Ice & Fire aspect via both parents and now that he and Sansa aren’t cousins they’re setting these two up tell me you haven’t been noticing how he looks at her? Jon is a Targaregan/Stark and Sansa’s a Stark cousins got married all the time so it makes perfect sense he is just like Ned she is just like Catt. Sansa’s gonna take out that bitch Cersei and will end up RULING Westeros! Dany’s gonna die she has to the bitch hasn’t had one single weak moment so she going to fall and fall HARD you can’t have a character who storyline is just always about domination and coming up roses for her all the time she NOT meant to RULE Westeros she’s already had her fun with her armies for 6 seasons she’s insane like the daddy destroying everything with fire just get some archers already to shoot the dragons in the eyes and they die then kill her.

        • Cris says:

          … But Jon and Sansa ARE cousins. What on Earth are you imagining? Yuck.

          • The Kaibosh says:

            That GRR Martin likes to draw parallels and contrasts in his story narrative. The story begins with Robert and Cercei as king and queen with Cercei having a secret and illicit affair with her brother. It makes perfect sense for the story to end with Jon and Daenerys as king and queen with Jon having a secret and illicit affair with his sister. Only the viewer will know its not what it appears; that they’re actually cousins. Also keep in mind that all of the women that Jon comes in contact with in emotional and sexual ways all have red hair. Jon told Sam that he had an opportunity with Ros but said no. Ygritte had red hair. Melisandre threw herself at Jon and she has red hair. Sansa has….

        • KCC says:

          To me Jon looks at Sansa like a brother looks at a sister. I see love but no passion. I think the kiss on her forehead clearly demonstrated a sibling bond.
          At this point everyone except Dany are only after revenge for one thing or another. No one has the least bit of concern about the population of Westros. At least Dany has shown concern about the people she rules and seems to be learning lessons about how to rule. As for Dany having only known victory, I don’t think you’re recalling her entire story. That army she’s amassed won’t be necessary to win Westros. At this point it’s the world against the Lannisters, That army will be necessary to defeat the Army of the Dead though. In the end that’s what will decide the ruler of Westros, be it Jon, Dany, Baelish or The Night King.

  13. maregolden says:

    I loved, loved, loved this finale. It is going to be a long wait until the next season. One question:
    where is Ghost?

  14. Kevin K says:

    I give it an A. Truly an epic, emotional, action packed and adventurous series and what a season it has been from Jon Snow’s resurrection to that “hold the door” moment to Ian McShane’s one and done episode to last week’s demise of Ramsay Bolton. What happens next in Season 7?

  15. 777 says:

    This season was my favourite season of the show. Amazing how it keeps getting better.

  16. Michael says:

    Here’s to hoping its not Rhaegar’s baby. Jon is someone else’s bastard. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Uh….hell no! Rhaegar is Jon’s father sticking to that theory.

    • Manu says:

      Haha. Fun. Who could that be.? Rooting for Jaime. Or is it Littlefinger.? Didnt get the wife, so went for the sister, perhaps.?;)

    • Kimo says:

      We didn’t actually hear Lyanna say the baby daddy’s name(Rheagar). It could be the Mad King’s (Aerys) baby. Making Jon the last male heir and Dany’s half sister. The Kings best guards where watching the tower not defending their King. And if Rheagar loved Lyanna so much why would he leave her alone to give birth to his child. That’s a working theory on top of the already solved mystery😇

  17. Jeremy.sheer says:

    What pills are these people on? Awesome? Did people see last weeks episode? These Game of Thrones fans probably get off to watching people suck their own thumbs…

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      I love guys like you so much. I wish we could all be cool like you

    • Tiffany says:

      Apparently, pills of positivity. If you didn’t like last week’s episode, that’s fine. You don’t have to be rude. We’re not ‘getting off’ on anything, we’re simply coming together to express our excitement with this season and this season finale. It may do you some good to be a little less derogatory towards people with differing opinions than yours.

  18. Johanna says:

    Awesome, but I’m really sad about Margery tho.

    • Ren says:

      Agree–Natalie Dormer did such a good job with what started out as a tiny character. Let’s all admit we’re gonna enjoy seeing Grandma Tyrell get some SERIOUS revenge on Cersei for this. She screwed up majorly not figuring some way to keep her out of that–she should’ve known Tommen would never forgive or forget.

      • lxd says:

        yes. grandma tyrell and her new alli will take care for the fall of cersei. and they all will appear in the right moment at the right spot – because in that particular moment, the white walkers will attack. and out of the sudden, the whole human world, is prepared to fight. all together.

    • drb999 says:

      I am too. But hopefully it makes it easier for Natalie Dormer to return to Elementary as Moriarty again.

    • Jorf says:

      I’m super mad about this, ugh I really thought she would be the one to make it out of there alive.

    • Griffin says:

      I was really hoping that Margery had some long game up her sleeve that was more than just play-along-with-the-high-sparrow though.

  19. Alrisha says:

    Arya, Go girl! Those dragons are amazing to the view. Sansa please don’t listen to Littlefinger. I can’t wait to the big Stark reunion next season, and for Bran tell them about Jon been a Stark after all. Lady Mormont, that girl is amazing. It’s nothing more to said about her, she is fantastic. The new alliances, all those angry women, seeking for revenge, Cersei better prepare herself.

    • SC says:

      They know Jon is a Stark. His presumed heritage actually made him more of a Stark. Rhaegar being his father would technically make him a targaryen with a Stark mother

    • bwana says:

      Jon’s always been a Stark, and illegitimate. He is still a Stark, and illegitimate (just different stark parent). The big thing is that we know now is also part Targareyan (and the bastard son of Rheagar, who was heir to the throne)…and as we know from season one illegitimacy does not bar one from the iron throne. It also means that he is Sansa’s cousin and not her half brother, which can mean all sorts of things…

      • Alrisha says:

        Jon is so not interested in the Iron Throne. And ones Bran arrive he is going to try give him the command of the North. I don’t think Bran is going to take it, and at this point people are seeking for true leadership not true blue blood. They accepted Jon even though he is a bastard. In the war to come, they need someone to trust to protect them. Sanda needs to stay await from Littlefinger, that man is poison.

  20. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Yasss LOVE this episode!!! 9 and 10 are the best eps. Of S6 and it’s hard to pick which scene is my favorite…….but hell the final w. Dany her ships and dragons and of course Winterfell the people chanting “King of North” to Jon!!! Overall this was the best all the loose ends now tied up…READY FOR S7 please! Lol

  21. DJ 8-9 says:

    Jon and Daenerys sitting in a tree…… She sails west defeats Cersi, then joins forces with Jon to defeat the White Walkers with her Dragons. Marries Jon after Sansa kills Littlefinger for trying to take over the throne by poisoning Jon like King Joffery only to have the red witch bring him back one more time. The end

    • Val says:

      Jon and dany are related though

      • Xanthe says:

        But Targaryens tended towards in-breeding like the Egyptians to keep the line pure ( and the Lannisters of course) and they are only niece and nephew.

      • TinLV says:

        So what ? Royals have been marrying their cousins since time immemorial. Dany is heading for Westeros to make ‘alliances’, including marriage. Who better than the King of the North ? Not knowing he’s related to her, but seeing it as being to her advantage to gain the North’s allegiance in her quest for the Iron Throne. Love will come later, I bet, but business first.

        • Gem says:

          Can the dead brought back to life have children? There’s no indication of this in GRRM’s books. Dany thinks she’s barren now, but maybe not. I think GRRM will make them both sterile, so they’ll really be the last Targaryen monarchy.

        • Thici Diniz says:

          True. Jon and Dany will meet in season 7, Dany needs support in Westeros and she has Tyrion and Theon by her side, who are two people who know the Starks and the North, and therefore could support her claim to the Iron Throne. Suddenly the two can advise Dany to just pass the North before going to Kings Landing and bam! you have Dany meeting Jon, who is now the King of the North.

          The marriege for an allience tho? I can see it happen and Tyrion working on it. Not by a pure and simple romantic angle, but also as fate.

    • TinLV says:

      I think the White Walker war will have to be won first.. so I expect that to dominate season 7. Dany and her Dragons can help with that.. .I love the little Lady Mormont.. . what a great character !. I hope we see more of her.

    • dee says:

      NO Jon & Sansa ending up together is more plausable scenario Dany will die Sansa will defeat Cersei and RULE Westeros Dany’s NOT meant to RULE only to destroy he has to go down her trajectory has always been up and what goes up must come down BITCH! QUEEN SANSA= QUEEN ELIZABETH I

    • Thici Diniz says:

      Holy mother of dragons. Perfect!

  22. DV says:

    Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I came here knowing there would be GOT stuff all over the site but I’m gonna complain anyway! ;-)

  23. JP says:

    Game of a Thrones is operating on another level.. Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke all deserves every award coming there way.. Even Ser Davos… Lyanna Mormont is the best character to happen to this show… Awesome
    On so many levels… R + L = J… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why must we wait 9 months before more???

  24. dawn says:

    So. Much. Awesome. But one question, how did Varys get back to Mereen and onto the ships so quickly to stand behind Dani???

    • Chris Coburn says:

      Okay. I missed that somehow. Maybe that’s what the other person I replied to was meaning?

    • KCC says:

      What’s with so many people being confused with the timeline of these events. This is not 24. Not all the action and scenes take place within the same hour or even the same day, week or month. The fact Varys was on the ship with Dany shows a certain length of time had passed. It’s not like Dany and Tyrion finished their talk about being in the great game and immediately boarded the ships. It would take months to prepare for a journey like that.

  25. Ws says:

    Have they forgotten about Robert’s bastard son thats still out there… Gendry… he hasnt been seen since season 3… but he conceivably has the best claim at the throne now.

  26. I have the feeling Jamie will kill Cersei at some point…

    • Simon says:

      Then he will be the Queenslayer ;)

    • Shell246 says:

      I can totally see Jamie killing Cersei at some point. I also wonder if someone didn’t make it out of that room.

    • Ren says:

      Oh yes for sure. After all that he did to get back to her, dealing in threats and with scum like the Freys only to see what she truly is…huuuuuuge target on her back and he’s probably the only one that could get close enough to take her down.
      A new label and title for him of Queenslayer (though she now has 0 right to it except by conquest) or Kinslayer, more things that others will use to damn him but in the end were necessary evils.
      Jamie has such a great dichotomy to his nature. There’s the arrogant and ruthless sister-lover, but he also seems to want to be that great noble knight that comes out when he is around Brienne. One side is going to defeat the other next season.

  27. Who will Daenarys marry, Tirion or Jon Snow? Neither! She will marry Jaime, ha ha!

  28. Lala says:

    That’s what you call a season finale…am I the only one who thought everything else that happened was more exciting than the R + L = J reveal. Jon being declared King in the North was more exciting. Lady Mormont is just a gem!
    Say what you want about Cersei, she was the MVP of this episode. Villain suits her very well, did she even shed a tear for Tommen, it’s like she was waiting for his demise.
    That look on the High Sparrow’s face of realization that Cersei had played him & he had lost & everyone was going to die was awesome. I can’t wait for battle of the Queens.
    I don’t trust Tyrion’s counsel…Daeny should stop hanging onto every word that he says…pretty sure having her leave Daario behind was more for him than anything else. He seems to be falling for her.
    Arya ending the Freys was much appreciated fan service…not sure if it’s in the books or not but that was a satisfying moment. I hope next season she meets up with Gendry.
    Amazing episode

    • Chris Coburn says:

      So, does Arya killing Walder remove the theory that the WAIF was the winner of the battle between her and Arya? I personally figured it was Arya all along, but I’ve seen a theory where the Waif won and took Arya’s face as a prize. If the Waif had won, she would have no reason to kill any of the Freys.

      • Chris says:

        In the Waif-Arya fight, I thought the last thing we saw was Arya putting out the light (candle) to make it dark–to give her an advantage because she’d been fighting so much blind/in the dark. So I always assumed Arya won the fight.

  29. Cor says:

    Also, where is Gendry?

  30. Kevin K says:

    Really sad Natalie Dormer’s character is gone for good and this is why Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister is one GoT character fans love to hate and I wonder if we’re going to see Arya and Sansa reunited maybe next season or in Season 8 which should be the series’ last.

  31. Derek says:


    1 – Why is Cersei and not Jamie taking the throne?
    2 – Who is L exactly, I know Jon is her son, but who is she and who is the father? Someone said that Jon is the nephew of Daeny, but I don’t see how that’s possible?
    3 – How the hell is everyone getting around so quick? Vary’s.
    4 – Weird to anyone that Arya is already back home and not going straight to Sansa and Jon?
    5 – Should I be caring about that library scene?

    • Chris says:

      excellent article recently–can’t recall where I saw it–where the TV analyst critiqued the compression of time and elimination of long journeys in the show. And this Varys getting from one place to another way too quickly is the latest example. It’s a TV ploy we just have to accept, I guess. The library scene? Have to figure that in all those history books are some surprises–about characters, about lineages, about events–that might shake things up a bit in the future.

      • amine says:

        about the compression of time, there is no reason to say that. Im sure danerys didnt not sail right away to kings landing. Im sure the preparation for the voyage took time or maybe varys travelled way before the queen decided to start her voyage. temporal ellipse..the events in the episode didnt happen in one day

    • CK says:

      1. Cersei is still the widow of Robert Baratheon, the former King of Westeros. Royal Issue starts with him, not Tywin Lannister. Since both of his brothers and their children are dead, no one remains with a claim to the throne except Cersei.

    • Melinda says:

      Cersi is the last Baratheon after all her children are dead. Jamie is sworn to the kings guard. He has no claim.
      L is Lyanna… Ned’s sister who was kidnapped by the Mad Kings son Rhegar. Rhegar was actually in love with Lyanna. Lyanna was suppose to marry Robert Baratheon. But she loved Rheagar. It was portrayed that Lyanna was actually raped and kidnapped. She became pregnant with Jon…and when Ned found her she was dying from a child birth gone wrong… she told him to protect Jon… bc Robert would kill Jon.. bc 1: he has Targayean blood (could 1 day be king) and also bc Robert would have hated that Lyanna had a son with Rhaegar…bc he believed Lyanna was his true love.
      The library scene… eh… I think it is showing us the wealth of knowledge Sam is about to get. Also his dream coming true.
      Arya still has a list of people she needs to murder. Frey was on the way and long over due… he brutally murdered her brother and mother. I think it was meant to show how fierce she is after her journey. She now is a professional assasin… w the help/power of the many faced god.

      AND to give some peace to some viewers on the Varys time travel… I THINK… some of those ships had the Dorne and tyrell banners… they joined forces to basically take out Cersi… they were showing us all of them joined together. I think… have to rewatch.

  32. Azu says:

    I’m so happy that magery is dead. She felt she as too smart!! She eventually outsmarted herself. Tommen was just plain dumb. Sand snakes again? Ugh! They lost my sympathy when they killed that innocent little girl and the dorne prince who had no hand in the death of their father who decided to risk his life by fighting the mountain and being stupidly careless. I kind of ship Sansa and Jon 😱

  33. Karen MT says:

    I kept thinking Cersei was looking way too much like Joffrey for comfort. And Dorne and Meereen *must* be right next to each other to for Varys to return so quick, right?

  34. So Littlefinger KNOWS Jon is a Targaryen. “A bastard born in the south” If he knows where Jon was born, then he knows exactly who he is and that makes Jon a threat to to what Petyr ultimately wants… the Iron Throne. I think Sansa would reconsider and marry Little Finger if he promised to leave the Starks and the North as is, if he ever gets the Iron Throne. I don’t know if I liked the King in the North thing I would have rather had Sansa rule in the North, but obviously Jon has a greater destiny, like saving the world from the zombie apocalypse. As far as Dany marrying and forging alliances, her only real possibilities are Tyrion and Baelish. Who else is even left to marry lol… Yara? I guess Jamie too but that’s insane to consider, plus I want him to strangle Cercei and be with Brienne.

    • Rebecca Wallace says:

      I don’t believe Littlefinger knows Jon is a Targaryen. The “story”‘ that Ned told (or at least allowed to “go around”) was that the baby was his from an affair he had when he was away from Winterfell for a while… there was a conversation between Ned and Catelyn in which she recounted that (I can’t remember where she said he had returned from), when she was trying to defend her treatment of Jon and trying to get Ned to understand he had asked a lot of her back then to “accept” this baby basically “no questions asked”… so I think people knew Ned had shown up with baby Jon from his time “in the south.”

  35. Matt says:

    How did Varys get back to Mereen so quickly from Dorne? Didn’t he appear on the ship with Daenerys and the others at the very end?

  36. cienna says:

    I think Jamie is going to be the one that kills Cersei and afterward he will die either by his own hand or someone else will do the deed. Maybe even Brienne. Tyrion will be the surviving Lannister sibling

  37. Chris says:

    Wow–just how many season finales have ended with a shot of Dany and/or her dragons??? Always moving forward, pressing on, to the next battle–and the next season?? I mean, if this isn’t foreshadowing her ending up the winner of the whole shebang (ooh, good pun there) I don’t know what would.

  38. Court says:

    Was the girl that Jamie was looking at during the Frey dinner Arya in masked from?

    • form** It was if Jamie knew that Arya was there to kill him and he was ok with it.

    • AaronExo says:

      Yes. Ahe was eyeing him because she obviously hates him and would like to see him dead, but she had to prioritize her agenda because more importantly, walder was on her list for murdering her mother and brother.

  39. ktc1986 says:

    If it wasn’t obvious, Varys appearing in both Mereen and Dorne means that Dany is going to Dorne and teaming up with the Sand Snakes and Olenna.

  40. DarkDefender says:

    I wish there was a grade above A. This was the best season finale of any show, ever.

  41. BrianR says:

    Wow. Holy cow so many actors free. Orphan Black gets Cal back, Sherlock get Moriarty back and so many others. A fantastic episode that get 100 stars.

  42. CK says:

    Long live Mad Queen Cersei of Westeros, first of her name! I feel bad rooting for her after Margaery, but d*mn she was the MVP of this episode and one of the few people alive in Westeros willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to power. I know that she is marked for death, but I hope it does not come until the later episodes of the final season. She’s quite possibly, the funnest character on the show.

  43. adri says:

    I hope Jhon snow marries the mother of dragons and together kill the white walkers.

  44. adri says:

    I hope Jhon snow marries the mother of dragons and together kill the white walkers. The show was amazing.

  45. Stacey says:

    Amazing episode! I love Lady Mormont owning the other lords and declaring Jon the king of the North. So happy they basically confirmed R+L=J. Arya getting revenge was years in the making and satisfying to watch. Loved the Daenerys and Tyrion scene. Don’t get too comfortable Cersei, Daenerys is coming for her throne!

  46. Crystal says:

    The only real issue I had with the episode was how could Varys be on a ship with Dany leaving Meereen after just being in Dorne with Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand plotting against the Lannisters? Dorne and Meereen are pretty far away from each other. Did I miss something?

    • Dysturbed says:

      Just because we see things happen within the course of an hour doesn’t mean that they happen that way on the show. Sometimes days or weeks pass between two scenes that the same characters are in. That is what applies with Varys last night.

  47. how Varis got on Dany’s ship?

    • Dysturbed says:

      The same way that Jon and Sansa got to various areas to build their army in the same episode a few weeks ago and the same way that a lot of things like that happen. Just because we see different scenes in the same episode, doesn’t mean that they happen concurrently. The two scenes with Varys happened within the same hour for us as viewers, but within days for him.

  48. Drew says:

    With regards to people going on about damn teleportation. Just because we are viewing the scenes in the order they are showing us it dosent mean that is the exact order of events. They flit back and forth over a period of time in the same way as they do with the chapters in the books.

  49. Right Hand of God says:

    Well, it is fun, but now they have outrun the books the plot outcomes are getting far too predictable. Though this serves the masses well, only the highborn are capable of imagining something more interesting.

  50. PSB says:

    awesome ending to an awesome episode to a great season,more of the bad guys died than the good guys so I guess that’s a happy ending (I do wish margaery wasn’t killed though)queen cersi have cemented her place as a full fledged villain,I do think either tyrion or arya will kill her and Jaime dies either holding her in his arms while the landscape crumbles or in the battlefield(just saying)now I have yo wait ALMOST A YEAR for season 7.F**K!!!!