Grey's 20 Best Couples

Grey's Anatomy Countdown: Ranking the Show's 20 Best Couples of All Time

If you’ve ever wondered how Grey’s Anatomy has managed to remain so popular after 12 seasons, just read the comments under any of TVLine’s articles on the ABC drama, and you’ll understand at once: Fans of the show take it — and especially its couples! — as seriously as a doctor takes a heart attack.

So, whether we’re writing about the future of Meredith and Nathan’s flirtatious relationship or the possibility of Jackson reuniting with April, viewer response is always immediate and passionate. It’s so passionate, in fact, that you might want to think twice before starting a debate about whether Alex was a better match with Izzie than than he is with Jo. And you’d have to be nuts to post a ranking of the series’ all-time best couples — there’s not enough asbestos in the world to protect you from the flaming you’d get!

But, now that you mention it, nuts is exactly what we are. So here, without further ado, is our list of Grey’s 20 most dynamic duos ever. Scroll through the gallery below, then hit the comments with the twosomes that you think we had to be brain-dead to omit, the pairings we should have ranked higher (or lower) and the couple that you would have put at No. 1.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AD says:

    Did you all really just rank Jackson & April below Cristina & Burke, Jo & Alex AND CALLIE & GEORGEE?!!!!! Lmao bye.
    Japril are top 5 easy.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    MerDer forever!!! The heart and soul of the show!!!

  3. Alyse says:

    My top 3 are MerDer, Slexie, and Japril

  4. Sophia says:

    Lol you put the worst couple on Grey’s aka Georges and Izzie even if I like both of them but as BFF. Shonda was crazy to put them together. Hated Callie/Erika, Alex/Ava
    And how Slexie can be after jolex and Georges and Callie?
    I agree with the top 3 but I add Slexie and Japril to the top 5

    • :-) says:

      Izzy and George were not Shonda’s choice. George and Callie were much better. Actually Callie was great with everyone but penny. Callie paired with girls or guys was great. I even liked her with the guy whose bones she set. Maybe Sara is right to take a break and come back fresh.

  5. Dominique says:

    … did you really rank george/callie, jo/alex an cristina/burke over mark/lexie? cause no, absolutely not. mark/lexie deserve to be in the top 5, AT LEAST.
    i’m glad izzie/alex are in the top three tho. still not sure what shonda;s trying to accomplish with jo/alex, but she can’t ever tell me jo is “the one”.

  6. rebecca says:

    Mark & Lexie top favorite.

  7. EM says:

    1. Derek and Meredith.
    2. Cristina and Meredith.
    3. Mark and Lexie.

  8. Courtney says:

    Callie/George, whaaaa?

    My top is:
    1. Meredith/Derek
    2. Denny/Izzie
    3. Mark/Lexie
    4. Alex/Jo
    5. Cristina/Burke
    6. Callie/Arizona
    7. Cristina/Owen
    8.Izzie/Alex/George – kind of tied to me

  9. Kaitlin says:

    How did Cristina & Burke and Callie & George come before Mark & Lexie!?!?

  10. Kj says:

    I’m sorry but no and Alex above April and Jackson is a joke

  11. Sara says:

    Meredith and Derek will always be my favorite on the show!!

  12. Tony says:

    Surprised at some of the placements. How are Japril and Mark/Lexie so low? And I absolutely disagree with the placements for 1 and 2. I appreciate seeing a strong friendship of any kind. Maybe its the fact my wife and I are marathoning on Netflix right now and are on S11. But to me, Meredith and Derek should be numero uno (even if I feel Ellen Pompeo has had some of her best material since his death)

  13. msstargate says:

    My top 5

    And don’t shoot me but I loved Kallie & Mark.
    Alex & Izzie
    Christina & Burke

  14. Iris says:

    Cristina/Surgery, Alex/Addison, Alex/Jo, Meredith/Derek, Jackson/April, Callie/George (I hated him but when he was committed to her so it had to count for something).

  15. Ally Oop says:

    For me, the top 7 couples in Greys were:
    1.Alex & Izzie
    2.Mark & Lexie
    3.Derek & Meredith
    4.Arizona & Callie
    5.Jackson & April
    6.Mark & Callie
    7. George & Callie
    8.Burke & Christina
    9.Addison & Mark
    10.Alex & Jo

  16. Ally Oop says:

    Tvline, you should add a poll to this and let us vote for our top 3.

  17. Kay says:

    What is this nonsense? My top three are definitely Meredith/Derek, Arizona/Callie, Lexie/Sloan.

  18. Sylvia says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Cristina and Owen should have been WAY above Cristina and Burke? Also Izzie and Denny were cute but their “relationship” was short (and very long ago). I do agree with everyone who thinks Callie and George should have been lower.

    • Rebecca says:

      I found myself thinking that too! They were never my favorite by any means but I think they were a better match than Christina and Burke. Despite the differences about wanting a family, Owen understood Christina way better than Burke ever did.

      • :-) says:

        No Burke understood her way better. Burke understood the no kids. He understood surgery first. He taught her and challenged her because he wanted her to be great. He even understood when it was time to let her go because even being understanding he was suffocating her and pushing her too much.

        Owen married her when she was vulnerable. He pushed too much. He tried to change her. He tried to punish her for the abortion. The way Burke (who wanted kids also) handled the abortion versus the way Owen handled it shows who loved her for her.

        • Anna says:

          Cristina had a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy when she was with Burke, not an abortion, so he was never in the same position as Owen. Villifying a man who wanted to raise his child and was upset that it was aborted is silly – he is allowed to have strong feelings about his child, just like the woman is. And wasn’t the whole Burke and Cristina getting married storyline about Burke trying to change her? He just decided to leave in the end. Just like how Owen and Cristina decided to get divorced.

        • Missy says:

          Well she didn’t actually have an abortion when she was pregnant with Burke’s baby ( although she had planned it) she had a miscarriage and he did ask her later what her plans were for the pregnancy and apparently he did agree w her. He did handle it better than Owen, but I still have to say that Owen was a better fit for her. but the no kids thing, these guys were what maybe only in the mid 20’s early thirties? still plenty of time to have kids later, who knows if she wouldn’t have left or ( like I thought should have happened is that Owen went w her) they would have had kids eventually.

          I think he finally understood it when Mer told Owen that Cristina was alot like her mother Ellis, and he wouldn’t want Cristina to end up resenting their child and possible him for standing in the way of her career. Bc Mer knew what that was like, she lived it. I think that’s when Owen stopped thinking about his own needs and decided that he really did love her for what she was not for what she could give him

          haven’t decided if I like this whole Owen and Amelia thing…. she kind of a…. Owen and Cristina belong together

  19. Jovana says:

    Omg this list is ridiculous. Slexie and Japril ranked worse than Callie/George and Cristina/Burke? Such a joke.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Izzie and George makes the list but Mark and Callie don’t????

    • Anna says:

      Mark and Callie’s sex friendship is my all-time favorite TV relationship (or non-relationship – whatever it was lolz). Even though they weren’t a couple, they were so hilarious together.

      • Missy says:

        Yeah they were my fav threesome too lol I wish that Mark had stayed on the show, He wouldn’t have let Callie or Arizona pull the crap they did and you know he would have given them another baby :)

  21. N says:

    Alex and Izzie

  22. Angelica says:

    Jo and Alex are way too high on list. Number 6? There boring and I liked them better when they were friends.

  23. tahimar says:

    1- Mer and Cristina
    2-Callie and Arizona
    3-Mer and Derek
    4-April and Jackson
    5-Callie and Mark(friendship)
    6-Lexie and Mark
    7-Mer and Riggs
    8-Cristina and Burke
    Everybody else , just no!

  24. Gotta agree 100% that Mer/Christina is the best couple of the series. The show lost something, and while the Mer/Alex friendship is great – this one was different.

    As per romantic couples… of course it was Mer/Derrick. But I seriously would have ranked Lexie/Mark higher.

    Also agree that Izzie/Alex is higher than Jo/Alex

  25. MBF says:

    I wish Christina and Owen were not even on this list. That was such a one sided and unhealthy relationship. I never would wish Christina off the show but in the hypothetical show world I was glad for Owen that she left.

    • Tony says:

      I’m not sure how their relationship could be called one sided. Agree a bit unhealthy. Probably more delusional on both their parts

  26. Laura says:

    Sorry TV Line, but it doesn’t really count as a ‘top’ list if you were going to name almost all the couples that ever existed on Greys, minus about 5 lol. And any list that ranks Burke/Christina and George/Callie that high needs some serious re-jiggering.

  27. Leo Wyatt says:

    Are you serious ? The worst couple ever (Jolex) is ranked above Japril and Slexie ?

  28. kn1231 says:

    Top 3 by far are (in no particular order): Lexie & Mark, Meredith & Derek and Callie & Arizona

  29. K says:

    Calzona, MerDer, and Alex/Izzie are my faves. I miss the days when this show had great couples with great chemistry. All the newer couples are so forced and have little chemistry imo.

    • Yes yes yes. Forced chemistry. You know who I think has some genuine funny chemistry is Alex and Maggie. If you look at their previous scenes together they always cut up and are very cute. I would love to see the end of Jolex. April and Jackson were a slow burn. Maybe Alex and Maggie could be the same.

  30. Sara says:

    Japril is the ONLY couple watched on this show! Jolex-seriously?They won’t even make it to a justice of the peace!

  31. Mimi says:

    I’m sorry Mr. Mason, but for Mark and Lexie to not be in the top five is just stupid. They are my all time favorite Grey’s couple.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t watched Grey’s since Sandra Oh left, but I loved Lexie & Mark, Izzie & Denny, Meredith & Derek, and Meredith & Cristina back when I use to watch the show.

  33. PawEr says:

    Although I like the list alot, I have one that needs to be added somewhere: Richard and Ellis. They did love each other and it definitely affect thr show as a whole!

    Where on the list they rank, I don’t know… but they should definitely be on it somewhere!

  34. Jenni says:

    How can Callie/George be ranked so highly? That relationship was doomed to fail from the very beginning. They jumped into things far too quickly and look how well things ended up for them…

  35. Lala says:

    This list is pure BS…is this a JOKE!!!

  36. Katie says:

    Mark & Lexie will always be #1 in my book! (And especially over Callie and George, who barely should have made this list!)

  37. Kayla says:

    i think that Sloan and Lexie should’ve been number 3 at least!!

  38. Luli says:

    Your top 2 choices were perfect, other ones not so much. I would loveeeee it if Cristina comes back, still miss her character and friendship with Meredith.

  39. Bekah says:

    Mark & Lexie need to be higher up on that list

  40. EM says:

    Love of my life for sure Mer/Der. My soul mate for sure Mer/Cris. “She’s the person I’d call to drag a corpse across the room.” Without asking any questions just that raised eyebrow that begs a question but doesn’t require an answer until after the fact. I think you got # 1 and 2 correct. The rest..not so much.

  41. Gafan says:

    Slexis and Japril should be ranked higher. Jolex ranked 6th is the biggest joke on this poll with Callie & Georges ranking the runner up joke.

  42. Anna says:

    Lmao this list makes no sense. Alex and Jo are higher than Jackson and April or motherfreaking Mark and Lexie??? Mark and Lexie were so epic and meant to be that one could literally not live without the other – they basically had to die together. Callie and Arizona in the top 5? The made each other *miserable* for the last few years before their divorce. Never before have I cheered so heavily for a break up – they were so depressing to watch for far too long. And really with the inclusion of George and Izzie? That was just a straight up disaster. They were way better as friends.
    I’m calling this list super invalid – mostly because Mark and Lexie aren’t in the top 3 tho.

  43. fransar94 says:

    Well no one likes this list.. Hahahaha!

    My ranking is:
    5.Crowen/Omelia (I liked them both can’t choose one over the other..

    And without order I loved when Izzie and Alex where together, but now I like Jolex.. I also liked Malucca it was fun.. The should hook up again when she finds out about Mer and Riggs… I ship Mer with Riggs since that elevator scene.. They have lost people that they love, so they could understand each other.. Han and Callie?? Just noooo.. I never liked Han… Not even dating Callie made me change my mind.. Big no.. As for Japril, JaprilTheMovie, did not show that they don’t match so they have to break up, it showed that nothing matters if two people love each other, but even sometimes love is not enough to get through some things, like Samuel’s death.

  44. D says:



    I mean in every single article you write it is very clear you have a clear dislike for Jolex. In that “poll”, they ranked higher. Their relationship has lasted longer, and unlike you incorrectly stated in your latest article they HAVE NOT broken up.

    Additionally, in what world would Burke & Cristina go above C/O?

    This right here is the reason I visit the site maybe once a week versus daily. Poor reviews, skewed writing.

    Where did the impartiality go?

  45. allie says:

    Lexie and mark should be much higher than 9!!!!!!! they should be 4 and Arizona and Callie should be 3 :) also George and Callie should never be on this they sucked.

  46. Isabel says:

    My favourites are Derek/Meredith, Lexie/Mark, Alex/Izzie. Not sure why Jackson/April is on the list, they’re the WORST couple in the entire series.

    • Zia says:

      They’re on the list (way too low, btw) because they’re amazing together & had the best buildup. Also they are by far the best couple currently on the show.

  47. Dr. Mini Mony says:

    Owen Hunt and Christina Yang. They are the best. Intense, hot,capable and a little eccenteric.
    Mckidd and Sarah Oh are such great actors.

  48. My take:
    Loved (obviously) Meredith & Derek
    Also love Riggs & Meredith. He is so different from Derek it’s perfect.
    Christine & Owen I never got, preferred Christina & Burke Both hard individuals.
    Owen & Amelia wonderful. Owen needs kids!
    Karev & Jo never have much focus on romance in the show so hard to tell.
    Love relationship of Jackson & April, very ‘new’ getting to understand what each others need/want
    Ben & Bailey? Nope. She needs a man not a boy.

  49. Callie says:

    Loved that my favorite couple, Alex and Izzie, ranked so high! No matter what happened (on and off screen), I still believe their wedding was one of the best Grey’s episodes ever.

  50. Dawn Brandenburg says:

    Greys is the greatest show ever! I agree with the couple’s yet I think Lexi and mark should be moved up. Besides Derek and Meredith they were my all time favorite couple. I still can’t watch the plane crash cause of how they died. Let alone watch when Derek dies! I have been watching this show from day one and still watch old episodes each day!