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Grey's Anatomy's Martin Henderson on Nathan and Meredith's 'Powerful' Bond

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Martin Henderson

Thus far, Grey’s Anatomy’s secret lovers Nathan and Meredith have shared harsh words, flirtatious banter, numerous operating rooms and one wild night in the sack back seat. But what may bode best for their potential romance in Season 13, Martin Henderson tells TVLine, is their “shared loss… and just the fact that maybe [he can be] someone in her life that she can relate to on that level.

“I think that’s always really powerful between a couple,” he continues. And it “may be fertile ground for them to actually have a relationship with some meaning.”

On the flipside, the actor suggests that there’s also great potential for the doctors to have a relationship that isn’t just deep but fun, too. “Nathan is irreverent and kind of calls Meredith on her s—, and that might be really good for her, because he doesn’t take [things] all that seriously.

“It might be nice for her,” he adds, “to have the opportunity to actually lighten up a bit around some stuff.”

If — or should we say when? — Nathan gets Mer laughing, the question will become, how does their fling go from what Henderson calls “some magnetic, animal” attraction to something more serious. “It’ll be interesting,” he says, “to see whose heart melts first.”

Which of them do you think will fall first, Grey’s fans? Or are you still hoping Nathan and Mer will be paired with other people? Hit the comments!

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