Game of Thrones: New Photos Offer Ringside Seat for 'Battle of Bastards'

Game of Thrones Season 6 Photos Episode 7

Ramsay Bolton, you’re going down (we hope and pray and hope a little more).

Game of Thrones has released photos from Sunday’s episode (HBO, 9/8c), and because the premium cabler chose not to issue synopses for the final two hours of Season 6, the pictures give us our first substantive clues about the episode.

Titled “The Battle of Bastards,” the season’s penultimate installment most likely involves a showdown between Ramsay, whose family is in possession of the Stark seat Winterfell and who brutalized Sansa (who, by the unfortunate way, is still his wife), and Jon Snow, who along with half sister Sansa has been gathering forces to help retake their childhood home.

Aside from the episode’s title, the only inkling Thrones fans have had about the season’s end came from ambiguous teases included on this year’s Emmy ballots. For “Battle of the Bastards,” in which “terms of surrender are rejected and accepted,” and for the finale, “The Winds of Winter,” in which “Cersei faces her trial.”

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The photos in the gallery below give us a look at all the key players — in addition to Jon, Ramsay and Sansa, there are Wun Wun the giant (please don’t die), Tormund Giantsbane (please don’t die) and Ser Davos (seriously, please don’t die), as well as an overhead shot of the opposing armies meeting each other on the field.

Click through the gallery below to get your first glimpse at the episode, then hit the comments: Who do you think will be left stanidng when “The Battle of Bastards” is done?

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