Game of Thrones: Arya's Fate Revealed!

There is only one thing Game of Thrones‘ Arya says to death: Not this episode.

Yes, we know you Thrones fans are rational, reasonable folk. Still, in this post-Hodor era, we also understand that emotions run high when it comes to the possibility that beloved characters might not make it through to the next week.

That’s why< we’re happy to provide this public service announcement: Per HBO, Arya is, indeed, alive in this Sunday’s installment (9/8c).

On Tuesday, the premium cabler released its official synopsis for the episode, titled “No One.” Among the very brief, rather cryptic statements: “Arya (Maisie Williams) faces a new test.” (The others involve Jaime weighing his options, Cersei answering a request, and Tyrion seeing his plans come to fruition.)

In the most recent Thrones, Arya booked passage on a ship to Westeros, then was brutally stabbed by The Waif, who tricked her by wearing the face of a crone. Lady Stark tumbled off a bridge and into the water to escape her attacker, then later stumbled through a public market looking rather the worse for wear.

The face of Ned Stark’s younger daughter doesn’t appear in the preview for the episode, which you can watch below, but it’s generally believed that the person jumping off a roof (wall?) around the 30-second mark is Needle’s wounded owner.

Were you worried that Arya was going to join the rest of the dearly departed Starks? Sound off in the comments!


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