Girl Meets World Season Premiere, Pt. 2: The Kids Are Alright (For Now)

Girl Meets World Recap

“The most important thing friends can be is there for each other.”

More than merely an inadvertent rephrasing of the Friends theme song, Cory’s words of wisdom on Sunday’s Girl Meets World also summed up the onslaught of mini lessons gleaned by Riley and the gang as they continued their first step into the danger zone known as “high school.”

Following Friday’s friend-pocalypse, the conclusion of Girl Meets World‘s third season premiere found the group breaking off into twos; Riley and Maya stayed in the hole, Lucas and Zay attempted to join the football team (with Mike & Molly’s Billy Gardell as their would-be coach), and Farkle and Smackle learned they’re not the only geniuses at Abigail Adams High.

All three of the above scenarios ended in disaster, until that trio of guardian-angel seniors from last week — should I even bother wondering how they got Riley’s home address? — explained the truth about the hole: For starters, it’s not the safe space Riley and Maya thought it was. They were merely trying to prevent Riley’s group from falling apart like their did when they were freshmen. (“Your safe space is with each other.”)

It should also be noted that the senior versions of Riley, Maya and Lucas admitted to being in their own love triangle, one they have yet to figure out despite spending all four years of high school together. I’d take this as a bad sign, if the GMW writers hadn’t already insisted that we’ll get a resolution to the “not triangle” in the coming weeks.

After reconvening at Topanga’s, Riley’s friends — whose struggle to navigate high school is now being compared to the battle of the Alamo — successfully reaffirmed their connection, love triangle and all.

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