Girl Meets World Spoilers

Girl Meets World's Riley/Lucas/Maya Love Triangle: Where Do You Stand?

Girl Meets World did something kind of crazy this weekend — two somethings, actually.

The Disney Channel comedy’s three-part “Girl Meets Texas” event pulled the rug out from under Riley and Lucas’ relationship, an unspoken institution since Day 1 for many Girl Meets World fans. Crazier still, Riley practically forced Maya to go out with Lucas and explore her feelings, then agreed to go on a date of her own with Charlie “Cheese Soufflé!” Gardner.

Maya and Lucas’ campfire conversation exposed a definite spark between them, but considering their follow-up date ended with her dumping smoothies on his head, I’m not sure what to make of their “relationship.” In fact, I’m not sure any of GMW‘s core trio knows what they’re feeling at the moment.

Girl Meets World SpoilersIn a way, this love triangle feels both inevitable — what TV show doesn’t have one? — yet also unthinkable, especially for those of us who have been treating Riley and Maya like smaller lady versions of Cory and Shawn; unless I missed a several episodes of Boy Meets World, those two never fought over Topanga.

Girl‘s trip to Texas, which was emotionally reminiscent of Boy‘s infamous ski-lodge episode, essentially yanked the viewers out of their comfort zone and dropped them in a state of utter confusion. It was a bold move for a Disney Channel show, even for one that consistently refuses to talk down to its audience. I believe Farkle put it best when he said, “I’m sure we’re all wondering what happens now.”

Your thoughts on Riley/Charlie and Maya/Lucas? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. I knew that as the show progressed the storylines would mature along with the performers.

    • Raul says:

      I think we shall give lucas and maya a chance. They make a cute couple and with time we shall get use to it. I think riley and farkel will make a awesome couple. They should shake things up and make it un predictable. I say yes to Maya and lucas. The writers should make lucas and Maya a better scripts and make them a couple

      • Fingers crossed for a third season.

      • Daphne says:

        Totally agree! Their 1st date felt weird, but only because that’s how the writers scripted it. Seeing the chemistry between the 2 of them at the campfire, I never thought that’s how their date would be. Although shifting from friendship to relationship can be tricky, those two had such a great time together, it was hard to watch the whole uncomfortable dates scenes. Here’s hoping for better dates and I hope that if Maya and Lucas are a thing that Riley and Farkle also happens. Those two are great together!

        • Raul says:

          Lucas and Maya looks more mature and they belong together . And farkel and riley looks that they meant to be together. I’ve been seen this show scene the beginning and I have like it but if they make lucas and Maya and riley and farkel a pair I will love it even more. They should give farkel a chance to be someone and he deserves riley

          • Daphne says:

            I totally agree about Farkle “deserving” Riley. They would be absolutely adorable together! And you know how they said in season one that Riley was “Cory with Topanga’s hair” (and how she was lucky it wasn’t the other way around hahaha)! Well, maybe this is a Minkus getting his version of a Topanga (since Stuart didn’t get her)… Either way, Riley and Farkle are really good together (and of course Lucas and Maya are great together)!

          • Kayla battle says:

            Farkle deserves both of them.

        • Skyler says:

          I think that Riley and Lucas should end up together they all ready make a cute couple and they have history together they are perfect together

          • Rae says:

            Agreed ! Lucas and Riley all the way !

          • Kacee Wallace says:

            I do not think that because sence Maya I’ve been liking him this whole time and I think they should have a chance

          • Maya was not liking him the whole time. If you remember, Maya was in “love” with Riley’s uncle. There was a whole episode about weather her feelings we’re genuine or just a childhood crush. Maya always knew Riley liked him that much, so because Maya has been through a lot Riley should just ignore her feelings and hove him away….. uuhh. NO!!

          • Larry says:

            Monique, Josh is supposed to be back in season 3 as a semi regular, we will see how things work out for them when they are together a lot more.

          • Nysa says:

            Me too early because maya just falling in just makes it less exciting I think riley and lucas should end up like Cory and topanga

          • Kayla sanders says:

            Lucas just hold Maya face at the campfire he was probably thinking of Riley the hold time he holds Maya face and I think that’s why he didn’t kiss Maya riley and lucas will make a perfect couple I just always thought of Maya and lucas as brother and sister but I hope Maya will be with Josh and riley will be with lucas

          • Larry says:

            Kayla, one question on Josh and Maya, when he takes her to his first college dance or other functions, Maya could get hurt, unintentionally of course. If she were 17 and not 14 it would work a lot better. Think Maya and a possible Farkel moment in the future.

          • lisa says:

            i agree with you

          • Renee says:

            I agree with you on the Riley and Lucas thing, they are cute and Riley has looked Lucas since the beginning it just seems weird that Maya and him should be together

          • Yvonne says:

            I definitely think Riley and Lucas should be together because they have a great history together. Just like Cory and Topanga. Yes, Riley and Lucas may be awkward but I think that’s cute :) Plus, Riley liked Lucas before and longer than Maya.

          • Larry says:

            Yvonne, I agree with you for now,it was not until much later that we have seen the crush turn into love, at least first love. This story has a long way to go, full of ups and downs, and some surprises. As I have said many times beware the Farkel. But for now lets see how Lucas, Riley, Maya and Josh can grow.

          • Lacey says:

            So what’s going on now with lucas and riley? Who does Lucas actually want to be with, Riley or Maya, please say Riley, I like them two together it just makes sense!

          • Megan Thomas says:

            But there is no chemistry between Riley and Lucas; their relationship lacks passion. Even their kiss seemed so forced, and before Maya became friends with him, he was just a face; Maya made Lucas 3-dimensional. She allowed him to express his character. And she clearly is more accepting of him, because Riley is the one who freaked out when she learned about his past. Also, Riley is really loud and obnoxious, and is incapable of having deep emotions like Maya. Overall, I think Maya and Lucas should be together.

          • Larry says:

            Ok lets save a lot of discussion, Lucas and Maya, maybe unless the show goes 5 more years and the waiting game with Josh is over. The most important match up and the one with the best chemistry is and always will be Riley and Farkel

        • Andrea says:

          I vote on Riley and Lucas
          Farkle and smakle
          zay and Vanessa
          Maya and uncle bong
          I think that would be awesome

        • Megan says:

          I found a tweet that says Rucas gets a happy ending that comes
          From the GMW writers that is from 2015 and happy ending implies more than just friendship with Riley&Lucas because Riley and Lucas were just not ready to be a couple in middle I think Maya at some point in season 3 lets go of Lucas so Riley&Lucas can be together.i feel
          Like Rucas are end game they have a deep connection and a friendship building it a love relationship Maya probably realizes that Rucas are better off as a couple because innonce attract and Maya and Lucas would never hurt Riley. I really feel like Rucas are endgame think about it they pay more attention to each other as a couple,they both really like each other, Lucas called Riley princess,I really think Rucas are in love. They just have obstacles to overcome with Maya. Plus in girl meets the secret of life when Riley asks Lucas if he is worth it since he is the first boy she has ever really liked and that it is a big deal for her Lucas responds with yes he is worth it. Maya’s crush on Lucas is provably one of those middle school crushes that will not work out because of him&maya being way too much alike,where as Riley listens to him and Maya loves teasing him like a brother she just has not realized it. Remember in girl meets the new world when Riley and Lucas are talking about the way couples should be?couples Come together when the time is right for them. Rucas were probably just not ready to be a couple in middle school because of all the pressure that was around them.also in girl meets boy when Maya is trying to tell Cory that Rucas are just friends Cory replies with “trust me I know the story”

          • Larry says:

            Megan, I am sorry but i have to disagree with you, True Riley and Lucas will get together, but only for a short time. I think that after there first real kiss they will start to figure that they are just friends, Ski Lodge will end that relationship, and open the door for Lucas and Maya. In the mean time Riley will finally start t to figure out that she has always loved Farkel, Farkel will also figure it out. As far as Smakel goes just liked Riley let Lucas go, Smakel will do the same with Farkel.

      • Brandy says:

        I agree with you. They should make Maya and Lucas a better couple. They make a cute couple anyways. In GMW S1 E1 I knew that they would become a couple in the show later on.

      • Brandy says:

        I agree with you. They should make Maya and Lucas a better couple. In Girl Meets World season 1 episode 1 I knew they would make a cute couple later on in the show. On Instagram I’m following a person I forgot their name but it had a picture of lukiest staring at Maya in season 1 episode 1 and girl meets first date I think that’s what the episode is called I don’t know

      • Nysa says:

        Me too early because maya just falling in just makes it less exciting I think riley and lucas should end up like Cory and topanga

      • kamryn says:

        on seson 1 episope 16 girl meets home for the holidays in the beginning maya’s jacket changes. You thought no one would see that. I also love maya’s personality Also I agree with Raul

      • no says:

        agree 100%

        • Larry says:

          I cannot argue with on your very valid point, Lucas and Maya should get a chance, just like Riley and Farkel, andand maybe Zay and Smakle

    • Fan 1 says:

      Yo digo que es maya y lucas
      Riley y farkel
      Por que si se dan cuenta riley y lucas son identicos y dicen que los polos opuetos se atraen por eso queda lucas y maya. Ademas riley y lucas no son cory y topanga son diferentes a si que es maya y lucas quedan mejor y si no se acuerdan en un capitulo cory deja una tarea en parejas y pone a lucas y farkel y riley y maya y cambian y queda lucas y riley maya y farkel y lucas le dice a riley que si para que la necesitaba pensaban lo mismo y vuelven acambiar y lucas queda con maya y hacen las cosas juntos por eso ademas lucas siempre se le queda mirando a maya miren la temporadas yo dijo que queda
      Lucas. Y maya
      Farkel y riley
      Harian bonita pareja

  2. Maya and Lucas were *both* smiling after she dumped the smoothie on his head – it was the only time they acted like themselves on that date. These are three very confused teenagers who need to figure out what they’re feeling and I’m excited for the Lucaya slow burn. And God, the campfire scene was everything.

    I just wanted to watch a show about Cory and Topanga with their kids. Why did this happen to me?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Ha! I’m with you on the Cory/Topanga thing. I came for them, but stayed for everything else. This show knows what it’s doing.

    • datdudemurphy says:


    • Andrea says:

      Thank you finally someone that sees that there is a connection there

    • Wooster182 says:

      Did the campfire scene remind anyone else of Pacey and Joey’s campfire scene? “It tears me up inside to have these feelings for you but I can’t get rid of them!”

    • Kelly says:

      Right? I just wanted to reminisce and now I am sucked in like a 13 year old! I also get teary eyed every time I watch it!

      • Shannon says:

        It’s always been Lucas and Riley! It’s breaking my heart to see see Lucas with Maya.

        • Ash says:

          So true, but I think they will happen in the end. We just have to grit our teeth in the meantime.

        • Suzanne says:

          I think even Augie knows that Lucas & Riley belong together. I say no to Maya & Lucas.

          • Erinnri says:

            Agreed :-)

          • Brittany says:


          • Brenda says:


          • Donna says:

            Agreed Riley and Lucas

          • Kayla says:

            I agree Maya and Lucas…NO
            Riley and Lucas…YES

          • Esther says:

            I AGREE!!!!!!!!! I think that Lucas and Maya have a brother/sister relationship! Because they tease each other all of the time (like brother/sister) but they still care about each other (like brother/sister). BUT Lucas and Riley are just plain adorable!! At the end of the episode of Girl Meets Rules, Riley and Lucas practically act like and old couple!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rae says:

            Awe I feel the same !

          • megs says:

            Yes they are so cute! I think Lucas and Maya should have their thing so that they know they don’t belong together then become like siblings cuz Lucas and Riley belong together!

          • no says:

            all you rucas shippers go into the toilet. Lucaya Nation

          • Larry says:

            No, I have to disagree, He just does not want his sister hurt, like it or not that is going to happen, If not Ski lodge then soon after, the same time Farkel might get hurt, Hopefully they will pick each other up, and start the relationship that so many people want. By the way U Tube had like a 2 Min Video talking about Ski Lodge # 1, no talking just stuff written out.It talks about things that could happen to Riley and Maya.

        • Angel says:

          I agree. I dont like that they have Maya crushing on Lucas. Its kind of an unwritten code you dont go after a guy your friend likes. love the show

          • Maya stepped back for *two* years so Riley and Lucas could be together and never said a word to either of them. Then Riley stepped back so they could be together. Nobody’s going after anybdoy

          • anonymouscutipie says:

            yea but if maya really liked Lucas from the start she should have spoke and not let Riley fall for him

          • Lucaya4ever says:

            In the start of the show Maya was totally broken and was sure that she never had a chance with him. In the first season Lucas was presented as Mr. Perfect, and a broken pancake couldn’t even think of having a chance with him, that’s why she stepped back. I can even imagine her thinking “If I can’t be with him at least Riley can be with him and I’ll be happy by her happiness”. But in the second season we get to see Lucas’ flaws and Maya start hoping for things. Personally I don’t think that Lucas and Riley are like siblings, I think Maya heard what she wanted to hear so that she wouldn’t feel that guilty with liking him. Pleaso don’t hate that’s just my opinion.

          • AnaMM says:

            Guys, Maya only “stepped back”, has she ever done that, from mid season 2 on. No, she hasn’t liked Lucas for two years, it hasn’t even been two years on the show and she had nothing for lucas back in season 1, so enough with this theory already.

        • Brittany says:

          I agree. I love riley and lucas togather. They build each other up so well. It was awkward watching them be “brother & sister”. As well as it was awkward to watch maya and lucas on a date…he doesnt feel the same about maya because if he did he wouldnt still be fighting for riley.

          • Brenda says:


          • Mimi says:

            i feel like Maya kinda forced the whole brother/sister thing on Riley and that Riley must have suspected that was what Maya thought in girl meets semi formal but did not expect the whole Maya liking Lucas debacle. so now Riley is trying to force herself to see things the way Maya does only because Maya has had so many disappointments and does not want this to be one of them. Riley is giving up her own happiness for Maya’s and that is not okay.

          • Nysa says:

            Right on Brittany

          • vaeh says:

            Agreed jeez finally someone is understanding that Rucas is a match made by the gods

          • Larry says:

            Vaeh, I agree with you, as do many of the recent post do. Lucas does not want to let go of Riley, but he also does not want to ruin his friendship with Maya, and ruin the friendship of the two girls. I maintain as I did before he just chose one and get it over with.

        • Brenda says:

          I agree Rikey and Lucas have a connection. Maya is in love with Josh. Every episode with Riley and Lucas show how he feels for he all the way back to their first date.

        • jillesa says:

          i agree with you and ash riley and lucas are meant to be, is it weird of me to want maya with riley’s older brother.

        • Kiley says:

          I agree I think Riley should be with Lucas they obviously like each other but now maya says she likes Lucas… If Lucas has to choose I hope he chooses Riley

          • Raul says:

            Look. Riley has everything, she has both of her parents her brother. Maya just had her mother and thats it. The writers should give lucas to her so it would be more even not just one side and be all about riley. If they make it lucas and Maya and farkel and riley in the future if they want to make a similar Girl Meets World the out comes will be awesome

          • Kayla says:

            I agree he should choose Riley.

          • Daphne says:

            Totally agree with Raul: Riley has “everything”! Maya should (at least) get the boys (Shawn as a step-father and Lucas as her boyfriend)! Plus, I really like the idea of Riley with Farkle, they have a beautiful connection/relationship.

          • Erica says:

            I totally disagree Raul. The writers shouldn’t “give” a character to someone to even a score. Maya should find someone; but someone who actually cares about her (and just her). I guess I wasn’t watching the same show as some Lucaya shippers, because during Texas, all I noticed was how preoccupied Lucas was with Riley telling them they’re siblings. Like, he was out with Maya and dipped to have a conversation with Riley when she was about to go on a date. And then there was his reaction when Riley asked him about Charlie.

            I mean, yes, the actors have chemistry. But that’s about it.

          • AnaMM says:

            well, she never said that. She said she “obviously likes him”, but it didn’t sound as deep and romantic as the “I like you” she said to Josh. If anything, she sounded as if she didn’t even know why she thought she liked him romantically, because she didn’t. She likes him as anyone would like him, not romantically, even though she hasn’t exactly figured this out yet. Also, the real awesome out-of-ordinary couple would be Josh and Maya, one thing Disney’s never done. Slap-slap-kiss they do it every show.

          • Fan 1 says:

            Maya esta enamorada de lucas no lo dijo por que penso que destrosaria a riley. Pero ella ya lo sabe a si que maya y lucas si maya. Estaba con el tio de riley era para olvidar a lucas pero no pudo que se quede riley y farkel y
            Maya y Lucas

        • lorenzo says:

          Me too, I think Riley should be with Lucas❤ I’m addicted!

        • Jayda says:

          I must agree!!! Lucas and Riley are adorable!!!!!!

        • Rylee says:

          Rucas all the way, my friend… They just have that little SPARK that Maya & Lucas don’t!

        • ninfa says:

          Me too I would like lucas and Riley its only logical…its not right that best friends have a boy come between them .. And when riley and lucas were a couple first … Knowing that maya was interfering with there relationship and she will come between them knowing Riley like Lucas first ..its unethical…and surely not even moralistic for both of them teenagers are going to look at this that its ok to interfer in a reations with friends because eventually there emotions will one day mess up the friendship all the way around …

        • Angeline says:

          I screamed “noooooo!” At the campfire scene and my daughter slapped me! LOL

          • Tera says:

            OMG my mom did the same thing lmao, she was like “what the huff is wrong with these writers like really!!!” And she started crying made me laugh so hard 😂 (but I’m a Rucus shipper)

        • Eve says:

          I am with you praise god i believe riley and licas

        • I agree with you they should make a script where lucas and riley make their way back to eachother just like cory and topanga

      • priscilla says:

        I always get teary-eyed every ep! Glad to see im not the only one!

    • Daphne says:

      YES ^ This!!! I watched one episode (the Christmas one where almost everyone came back) and got completely hooked! Now I find myself shipping Lucaya and being utterly ridiculous about it (Tumblr you ruined me)! I’m too old for this stuff, why am I so invested?

    • hazel says:

      i love lucaya and i think that even though maya and lucas are a good couple. its going to be riley and lucas together in the end. its going to happen like riley and lucas will be talking, they will kiss on accident, and maya will see them. she will be hurt but realize they love each other and step back again.

      • Daphne says:

        I think you may be right… But I really hope you’re not! I so don’t want Maya to get hurt. I hope if they do try to make it as a couple, that they realize they were better as friends and split up. I don’t want her to suffer in her love life any more than she already has with the rest of the bad stuff that’s happened to her in her “regular life”. She’s had it rough, she deserves happiness.

    • AnaMM says:

      which basically meant they were better off with sibling-like bantery than as a couple

  3. Infinite says:

    Here is my conclusion on everything with these three. Maya and Lucas do have good chemistry on here and I’m thinking it’s because they are closer in age. Maya and Lucas (in real life) are like 16/17 and Riley (in real life) is 13/14 so that could be a reason why they are switching things up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucas and Maya do end up together and Riley and Farkle maybe in the end, end up together. Honestly, I was really shipping Riley and Lucas but when I notice how he and Maya were it made a bit more sense. I hate to break it to everyone but I’m a big romantic chick when it comes to TV and movies and I see they way he beginning to look at Maya. That look is everything lol. But after the third part, I’m realizing that Lucas and Riley are better together. I don’t know.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree I don’t understand how people don’t see the way he looks at maya

      • EJ says:

        Thank you!! HE LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO EAT HER.

        • Brenda says:

          He looks at her like a brother who wants to protect his sister. He knows that things are hard for her, so he has that protective vibe like a big brother. But the way he came in Riley’s room when she was bullied . That was love. The chemistry between Lucas and Riley is strong.

          • Taylor says:

            Agree completely! I love everything about this comment.

          • Ally says:

            Disagree, the “chemistry” between Lucas and Riley really just seems like they are brother and sister. Riley isn’t as mature as Maya and Lucas are, that changes a bit more of perspective on them as a couple. Maya and Lucas have something there, if you see the way they look at each other, it is deep and compassionate.

          • Daphne says:

            Yes Ally! The looks they give each other are really filled with all kinds of emotions/chemistry! There’s something there for them to explore for sure. But will it stand the test of time? That’s what I’m curious to see.

          • Nikki says:

            Ummm… Riley is actually VERY mature! Are we not all watching the same show?!
            Just because She’s silly, goofy and happy doesn’t make her less mature than Maya and Lucas.
            She knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show it which is extremely mature!
            Because Riley and Lucas can be themselves around each other and still get starry eyed, that’s complete proof that they’re meant to be!
            They are everything a legit and healthy relationship is supposed to be!
            Just like another relationship we all know and love….Cory and Topanga!
            Maya and Lucas have absolutely no romantic chemistry! It actually pains me to watch them together!

          • Sara says:

            I have for brothers and would hope none of them would look at me the way Lucas looks at Maya. That would be creepy. Just because the writers started with Riley having this big ole crush on Lucas doesn’t mean they belong together. Chemistry plays a big part in relationships in acting. I see a young girl’s crush from Riley and a deep chemistry from Maya. If I saw it with Lucas and Riley I’d be cheering for them, but I don’t.

          • Larry says:

            Brenda, I cannot find your comments so I am replying to what Sara said. Brenda your point of chemistry is well thought out, this is where I disagree. I feel the writers intentionally held down the chemistry between Riley and Lucas. Even with this chemistry that you speak about it is obvious That Lucas heart belongs to Riley at least at this point in time. I think a bigger question to ask is why did Riley fall on her sword, and is Maya the best friend that she hopes she is. I stated before that when I heard that Maya stepped back I say when. No body has been able to answer this question as of yet. Does Maya like Lucas, well she she said she did in the second Texas Episode, does Riley love Lucas, yes, again at this point in time.According to everything I have read this mess will continue for at least 7 weeks into the new season, I am now repeating my self, Boys come and go, friends stay forever, if the writers do not continue with the friendship with the two girls, and make it even stronger, then you do not need the show.

            PS, Don:t forget Josh will be back in the next season, and I do not see a long term relationship with Smakle and Farkel.

          • lisa says:

            I agree

      • Lola Perez says:

        Exacto, siento que hay como una química, pero ahora con el tercer cap de Texas veo que de pronto Lucas queda con Riley

    • Rea says:

      YES ABSOLUTELY. this is perfection./

    • Me says:

      Lucas and Riley. Maya and Lucas seems too forced. And yes I get what everyone is saying. A kids show has me hooked. Crazy!

    • Ram510 says:

      Exactly!! I was just about to write this. Lucas and Maya are both close to 18 and Rileynis only about 14. And since Disney has come under fire in the past for not being age appropriate in certain situations I guess they figured they better hurry before it’s too late. But it makes me wonder why did they even cast the guy to play Lucas in the first place? They already knew he was older, he even looks much older, so they knew they would run into this situation from the beginning. Anyhow it’s made for a fun storyline and I’ve been really enjoy the show. I wish they would have more episodes with more Boy Meet World alum in it

      • Kiki says:

        Lucas is 16 Riley is 14 maya is 16 they are all close in age 2 years apart isn’t a big deal even in real life Lucas and Riley are close like lovers and it’s the same way with maya and Lucas so we don’t know what’s gonna happen but I vote for Riley and Lucas

        • Kayla battle says:

          What about Corey fogelmanis he’s 16 too. Him and Sabrina could have a good relationship on and off the show.I think ppl ship Maya and Lucas because Maya started having feelings for Lucas.what if Maya a started to realize that farkle is a good guy and he does love her.isn’t that what she’s looking for love.there is also a new episode coming out in November called girl meets money farkles dad loses all his money,and mom leaves them. In this episode it is mostly going to be a lot of faya scenes

    • I didn’t notice their chemistry until the yearbook episode and the following episodes. I ship Riley and Lucas from the beginning and I still do, but I really think in the end it’s gonna be Maya and Lucas with the brother/sister relationship and Riley and Lucas are gonna end up together in the end.

      • Kereisha says:

        I agree at first I was terrified he was gonna end up with Maya but after the tird part I realize what he and Maya have Is more of a sister and brother thing because Maya tease him just like any sibling would and plus he and Riley have more in common and they just makes sense

    • chalyn says:

      I hope Riley ends up with Lukas😊

    • Brittany says:

      Riley and lucas belong togather. I feel for the purpose of their ages the show wi keep ut pg until riley gets a little bit older.

    • Raul says:

      I think we shall give lucas and maya a chance. They make a cute couple and with time we shall get use to it. I think riley and farkel will make a awesome couple. They should shake things up and make it un predictable. I say yes to Maya and lucas. The writers should make lucas and Maya a better scripts and make them a couple

      • Ally says:

        I totally agree with this comment. 👍🏼

      • Daphne says:

        Absolutely agree with you Raul! Let’s give them a chance to explore what’s there and see where it goes. That’s the kind of evolution I want to see. And if it works out, great! And if it doesn’t, at least they’ll have tried it.

        • Raul says:

          I think it should work and I bet it would make the show even better

          • Daphne says:

            I think so too: having more complex characters sorting out their feelings will make the show more compelling and therefore better. I say yes to Lucaya and Riarkle, let’s see where they go from here!

    • AnaMM says:

      the thing about lucas is: he looks that way to everyone in the show, basically, even Farkle

    • Maria Cerrato says:

      I agree w/ u I think Lucas and Riley should end up together… She has lied this whole time tht she doesn’t have feelings for Lucas , jst 2 help out her BFF , and clearly maya doesn’t know what she wants … And also Lucas only sees maya as a Sister ..

      • Larry says:

        Maria, I am to the point now that I am not sure who should be with who, because I still think that Farkel has a Major roll in this mess. The love story if you want to call it that will work it self self out some day, half the fans will be happy, the other half pissed off. A dangerous game to be playing since your net work depends on viewers. As I have stated before the main relationship I worry about is Maya and Riley. They need to stay best friends, or even sisters iin that sense. Pretty Boys like Lucas come and go, friends stick around. Speaking of friends, I wonder if in real life Sabrina and Roland are still best friends. I hope so

  4. Will says:

    There’s more chemistry between Lucas and Maya than there is between Lucas and Riley.

  5. Derek Duncan says:

    I’ve been rooting for Riley/Farkle..

  6. In Boy Meets World, the love triangle between Cory, Topanga, and Shawn involved Topanga and Shawn fighting over Cory. It wasn’t a romance, it was a bromance.

    • anon says:

      No that was never a triangle. Topanga knew full well that Cory and Shawn were inseparable and seemed fully content to “share” Cory with him.

      • SHE knew, HE is another story, lol. Even to this day their bromance is stronger. Look at the wedding episode in the original as well.

        • Stacy says:

          The wedding episode was brilliant, but I wouldn’t say their bromance is stronger. Bromance is a different game than romance; it has a different way of keeping score. The beauty of the wedding episode was showcasing life’s changing seasons and balancing relationships throughout.

  7. sarah says:

    Lucaya and riarkle

  8. Linda says:

    Maya and Lucas.

  9. Daniela says:

    Just one word “LUCAYA !!!!!!! “

  10. says:

    Ummm. Lucaya will Conquer!!!!!!

  11. Babybop728 says:

    I like Maya and Lucas better than Riley and Lucas. Lucas is too serious for Riley. She should be with someone silly and a bit spacey like her, which I why I like her better with Farkle.

    I’m 22, and for some reason I kind of care about this…

    • ekp2281 says:

      I’m 34 and for some reason I care about this…

      • Well, at least I don’t feel weird for caring about this at 26 now. LOL.

        • Daphne says:

          I’m 32 and I am so invested in this show, it’s ridiculous! #TeamLucaya

          • Diz says:

            I’m 31 and I thought all 3 parts were really good stuff.

          • Rianna says:

            Oh my goodness and I thought I was the oldest person caring about this show at 17 :D

          • John says:

            I’m 60 and I am completely addicted to this show. How could not love these kids!

          • Ams says:

            I’m 30 and watch this show with my 5 year old. I was way more into the Texas episodes than she was and was all over reading the actors twitters after each ep lol. I think Zay should have a shot with one of the girls but love Riley with any one besides Charlie Gardener. And where has smackle been? And maya’s mom to help her sort out her feelings???

          • Daphne says:

            Yes about Maya’s mom!! I really hope she helps her daughter figure out her feelings re: Lucas vs Josh.

      • Amy says:

        Lol… I’m 40 and was yelling at the TV Saturday! Lucas and Riley all the way!

        • Dee says:

          Agreed! I still can’t believe I am so invested in this show, but found myself getting angry that they were trying to force Maya and Lucas together. I was glad to see them come around to show Riley still has feelings for Lucas because he is still crazy about her. Now to just get them back together!!

          Wow…I am really invested in this show! LOL

          • Chelci says:

            And you have to pay attention to the final scenes in the 3rd part when zae and farkel are commenting that lucas and riley are NOT brother sister romance yes they are alike but in a compatable way maya just wants to believe they have brother and sister realtionship to justify her feelings for him and not feeling guilty that riley liked him first because maya didnt show interest until after the episode where she pretends to be riley i want riley and lucas FOREVER HAHA

          • Brittany says:

            I cried 4 times during the 3 episodes because riley and lucas belong togather…thata how the show goes.

      • Asia says:

        Actually, Topanaga was always to serious for Cory but yet they were the best tv couple. Opposites attract!

    • Kay says:

      Riley and Lucas definitely. They relate to each other so well, comfort each other, have fun together and care about each other so much.

    • leash10 says:

      I’m 37 and am watching the show with my daughters who are 10 & 8. My oldest has a hard time with change so seeing the possible shift from Riley & Lucas to Maya & Lucas has been really hard for her. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s hard for me too.

      • Karen says:

        Lord! I won’t even tell you how old I am! I won’t let anyone talk to me during the show! Love it! Riley and Lucas! No question about it!

      • Ram510 says:

        Lol. The tough part is, life is all about changes

      • Korey says:

        I’m 38 a guy & actually love this show. Both girls are very talented. I think something really bad might come between Riley & Maya. & we might not see Maya for a couple of eps

    • Whatsfordinner says:

      I’m 43 — was too old for the original show (watched with kids I babysat) and now watch this one with my 11-year-old (who is thrown for a loop by this love triangle) — and somehow I kind of care about it too!

    • Rtrum says:

      I care about it at 26…and my husband cares at 34. I cried at the scene in part 3 when Farkle and Riley were outside Topanga’s and he was telling her she needed to be honest with everyone. Farkle is my favorite. He is such a sweet and caring person. After seeing their chemistry in that scene, I think they would be great together. IF Riley or Maya have to end up with Lucas, I want it to be Riley. But, at the same time, I don’t really want either of them with him because of their friendship. Lucas just needs to be the brother to both of them.

      • sammodernnovel says:

        I agree with every word you just said. Farkle is my favorite and after the New Years episode that just aired I’m 100 percent for him and Riley.

    • AnaMM says:

      and yet we’ve seen in so many episodes that Maya and Lucas both need a Riley and that they can’t do it without a Riley to even them. The thing is: Texas Lucas needs Riley so he can stay NY Lucas. Maya needs Riley so she doesn’t destroy herself. Maya would only bring out Texas Lucas instead of NYLucas, ’cause that’s the Lucas she likes.

  12. Rea says:

    But i’m still confused as frak (no swearing). XD.

  13. Rea says:

    @infinite YES ABSOLUTELY.

  14. Jared says:

    I am so confused. Seriously this thing is rivaling the Ted-Barney-Robin love triangle on HIMYM. Originally I thought Lucas and Riley were endgame but now as the episodes progress I am seeing the chemistry more and more between Maya and Lucas. I just hope they can all be real friends after this all goes down. Can’t wait to see what happens next !

  15. Allison says:

    As much as I hate watching a show for the pairings, if I had to pick a side, I would pick Riley and Lucas, which is odd because originally I liked Maya and Lucas. I liked them because they seemed age appropriate and had great chemistry and also because at the time the show premiered the actress that plays Riley looked too much like a little girl, but now she has matured and even though I couldn’t see her as a possible love interest for Lucas then, I can now. I would rather Maya still have that crush she had on Josh. What happened to that story? Did they just forget about her crush on Josh? Yeah, he’s in college, but still not even a mention? I did not want Lucas to come between Maya and Riley and for now he hasn’t but if it is anything like most girls I know, the boy will come between them and the girls will not be friends anymore. I do remember on Boy Meets World when Shawn asked out Topanga because Cory was too chicken to ask her out, but at the end of the episode it was revealed that Shawn only did that to make Cory finally tell Topanga how he felt about her. The boys remained friends and no girl came between them – although Jennifer tried her best! I just hope the same can be said for Maya and Riley, but I have my doubts. I don’t know of any teenage girl whose friend went out with the other’s first crush/first love and the friendship remained intact. Well, we’ll see, but I am still mad at the writer(s) of the “Girl Meets Hurricane” episode. I mean they split up Shawn and Angela so that Maya and her mama could have Shawn. Fine, I’ll build a bridge and get over it, but does Maya have to have Lucas too? I’m just saying…

    • Stephen says:

      The actor who plays Josh got into a really bad motorcycle accident. He’s recovering but that’s why he’s been MIA

    • Saz says:

      I’m not sure if my comments are getting through from wordpress, but anyway. Josh was meant to be in more episodes after his last appearance. The actor was in China for the majority of season two’s filming (which Michael Jacobs found out on Twitter.. pretty unprofessional on the kid’s part) so they had to rework what they have planned. He’s supposed to be in The New Years episode, but that began filming right about the time he got out of the hospital.
      All the fangirls have noticed he unfollowed everything GMW and deleted his pictures, so I wouldn’t be too shocked if we see a Josh #2. (Or is it 4 at this point?)

      • Nicole says:

        I hope he comes back because I think the actor works great with Sabrina and the others. I wouldn’t want them to replace Josh.

    • Diz says:

      I was surprised at the flashbacks to see how much they’ve all developed and grown up over just a couple years.

    • A fan of TV says:

      For the record, my best friend growing up dated a bunch of guys I liked first, and she and I are still friends. We live in different cities and lead very different lives, but we can still tell each other anything and spend hours on the phone at a time. Of course we fought about those boys and sometimes didn’t speak for a week or so, but it was never worth it to us to end the friendship over boys. I gather this show will probably take a similar route – similar to the original, as well, where the friendship always emerges as the most important thing.

    • Ashley B says:

      I hear ya! I was so mad about the shawn/angela thing. I didn’t even think about that. Lol she better not get lucas too haha

    • Annie says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Josh! From what I’ve seen he is supposed to be back in December for an episode. If this isn’t cleared up by then it will be interesting to see what happens while he is around :-/

      • Daphne says:

        I am anxiously awaiting the New Years episode in December! The perspective of having Josh back in the picture is really exciting to me. And depending on where Maya and Lucas stand at that point (are they together? has he realized he has feelings for her? are they back to just being friends?), it’ll be super interesting to see what the purpose of Josh coming back will serve. Will he be there to tell Maya he likes her and they can be together when she’s older? Will he make Lucas jealous and force him to make a move on Maya? Will he be there to comfort Maya’s broken heart after Lucas has “gone back” to Riley? I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  16. Trish says:

    I care way too much about this. I like the idea of Lucas and Riley and I like the chemistry between Maya and Lucas.
    But what I love most is it is not two girls fighting over a guy. It is two girls who are such great friends they are each willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the other’s. It is a great example they are showing to young girls to value friendships above teen romances.

    • priscilla says:

      So true trish

    • stephen says:

      The comment was made several times by Maya that she loves being able to talk to Riley about anything, but when she wanted to talk about “what happened at the campfire” Riley shut her down. Ultimately, they may carry this until the end of the season for a cliffhanger, but I think Lucas is “seeing” Maya to make Riley jealous, Riley is “seeing” Charlie to make Lucas jealous, and I think Maya is confused because she perhaps feels a little crush for someone so opposite her, yet it is just a passing crush that had something to do with being away from home and out of her usual environment and may have already passed. She and Lucas are not comfortable together as a couple (aside from the almost kiss, they can’t even talk awkwardly like Riley and Maya) and Riley made it pretty clear she won’t talk to or touch Charlie on their “date”. Riley often thinks she knows what is best for everyone, but her stepping aside this time might be more out of fear for her (Riley) losing Lucas in the future if she pursues a romance with him, so she is pushing her away, and Maya is the convenient person to push him to. I think in the end, Lucas won’t let Riley push him away (we already see they aren’t brother and sister and Isaiah and Farkle both said being like brother and sister only made Lucas and Riley a more compatible couple, so it is just a matter of time until they wake up and realize Riley and Maya will sacrifice part of their friendship if Riley and Lucas don’;t follow their feelings and get back together

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Everyone wants to think that the transition from friendship to dating is easy…but it isn’t always. You go from something that is comfortable, and you are trying to figure out what has to change to make it a relationship…it can work, but it isn’t always a smooth transition.
        Add in the fact that Riley is always doesn’t help anything. It would be super awkward to try and date a friend’s ex if they were constantly there….and so obviously not ok with the idea.

      • Monique Jackson says:


  17. Stephen says:

    I’m starting to think that Maya and Lucas will end up loving each other as brother/sister. They tease each other and goof off, but have never really had much substance otherwise. Riley and Lucas have much more substance, but I think the missing factor in all of this is – when does Lucas stop going along with the girls’ ever-changing decisions and decide what HE wants. And Farkle needs to stop being a spectator and go for what he wants, too, because I don’t think Spackle is going to do it for him.

    • Liz says:

      I think that was the point for now. Lucas is letting Riley dictate how he feels at this moment. I think the conversation she had with Farkle at the end showed that he likes Riley more than he likes Maya. Just Riley is giving him the chance because she has believed that they are like brother & sister. Farkle & Zay are the observers and they kind of lead to Lucas liking Riley more. But the problem is that they are all confused and Riley is running the feelings and situation here. Also at this age you honestly can’t differentiate between actually liking someone as a friend and having romantic feelings. That’s why you end up dating everyone. Also thank Mr.Swift I couldn’t figure out what this episode made me feel like until you said that ski lodge episode.

      Got to add I am rooting for Lucas & Riley they just make more sense to me. Maya need that angela equivalent. That dreamer & artist type.

  18. Mye says:

    When maya kept teasing him by saying harhar in his face I knew they should be together since the beginning and ranger Rick and that song she did they are perfect I hope Riley doesn’t end up with Lucas I want maya to end up with Lucas they are perfect they just Ned to act like themselves.

  19. Lola says:

    Riley and Lucas all the way!! Maya and Lucas have chemistry, and it may seem exciting, but I think Riley inspires Lucas and has the ability to challenge him to be a better person. Maya challenges him, but it seems that that’s all there is; they haven’t developed them outside of that. Consider Maya’s father-abandonment issues: it seems like she likes Lucas because he is sturdy (she says “He’s a good guy”): I think that’s more in reaction for her desire of a stable positive male presence more than Maya actually knowing who he is. As for Lucas, it makes sense that he would be confused: Riley COMES WITH Maya, Maya reminds him of Riley.

    I was sold on their romance from the moment Riley asked him “What am I to you?” and loved when she asked him “Are you worth it?” I think Lucas is good for her and vice versa.

    Damn the writers for giving into tween squealing about their romance! Maya spars with EVERYONE- don’t take that as chemistry. She teases Cory: does that mean they’re meant to be?

    • Goldie says:

      Lol! This is the most accurate (in regards to what I think) most convincing post I’ve seen yet! :)

    • Annie says:

      I agree! Where’s the “like” button? :-P
      I add one similar thought – I think Maya might be in a place where he is so good and kind to her that it makes her like him more and think he likes her more. It’s not different in actions and reasoning from a good friendship but it can emotionally feel like more! And like they pointed out, Lucas is like that with all of his friends. I think we will probably see them realizing all this before too long and how it leads to Lucas and Riley really being the better match. (I know I kind of rambled on. I hope that made sense :-P. )

  20. Human says:

    I really think that Riley and Lucas should be together because as Maya said herself she felt better when she was just making fun of Lucas than when they were dating

  21. bobo says:

    Who watches the next step……take Jiley ( James and Riley) p.s no connection Riley is serious and James is crazy and fun but they are perfect just like this Riley and Lucas. Riley will be bubbly and Lucas will calm her down. So keep Ricas and get Maya someone like Shawn. That is a show i would watch. Because if the next step change Jiley i would never watch it again.So remember the episode where Riley was being bullied Lucas was the most supportive there. He ripped the meal bars off the tables. Not even Maya would do that. Shows how much he loves her and in the majority of the episodes you can see how much Riley loves him. so keep em 2gether 4 eva. The new Cory and Topanga and Auggie and Ava Mor…genstern!!!

  22. Paria says:

    Why I ship Lucaya over Rucas? The fact that Lucaya ALMOST kiss had more passion than the ACTUAL Rucas kiss.

    There is so much more potential with Maya and Lucas. The bad girl and the good guy. They can grow and challenge each other.

    • Saz says:

      They are/were children. Of course, their kisses aren’t going to be passionate.

      • Paria says:

        Yet that campfire between Lucas and Maya had plenty of passion and intensity.

        I think the actors play a part in why Lucaya has become a hit. There’s just a different kind of chemistry.

        • Gage says:

          That campfire scene gave me chills. Lucaya’s chemistry was off the charts. That Rucas kiss in First date was so hollow and passionless. It did nothing for me.

        • Jenn says:

          I think the chemistry between Lucas and Maya was just because of the moment. I predict the Lucas is going to come to realize that he loves Riley. There will be an intense scene where they will argue about their feelings. Lucas stating that he loves her more than a brother and Riley saying that he doesn’t. I think he will ultimately kiss her to convince her of his feelings!!! RUCAS all the WAY!!!!

    • priscilla says:

      So true, that campfire scene had me say Omg out loud!

  23. Saz says:

    I said I wouldn’t ship anything, but I ship Rucas. I don’t understand the appeal of Lucaya at all, and please, don’t tell me it because it’s not there for me, it never has been. (And oh my God, do I find the HA HURRRRR thing obnoxious.)

    I also don’t understand why people are taking what Riley says Maya feels as the way Maya feels. If there’s anything that people should have learned from Yearbook and Texas is that neither of these girls can talk for the other’s feelings. Maya said it, “Whatever you feel, that’s up to you.” I don’t think for a second that Maya has liked Lucas since the first season and that she stepped back all this time. I think these feelings are new for her and we’re going to explore that in the upcoming episodes.

    And how does Lucas feel? Everyone seems to have been making decisions for him. His feelings are up to him too. And I don’t mean the feelings people think he feels because he looks at someone when they’re talking and that someone is supposed to be the focal point of the shot. I mean genuinely, how does he feel?

    • Annonymos says:

      Thank you:) You said the exact line that I have been thinking. I never saw the appeal of Lucaya either.

    • Marie says:

      I agree. I never did either. Just because she’s the blonde bombshell and he’s the good looking jock doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be paired together. I like the idea of lucas being into riley they’re different and alike in so many ways. I think they have amazing chemistry. I just don’t think the writers have given them the proper material that will explore the chemistry between them yet and I think when they do, it’s gonna be great. #rucasfan

      • Ashley B says:

        Ty it’s all the stupid Lucaya hype sorry but they are trying to please both sides. Hopefully Rucas is endgame because it’d be ridiculous after how they started the show. I mean come on lol. Why even have them have crushes on each other and then say oh your my brother. I mean what? Lol

  24. Amara washington says:

    I love Riley and Lucus. They need to end up together and be boyfriend and girlfriend!

  25. westwingwolf says:

    I’m for Lucaya endgame, but I think what needs to happen is for Riley/Lucas to play out so there is no awkwardness. Lucas is confused. He can’t really make up his mind. Riley is hurt, and Maya will be hurt if she sees that Lucas wants to pay more attention to Riley than her. I’d like for Maya to say she wants someone who knows he only wants to be with her. She realizes if they continue to try for something when Lucas is clearly not ready for while he is still confused about his feelings for Riley, then it will only hurt all of them. Maya feeling like she is second best will destroy not just any future chance of Lucas & Maya working out, but also of Lucas & Maya maintaining a friendship (which they can still have if this early dating doesn’t go too far). Let Lucas & Riley date, and see if it sinks or swims. If it sinks, then after some time when everyone is comfortable and Riley is truly over her feelings for Lucas, then Lucas & Maya can try again.

    I also think it will be good for Riley to learn that you don’t always get the perfect first love romance like her parents got, and it would be good for Maya to see that with time love can work out as opposed to how she saw her parents split for good.

    No matter what, my biggest concern is that Riley & Maya stay friends, but I think their friendship is strong enough to withstand anything.

    There was an early episode where Shawn and Topanga went on a date, but I believe Shawn only asked so that he could push Cory into admitting his feelings for Topanga. And it was only for an episode.

    • Aria says:

      So true! I feel like Maya never really had a male influence in her life, or at least not a terribly good one, so she doesn’t exactly know how to keep her feelings about a boy that she truly likes in check. Lucas and Riley should date, and if by then Riley and Lucas feel differently about one another, that quite obviously means that after that period of dating Maya, he has stronger feelings for her than Riley and Riley could fall for someone else. I’m definitely for Lucaya endgame, I mean that campfire almost kiss scene seemed way more passionate than the subway kiss, or even any other Disney Channel kiss.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      It was and was in many ways a foreshadowing of how strong their bond was.

    • Lindsey says:

      I agree with everything the three of you said. It took me some time to decide who I shipped, but I’ve effectively decided I’m for Lucaya for the very same reasons you said, and it’s not just their chemistry. I mentioned this down below somewhere, but I also feel like because Maya and Lucas are better together because they’ve both seemingly been through some things, whereas Riley is very sheltered. They might not have all the same interests or whatever, but they can probably relate on a deeper level than Riley and Lucas can. The point of Cory and Topanga is that they’re rare. Most people don’t marry their first crush from middle school. Who says Riley has to follow them? Lucas obviously likes Riley more now, but that can change as they all grow up a little bit.

  26. Winter says:

    The only that kind of drove me nuts is nobody ever asked Lucas how he feels about them. I came away with Riley likes Lucas, Maya likes Lucas, Lucas likes… it doesn’t matter. Poor kid.

    • Skylar says:

      Maybe Lucas likes both of them? I think that he does still have feelings for Riley, but after that campfire scene, there’s really no denying that he doesn’t feel anything for Maya. I really do wish they asked him how he felt. I just feel really bad for Farkle, the one who always is by their side, helps them when they need it, yet he seems to be pushed to the sidelines, just there.

      • Gabriana says:

        I definitely agree with your comment

      • quanii says:

        How do you feel after seeing the new years eve episode? The campfire scene did show something between mya and Lucas but I wouldn’t say it’s love. When they were playing the couples game mucus who was there with Mya totally forgot about Mya when Charlie started talking about riley. Lucas got really jealous and Mya seemed upset about how much he cared about what was going on with riley. Farkle then pulls Riley away and once again Lucas leaves mya and goes after farkle Riley smakle and charlie.

  27. Emmy says:

    maya. lucas and maya.

  28. Shumeez Jumat says:

    I think Lucas and Maya should be together, he makes Maya a better person and they opposite “opposites attract” from the start you could see they feelings for each other but they weren’t sure.

  29. Debbie says:

    I am not happy with this story line. As close as these two were, knowing she liked Lucas was wrong. I hope and believe that Maya will learn that she likes Lucas as the brother, protector, and friend she always wished for and that Rikey and Lucas are truly meant for each other before she loses her best friend who has the best interest at heart for Maya. What would be the point of showing Maya true friendship and what love of family could be and what about her declaration of love for Josh? I watch all the shows. Was that baloney or as she said ” you know” and she had to deal with her conscious. Not a happy camper right now may even stop watching. Fix it fix it now!!!!!

    • Lilah says:

      I think that Maya liked/pretended to like Josh just so she could try and throw away her feelings for Lucas, because she knew that Riley and Lucas were pretty much going to end up together.

      • Cassandra says:

        No. Just no.

      • Lindsey says:

        I’m a Lucaya shipper, but I don’t think she pretended to like Josh. She’s a teenager. She just changed her mind or didn’t see Josh for a long time, so she found someone else. She didn’t even realize she liked Lucas until fairly recently.

  30. Bethan Hunter says:

    I really hope they go with Maya and Lucas.Their chemistry is immense and just feels so …real, ya know? It has never felt forced, or artificial and is just a really beautiful thing to watch unfold. That campfire scene was one of the highlights of the series so far, the tension between them was palpable, I really hope the writers don’t throw it away.

  31. Jaclyn says:

    I’ve been a Lucaya fan from day one! I was extremely happy to see them explore it, but was very disappointed when they basically made it Riley/Lucas 2.0. I think they were very OOC in the last episode. :/

  32. naruto5566 says:

    I say maya and Lucas and Riley and Charlie

  33. Ann says:

    Sorry people, nobody is really looking at the whole picture. Look how Maya and Lucas is they are the ones that act like brother and sister. They fight a lot like how brothers and sisters fight. now suppose they are together there is nothing, they cant even talk or look at each other. Then look how he is with Riley he can’t even say Hi to her, and when he does its a nervous Hi.
    So its Riley is the one he likes.

  34. I think it was clear after her convo with Farkle that she still likes Lucas, but since she feels like Maya does too – she’s willing to bow out. Conversely I don’t think Lucas likes Maya like that. But hey, I’m just a 30yr old watching a children’s show lol

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I agree completely. I think at this point in Maya’s life she just wants a “good” guy who will love her unconditionally, treat her well and never leave like her father did. Lucas is just that guy. She’s attracted to the “good qualities” Lucas has (he’s reliable, dependable, caring, considerate) not Lucas himself. RIley, on the other hand, is ga-ga over this kid and the feelings are reciprocated. She’s incredibly thoughtful “giving up” to let her best friend take a win so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Personally, I’m here for the Riley/Lucas slow burn.

      • Annie says:

        Agree with everything you just said!

      • Daphne says:

        I think you’re right about Maya needing a good guy (I commented on it in another comments thread). But I think pretty much any of the main guys on the show would qualify for that role of “good guy for Maya”. I mean Lucas, Josh, Farkle even Zay or Charlie: they’re ALL good guys at their core. I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with whatever pairing in the end (even though I’m currently on the team Lucaya bandwagon!). I’m excited to see where this goes so long as Maya and Riley’s friendship is still the main point of this show. That’s what I’m here to see: Riley and Maya as the “new Cory and Shawn”!

        • Skittles&Bits says:

          I agree that the other boys are also “good guys” but Lucas is it. He is IT. The quintessential “good guy” simply because he is the “golden boy”. He’s that guy who plays football and has a gorgeous cheerleader gf but somehow isn’t a jerk. He refers to his elders as “sir/ma’am”; he grew up on a farm raising animals and tilling the land. He’s not awkward like Farkle (bless him) or a wuss like Zay (love him too). He’s brave, he’s kind–heck, the kid’s practically a Disney hero come to life. He’s that guy that parents want for their kids and that’s the kind of guy Maya thinks she needs to offset all of the “bad” she’s seen in her life.

  35. Diz says:

    All I know is poor Farkle. He’s cared for them both, they ask him to help all the time with their problems, and he gets thrown around like a rag doll and tossed to the side by himself all the time in the end.

  36. Riana says:

    Maybe Disney should do what they never do and have Riley date Maya. It would be really progressive.

  37. Sarah says:

    I think Rucus should happen! Because if it doesn’t I may end up divorced! My husband loves Maya and I love Riley! He makes fun of me because I am a grown woman and I care so much about this show! But seriously Riley and Lucas the end!

  38. Catherine says:

    I am really confused. There were so many feels in Girl meet Texas. Nobody even asked Lucus how he feels. It also made me sad when Riley cried.

  39. Sally says:

    Riley and Lucas all the way…Maya will not be a true friend if she takes her best friend’s first true love…very not cool…also Riley has grown so much and no longer is a “little girl” that she was the first season – love the actress too!!!! I think she and Lucas have a lot more in common with each other and make each other better. They also balance each other out. I really hope it’s Riley and Lucas end game…

  40. haley says:

    I hate the idea of the two of them. Lukas and Ryley all the way

  41. liz says:

    I still think Riley will end up with Lucas, but I think they both need a little more time growing up.

    • cassia says:

      I think Riley like lucus ,Mia thinks she likes lucus ,but after Texas I would say lucus thinks he still likes Riley because of his loyalty but is falling for Mia ,and I think Riley sees that,and Mia’s scared to let him in her walls

  42. Ben says:

    I dont think either relationship is of the brother/sister kind. It’s obvious that Riley and Lucas have feelings for each other but at the same time you dont have that kind of moment with a sibling that Maya and Lucas had at the campfire. With the theme of season 3 being “feelings” I imagine we’ve only just scratched the surface of the various relationships.

  43. priscilla says:

    I love me a love triangle. Honestly i can see lucas end up with either girl and be fine with it.

  44. Samantha says:

    Where is everybody seeing this “chemistry” between Lucas and Maya? One split second when he grabbed her face, but that was it. They were forced and awkward. They have better banter as friends. I hope Riley and Lucas end up together. They are so sweet.

    • Gage says:

      What chemistry do you see in Riley and Lucas? They’re the ones who are forced, awkward, and not to mention boring. The Lucas/Maya campfire scene at the end of Texas 2 had more romantic chemistry than the sum total of all Riley/Lucas interactions since the beginning of the series.

    • A says:

      I don’t see any chemistry between Lucas and Maya either. I don’t get it at all. I see a ton of chemistry between Riley and Lucas though. Maybe it’s just that I always prefer sweeter, cuter, relationships between 2 sweet, cute people. They are adorable together.

  45. EMJay says:

    I get the whole Riley/Lucas fan base. But it would make it too cliché and would be disappointingly predictable. We don’t want another Cory/Topanga storyline. That has its place in history. But now the ever changing, growing Farkle… cannot rule out, or dismiss the Farkle and Riley possibilities. Lucas and Maya are the Shaun/ Angela equivalent that never got to be. Why shouldn’t the friends be together?! After all growing up is finding people and what it is about them that makes you happy. It has to be a complete package and when Riley learned Lucas was someone else before she knew him she struggled. But it made Lucas something more to Maya. Made him very real. It took a life threatening bull ride to unlock what she really felt and an epiphany of sorts taking us back to when their eyes first met. And it was Maya who was drawn to Lucas first to selflessly push her friend in his direction. And am I the only one who thought Lucas’s final words in Texas part 3 to the sheep(Riley) and Bull(Maya) was him revealing just a snapshot of his feelings?! Lucas has had ‘feelings’ for both. He just got closer to Riley because she is Riley and Maya supported her. He was in the Big Apple from Texas. Things couldn’t be more different. More frightening and then he met the Girls, but it was Riley who made it less scary because she made him feel different about himself. But Maya was all he was and had left behind. She intrigued him. This feisty yet caring, unwavering, blonde, talented beauty was unobtainable short stack of pancakes and a good friend. No guy wants to mess with that!!! But, we have learned, Maya needs Lucas around and I think they could be more to each other in time. But Riley and Lucas need to discover what it is they have. I got the feeling they were trying too hard to be that first BIG love when it was really just a crush. Yes Riley still has feelings for Lucas because this is Riley. He is someone she has come to know and care about. But she does that for people like Billy for example. People change people. Maybe Lucas has changed Maya and that scares her more than anything. Maybe Lucas is the ONE Maya could open her heart for and she retracts from it by being protective and defensive by teasing him. By knocking him down a peg or two. Hmmm we need an episode called, Girl Meets World, Girl meets the Three C’s. Because growing up is! Complicated, Confusing&Challenging

    • Yes we want another Cory Topanga

    • Cassandra says:

      I hope that Lucas ends up with Riley but if he doesn’t… He shouldn’t be with Maya. It just doesn’t work. They just don’t work together. He needs someone supportive not negative like Maya.

      • Daphne says:

        Cassandra: Maya’s only negative because of all the crap she’s been through in her short life. She’s still not trusting that things can go well in life because life hasn’t been very kind to her so far. That’s why having super positive people in her life like Riley and Lucas (and Farkle) is super important. They’re the ones who can change her and make her a more positive person (“people change people”).

      • cassi says:

        True she can be negative but he makes her,her better self

        • Kayla battle says:

          Even though I don’t want it to happen but this is how u know Maya and Lucas is end game because Shawn in an episode and gmw writer both sed there is only one cory and topanga therefore Riley and Lucas can’t be together. Its only two main girl in the show if Riley and Lucas can’t be together the only other option is Maya. Its not smackle because her and Lucas are not end game.

          • AnaMM says:

            There being only one Corpanga doesn’t mean no one else can be together. Or no couple would.Lucas and Riley aren’t Cory and Topanga, and neither are joshaya, nor lucaya, nor riarkle, nor rilie(?). The best ending would be if none got with him, but I still think Riley might. Josh must find his Topanga, Cory’s said so. They won’t be Cory and Topanga, because they are Josh and Maya, but maybe Maya will be his “Topanga”.

      • jasmine says:

        your so right!!!!!!!!!

    • Daphne says:

      ^^ Well this is pretty much everything I wanted to say right there. Thank you EMJay for putting it into words! Well done.

  46. CrysAnn says:

    Ok, so let me first start by saying that I am 33 years old and started watching this because I totally loved Boy Meets World growing up. My daughter’s who are 12 and 8 love this show and it has become a family thing. Even my boyfriend watches it with us. I was dreading these episodes because I knew it was going screw up the Riley/Lucas relationship. Lucas clearly has feelings for Riley. He was so upset about the brother/sister comment from Riley. And he absolutely cannot deal with the fact that Riley is going out with this Charlie kid. I think Riley and Lucas are perfect for each other. They even each other out. The only reason this is happening is because Riley wants Maya to be happy and this is one way she can help with that. It seems to me that Zay is the only one who truly gets it. He knows that Maya and Lucas are more brother and sister than anything. However I think it needs to be Lucas who truly makes the decision. Farkle really just wants everyone to be happy. He doesn’t want things to change and I agree completely.

  47. Lizzy says:

    I came to watch this show about Topanga and Corys kids. Now look at me, posting on a TVline blog about a show for kids.
    Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of Riley and Lucas. I was open to the idea of Maya with the more things I read about it online and kind of looking forward to see what is going to happen. After watching this three part episode, I’ve decided that I’m still on the Riley and Lucas bandwagon but they are not ready yet to do anything about it. I hope the writers don’t push the storyline too much and let them grow. I agree that they have had some moments seem forced between Riley and Lucas but the character/relationship development is one I would like to see.
    As for Maya, I personally loved her and Josh. I think it opened a good window for a lot of storylines and they had solid chemistry. I also could see Maya and Farkle have a future. They would be an interesting mix if it’s done correctly.
    Overall, kudos to the GMW creators, writers and actors for sucking me into to a show about eighth graders.

  48. GYW says:

    I told my kids that if Riley and Lucas aren’t together, we have to boycott the show!! Riley and Lucas have to be together. I’m too old for this!!

  49. Fred Savage says:

    This crap hasn’t been canceled yet?

  50. Nic says:

    Forget Lucas! Riley and Maya are made for each other!