Girl Meets World Recap

Girl Meets World Season 3 Premiere Recap: What the Hole Just Happened?

The halls were alive with the sound of injustice on Friday’s Girl Meets World season premiere.

For starters, all of Riley and Maya’s worst fears about high school came true when a (seemingly) menacing trio of seniors forced the GMW crew to stand in a literal hole on their first day. And although the presumed bullies later explained they were just trying to give Riley and her friends some perspective, their words did little to quell the growing rift between them.

Not only did the hole drive Riley and Lucas apart — Riley is, for some reason, taking most of the blame for all of this — but it even caused Farkle to turn his back on the girls who used to own his heart. (Darn it, Farkle! Who gave you permission to grow a backbone?!)

And unlike most GMW episodes, which successfully wrap up crises in less than 30 minutes, the season premiere ended with Maya tearfully consoling her best friend: “People make their own decisions, and sometimes they go away for a while. It takes time to understand why, but it isn’t your fault.” To be fair, those final words were partially inspired by Ava blaming herself for her parents’ divorce — yet another low moment in an episode already bursting with depression.

Thankfully, a few things things stayed the same, including Cory’s inability to keep his students’ attention for more than three lines of dialogue. (I normally find those mid-class conversations kind of rude, but this week, I needed them.)

Friday’s premiere also attempted to make sense of the Lucas/Riley/Maya love triangle. “How am I in a triangle with that?” Maya asked at one point, before Lucas described his relationship with the two best friends as “complicated.” (Hey, I didn’t say it was a great attempt.)

Your thoughts on Girl Meets World‘s big return? Hopes for Sunday’s follow-up episode, as well as the rest of Season 3? Grade tonight’s premiere below, then drop ’em in a comment.

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    I wish they would give Cory and Topanga a real storyline. Poor Topanga mostly just interacts with Auggie and Ava. :-/

    • Rosa says:

      haha ikr? like wtf? shouldn’t she be there for Riley more too? it’s like she’s a secondary character/afterthought in her own show. I mean she is co-exec producer with Ben for crying out loud and he still gets more screen time! even when they show everybody at her restaurant she’s usually not even there.

      • Dj says:

        Most of the time on shows like this the parents are secondary characters that are either never seen or just in the background. Which since the target audience is teens is understandable. Now you are 100% right about there needing to be more interacting between Topanga and Riley.

  2. Stacy says:

    It’s still Disney, but at least the show is attempting to grow up. Not all problems are solved in 22 minutes or less.

    I liked Topanga’s dialogue about doubting Cory (which has been touched on before). Topanga doubted Cory, just like Riley’s friends are doubting her. :)

  3. wjm980 says:

    Unlike its predecessor, this show will not be looked back on fondly by anyone in 20 years.

  4. For what I think that the premier was great. But I know Lucas will come around and probably will apologize to Riley cause what is the greater good thats coming out of means to learn from it if that’s what it has to take.

  5. datdudemurphy says:

    This show gets a lot of love, sometimes an unreasonable amount, from people who remember the predecessor fondly….
    This show gets a lot of hate, sometimes an unreasonable amount, from people who remember the predecessor fondly….

    You don’t have to forget your love of Boy Meets World….but you have to let this be its own show.
    GMW has a different target audience than BMW….it has to do things a little bit differently.
    I appreciate that it has enough nostalgia that I can enjoy watching it with the kids.

    This wasn’t the best episode so far….but it was enjoyable, and it took on a more “grown up” tone than I was really expecting from Disney.

  6. George says:

    I say this also taking the second part of the premiere into consideration (it’s already on Disney’s website), but this storyline w/the seniors is a little…bizarre (even for a show like this that does “these” types of stories).

  7. Jason says:

    Riley needs therapy if she acts like that over high school.

  8. Jim says:

    Bad episode, but half the episodes are bad and half are great.

  9. jc says:

    How is it…that there are all still in the same classroom…together..and since when does a student call their teacher….

    • Barb says:

      In the original BMW, they were all in the same class. Grant it, there were only 3, but still, they were all in the same class from beginning to end.

  10. Scott Qualls says:

    Another low point…the sad attempt to play into Rowan Blanchard’s so called “feminism” by the lame PC need to name the high school “Abigail Adams High School.”

  11. Angela says:

    This episode was good, but not up to par IMO

  12. I just watch the show and immerse myself. I don’t expect it to break boundaries it’s on Disney Channel. I do appreciate that they are not like all the other Disney shows that are just so far out in zanieness and over the top I can’t stomach any of them. The show is about heart/love/friendship and all the ups and down you go through. I used to dislike Lucas but I like all the main characters equally now. This is the only show besides GoT I look forward to.

  13. Bozo says:

    The show tries to be too deep. It is at its best when it just tries to be fun. It lacks subtlety when it comes to the messages.

  14. What’s with the whole sister-wives vibe of “equal girlfriends?” I get the story but it comes off really strange.

  15. Mike says:

    First, bring back Harley. Make him ask Corey for help advancing his education beyond being a school janitor. Show Harley going to night school and getting his teaching degree to become the new Mr. Turner character for the high school kids. THAT is a positive message.

    As for the new season, typical fluff. Why isn’t Zay in the credits yet??? Even Boy Meets World added Matthew Lawrence, his GF, and that tall roommate chick in the credits. This new opening is too ‘meh’… and leaves out a member of the ‘group’. Sad.

  16. I personally that both Riley and Lucas are right. Riley is right in that the seniors are trying to teach the group something, but she hasn’t gotten the message yet. Lucas is right in that the group can’t just wait around in a hole forever, but he hasn’t realized that maybe the senior are trying, in their own way, to help them. The message I think the senior trio are trying to get across is that you can’t stay in you own little world forever and that you have to make that decision yourself.

  17. Makayla sutton says:

    When are they gonna put out the show where lucas and riley go on their second date?

  18. When are they gonna put out the episode where lucas and riley go on their second date? It’s driving me nuts I really want to see it and I really wanna see who Lucas chooses it’s probably gonna be riley Riley and Lucas forever!!!