Girl Meets World Season 3 Premiere Recap: What the Hole Just Happened?

Girl Meets World Recap

The halls were alive with the sound of injustice on Friday’s Girl Meets World season premiere.

For starters, all of Riley and Maya’s worst fears about high school came true when a (seemingly) menacing trio of seniors forced the GMW crew to stand in a literal hole on their first day. And although the presumed bullies later explained they were just trying to give Riley and her friends some perspective, their words did little to quell the growing rift between them.

Not only did the hole drive Riley and Lucas apart — Riley is, for some reason, taking most of the blame for all of this — but it even caused Farkle to turn his back on the girls who used to own his heart. (Darn it, Farkle! Who gave you permission to grow a backbone?!)

And unlike most GMW episodes, which successfully wrap up crises in less than 30 minutes, the season premiere ended with Maya tearfully consoling her best friend: “People make their own decisions, and sometimes they go away for a while. It takes time to understand why, but it isn’t your fault.” To be fair, those final words were partially inspired by Ava blaming herself for her parents’ divorce — yet another low moment in an episode already bursting with depression.

Thankfully, a few things things stayed the same, including Cory’s inability to keep his students’ attention for more than three lines of dialogue. (I normally find those mid-class conversations kind of rude, but this week, I needed them.)

Friday’s premiere also attempted to make sense of the Lucas/Riley/Maya love triangle. “How am I in a triangle with that?” Maya asked at one point, before Lucas described his relationship with the two best friends as “complicated.” (Hey, I didn’t say it was a great attempt.)

Your thoughts on Girl Meets World‘s big return? Hopes for Sunday’s follow-up episode, as well as the rest of Season 3? Grade tonight’s premiere below, then drop ’em in a comment.

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