Scream Star Teases Deadlier Season 2, Calls First Victim 'Strange and Surreal'

Scream Season 2

Scream kicks off another killer summer this Monday (MTV, 11/10c) with its no-one-is-safe-iest season yet. (No, really, don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Prior to the murder mystery’s Season 2 premiere, TVLine caught up with Bex Taylor-Klaus — aka Audrey Jensen, one of the now-infamous Lakewood Six — for a taste of the chills, thrills and (most importantly) kills awaiting us this year:

TVLINE | It’s been three months since the events of Season 1. How’s Audrey holding up?
Externally, she’s handling it extremely well — possibly too well. She’s got a job, a new look and a new hobby, but that’s all on the surface. Internally, she’s still trying to pretend nothing happened, and that what’s happening now has no connection to what happened three months earlier. She’s keeping up a stoic appearance for her friends.

TVLINE | It seems like Audrey is the new target this season, more so than Emma. How do you feel about stepping into that role?
I have to say, being the target is tricky. It’s rough. And now I understand what Willa [Fitzgerald] went through last year. It’s absolutely nerve-racking, but it’s been so fun to play around with that, because Audrey reacts differently than most people would. Sure, she gets paranoid, but her instinct is to mask that.

TVLINE | Audrey’s connection to Piper, I imagine, will be revealed at some point. How much did you know going into filming?
I’ve known some things since the end of last season, but I sat down with the showrunners at the beginning of this season to discuss what Audrey actually did — her true connection to Piper and the events of three months ago. … But I think Willa knows more than everybody else at this point, if for no other reason than that she remembers to ask. The rest of us get too caught up with what’s happening at the moment; we don’t stop to think, “Oh, crap, there’s something happening next.”

TVLINE | Is romance in the cards for Audrey this season? I know things didn’t work out too well with Rachel.
We catch a little glimpse of Audrey trying to flirt with someone in the premiere, probably the first time since Rachel [was killed last season]. To be honest, she’s lost a bit of her suave-ness, so to speak. She’s still very much haunted by whatever happened to Rachel. She feels incredibly responsible — and there’s a reason for that.

TVLINE | The promos keep warning us that no one is safe, even more so than last season. How worried should we be?
I really hope the fans are going to be nervous for all of their favorite characters. I know we said last year that no one is safe, but there’s a huge sense of “I don’t know who’s going to go next” this season, and I really like it.

TVLINE | To that end, what was your reaction to the first big victim of the season?
Shock, absolutely shock. I had no idea it was happening, and most of us didn’t. It was strange and surreal, definitely a shock to the cast. I’m really, really hoping it comes as a shock to everyone else, too.

What’s your craziest Audrey/Piper theory? Any idea who the first victim might be? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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