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Scream Season 1 Finale

Scream EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Surprising Accomplice, Possible Season 2 Returns

Warning: The following Q&A contains spoilers for Scream’s Season 1 finale. Read at your own risk.

Whether or not you had guessed the identity of Scream‘s masked killer before Tuesday’s season finale, chances are you were surprised by something that went down during the eventful hour.

Audrey’s unexpected correspondence with podcaster-turned-murderer Piper? The fact that Kieran had nothing to do with the Lakewood killing spree? That supremely gross death scene featuring Sheriff Hudson’s intestines? Regardless of which finale moment shocked you most, we think you’ll appreciate the insight provided by executive producer Jill Blotevogel, who discussed the episode in detail with TVLine before looking ahead to the MTV horror drama’s second season.

(And if you’re looking for more Scream goodies, check out our Q&A with Amelia Rose Blaire, aka resident Lakewood serial killer Piper Shaw.)

TVLINE | As surprising as the Piper reveal was, Audrey’s involvement in the murders was especially shocking. What went into your decision to make Audrey a part of it?
We discussed a lot of possibilities — a lot of single killers and a lot of partnerships. Audrey was a character who was always a really interesting possibility for us. The episode where she was a big suspect really played beautifully, because it showed us that we were really starting to care for this character. We bond with her from the very beginning because she is victimized, but she doesn’t back down, and she doesn’t complain about it. She stands strong. You bond with Audrey early on, so you don’t ever want to believe that she is a killer or complicit or part of it.

Toward the end, Piper was kind of someone that people were starting to suspect might have been the killer. Certain things were planted that hinted at it, [like] her father was murdered. We tried to let everyone have those moments of suspicion, and… we liked letting Audrey be the other half of that equation, because she felt like the very surprising element to us. Audrey is someone that I feel like the audience relates to and empathizes with, so letting her be the connective tissue between Season 1 and Season 2 is a great way to let the audience get pulled back in. They want to believe in her. They want to believe that she’s good, but there’s also a part of them that wants to think she got some justice, too. That’s an element that’s going to pull people back in a strong way.

TVLINE | Would you consider Audrey the villain of Season 2, in that case?
I would call her a wild card of Season 2. The depth of her involvement isn’t yet revealed — just a connection to Piper. Like I said, not knowing if she ever donned the mask and actually killed someone is a big part of what’s going to keep people truly intrigued. And the fact that… her friends don’t know. You imagine the moment when Noah finds out that Audrey was a part of this, and you’re like, “That’s a hell of a TV moment that I can’t wait to see.”

Scream Season 1 FinaleTVLINE | Considering how popular anthology series are right now, were you ever tempted to use that format for Scream? Or were you sold on keeping the same characters around for multiple seasons?
That was definitely a discussion, even when I was working on the pilot. The freedom of that is you can kill off a lot of your characters because you’re going to be starting fresh in Season 2, whether it’s with the same cast or a completely different cast and world. We all discussed it, and part of our decision happened when we put this amazing cast together, and we realized we had magic. We loved the way they all came together. The actors really bonded, so a lot of what you see on screen is real. These kids all hang out together, they were all down in Baton Rouge for the filming, they’d watch movies together. Every time a new script would come out and Noah would reference a movie they hadn’t seen, they would all get together and watch it. [Laughs] It was one of those things where we realized, “We’ve got this really cool cast. Let’s find a way to keep it going.”

It really was a challenge, but it was a challenge we embraced. We were hoping that the audience would fall in love with the core cast as much as we have. That also made it very difficult when deciding who to kill [and] when to kill them. If your heart is broken when Riley is killed or when Will is killed, then we’ve done our job. But yes, it was an option that we discussed.

TVLINE | Looking ahead to Season 2, how much will Emma have changed when the show returns? She was really put through the wringer this year.
Emma’s such a strong character. Going into Season 1 — as often happens with Episode 1 or Movie 1 of a franchise — you have a character who is inherently strong, but has to take in a lot of new information really quickly. With Emma, she was learning new things every week. She had this killer who, as she says in Episode 7, “He’s got all the pieces. He knows everything about me, and I don’t know anything about him.” He had that advantage.

Going into Season 2, she’s going to be a character with a lot more information. She’s probably going to be more closed-off, more defensive. But she’s also going to be stronger. I think of Sarah Connor, going from Terminator to T2, in that she’s this fresh-faced innocent in the first one, and by the second one — not that we’re going to see Emma doing pull-ups and assembling rifles or anything — she’s a character who’s been through the wringer. [Emma]’s going to be a little more guarded. Her strength has been tested, and her relationship with her mother is definitely going to have to evolve. And even though we get the sense that she and Kieran have bonded, she is still going to be more guarded, romantically.  You could also look at Scream 2 and Sidney’s character. She’s been through a lot, she comes out of it, she still has to live her life, but she’s seen a much darker side of life in person. [Emma’s] going to be processing that, and she’s going to be a little more guarded than she was in Season 1 — but obviously stronger, as well.

TVLINE | Will we see Piper again, possibly via flashbacks?
That’s always a possibility. There’s always going to be questions of who exactly did what, and how did that happen, and how did she get there, and how did she discover all these things. As long as they’re pertinent enough to our ongoing storyline, the possibility of seeing how things happened is very intriguing. Especially because she was a podcaster — who knows how much she has previously recorded, in terms of what she was planning to do. Those behind-the-scenes windows are really intriguing. I would definitely consider that a possibility moving forward.

TVLINE | Mr. Branson was sort of a loose end in the finale — he wasn’t the killer, but he did get caught with a student. Will he be back for Season 2?
I definitely wanted to keep Mr. Branson on the table. I thought Bobby Campo did such an amazing job taking this character, who could’ve very easily been a write-off as the skanky teacher who sleeps with a student — he ended up being more interesting. I would like to see him in Season 2. He’s definitely not going to be teaching at Lakewood anymore. [Laughs] But his presence would be really interesting. Wanting to see that scene between him and Brooke, a month after the events of the finale — to me, that’s something that would be fascinating. Also, whenever you set up a character like that who has done dark things, finding a way to give them a heroic moment or arc, or dive into his secrets — you’ve got to keep those possibilities alive. That is why Branson survived the finale. [Laughs]

Scream fans, what did you think of the Season 1 finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts and hopes for Season 2!

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  1. Pete says:

    “we put this amazing cast together” “Emma’s such a strong character” hahaha that’s funny. should have killed off a lot more of them. that scene on the porch with Emma and Kieran was unintentionally hilarious the acting was so bad.

    • DL says:

      Kieran was probably the weakest actor on the show (although a couple others have him a run for his money). Kinda hope he gets killed off quickly in season 2. :-P

      Overall though, awesome finale.

      • Chris says:

        I thought the actor playing Jake had some good moments and some laughably bad ones; for instance, his over exuberant, immediate bouncing toward the freezer to save Brooke when he had barely opened the door to the work room. And the fact that he was able to hear the banging coming from 2 (large) rooms away from where they were.

      • Nadia says:

        Totally agree that Keirons acting wasn’t great but really loved Jake, Will and Brooke’s characters. Looking forward to lots of loose ends being tied up in season 2. Ps. Loved Noah too & love the questions Audrey being involved raises for the storyline!!!

    • Me says:

      Piss off, loser moron troll ; )

    • Juanita says:

      I thought i was the only one that felt that. The acting was like a soap opera.

  2. j says:

    I liked it, I’m glad Brooke didn’t die – she had actually become my favorite character by the end – I was really nervous for her. But also I’m a little disappointed that almost the entire main cast survived the season – just seemed like more people would have died. I knew it was piper, but Audrey was shocking. I almost feel like she wasn’t actually a killer thought, otherwise season 2 won’t have any suspense… I don’t know. I’m still in for season 2!

    • Rook says:

      Same, I was worried for Brooke throughout the whole episode. I’m disappointed too, most of the people survived they could have at least killed one of them and then left someone’s fate unknown. That would have been interesting.

      • Lucius says:

        i say kill off emmas mom cuz i want emma to actually grieve over a loss of a family memberbring back her dad so he be with his daughter like neil prescott was with sidney in scream.

    • Tonya Brown says:

      Same, Brooke was my favorite from the beginning, she was the only one I rooted for

  3. Andrew says:

    I was surprised that it turned out to be Piper, but that was because there was enough misdirection throughout the season to keep me thinking the killer could’ve been anybody.

    Once the adoption subplot came to light, though, the motive pretty much wrote itself (and played out like I thought it would).

    I thought the last 3 episodes were very good, so I’ll definitely tune in for the Season 2 premiere to see where they’ll go from here.

  4. I guessed Piper a few episodes back, so I guess watching so many horror/suspense movies has paid off LOL. But didn’t see that surprise ending!

    Curious to see how they continue it next year.

  5. Michael Mendoza says:

    I really just want to see the darker side of Noah and for him to reveal himself as the accomplice killer.

    • GL says:

      Did you watch the show? Audrey is the accomplice.

      • Rook says:

        Did you watch the show? They never confirmed Audrey was the accomplice, only that she and Piper wrote each other.

        • robandco says:

          OMG you’re right. This gives me so much hope.

        • Ant says:

          But her DNA was also inside of the mask AND she *somehow* survived her attack and *somehow* knew exactly where Emma had gone to save her mother. I think she was supposed to keep everyone away long enough in order to give Piper enough time to kill everyone and set up Branson. Audrey was the mastermind, in my opinion. Obsessed with the original case, tracks down her bully’s long lost sister to stir up drama but doesn’t realize that this woman is insane. Then essentially sh*t gets real and she’s implicated, she flips her script and decides to stop playing the bad guy. In the end she knew Emma was supposed to die, but she never thought they’d all end up as friends. She may have saved Emma but let’s just say she gave serious thought to not saving her.

          • Anthony says:

            She also had a picture of Brandon James on her wall in the pilot episode. It was really a surprise for her to probably be involved. The writers dropped so many clues right in front of our faces and it made you question could this person really be involved. It’ll be interesting to know what her role was with Piper. And was she okay with Piper killing Rachael. Still don’t know anything about that either.

          • Tonya Brown says:

            thank you, thank you, thank you. seriously, you wrote everything I wanted to say

        • Yeah and he baisicly said that as far as her actual involvment is concerned its still up in the air. So they could take it any direction the like. I would like to see audrey and Noah team up together in the second one.

    • Ian Barber says:

      I’m with you – I really thought Noah would be the accomplice. I supposed he really still could be! Had Piper pegged as the killer from the episode where she said her father was murdered. I have the feeling that Audrey will turn out to be a red herring – guilty of something, but not murder.

  6. Eric says:

    I hate being that guy who says “it was obvious who the killer was”…but this time it was. Piper couldn’t have looked more guilty from episode one. She even wore the necklace they were looking at in pictures later in the episode in eps 8 I believe. The one after will dies.

    i love a good mystery. This was not one. I like the show but the character plotting sucked. See harpers island for a way to do it right.

    • GL says:

      I knew it was Piper too, but why is everyone saying they knew it was Piper from the first episode? Piper wasn’t even in the first episode lol

      • Olivia says:

        I think it’s meant to be read as “the first episode she appeared in”. And I agree.

      • I’m one of those people who suspected her straight away. Nothing to do with the way they introduced her or her acting or whatever. I just looked at the archetypes they introduced and pegged her and Audrey as being set up as the least likely therefore most likely candidates to be the killers. I did spend the whole series hoping I was wrong about Audrey but it just seemed like the perfect ending twist to have her be part of it so when they revealed it I wasn’t surprised I was just like oh well guess they couldn’t come up with something more original.

        I guess it’s my problem though as I watch way to much horror and also have a deep love of how story’s and narratives are structured and woven together. It didn’t ruin the show I still enjoyed it and will watch again but when they made both reveals I was a little disappointed. Piper was pegged the second she showed up and when she took her to see Brandon’s mom the pieces just fell in to place and she went from highly likely to prime suspect. The problem with this type of fiction is they try to make it the least likely person so its most shocking. This means you can just look at the cast of characters and look at who seems least likely and nine times out of ten that’s your killer. Despite that though I felt they kept enough uncertainty of almost all the characters motivations that I wasn’t certain (just strongly suspicious that’s how it would turn out) until the scene with Brandon’s mother. Oddly though whilst I pegged Audrey as a final episode reveal in the first episode I didn’t think of her and piper together.
        Also and this has been bugging me, neither piper or Audrey are very big and if you look at the scene where the killer knocks out the Sherriff you can see when he (she ) is standing behind him that the killer is clearly taller then the sheriff which would make the killer at least 5 foot 8.

        Now this was clearly done to throw you off the trail but my point is its stupidly deceptive because the sheriff is 5ft 7”
        , Piper is 5ft 3” and Audrey Is 5ft 3.5” tall.

        So I guess piper was doing all her killing in 5 inch high heels.
        Yes I looked up all the actors heights, yes it bugged me that much.

        Now they could write it that there was another accomplice who was involved (and is taller) but in reality they clearly didn’t want you to figure out who it was in the suit so they had a 5 foot 8 stocky stunt man in the suit for all the actual murder scenes.

        Its ok I get it, making a TV show is hard but it just grates on me that they picked the 2 smallest characters to be the killers and had the killer clearly be a tall well built man.

        That along with a few weird plot holes that just randomly happened, like the other detective having her IT guy hack in to the laptop with all the incriminating files and then just never mention it again… literally the guy says “I have got in to the laptop” aaaaaand that’s the end of that plotline. Unless I majorly blanked and missed a couple of lines of dialogue about it.

        I could go on but it’s little things like this that whilst they didn’t ruin the show brought it down to about an 8 out of ten when it could have gone higher.

        Anyways despite a lot of bitching I enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would.

    • Skyler says:

      I didn’t think it was too obvious. I had no idea who the killer was for the first few episodes. Then, every episode, I would think the killer was someone else. Then, I basically thought it was either Audrey, Piper, Jake, or Kieran. I suppose it could’ve been Noah and he still could be the accomplice but I don’t want that to happen because he is my favorite character besides Riley but she died so yeah…

    • Paul says:

      I suspected Piper in later episodes but still kept guessing late on into the show and was surprised when it finally happened, but also like ‘yeah I see that now.’ I was quite impressed with how they kept us guessing! The scream 4 killers I thought were obvious but strangely enough this show kept me guessing more! lol

    • Tonya Brown says:

      Harper’s Island was amazing. How did everyone catch on it was Piper, I mean I suspected Audrey the entire time, but not Piper til much farther in. Curious to know the tidbits I missed

  7. James says:

    I don’t think Audrey is the second killer. She might been close to Piper or something, but she is probably more like a “fan” of Brandon James than a killer willing to avenge his memory. My guess is that she knew part of Piper’s plan, but not everything, and when she discovered her friends were getting axed, she tried to do something but it was too late. Piper definitely had someone else to do her bidding, but it was not Audrey. Besides, during episode 7, Audrey couldn’t have been in the warehouse with Will, Piper & Maddox. I don’t remember what she was doing at the time, but I’m pretty sure a scene established she was with Noah at school. So there is definitely someone else committing the murders. And I have a feeling the second killer is Jake.

    • Audrey is the only reason that the second episode’s victim was killed, her DNA was inside the mask, she helped discover Branson’s knife and leaked Emma’s sex tape. Audrey, knowing her friends were in trouble at the bowling alley, instead established an alibi by going to Emma’s mom. Audrey’s pretty firmly the second killer, and not just because of the reveal at the finale’s end.

      • Deon says:

        Exactly, her DNA was all over the mask, they never revealed why, and when noah phoned her for help he never said they were at the bowling alley yet when she showed up at Emmas moms house she said “they are at the bowling alley” shes a screw loose! She is a big fan of piper thats why they wrote to each other, maybe even lovers (she was bisexual) so she would do anything for piper…but then again its too obvious??

        • Lewis says:

          When it showed the clip of the original Brandon James mask being stolen the thief(Audrey) looked at the camera with the mask on so I think that’s where her d.n.a is from on the mask not her being the murderer

          • myplussizeconfessions says:

            Bingo! I don’t think shw is a killer just because she is so into her GF being killed. If she was apart of this she would of known and I doubt she did it because she would of wanted to push the suicide thing. No, her killing was a secret message to her mom. I think she is involved but not in a killer way. And I couldn’t figure out the mask part tim this right here. Yep, she is the on in the vid wearing it and it makes sense given what her and noah know how to do and dont you find it intersting that noah now took over pipers job? Not me is still remains a suspect.

  8. Ahmad Qawwam says:

    Loved the Ending.
    I Knew that Piper had to be the killer or Troy.
    We haven’t been introduced to Troy.
    Hope Season 2 is good like season 1.
    Until season 2 people comment and grade Season 1 in the grading place for this website as all grades will count towards seasons to come after season 2. The more people vote and the more people give ratings the better because, the only thing that keeps tv shows running is there popularity and the votes and ratings they get….
    Season two starts in 2016 but, i am hoping it starts before the date the first season started.
    Till Season 2……

    • I thought that Jake was the killer but at the same time I had suspensions about Piper and Noah is my favorite character I was hoping he wasn’t the killer.They killed Riley who was beautiful in my opinion. Killing Brooke who’s pretty as well what of sucked. Amazing finale can’t wait for season 2!!

  9. Kalee says:

    I don’t know why I suspected Audrey as one of the killers by episode 3 but Piper only way late into the game. That dang red herring Mr. Branson!

  10. Joey Padron says:

    good season finale. surprised about ending. hope Aubrey won’t be bad. glad Emma’s mom didn’t die. can’t wait for season 2!

  11. Brittany says:

    I called Piper a few episodes back after she gave Emma one too many pep talks. What bothers me, though, is how Maggie either apparently didn’t know or neglected to mention the fact that she’d had a daughter instead of a son. Even if she’d never held her or even looked at her, or signed any adoption or any other paperwork at all related to the birth, you’d think maybe somebody in the delivery room would’ve mentioned it. Was she passed out or something? And if she did know, I don’t buy that she wouldn’t have told Emma, especially after Branson got arrested and was presumed to be Brandon James’s kid.

    For that matter, why was Kieran ever in the running for being Brandon James’s son? I think the sheriff would’ve known if he was raising a 20 something instead of a teenager. Though I guess it could be an in-joke about the tendency of movies to cast older actors as teenagers. Still, the failure of supposedly bright Emma and Noah to realize this seems farfetched.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Many people that have babies have no idea if it’s a boy or girl. If the mother decides she doesn’t want to know, and someone on the delivery team would let it slip, that would be very unprofessional. Some women just don’t want to know, they don’t want to think about the child in those terms. And she even said in an episode that she didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. Very easily believed.

  12. Shay says:

    I totally agree about the Audrey thing! Everyone wants to believe that she didnt have anything to do with the actual murders, but at the same time we want her to have justice. I hope in season 2 it turns out to be nothing just like the video of her screaming about Nina was.

  13. Shay says:

    Plot twist: Audrey AND Noah are secretely in a relationship and have been helping Piper the whole time! (That would actually suck and I hope Im wrong)

  14. Lex says:

    I fricken loved it, I was hooked the whole season & couldn’t wait for it to come on. It was better than anything else that was on during that time. Also I am glad they didn’t kill off a lot of main characters, I dislike always having new ones thrown in and love the originals & it sucked when Will was killed I loved him.

  15. Lex says:

    Also confused — if Audrey is the accomplish (maybe second killer) that means she killed her “girlfriend” Rachel? I just don’t see that if your spending time with someone calling them beautiful and recording them.

  16. Kyle says:

    Wait… It was Piper Shaw? She was the killer!……. Said no one, ever.

  17. Sarah says:

    All I want from season 2 is for Noah to live and to not be a killer. I don’t care what else happens. He is AWESOME! His delivery of the line, “Aw crap I’m gonna die” was so spot on. Great show!

  18. Jared says:

    I thought the Scream finale was flawless from start to finish. This show surprised me on how good it was because it could have easily been campy..and not in a good way. Really looking forward to S2 and hope word of mouth brings more viewers to it.

  19. Cassie says:

    Maybe I’m really bad at predicting horror films but I honestly didn’t see piper being the killer. I loved this season was hooked since episode one. Hope to see at least another couple season.

  20. Mille says:

    I get it, Kieran’s hot but the acting in the scene on the porch with Emma & Noah was HORRIBLE. Please kill him off in the opening scene of season 2, that would be a great impactful way to begin the new season. And just find another hottie for Emma to hook up with?!

    I predict Audrey is just a red herring and the accomplice is someone else. Piper probably targeted Audrey with those letters in order to throw people off the trail of her real accomplice if it ever came out and Audrey burned the letters because of fears she would be tied to Piper’s crimes. It explains why Piper spared her from being killed… so she could be the fall girl if things went wrong, and the real accomplice would be safe.

    I’d really love to see season 2 move away from just Emma, like the movies were just about Sidney, and shift it onto a second protagonist as well. After all, just how much can they put Emma through? Maybe the accomplice/new killer has it out for Noah as well as Emma for helping her so much or something.

  21. A few thoughts I had: Piper had small to none reason to kill all these people throughout the show… but Audrey did. What if Audrey manipulated Piper to get her revenge? Audrey might’ve really killed Nina in the start. She might’ve even killed Rachel if she threatened to say the truth or leave her. If someone is dissimulated enough to pretend to be friends through the whole series while knowing about the killer, I don’t doubt she’d be capable of pretending to suffer for Rachel. Then we have Riley, who started to go out with her best friend and suddenly died. I do not see why Noah would be involved and let her die. Audrey said more than once she’d like to get Will for the things he did.
    Another thing I thought about is, what if Audrey and Emma had something happening between them before? I feel a few times during the series there was a feeling there had been something between them, specially in the beginning. It’d explain why she chose to save her from jail despite everything showing she was involved. She tried so hard to defend her, but when Kieran gets accused, she isn’t so sure of his character Then we have Will dying right when she’s gonna forgive him, and Kieran is accused when he will get with Emma. Maybe losing his father was a revenge for that too.

  22. Kim says:

    Amazing cast? That was some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Emma at the top of that list with Emma’s mom and Piper next. The actors who played Audrey, Noah and Brooke did a decent job. The plot was ludicrous most of the time. A serial killer murdering the teenagers in town and yet the mostly invisible parents let their kids go out and about without a care in the world. The kids themselves went out alone with NO fear most of the time.

  23. Lona says:

    The finale was awesome, but what I can’t wrap my head around is the conversation with Brandon James mother. When Piper and Emma went to visit her, she made a comment that Brandon’s “boy” also loved the song ‘daisy.’ Does she know that Piper is Brandon’s daughter? It just doesn’t make sense that she would confuse the gender of her son’s child.

    • Mishelle says:

      Maybe Piper went with Audrey and introduced her as Brandon james’ son. Her mother was a little bit senile so she could’ve confused Audrey for a man because of the short hair. Then she took Emma there and made it seems as if the killer was male.

  24. Olivia says:

    It must be the fact that I’m a fan of the genre, especially the Scream franchise (and the mythology & rules) but it seemed obvious as hell to me. Who and why was clear as soon as Piper started to open her mouth. I was a teen in 1996 when the first movie came out and have since watched my fair share of slashers and the like so I don’t know, maybe this has something to do with it. Besides, it was seriously venturing into Scream 3 territory early on.
    Anyway, I was expecting a second killer in Scream 1 fashion so I was surprised to be wrong about that. I suspected that they would involve one of the kids in order to create a bridge to S2. I thought it might be Noah or Audrey, and feared that they were going to go with Audrey. Oh well, let’s hope that it’s a red herring and that she turns out to be a good girl in the end.
    I love Audrey, Emma, Brooke (glad she made it!) and Noah. Everyone else is dispensable as far as I’m concerned. Poor Sheriff though, that was so gross haha! Nice nod to the first movie ;)
    Can’t wait for S2 and a darker Emma.

    • Rebecca says:

      I love this show. I’m a 90’s chick, grew up with all original movie’s with Sydney. Here is my theory right now after scream tv show finally…obviously it was Piper, but Audrey survived the freaked attack at the party, strange. Go back to the #4 scream and Sydneys jealous cousin and her freaking movie buff friend…hummm, so that makes me think Noah…if you go back to all episodes and re watch, he somehow knows the plan…like episode 9 when he made a comment about a killing and that was what was suppose to happen..can’t remember where, but its odd to me, like he knows already…Audrey and him know alot chilling together…if you go back to episode 2, Audrey pretends not to know Piper Shaw, yet we know she does, oddly Piper says, haven’t I seen you before? humm…and the lake, the ending… the note, mask with Audrey finger prints prior episode, totally think Audrey and piper had a few years to plan this…I also think Mr. Branson is maybe a half brother of Piper Shaw…could that be the secret we almost discovered that Audrey put a bullet in Piper to not let out? instead of 2 murders I think its a blend of a few…Noah, Audrey and Mr. Branson…how else did Branson escape prison with not getting hurt, he cares for Brooke, so she is not dead, twice, but stuck in a freezer….love you to death girl, sorta. Watch the boyfriends people.

  25. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS SHOW. its about time these channels have a great series instead of some stupid reality show. To everyone who says its terrible, why did you watch the whole series then?! I thought the show was different and unique and I’m soooo happy they’re going to have another season. Please leave your negative comments elsewhere so the rest of us can enjoy another season…. The actors/actresses I thought were great… I was actually happy the whole cast didn’t get killed because I felt a bond to them. I wanted to know what would happen in the next season. There has to be a plot/story… So for the people who want the whole cast killed the first episode, this show isn’t for you! Go elsewhere. Some of us want drama, emotions, a storyline. Like I said, I loved this show. It was dark but realistic which isn’t found to often anymore in a series. Good job season one!!!

  26. Mathew Lavay says:

    this is Mathew Lavay from Steinbach Manitoba and I absolutely love your show. Let me know if you ever a quick kill off and I would be happy to play the part LOL. Also when can I expect Season 2? Are you going to try a full 22 to 23 Episode season or just the usual 10? Also Noah Emma Jake and Brook actually the whole gang you guys are awesome

  27. Ryan says:

    I got a theory on how I’d like the show to unfold and I feel it fits with the scream movies.

    Season 2 – Noah, starts asking so many questions. Digging into who donned the mask when piper was attacked. This starts leading to more brandon james information. IT slowly gets revealed that it doesn’t looked like james killed anyone (something people been hinting at). I think the season would need a mini copy cat killer to hold over 4-6 episodes. However the copy cat killer ends up having them uncover to much. The REAL killer from original murders, kills someone big because they were to close from solving the original case. The accomplice gets revealed on season finale to the rest of the cast.

    I’m not sure how they deal maybe arrest them, then have them be kinda character they talk to. Maybe during season 2 original killer reaches out to the accomplice and helps them or refuses to. So in S3, they have accomplice in jail they can use similar to information source. It would be a cool twist, if somehow Noah was accomplice because then he would end up like a Hannibal type in jail they use for information to track down the Original killer. (i know this wouldn’t make sense since he is person i said triggers all this). So in S3 basically they have the original brandon james killer return and he’s the final bad coming full circle.

    then if they want to continue the series they can go with a complete new cast new story lines.

    Side note. The end of Season 3 – If noah was accomplice during the crazy ending it’s revealed he’s escaped. Then season 4, follows him as a killer and we can see the flip side to how all the killings are done from Ghost Face perspective, since at this point we like noah so your into a weird love hate relationship with the character.

    Season 5. Maybe audery and emma get wind of these murders and go for a final showdown.

    I feel like this would be jumping the shark, However it would be really cool to see flip side instead of victim we see the killers view.

  28. Shane says:

    I don’t know what the hell ppl are on about. I think this show is AMAZING.. I haven’t been so into a show since Glee in its hey day… I was around when first movie came out and I was obsessed with movies and love Neve. But I actually think I like the show better. Maybe just bcos the movies so old… I love everyone on the show. I don’t think the acting is that bad. I have loved every episode and looked forward to watching each one, Ive watched them more than once actually… Actually for the first 5 0r 7 episodes I think I was bugging the ex by going on and on how pretty Emma is, think I have a gay boy crush or something lol

  29. hdhdjsk says:

    it was so predictable, i knew about 4 episodes in that she was the killer, was obvious.

  30. JamLeigh says:

    Im ready for season 2! I didn’t want it to be over! I had no idea who the killer was and when Piper said she was the killer we shouldve known! The killings didn’t happen till she came around! I didn’t expect it at all.

  31. Kayci says:

    Why did Noah have blood on his hand when he was talking to Riley in his car he wiped his forehead and blood smeared? That was never addressed. I’m confused.

  32. jack says:

    Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the first season was literally on the edge of my seat all the way through!! Can not wait for season 2! Ps i think i enjoyed this more than the movies

  33. lando says:

    i wish theyd killed off everyone and do the whole american horror anthology thing. i didnt root for any of the cast and theyre all annoyingly killable,

  34. alan says:

    when will was first captured wasnt piper with him and it wasnt her who captured will but the other killer left her so who was it who captured will

  35. Daniel says:

    In the end Scream the TV series missed a lot of opportunities to raise the bar for the franchise. For starters in an effort to make everyone look guilty all the characters committed actual crimes. The movies left subtle hints that kept you guessing but with the TV series it’s as though they didn’t have the killer/killers picked out until the final episode. Like they just pulled two out of a hat. Also a lot of sub plots went unsatisfied. (I.e. The license plate the sheriff ran before being abducted as it wasn’t Piper’s or Audrey’s car or Mr Branson’s name change, he chose the last name Meaning Brandon’s Son, killer past, and everything else that pointed to him as the killer, Emma’s Dad etc.) Jake and Brooke need to go as they bring the show down a few acting notches into the Soap Opera realm of aweful. The show started off strong had flashes of brilliance. The writers did a great job at tying the past and present together. I feel they should have let Mr. Branson be the fall guy if he is just being set up let him get set up and the trial begin the second season premier with a guilty verdict followed by a text from the actual killer of video inside the court… Followed by a phone call telling Emma you got the wrong person… When revealing/killing off Piper there is no plausible motive for Audrey who was implicated as her partner. I feel like they forgot that they were setting up for this grand reveal for over 400 minutes now so a quick lift of the mask and crappy monologue wasn’t going to satisfy the fans. The plus side of the series is Noah, Branson and Emma stole the show in every episode. Audrey was great. Wish Riley was still around as she was the only one who wasn’t made to look guilty and you need her character type around as it brings balance to the drama and chaos. Hope they get it together for season 2 and bring in new characters.

  36. I called audrey as accomplice the moment i found out her lovers death was made to look like a suicide. It just screamed killer A doesn’t want killer B to know she killed killer B’s ladyfriend to me. Which also in my mind explains why audrey ultimately turned on piper.

  37. Lia says:

    I knew it was Piper forever but I still liked it. Brooke is awesome – please make her the star of Season 2!!

  38. Alexis says:

    I am so happy that Noah survived he was my favorite charactor. I was very surprised that Piper was the killer and Audrey was involved. I am really hoping Audrey isn’t the villian next season because she is one of the good characters. I don’t like Kieran at all I was hoping that he was the killer so I didn’t have to see him next season.

  39. Alex Shields says:

    Well if audrey was helping and is a killer that would explain why she had the voice changer she had in the hospital that was for her movie that just so happened to be the exact voice of the killer.

  40. Tyler says:

    All of you saying that Audrey couldn’t really be involved, I agree…. However, Audrey did have to something because in the scene where Piper and Will had just met they mayor the killer popped out so long story short, Audrey was most likely the one behind the mask in that scene. :)

  41. Corey says:

    I love this show it is the best show ever made I love the actors and the background music it was amazing and brilliant the best show ever I give it a 1000/1000 so please keep going with it the best so please please don’t stop this amazing show love love love it so so so so so much I will cry over and over again I can’t stop watching it I watch it again and again just amazing please go up to season 7 please I will love you forever if you go up to season 7 it will made me and my family very happy we all love it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😀😀😀😄😀😄😍😍🤑🤑🤑

  42. Jodi Shaw says:

    Scream was an original, fun campy horror. Yes some acting was cheesy, predicable, but in a campy horror that’s what you want. The directors made me feel when Riley and Will died, doing their job. I guessed it was Piper from the moment she said her father was killed. However I also guess that Audrey is her twin, sharing dna which is how hers got on the mask and will lead into season 2. Split up at birth they found one another which is how they started writing to each other. Mom is still lying to Em not telling her she had twins, keeping secrets is her trademark. But it will be interesting to watch season 2 unfold. Some say they are sad most of the cast survived, I’m not. I wouldn’t want to watch a show with all brand characters. It didn’t work for I Still Know What you did last summer. I like that a lot of the main cast is still with us to keep you guessing whose involved. All in all I was so impressed with the show, the writing, the filming of it and the ending was classic and great the way a good b-movie horror slasher flick should be.

  43. Naty says:

    I also disliked Kieran in the first season and I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks like that.
    It would be cool see him dead because drama.
    And i would love see Emma and Audrey getting closer, like in a romantic sense, because when Emma say to her “I couldnt sleep thinking in us” that was a lot of potential for lesbian girls <3

  44. Chris says:

    I knew Noah wouldn’t die the whole time!!!!!! Or at least, I crossed my fingers. His knowledge on serial killers and just his knowledge in general adds too much to the show for him to get killed off. Don’t kill him in season 2!!! I beg you!!!!