Grant Gustin Makes Flash Points: After That Finale Twist, 'We Can Make Some Assumptions' About Season 3

The Flash Season 3 Spoilers

Grant Gustin is thinking what many of us are thinking, in the wake of The Flash‘s timeline-tampering Season 2 finale.

As the CW hit brought its sophomore run (heh) to a close, Barry was left shaken and stirred not by his clever triumph over Zoom, but by the sight of the unmasked Man in the Iron Mask — Earth-Three’s Jay Garrick (played by John Wesley Shipp), who’s the spitting image of his freshly murdered father, Henry Allen. Rattled as he was and desperate, as he told Iris, to find some semblance of elusive “peace,” Barry secretly sped off from a family gathering to leap into the past and save his mother Nora from being killed by Reverse-Flash.

As Barry well knows, such a noble act will nonetheless have massive repercussions, in that — most simply said — much of what transpired over Seasons 1 and 2 might not now happen. Instead, Barry will (or at least should) return to the present to discover that his actions had unexpected, adverse effects, as in the Flash-centric DC Comics arc titled Flashpoint.

In a series of tweets shared the morning after the finale, Gustin claimed to know nothing of the Season 3 plan, but said “assumptions” could be made, given the Flashpoint similarities.

Just last week at The CW’s Upfronts red carpet, Gustin told TVLine that in the wake of a decision Barry would make in the finale, “the timeline will be vulnerable” going into Season 3, affecting “every relationship in Barry’s life.”

Gustin also tweeted his wish that Barry eventually find the “peace” for which he bailed on Iris, as well as his confidence, saying: “Cocky Flash is fun Flash.”

Check out Gustin’s tweets, then read on for more:


Of course, technically, Barry’s tampering with the past could/should affect The Flash‘s sister series, including not just Arrow but CBS-to-CW transplant Supergirl. Did Barry still become a speedster in time to stop Vandal Savage from wreaking havoc during last December’s Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow pilot crossover, or to accidentally pay National City a visit?

The events of tonight’s Arrow Season 4 finale, which has been surrounded in some secrecy, should answer any immediate questions about how far The CW is willing to this ripple effect spread to other shows. Whatever the case, the assorted superhero series’ panels at this July’s San Diego Comic-Con surely won’t be lacking for questions.

How do you think The Flash will handle the aftermath of Barry’s trip to the past?

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