Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Preview: Jesse Williams on Jackson and April Reaching an 'Incredible Milestone'

Although Jackson and April’s baby didn’t RSVP for Owen and Amelia’s wedding in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale (ABC, 9/8c), nobody is going to object to the arrival of the surprise guest — least of all the beleaguered parents-to-be. “Just them even [expecting] a child that, by all appearances, is healthy,” says Jesse Williams, who plays Dr. Avery, “was an incredible milestone for them… and an incredible sigh of relief.”

Beyond just the miracle of the exes’ offspring being okay — especially in the wake of poor Samuel Norbert’s short life and painful death — the bundle of joy “gives Jackson and April both peace of mind that they’ve done something that does work,” suggests the actor. “Their relationship may not have worked, they might have stumbled along the way, but they did accomplish something. There is a silver lining that kind of buoys them.”

Now, if only the former Averys can keep Jackson’s Machiavellian mother from pairing that silver lining with a storm cloud. “I think Jackson has found a way to keep Catherine at bay,” Williams says, hastening to add, “But she is a clever one. She can be pretty deceptive, but it is, in her mind, always for the good of the family.”

What do you think? Will the exes have a stress-free — if unscheduled — delivery? Hit the comments with your baby name suggestions!