Michael Weatherly Leaving NCIS: Killer Storyline Revealed for DiNozzo's Exit

An international manhunt for a killer of federal agents will set the stage for Michael Weatherly‘s final NCIS episode.

As first reported by TVLine in January, Weatherly is exiting TV’s most watched drama after a 13-year run, his final appearance being in the Season 13 finale airing May 17. Now, CBS has released the official synopsis for the milestone hour, which is titled “Family First.”


As previously announced, 24 alum Sarah Clarke and British actor Duane Henry will appear in the season’s finale two episodes, as an FBI agent and MI-6 agent, respectively — which is right in line with the storyline above. (Both of the actors have options to become series regulars in the fall.)

“We’re really trying to give everybody something that leaves them satisfied,” NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine of Weatherly’s exit story, acknowledging that writing out the original castmember is “a huge deal” that required “lots of planning.”

In the procedural’s most recent episode, Tony was prompted to take stock of his “charade” of a life after two mopes who stole his identity remarked to their mark, “You have no life. No wife, no kids, no hobbies, same job, same apartment… Nothing changes with you.”

How do you think this manhunt for an assassin (and maybe First Lady Michelle Obama, as well?) will factor into DiNozzo’s departure?

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