Quantico EP Teases Another NAT's Absence From Future Storyline

Quantico Season 1 Spoilers Raina NImah

As the back half of Quantico‘s freshman season progresses, it looks like another one of Alex’s colleagues is preparing to pull away from her classmates — possibly for good.

Executive producer Joshua Safran tells TVLine that some point in the future, one of the characters played by Yasmine Al Massri will no longer be part of the action.

“I will tell you right now, only one of the twins is in the future storyline,” he says.

There was a palpable distance between the Amin sisters in the drama’s midseason premiere, which aired Sunday and which found Raina — the more religiously observant of the pair played by Yasmine Al Massri — getting through to Miranda’s son Charlie about his kidnapping… but also hiding her subsequent communication with alleged terrorists from her sister.

The hour also played coy with the fate of  Caleb, who — like Raina — was in the FBI command center when the second bomb went off. (Safran has said that Graham Rogers’ character will be absent from the future storyline for a while.)

The EP was quick to clarify re: the twins, “It’s not that one of them is necessarily dead.” So if you’re compiling your own bomber database, enter that nugget in, then hit the comments: Which one of the Amin sisters do you think will stick around in Quantico‘s future storyline?

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