The X-Files' Annabeth Gish Talks the 'Shock' of Reyes Colluding With CSM

The X-Files Season 11 Spoilers Annabeth Gish

X-Files fans, no one was more shocked to learn that Monica Reyes was the one lighting C.G.B. Spender’s cigarette than the flame-holder herself.

Agent Reyes’ apparent change in loyalties, revealed in the revival’s finale on Monday, “was a shock to me, as well, when I read the script,” portrayer Annabeth Gish tells TVLine. The actress was so unsettled about Monica’s proximity to Spender, aka Cigarette Smoking Man, she discussed the plot twist with series creator Chris Carter, “mainly because I was like, ‘Noooo, not Monica! No!'”

You’ll remember that Reyes was there for Scully’s Mulder-less era — she even helped deliver William under less-than-ideal circumstances — and Gish says that her character’s actions can be viewed as stemming from that devotion to Dana.

“I think in the larger story, what she did was really still a testament to her friendship and loyalty to Scully,” she says. “And maybe perhaps in upcoming episodes, which it seems like we’ll be doing, that will be revealed, as to why.”

Gish, who’s currently recurring on Scandal as journalist/Fitz’s new lady, Lillian, adds that she’d “absolutely” be interested in coming back for another season of The X-Files. “I think, as evidenced by the response, there is an audience for it, and when there’s an audience, there’s a sentiment for it.”

But she has one request: that Reyes’ old partner, Robert Patrick’s John Doggett, returns, too. She adds: “It’s not the same without everybody back.”

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