Vampire Diaries Crossover: How Will Klaus React to Caroline's Pregnancy?

Klaus Caroline Pregnancy

When Klaus bid Mystic Falls adieu at the end of The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season, he left Caroline with these immortal words: “[Tyler is] your first love. I intend to be your last.”

Of course, a lot has changed since then: Klaus moved to New Orleans, where he fell in love with an ill-fated psychologist named Cami, while Caroline found a new relationship in the arms of her long-time friend Stefan… before finding Alaric’s magical twins in her uterus. As for Tyler, well, you all know the deal.

So you can bet the C-word will come up when Klaus and Stefan meet for drinks during TVD‘s impending Originals crossover, and according to executive producer Caroline Dries, the eldest Mikaelson will react “in a very Klaus-like way.”

“We knew we wanted to see Joseph [Morgan] and Paul Wesley together on screen; they’ve had the longest history on the shows, apart from Elijah and Katherine,” Dries says. “Now, they have some interesting conversation over some bourbon.”

Expanding on what we already know about the crossover, Dries explains that “Stefan is forced into exile because of his story, which won’t be for a few more episodes. He ends up going to New Orleans for protection, and when you’re in New Orleans … of course you’re going to run into your mortal enemy. It’s a fun, rich, interesting story that starts on The Vampire Diaries and successfully transitions into The Originals.”

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