Teen Wolf Recap: Fox and the Sound

Teen Wolf Kira

If during the course of Tuesday’s Teen Wolf you thought you were watching four different shows at the same time, you’re not alone.

In a strange-but-innovative programming move, MTV decided to test out a handful of new shows by airing them concurrently in the same time slot. The result was the following:

* Show No. 1: Road Trippin’ With Scott and Stiles, in which two best friends drive through the desert and swap secrets like “your ex-girlfriend is trying to kill her mother” and “I murdered that kid in the library.” (Anyone else starting to detect a theme here?) This was my favorite of the four shows, but they’ll have to fix those green screen issues if they hope to be picked up to series.

* Show No. 2 — also set in the desert, so it’s definitely a Road Trippin’ spinoff — was Kira’s Big Test, in which a spritely young fox battles her inner demons in the hopes of regaining control of her powers. In a surprise twist, Kira actually fails her test, but like most millennials, she’s bailed out after her mom has a talk with her teachers.

* Show No. 3, shot on location at Eichen House, was The Afro Hour, in which an inexperienced banshee named Lydia is schooled in the ways of screaming by her undead stalker. (Seriously, we haven’t forgotten that she was the Benefactor, right?)

* And then there was untitled show No. 4, likely the lowest-rated of the bunch, which shows everything happening back in Beacon Hills: Liam and Hayden’s star-crossed drama, Mason and his new chimera trick, and whatever’s going on between Theo and Malia. (As the great Katherine Pierce once said: “Kiss me or kill me. We both know you’re only capable of one.”) I enjoyed the reveal that Theo is looking for the blind Alpha, but I would have enjoyed it more if Deucalion’s return was any kind of a secret.

Which Teen Wolf mini-show did you enjoy most this week? Drop a comment with your pick below.

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