Teen Wolf Season 5B Trailer: Argent Returns, Stiles Fights Scott and More

Teen Wolf fans, you’re not prepared for what you’re about to see.

During its panel at New York Comic-Con on Friday, the MTV drama released the first trailer for Season 5B — as well its Jan. 5 premiere date (9/8c!) — and it’s safe to say this show has never been darker.

For starters, the upcoming batch of episodes will continue to pit the members of Scott’s pack against one another, culminating in a brutal Stiles-on-Scott confrontation the likes of which Twitter has never seen. (Seriously, get ready to tweet the hell out of #Sciles.)

The trailer also hints at a gross, slimy new enemy, one which might actually unite Scott and Theo’s packs — unless, of course, the promise of an alliance is yet another one of Theo’s lies. (Seriously, are we supposed to start trusting this guy again?)

Additional highlights include: Liam and Hayden getting their freak on, Kira (she’s back!) kicking some serious butt, Papa Stilinski in a most-unfortunate position and a very quick shot of… wait, is that… Deucalion?

Oh, and did I mention J.R. freakin’ Bourne is returning? “You’re not the only one I called,” Scott tells Malia as Argent arrives on the scene, guns a-blazin’.

Hit PLAY on the trailer above — as many times as needed — then drop a comment with your many reactions below.

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