Vampire Diaries: Is Caroline's [Spoiler] the Show's Craziest Twist of All Time?

Vampire Diaries Caroline Pregnancy

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, which might as well be the mantra for The Vampire Diaries‘ latest — and potentially craziest-ever — plot twist.

When Candice Accola King announced her pregnancy at the top of Season 7, the Powers That Be had two choices before them: write it into the show, or find a way to write around it. Since Thursday’s episode revealed that Caroline is now carrying Jo and Alaric’s unborn twins in her undead uterus, it’s safe to say they’ve decided to go with the former.

“I think the decision that we made about how to address and/or not address the pregnancy is very interesting,” executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine shortly after news of King’s pregnancy went public.

While we can all agree that the choice was indeed “interesting,” there seems to be a divide among fans as to whether or not impregnating Stefan’s girlfriend with the children of her former teacher — not to mention pairing the two up romantically in the flash-forward — pushed things a little too far.

Personally, and I’m sure I’ll get flack from some of you for saying this, I’m all for the pregnancy twist. Does it make sense? Almost none. Is it completely insane? Duh! But so is everything about this show, which — in case you’ve forgotten — is about undead witches, centuries-old vampires and the foolish-yet-smoldering humans who fall in love with them. The writers/producers were presented with a challenge and I believe they found a compelling way of using it to their advantage. Frankly, we all just need to shut up and embrace the weirdness.

But more to the point, do you think this was The Vampire Diaries‘ craziest twist of all time? Browse our gallery of the biggest twists from Season 1–7 below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Caroline’s pregnancy.

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