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Vampire Diaries' Candice King Teases 'Badass' Caroline in Season 7, Talks 'Funny' Steroline Baby Theories

Vampire Diaries Season 7

It’s been two days since The Vampire Diaries star Candice King announced her pregnancy on Instagram — two days which the fans have used to craft some pretty interesting theories about how it might affect the CW drama’s seventh season.

King has no idea whether or not a Stefan-Caroline baby will be written into Season 7, though she admits it was “very funny to see” the fans’ reactions, particularly those who jumped to the immediate conclusion of a Stefan (or Caroline) Jr.

“Production has known about our exciting news and there’s been a lot of support,” she tells TVLine. “They already knew where this season was going, and it’s kind of the same as every other year: We start the beginning of the season asking the writers a lot of questions about what’s going to happen. then halfway through the season, it’s completely different. … Julie [Plec] and Caroline [Dries] are the best people to ask about [whether or not her pregnancy will be written into the show.] To be honest, I’m along for the ride just like the viewers are.”

And while there’s a chance King, like countless other pregnant actresses before her, might have to hide behind a few counters as her pregnancy progresses, she assures us we won’t be seeing any less of Caroline Forbes this fall.

“Caroline’s not always in every episode anyway, so that helps a little bit, but Caroline has, so far, been a really big part of the season,” she says. “Every single season, we think we know the way it’s going to go, but it always changes by the end. It could really go anywhere.

What we can expect, however, is a more fully realized Caroline Forbes, one who has changed a great deal after a tumultuous sixth season.

“We’re going to see Caroline get her bite back,” King says. “We’ll see her coming in as a badass, and sometimes she might act without thinking things totally through.” This specifically applies to Caroline’s stance against the Heretics, whom she “doesn’t like or trust very much.”

Lastly, King confirms that Caroline, along with several other characters, will make good on the promise to Elena to keep diary entries of what she’s missing during her 60(ish)-year slumber.

“It is The Vampire Diaries, so the diaries will live on,” she explains. “The flash-forwards and the diary moments are a really beautiful addition to the season.

We’ll have more scoop about TVD‘s seventh season as we approach the Oct. 8 premiere — including what to expect from Stefan and Caroline’s slow-burning romance — but for now, drop a comment with your hopes for Caroline below: Are you keeping your fingers crossed for a Steroline baby?