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Vampire Diaries Season 7

Vampire Diaries Premiere: EP Explains Enzo's Choice, Caroline's Confession and the Salvatores' Future Threat

The Vampire Diaries returned for its first post-Elena season on Thursday, introducing a whole mess of trouble — albeit very attractive trouble — for Mystic Falls’ finest.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Julie Plec about how the premiere’s twists will shape the rest of the season, but first, a quick recap: Damon, Bonnie and Alaric returned from their European bender — where Damon nearly let Bonnie die in order to get Elena back — to find that their home is now under the control of Lily and her “family” of Heretics. Damon chose a direct approach to the problem, ripping out beloved Heretic Malcolm’s heart, while Alaric chose to celebrate his return by visiting Jo… at the morgue.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan’s attempt to eliminate the Heretics (did somebody order a bomb?) totally backfired, as Lily’s “children” not only survived the blast, but also ate most of Matt’s fellow police academy graduates. And although Caroline came clean to Stefan about how “happy” he makes her, that happiness was tragically short-lived; Enzo chose to side with Lily, kidnapping Ms. Forbes in the process.

Lastly, a three-year flash-forward revealed that Damon — who apparently decides to hibernate in Brooklyn until Elena wakes up — and Stefan are being hunted by a mysterious crossbow-wielding lunatic. Must be Thursday!

Below, Plec explains the premiere’s biggest twists (WTF, Enzo?!) and teases what the rest of Season 7 holds:

TVLINE | Is the plan to catch up to the three-year jump by the end of the season?
Yes, that’s the plan — probably about three-quarters of the way through the season, actually.

TVLINE | So you must have everything pretty well mapped out.
Oh, yes. The thing about flash-forwards is that you do your best to map everything out at the beginning, because if you screw up, you’re stuck with it forever. We laid out the broad strokes of what we wanted to do and what little surprises we wanted to drop along the way. But we’ve also made some new discoveries in doing that; characters who perhaps weren’t going to live to see three years from now are now alive in their own flash-forwards. [Laughs] It’s good for our actors to know they might survive the time jump.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that woman coming after Damon and Stefan with the crossbow. Is she someone we know? Someone we’re going to meet?
That’s Stephen Amell in drag. [Laughs] I can’t say, but a lot of people have told me their theories and there have been a couple doozies. I think it’s more fun to keep people guessing.

Vampire Diaries Season 7TVLINE | I loved hearing Caroline tell Stefan that he makes her happy. How close are we to getting a label on that relationship?
This year’s going to be a very peculiar year for their relationship. They’re definitely committed to trying to make it work, and if any two people can achieve what they set out to do, I think it’s them. But there are going to be a lot of curveballs thrown their way over the first part of the season that they’re going to have to wrap their heads around and circumvent in order to remain committed and happy.

TVLINE | So it’s mostly external forces getting in the way for them?
Yeah, some pretty bananas external forces, truth be told. Next week, we get the first glimpse of one of them.

TVLINE | Speaking of Caroline, Enzo kidnapping her seems to imply he’s made his choice. Is he officially a bad guy?
I don’t know if he’s officially a bad guy; he’s someone who’s always been on the fringe, looking for a tribe. He’s chosen Lily and her tribe because she’s the one person who’s been consistently warm and caring towards him. As the person who sired him, he feels this loyalty to her that he’s having a hard time shaking.

TVLINE | So we might see him playing both sides for a bit?
He’s definitely made his allegiance clear, but ultimately, he’s going to have to ask himself, “Is my allegiance to this crazy group of people, or is it to Lily? And if it is to Lily, why?” He’ll be faced with some interesting questions about why he cares so much.

TVLINE | The Heretics are clearly pissed about Malcolm. Who should we be most concerned about in terms of them seeking revenge?
I think you need to be a little bit worried about everyone. The question is: Now that Damon has acted out, what will Lily do to punish him? Will she punish him directly? As we’ve seen, Enzo made a move on her behalf to punish Caroline, so I think everybody’s going to have to watch their back as we head into next week.

TVLINE | Elena’s presence was definitely felt in the premiere. As the season goes on, will that let up, or will she always be there in spirit?
She’s always going to be present, emotionally and spiritually, but we won’t spend every episode going down that path about how much Damon misses her, or how different the world is without her. But she will be very much a part of the narrative, the existence of her, specifically as it relates to Damon’s journey and what he has to do to survive the next 22,000 days.

TVLINE | That scene with Alaric at the morgue was chilling. Is he headed to a dark place?
It’s headed to a place that’s equal parts dark and weird and sad and beautiful and hopeful and tragic. [Laughs] Really, any good Vampire Diaries adjective you can throw into the mix applies here.

TVLINE | Lastly, when Candice King first announced her pregnancy, a lot of fans jumped to the conclusion of a Stefan/Caroline baby. Was that ever a thought for you?
We had so many thoughts that were kind of hilarious, the first being: How are we going to create good story if Caroline never comes out from behind her enormous handbag? Or, can we get her an Olivia Pope coat? But I think the decision that we made about how to address and/or not address the pregnancy is very interesting. The fans will be intrigued to see how we either disguise it or embrace it, and that’s really all I can say.

Your thoughts on the TVD premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment.

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  1. Lili M. says:

    God! Steroline was incredibly uncomfortable and awkward (for me)

    • Maddison says:

      For me too but that’s how it was last season for me. There’s just no chemistry there. I know it’s bad to say but at least with her being kidnapped we won’t have to watch them together so much. If the rumors I’ve heard are true I think Caroline has her own storyline and problems and hopefully separates them quite a bit. I’m hoping Stefan has some chemistry with Valerie or maybe the lady vamp hunter but who knows. Stefan just needs someone that he has chemistry with like Damon has Bonnie.

      • Lili M. says:

        Also hear them, But I’m sure that even that story will serve to push SC, They probably will go to Lmz classes together. :/

      • Vamps says:

        I’m waiting for Calaric to rise. LOL That’s one rumor that I hope is true. They’ve made me dislike Caroline with this steroforced ship.

      • AnnieM says:

        That’s the thing – Stefan & Caroline had amazing chemistry, as *friends*, and the show had to go and ruin that with this stupidly forced ‘relationship’. Ugh.

        • Brooklynn says:

          Yes exactly! Why did they ruin their wonderful friendship for this dull (and I thought DE were dull) ship? Not every friendship needs to turn romantic, it’s nothing new to tv it’s been done to death on there. What is wrong with finding them people that they have chemistry with? I agree with the person about Carenzo they have more spark then Steroline could ever have. I’m really hoping for someone new for Stefan too.

      • It’s because they pushed the Stefan/Elena fated love so hard, the sudden switch is hard to swallow. They went as far as the dopplegangers being the original loves and now suddenly Damon is her fated love. Everyone expected Elena and Stefan to eventually get back together. Stefan just seems bored out of his mind with everything, it’s almost forced “getting along” compared to how he was when he first met Elena. I get the feeling like Caroline is a consolation prize because Stefan’s finally gave up on Elena for the sake of his brother. Likewise, I feel like Damon and Bonnie are going to develope a thing, I mean why not. They are stuck with each other for now, and Bonnie doesn’t seem to have a love interest or possible love interest right now. I’m not even counting Jeremy anymore. I feel Bonnie will also be in a position as “consolation prize” but due to everything her and Damon has been through in the past, it will probably play off better than this Stefan and Caroline bit.

        • Tina says:

          I agree with this but the reason Damon and Bonnie will play it off better is because they truly have chemistry. Ian and Kat have natural chemistry together. Paul and Candice don’t, I know other people have said it but it’s true they have a siblingesque quality to them. I feel the friends turned lovers story line is fine BUT there has to have chemistry. Julie has said herself during the time she was fielding questions about Nina leaving and people were asking why push Stefan with Caroline and she said it’s because Stefan needed someone. Nina left while her character Elena was still with Damon, so that plus the fact they felt they needed a romance going into s7 was the reason they rushed them together. IMO Julie rushed them without seeing if they really had chemistry first, I know she’s said they’re cute but cute isn’t going to cut it when you’re trying to convince us of romance. I’d be nice if she just let if fizzle out. It was blatantly obvious from last nights episode that Enzo and Caroline have way more chemistry than Steroline.

        • Luvprue1 says:

          I would like for Bonnie to have a love interest who isn’t related to Elena,and who’s not her step brother.

      • Luvprue1 says:

        I agree

    • Sarah says:

      It was a really great start to the season and hope it keeps momentum. Between the heretics, finding out what happened to Stefan in three years, Alaric, and Bamon it seems like it’s going to wind up being an interesting season. Agree about SC still no chemistry so as long as they both have their own individual stories and eventually fall apart I’ll be happy. I thought this episode showed once again how Caroline and Enzo have chemistry but don’t know how him betraying her will play out.

      • Libby says:

        Agree! Loved this episode and the Bamon three second speech! Can’t wait for more of them. Who is hunting Stefan and Damon..I’m liking this mystery. Also agree about Carenzo have obvious chemistry while they are pushing sc who don’t have any.

    • Chelsey says:

      I agree! I started watching TVD’s from the very beginning and fell in Love with “Stelena” and the rest of the wonderful characters. Mid season 4 it became very obvious that the show would forget the rest of the greatest cast on TV and forget that “Stelena” ever happened and made it the “Dullena/Damon” show. Ratings, viewers must have agreed with me and got bored and stopped watching. I did continue to read recaps and 99% of the comments/views of people who watched or like me just read recaps didn’t like the Dullena/Damon show either. It was sad to see the show that was loved and respected so much taken down by a couple of writers who just came across like they had a huge crush on Ian. (Julie Plec and Caroline Dries) The one writer, Caroline Dries openly admitted she didn’t know how to write for “Stefan”, wtf? How the cw/producers of TVD’s would sit back and allow this show to sink so badly is mind boggling. Nina I guess couldn’t take it either and literally left this show, a show that made her this huge actress and show she loved. Last nights episode reminded me of a few things. They’ll continue making Ian the hero, best fight scenes, best friend (s), best lines and so on. They insult me and other “Stelena’s” by pushing the woman who Stefan said would, “Never” happen together and act like “Stelena” was not true love. I will not be watching anymore of TVD’s and I am sure next weeks episode will reflect how me and so many former fans of this show are disappointed. Ratings declining for TVD’s will show this show should be cancelled.

  2. exs113030 says:

    I thought that episode was wonderful!! It’s off to a fresh/exciting start. I’m loving all of the interactions going on and the heretics are great. I feel like they might throw in a twist and have the arrow wielding woman might be Caroline…I don’t know if I’ll like that but I’m interested to see how things turn out.

  3. Linsey says:

    Steroline was amazing tonight, I love them so much.

    • Alisha says:

      Right?!! So SO perfect!!

      • Chelsey says:

        Lol, yep sure you did. Wonder if you Delena’s will feel the same excitement when Bonnie and Damon kiss. Lol You guys are obvious

        • Alisha says:

          Well.. You’re obviously an idiot..

          • Chelsey says:

            You see, you and your bully Delena attitude is the reason why this show has failed and real fans stopped watching. When the show is cancelled it really is because of people like YOU. Feel proud sweetie.

          • Alisha says:

            If you think the only ppl who ship Steroline are Delenas,then you’re basically delusional & bitter because Steroline has fans.. What does that make you?? Not to say that many Delena fans dont ship SC for convenience. But thats the case for every ship.. many Stelena fans claim to ship Klaroline(HA!) so hows that any different? Maybe you should just accept that many ppl actually do ship Steroline & move the hell on..

          • Chelsey says:

            You sound so angry. Again, thanks for proving the whole “Delena bully” thing. Peace out

    • Abbi says:

      Omg, they were so perfect !! I can’t watching the kiss !! <3 The whole episode was amazin – an incredible way to start off the series, and I can honestly I didn't even notice Elena was gone! The show is gonna be so great without her !! :D

  4. Steph says:


  5. JJ says:

    Steroline was pretty cute. Didn’t expect them to get together for awhile. Also I’m wondering if Enzo will be Bonnie’s new love interest. Rumour is that she falls for someone soonish and it starts with hate. I think this season has potential if the heretics are interesting enough. Either they’ll be great like the originals or awful like the Travellers and thats likely what will determine whether the show sinks or swims.

  6. AmritaM says:

    The Steroline & Bamon scenes were all PERFECT!! Stefan & Caroline’s kiss gave me all the feels!! The heretics are a lot less annoying than i thought they’d be.. Im intrigued by the setup.. bring it!!

    • Fall guy says:

      Damon ruined it all when he called Bonnie his best friend (emphasis in friend, not best). If Damon would really lose his mind should anything happen to Bonnie, it should take sooner than 3 seconds for him to figure it out. Thing is: Damon is getting his girlfried back as soon as Bonnie dies, but once Bonnie dies Damon won’t get her back, ever. This is it, all the time Damon has left with Bonnie for eternity and he’s wasting it as if she wouldn’t have any significance in his life.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Damon is still a Vampire and you really shouldnt expect him to act like Human so much. Hes how freakin old now? I fully expected him to dessicate to wait for Elena..

        isnt Alaric , Damons best friend ? Certainly isnt Enzo. That past friendship was never really built up enough to feel real and its cetainly not the case anymore. Wow so Lily is annoyed with Damon now? Wow that a shame Hes annoyed, Elijah, Klaus, Rebeccah, Countless Humans, Bonnie , Matt, and so on at some point. He dosnt care who he annoys.

        Damon has always been the Wildcard of the brothers. I hope that never changes.

        • Fall guy says:

          The more Damon acts like a vampire the more he should realize Bonnis is finite. If only because she’s human and he’s not. Bonnie has limited days on this earth, no matter how much she lives, Damon will outlive her: Why waste any amount of those limited number of days Bonnie has just because he’s impatient to kiss Elena? Once he kisses Elena again, he will never be able to touch Bonnie ever again, to talk to her or see her again. If he were human, I’d get it, he would be too old to be with Elena by the time she wakes up, but Damon is a vampire and he’s not acting like one.

      • kyddrou says:

        This is what makes them complicated.with his little love for Elena and his genuine love for Bon Bon (Ian stated himself) thats what makes them more beautiful. As we know Damon always speak out what in his mind then regret later. We also knows Damon already realize his soft spot and how different his act towards bonnie grew after stucked together in 1994. So he might actually stating the truth. And Damon can love anyone he want. As this is only the first episode lets pray they dont ruin Bamon and making them worst or kill each other. Coz they deserve to be together.

  7. Alisha says:

    I forgot whatever happened in the episode after seeing the Stefan Caroline kiss.. Had me in trance.. Will have to rewatch.. Loving them together!!!

  8. Riana says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Alaric really is looking for a way to bring Jo back to life.

    • AnnieM says:

      Because things like that always go SO well on these shows. ;-)

      Well, he *did* say that; maybe after all he’s been through in life (and death!) poor ‘Ric has secretly gone off his rocker, which would be sad indeed, ’cause I adore him. I loved him & Jo together, and was very annoyed that they killed her off. Also, didn’t he have that gem that Lily is looking for?

  9. Bob Wood says:

    Nina Dobrev Sucks!!!! and that’s all I have to say about her and her choice!

    • Angela says:

      And the sucky thing is Delena fans can’t let her go. why? She left and wants no parts. Be a true fan and root for the better story.

  10. Mark says:

    Man is it tough being a fan of Bonnie and Laurel. Two characters who claw their way back into badass women who aren’t defined by their men. And exactly because of that they’re consistently ignored for not being a realistic part of a major ship. BTW Bonnie was awesome this ep.

    • Fall guy says:

      Caroline is even more badass than the 2 of them combined and she doesn’t get any credit because she’s caught up with a guy.

      • Mark says:

        I agree on the latter half. Caroline doesn’t deserve the Elena treatment, and I mean that in the best possible way. I don’t know whats worse – being ignored for being a female not in a ship or being the female trapped in one.

      • Christina says:

        Thank you Fall guy and Mark for vocalizing an issue caused by bitter shippers/non shippers. Your comments are appreciated.

    • Christina says:

      I get Elena being “defined by a man”, but how is Felicity (which I think you are implying?) defined by a man? They built up her character as an individual, lovable character without a huge love interest for 3 seasons. I would actually argue that Laurel’s character was actually only interesting because of her history with Oliver and once that was over with, her character sorta faded away because she didn’t interest a good majority of the fans beyond that.
      Felicity on the other hand became likable through her amusing and hilarious lines that were delivered wonderfully by Emily. You can argue that a lot of fans like her because of what she brought out in Oliver and their constant will they/won’t they, but she was still a hugely liked character was Oliver was running around kissing a ton of other girls. Actually, a big but less vocal portion of the fans actually prefer Felicity without Oliver. This might sound ridiculous but there are actually a lot of people out there that are a) comic book readers that don’t want Olicity together or b) fans sick of the drama that actually love Felicity as an individual. I am pretty certain that, without Damon or some other love interest, Elena’s character is pretty bland, but Felicity on the other hand is far from that. Not only does she just have a lovable personality (I mean, Emily was only supposed to appear for one episode but it was decided that Felicity was too entertaining to let go of) but she has contributed so much to team Arrow and she’s accomplished so much without the assistance of a man, I think it would be demeaning to NOT give her the title of a “badass woman who isn’t defined by a man”.
      But that’s just my take, you’re entitled to your own, and if that wasn’t shade directed at Felicity then my bad and ignore everything previously stated. If it was though, you might want to consider that being “badass” doesn’t necessarily mean you can PHYSICALLY kick ass, and just cuz people enjoy a relationship, doesn’t make the people in the relationship codependent/defined by each other.
      But I agree with the Bonnie/Elena argument. I might’ve shipped Delena, but I would be blind to say that Elena’s character isn’t bland without a man.

  11. Phoenix5632 says:

    Finally! TVD without that stupid irritational Nina Dobrev, her character was so annoying and selfish, like she killed Kol’s entire sire line because it was more “right” than killing some new vampires ( she killed like hundreds if not thousands of more vampires, just because it made her feel more right about it, basically because she wouldn’t see them all die ) and that’s just ONE of many stupid decisions her characters made over the seasons. Bring Kol back on The Originals please, he was awesome. I’m loving the new storyline for TVD too, and hoping to eventually see some witch/vamp vs Klaus in some way. These new storylines are fascinating and I could seen them going very far.

  12. AnnieM says:

    Sooo…since the entire Mystic Falls PD died except Matt, does that make him Sheriff?

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Why would you WANT to be a cop in Mystic Falls? Seriously?. I know the show dosnt care much about the real world effects of any of its storylines but the State Government would surely have noticed the s–t that happens in Mystic Falls and sorted some stuff out.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Well, there’s really no one to police in Mystic Falls anymore since the whole town left, so I think he could handle it. LOL. I mean, besides the Heretics vs. Vampires stuff.

  13. AnnieM says:

    Okay…Just realized the curly-haired brunette Heretic played Lexie on ‘Falling Skies’ – now I can stop wondering what else I’ve seen her in. Lol.

  14. AnnieM says:

    And finally, does anyone else think of ‘Back To The Future’ every time they show the clock tower near the traffic roundabout?

  15. kyddrou says:

    As premiere episode its kind of good changes with good new plot storyline. We can see a great changes and development of every characters. An as im Bamon fans i can see the resenment you put between them and im totally sob everytime i watch bonnie’s part. She’s a great actress. Wit Damon resenment…also one of her bestfriend Matt blaming her i hope caroline and stefan wont do that- and lily will bring a chaos on mystic falls. Everything are wow- and i hope we can see more Bennett and the Salvatores history. Plus please dont ruin Bamon. And dont ruin Bonnie’s character. This first episode gave me chills. With Bamon team’s back- and i agree Enzo and Caroline really had sparks. But i prefer steroline. And i dont even realize Elena isnt in here on the entire episode. But the show are amazing itself. You’ve got a chance to explore more about Damon without clinging on the unfinished bussiness with Elena also we can see the real Damon Salvatore either his bad or good side. And how he handle his real live with Bonnie by his side.
    I cant wait the war between witches and vampires! As we knows vampires isnt friendly with witches. Plus how the families manages their relationship between mother and sons. About alaric want to brings back Jo- its very good plot! And most of fans doesnt agree if the rumours true about Carebear pregnant Jo’s twin..but for me when you play with witches everything can happen like if damon+bonnie= like paul said “they’re even make a babies”. Rite? Plus Heretic is a Vitches- i really want to see if Bonnie can be a Vitches. Thats really really a gud idea!
    Overall this new episode is good almost amazing!

    With 3 seconds moments and Damon
    “I will loose my mind!”
    Also Steroline moment cute~

    Love TVD se 06 n 07.

    Welcome Back Bamon


  16. zed says:

    Welcome back Bamon!!!

  17. Phoenix5632 says:

    I hope Silas isn’t gone forever. His character was entertaining. Haha him and Enzo I could see getting along quite well.

  18. AAA..i dont even really know what’s the feel it left me after watching season 7 epi pilot. so far, Thanks Bamon beautifully wrote, even not much but its there and every second small scene was priceless. and full of emo. That’s Kat and Ian we loves. For Steroline, its kind of awkward.. i love Steroline, just the timing for claiming happy and the romance scene site, like there’s not unfinished word left hanging there. but they’re cute and since we knew they’re already spoke out about their feelings before se 7, its not that awkward. Mama Salvator! yesh- she tried her best to control them, but it kinda impossible when all of them darn wanted a freedom. Care didnt know Bamon’s back yet. i wish to see Care and Bonnie bonding. instead only DEFAN. ALaric off radar. so fr, this 1st episode. not bad.

  19. Guest says:

    The Damon and Bonnie scenes were great! Ive always loved their bickering with a side of caring friendship! I don’t know why but for some reason I kept thinking that arrow wielding badass Damon and Stefan were running from was Caroline. Just the way Damon said something like man she still really hates you I don’t know why but i instantly thought Caroline. The only thing giving me an idea it might be someone different is when Stefan was describing how the scar he had opened back up and he knew she was back..that scar looked just like the scar the mute heretic has so the arrow wielder might just be a very unhappy Lily. Hate the whole Caroline getting kidnapped again. Serious writers..every season poor Caroline gets tortured. Find someone else to pick on for a while lol. Enzo..goodness I loved his character when they introduced him but they haven’t given him a good storyline since he was introduced and with this first episode of the season in regards to where his character is? Yawn. Not sure how I feel about this season yet..

  20. Michelle says:

    Bamon Bamon Bamon, that’s all I can say. They feel like its gonna be a slow burn. That 3 second speech had my heart beating so hard. Yes give me some Bamon . It was a pretty good episode all in all, didn’t even notice Nina was gone. I can’t wait for more, especially Team Bada*s Bamon.

  21. joel f says:

    This episode was better than ANY lastseason! I think TVD is back w a vengeance!!!!

  22. WTF!? says:

    GDI! Bonnie still can’t get any respect. It was her idea to take back the town. This recap is a joke. If this season is going to be Caroline, Caroline, Caroline and frakin Damon pining/whining about elena..I’m not watching this crap!

  23. esmeralda312 says:

    Loved the episode!! The scenes between Bonnie and Damon were my absolute favorite part, but the whole thing was enjoyable. Liking the Heretics, and all the fun action.

    Is it weird that Lily actually scares me much more than the Heretics themselves? She’s so openly manipulative, I’m loving it. Enzo better wake up!

  24. Julie says:

    My favorite moments go to Bamon tbh. Sure as the night went on I kind of wanted to slap Damon for joking about Bonnie’s death, but when he saved her from the car, it was such an intense moment and the way he couldn’t take his eyes away from her like he was realizing what he would later say, without you I would lose my mind.
    I was angry at Matt for blaming Bonnie for the heretics getting out. Kai was a great villain end of story, but after all of the torture he inflicted on Bonnie To the point where she had PTSD, I couldn’t blame Bonnie for wanting him gone. Also it was Damon who talked her into that plan so why is Bonnie the only one getting blamed? And as for the town being deserted, well that was all Matt, Stefan, and Caroline with their plan to blow up the heretics. it was an act of revenge. So I am also glad Damon isn’t letting Bonnie Blame herself for the acts of a sociopath who had to kill his brother to get a hint of sympathy, and that small fraction of feelings doesn’t make up for the rest of what he does. He would have terrorized everyone anyways because he enjoys it, only now he would feel a little remorse afterwards! And Bonnie was not obligated to forgive a man who shot her with and arrow, hunted her down and terrorized her, stabbed her and left her to die alone in the prison world. They did what they thought was right, and the way Kai enjoyed killing his family again, proves no amount of remorse was ever sting enough to keep this man from killing again.
    Stefan and Caroline were actually surprisingly okay. I may find my self joining team belvafore some day, it’s hard though because I still remember the beautiful moments Stelena shared and I just think those two were soulmates, but we will see…
    Alaric seems a little dark. His scenes were so intense And he was a little scary!
    I really like Nora the heretic and I already have a soft spot for beau !!
    The one who got hit by a car is pretty annoying though lol
    Over all it was a great episode!

  25. Julie says:

    That being said, I feel like carenzo has a lot of chemistry… I’ve noticed it from the very first time they had a scene together. So I would complain if they ever got together… Just saying. SC was cute lay awkward and I get they had to play that way because of what happened last episode. Their kiss was ok so either way I guess I am fine with what happens, carenzo or SC, but seriously Bamon need to happen for sure. Nina isn’t coming back she confirm d this , so why not let Bamon happen. It would be amazing because they have this explosive chemistry!! I hope the writers Don’t ignore that chemistry!

  26. giana says:

    It will be the most boring thing ever if Elena hangs like a shadow over the entire season. Nina lft he show, so let the other character move on from Elena FFs. Let Bonnie and Damon final explore their very real chemistry together and not just as a meaningless sideplot while Damon waits for Elena, the supposed truelove” of his life. I already hate that the flash forward revealed Damon’s been hiding out in his coffin for a couple of years.

  27. Dave says:

    Great episode!!
    I especially enjoyed all the Bamon stuff.
    Looking forward to who’s shooting at Stefan and Damon, and who Bonnie’s love interest is.

  28. her° says:

    Damon and Bonnie have great chemistry, i mean they both extremely attractive they get on each other nerves, they challenge each other, and you can see throughout the show how they’re relationship has evolve, bamon becoming a couple would be a great thing.

    As in for Stephen and Caroline ugh i can’t see them as a couple, i still think Caroline belongs with Klaus it’s like i cant get over them they’re perfect for each other KLAUS/ CAROLINE.

    • Amy says:

      Glad I found someone mentioning klaroline, I don’t know why they’re pushing steroline when klaroline’s way more popular then them so much so they still trend on twitter because they are full of chemistry.

  29. Marcos says:

    So nobody is asking for Oscar? Is he hot? Because it was kinda disappointed to no see a hottie in the heretics :p

  30. Brigid says:

    Pretty good episode. It’s the first time I didn’t cringe watching TVD since they put Damon and Elena together. I wasn’t a fan of Caroline and Stefan last year but I found them refreshing last night and totally enjoyed their kiss. Damon and Bonnie have a ton of chemistry, I thought he was going to kiss her after saving her from being hit by a truck. I really hope they do something with them. Enzo…I can’t stand him! There is nothing redeemable about this doofus, he brings down the show. I hate him more than Klaus and I loathe him. I like the heretics so far and I’m not sure about Alaric and his frozen wife, it’s knid of creepy. Not a bad season premiere.

  31. Mary says:

    Honestly I don’t like it I feel that without Elena it’s could still survive bet I don’t think that the heretics are a good fit… Klaus was a good fit as a villin in this show so was Katherine but I don’t think these villins will make a good fit for the show… with a different villin this show could make it without Elena

  32. liza says:

    Steroline felt so disgusting! Like a brother and sister making out. And lets face it, nothing can compete with Klaus and Caroline anyway. Loved the Damon and Bonnie relationship, feels like we finally have the old damon back. Loved the flash forward.

  33. Baileigh says:

    Someone correct me if I am wrong here, however wasn’t Elena’s coffin buried in the Salavatore Family Crypt and the door to said crypt spelled so no one would be able to enter it? Obviously, someone was able to enter the crypt because in the three-year flash forward Damon refers to the second coffin as ‘Elena’s”. However, the woman who is shooting at them doesn’t seem at all interested in Elena. Didn’t Damon say to Stefan in the flash forward that “She will not stop until you’re dead!” I took that to mean that whomever was shooting at them was aiming for Stefan not Damon.

  34. murfee says:

    pretty good episode! I think it set up a lot of good storylines for this season. I really really miss elena being on the show though. hoping that there will be a little bit more romance besides just caroline and stefan as the season goes on.

  35. Laura says:

    O god you guys dont like it thats your opinion and problem but if you have to insutling show or producent maybe stop watching and stop whinng about how in this show become bored or forced ok stop insulting or be rude to people who like this shiping and important steroline is not forced ok second they still friends plec and writers they dindnt ruin this friendships so they fell in love and still be friends you dont like it stop watch or stop whinning beacuse yours opinion dosnt matter to writers they dont care it you will bee watching or you like they wrote what they want not what you want ‘

  36. TVD = Bubblegum Romance says:

    Is this comment section made up of mostly15 year old girls? Seems that way. ANYWAY…Simple truth: the show went off the rails not when it forced Damon and Vampire Elena together, but when it forced Damon and Whatever Have You version of Elena together as true fated love blah blah blah. Last season contained so much ICK I was very thankful for DVR fast forward on all those Damon and Elena scenes – which unfortunately was half the season. When I heard Nina was leaving, I knew that was the only way this show could possibly survive. Now with all this “22,000 days and counting” and “Don’t wake me until Elena awakes” crap STILL going on…not so sure.

  37. Dannah says:

    I really can’t decide who I hate more right now Lilly or Klaus. I think Lilly.

  38. Terri Odessa says:

    97% of the comments say BAMON… well make that 98%.

  39. AlKay says:

    I gave up on TV a while ago I refuse to give them the ratings not even Ian stripping down could make me come back to watch it. Julie Plec ruined a good show I hope this is the last show she ever works on, we know the Originals are starting to fall as badly as TVD. All I wanted was BaMon and Klaroline but no we have to deal with the dullest character since Bella, yes I called your Elena dull you delenatards for 6 years. The best TV moment ever for me was when Kai hit Elena in the face with a tire iron. Then they decide to force Sterling and go on about how wonderful the characters are together. Thank you Plec for ruining Caroline like you ruined Damon. Damon lost his edge the moment he fell into a whole called Elena.