The Flash Sneak Peek: On Earth-Two, Wells and Jay Garrick Have a Face-Off

‘Member how The Flash and Dr. Wells were rather buddy-buddy here on our Earth (before, that is, everything went so sideways)?

Yeah, so, the speedster’s relationship with the scientist was quite different on Earth-Two, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

In the flashback, Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh) is unveiling some nifty new tech when the Crimson Comet (Teddy Sears) crashes the press conference to cast aspersions on Central City’s resident supergenius. How will this other Wells, who when last we tuned in had come face to face with Earth-One’s Flash, respond?

“In the same way we had a push me/pull you relationship last year between The Flash and Harrison,” Cavanagh shared during our recent set visit, “[Jay and Wells] have… I don’t know if the word ‘similar’ applies, but we certainly do have a relationship. You’ve taken two of the larger personalities from Earth-One and you’ve put them together [in Season 1], and this season you’ve taken two of the larger personalities from Earth-Two and put them together.” With the latter match-up, Cavanagh says, “The viewers won’t be disappointed.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), Barry learns that another “breacher,” Dr. Light, has traveled through the portal — and she’s got some truth bombs about Zoom to drop. Though Barry nonetheless finds time for his first date with Miss Spivot (previewed here). (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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