Bones Sleepy Hollow Crossover Recap

Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Recap, Part 1: The Leftenant in the Lab

Here’s the weirdest thing about the long-heralded Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover: It’s just not that weird.

I say that with a sense of pleasant surprise — and a lot of relief. As a formerly ardent-now-casual fan of Bones and someone who covers Sleepy Hollow for TVLine, I feared that the two-hour event would distill the quirkiest aspects of Brennan, Booth, Mills and Crane. (“Look at Ichabod gaping at Brennan’s mass spectrometer!” “See Booth and Abbie get into a pissing match about Bureau protocol!”)

That tactic, however, would overlook that both series are about a handful of oddballs with a whole lotta heart.

Thankfully, by the end of the first hour, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, the crossover’s opening act is a typically constructed Bones episode in which Ichabod and Abbie are integrated into the action as smoothly… as someone wearing colonial era clothing can blend into any modern setting.

Read on for the highlights of “The Resurrection in the Remains” — then make sure to come back later for a recap of the second hour.

WELCOME TO D.C.! | Kids preparing for a Halloween kegger at a dilapidated church accidentally fall through some rotting floor boards, discovering the partially decomposed body of a 30-something woman below. (Side note: Ugh, maggots. I forgot how much this show loves maggots.) When the Jeffersonian team is called to the site, they realize the body is actually on top of an iron coffin containing the headless corpse of a high ranking Revolutionary War-era British soldier.

The female body is identified as a missing med student named Sarah Lippman, who’d recently radically changed her look. A search of Sarah’s locker reveals that she was kind of into witchcraft, and a mark on the cover matches a mark on the iron coffin.

“Is it just me, or is something otherworldly going on here?” Hodgins asks Brennan. “That sounds like our department,” Abbie interjects from the door, Ichabod standing behind her.

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EVERYONE’S LOSING THEIR HEADS | The Witnesses think the headless body belongs to Abraham van Brunt. And now it’s time for a quick Sleepy-to-Bones translation break!

Ichabod is a Revolutionary War captain who was killed on the battlefield by Abraham van Brunt, his former best friend who’d been conscripted into doing a demon’s handiwork. But at the same time Ichabod went down, he lopped off Abraham’s head. Both men died and, thanks to some magical mumbo-jumbo, were revived a few years ago. Since then Abbie, who is a new FBI agent, and Ichabod have discovered that they are the Biblically foretold Witnesses of Revelation who will fight against the end of days. Oh, and Abraham? He’s the Headless Horseman you’ve heard so much about. Here endeth the lesson.

Abbie and Ichabod want the bones brought back to Sleepy Hollow, but Brennan says he’s not going anywhere until the mystery is solved. And soon after, they realize that the old dead guy is actually Gen. Howe, a “blaggard” (per Crane) who commanded the British army during the American Revolution.

Bones Sleepy Hollow Crossover Recap Hour 1“We have stumbled on a mystery of the highest magniturde, and I shall not rest until it is solved,” Ichabod vows, as Angela and Brennan look at him (photo at right) like, “Uh, OK. That’s what we do here literally every day, but sure.” Anyway, that gives everyone plenty of time to:

* Make fun of Ichabod’s clothes: When Hodgins references Ichabod’s duds as “cosplay,” Crane shoots back, “Do I look as though I have just beamed from the planet Vulcan?!”

* Learn about past connections: Abbie is surprised to find out that Booth knew her mentor, August Corbin, and that they’d discussed her.

* Make socially inappropriate comments: Ichabod describes his relationship with Abbie as “a partnership of opposites, yet our affinity for each other bears the ripest of fruit.” When Brennan assumes that means they’re sleeping together, he hastily corrects her. “Then I suggest you consider it,” she says, eyes gleaming as she clearly pulls up a mental picture of what Booth looked like stepping out of the shower that morning.

CHEERS! | Let’s tie up the Case of the Week. Prompted by her sister’s passing, Sarah wanted to know what happens when you die. So she nabbed Howe’s skull, which she thought had life-restoring abilities — and she had a med school friend help kill her and bring her back via some powerful drugs. (Side note: Has she never seen Flatliners? Could’ve saved herself a lot of trouble.) The experience changes her life, hence the total makeover, but when she gets her boyfriend to try it, he experiences nothing like the nirvana she promised. The episode so shakes his religious faith that he “snapped,” he later confesses to Booth and Mills, and used Howe’s skull to bludgeon his girlfriend. “Before I knew it,” he says remorsefully, “she was gone.”

And with that mystery solved, our favorite foursome head to the Founding Fathers for a celebratory drink. Booth and Brennan bounce early, though, so pretty soon it’s just Abbie and Ichabod and Ich’s girly drink at the bar. Benjamin Franklin really invented Sex on the Beach? Abbie queries, unable to keep her smirk to herself. “He called it ‘Fondle in the Forest,'” Crane replies, equally silly.

Drop a quick comment about Hour 1 below, then proceed directly to our recap of Hour 2!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Enjoyed it very much, like how everyone stayed in character.

  2. anon says:

    I enjoyed it too

    The characters fit well I to the ep

    Though it was a Bones ep and it should of had more B&B scenes, they barely got any screentime together

    And I felt Abbi got less air time than Crane which seems kinda unfair to me

    But beside that I thought it was a pretty great crossover

    And B&B science world wasn’t tarnished, good job

    • Especially with the revelation that Booth knew Corbin, I would’ve liked some more time to explore Abbie’s feelings on that!

      • anon says:

        Unfortunately Abbi & Booth are rarely given the same consideration as Brennan & Crane are… we only get crumbs with them

        On reflection I really wished that Booth had been in the scene were Crane & Abbi showed up first, I guess Booth being introduced to them wasn’t important, nor him having any scenes with Crane bar the end one….strange narrative choices….

  3. Boiler says:

    I have never watched Sleepy Hollow but I enjoyed the episode. The inter action between Ichabod and Bones was very well done

    • She played a really good straight man to Ichabod’s zany eccentric, making me wish there were digital shorts starring the two!

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, everyone clicked really well. That made it all the more entertaining for me :).
      The case intrigued me, too, with Sarah and her boyfriend doing their experiment and the horrible effects of it. Some interesting topics for discussion to be had there.

  4. I wasn’t a fan of Bones before this crossover but I’m definitely interested to see more of this show after seeing how funny the cast is!

  5. Dee says:

    The first hour was much better than the 2nd, but overall successful crossover episodes.

  6. kmw says:

    It is great that both shows stayed with what they did but Bones by far was more disappointing it just didn’t feel right even though it was really just a normal show for them. I expected more from Booth and Brennan besides their pranks. it was good that they gave Sleepy’s characters good scenes and they worked well with everyone but it just fell flat. Sleepy Hollow was much better and I don’t really watch it. Oh well I do have to say that they did make it work better than I thought but to me it was just a wasted Bones episode

  7. Evenmoor says:

    Pretty sure you meant to say that Ichabod “lopped” off Abraham’s head, not “lobbed.” The former means “chopped,” the latter means “tossed.”

    Anyone else exceedingly curious as to exactly how well Booth knew August Corbin? It might go a ways to explain why Booth was so totally down with the ghost of his dead spotter Parker helping him out of a jam in “The Hero in the Hold”…

  8. anon says:

    Booth had a brain tumor, that’s why he saw Teddy Parker in S4

  9. Pat says:

    This was fantastic. I was wondering how they were going to do this crossover and it work out perfectly, without anyone knowing who and where Ichabob Crane came from. Only once did they seem to come close in finding out who he really was, because of the handwriting in the letter from George Washington,but Ichabob explained to Bones why the handwriting seemed to be the same as his in the present, due to being related to that Ichabob Crane. I was surprised she did not delve into this more, since she told him that she never heard of handwriting genes being passed down and she seemed to move on from it. I just loved the interactions between Bones and Ichabob.

  10. LILY says:

    Well done! i enjoyed the Bones hour more because the integration was done better IMO. But they really did manage the almost impossible – do a SH crossover without changing the show into something it’s not. Kudos! It was enjoyable.

  11. Kim R says:

    I have the Bones episode on the DVR to watch tonight. And I have a question. What if we don’t watch Sleepy Hollow? I have no idea who these characters are or anything about them. Will the episode still be easy to follow and will we need to watch Sleep Hollow’s episode for closure?

    • Curly Girly says:

      They finish the story (solve the mystery) on Bones. You shouldn’t need to watch SH (but you should, its a really good show!) Sleepy Hollow is a new mystery/story that has a piece tied back to the original story on Bones, but you shouldn’t need to watch SH to get closure.

    • Tom-VA49 says:

      One mystery is solved in the first hour and another in the second, so don’t worry about watching them out of order.

    • slickriptide says:

      We had watched enough of season one Sleepy Hollow to know the backstory of the show, but that’s it. There was no issue with watching the second half of the linked story; it was pretty well self-contained. There’s a witch who is obviously a recurring character but as long as you accept that and say, “Okay, this person’s actions are the important part, not her backstory” then there is no problem following the Sleepy Hollow ep.

      That said, I think that the problem with Sleep Hollow was that Brennan and Booth didn’t really contribute anything material to the episode. They weren’t exactly shoe-horned in, but you could cut out almost all of their scenes and the episode would be mostly unaffected by the edits.

      There is one nice (if predictable) moment where Abby and Booth are presented with an arcane puzzle and Booth’s, uh, straight-forward solution contrasts with the sort of solution Abby automatically goes for after having hung out with Ichabod for so long. ;-)

    • Kim R says:

      Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my question. :)

  12. SayNay says:

    I loved the Bones part of the crossover. I definitely could watch a couple more eppys of Ichabod and Brennan sparing. The only thing I didn’t like was the limited Abbie screen time compared with Ichabod.

  13. MaryS62 says:

    “blaggard” is how you pronounce the word “blackguard” — it refers to a villainous person

  14. slickriptide says:

    It wasn’t the “jump the shark” moment I was afraid it would be so kudos to the two shows for their restraint.

  15. me says:

    is it weird that i went through this entire hour not knowing it was a crossover at all. interesting at all the revelations i found here.

  16. Patricia Baksa says:

    I’ve never seen bones before and doubt I’ll see it again – I was bored until Abbs & Ich got back to Sleepy Hollow. Did anybody notice the devastated look on Crane’s face when Abby suggested that he invite Zoe to dinner. WOW – she must have been blind to miss that!

  17. Syed Shazeb says:

    Just wtxhed last two weeks bones episodes. Liked the one before last week. Dr wells was funny as hell lol… And that woman was too. Although I don’t see any point of bringing her to Jeffersonian but was hilarious anyways.
    The cross over episode with sleepy hollow was okay . that British guy is funny but I still have no plans to watch sleepy hollow. man the best part was hodgesn and his devil lens.. thats creepy but amazing lol. 7.5/10 ..for the crossover episode and 10 out of 10 for the one before the crossover
    and thosepranks were funny lol