Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: A Date With Destiny

Note to ABC: All of the E! True Hollywood Story: Olivia Pope footage that was interspersed throughout Thursday’s Scandal needs to be spliced together, expanded and slotted for this Sunday at 9/8c between Once Upon a Time and Quantico. I guarantee you it will pull in a better rating than Blood & Oil.

With that said, let’s get to the key moments of Episode 4, “Dog-Whistle Politics.”

BACK AT THE PRISON… | Rowan denies any involvement in the Louvre fire, but Jake isn’t buying what he’s selling. “You’re a desperate man,” Jake barks. “You can either tell me who you’re working with now. Or I can find them. And kill them.” Jake, clearly second-guessing Rowan’s involvement, recruits Charlie to join him in Paris in search of the person who launched Lazarus One. Charlie puts Jake in touch with a beautiful woman, Elise (The Strain‘s Mia Maestro), who knows a thing or two about stolen paintings. Twist Alert! Jake and Elise share a complicated history of love and betrayal and regret and love and… marriage. (Or “marriage,” as a cover?) Also, Jake thought she was dead. But that was then. This is now. “Elise” agrees to help “Jake,” but ends up getting shot instead. That leads Jake to invite his back-from-the-grave bride to return to the States with him.

GLADIATORS, EXPAND! | Quinn tricks Marcus Walker (new series regular Cornelius Smith Jr.) into meeting her for drinks for the sole purpose of offering him a position as OPA’s spokesperson. “You’re charming and attractive and you can drive the narrative,” she reasons. “You’ll be one of us. It’s the best job you’ll ever have. You’ll change lives. You’ll slay dragons.” Despite Quinn’s uncanny channeling of Season 1, Episode 1 Harrison (R.I.P.), Marcus shuts her down hard, insisting that OPA is “hemorrhaging clients” in the wake of Olivia’s POTUS-loving public downfall. Why would he want to jump on such a rickety bandwagon? Because he’s flat broke. Yep, less than 24 hours after turning the job down, Marcus does an about-face and accepts it. And just like that, a new Gladiator is born  — a turn of events we tipped you off about six whole months ago (not that we’re tooting our own horns or anything). Marcus quickly reminds Quinn that she hired an activist not a puppet when, at his first impromptu press briefing, he calls the media out on their racist coverage of Olivia-gate.

AFFAIR AFTERSHOCKS | Fitz fires (G)Abby after she threw Liv under the slut bus, only to eventually rehire her after Liv knocked some sense into him. “Abby did exactly what I would have done,” Liv reminds him. “This is my choice to make. I do not need to be rescued. I find it offensive.” Also offensive: The sexist backlash she encounters online. “A lot of anonymous Internet people want to have me killed,” she laments to Fitz. “Also raped… I have at least a thousand threats of rape here… from guys who are mad that I had the audacity to be born female. And black.”

TO IMPEACH OR NOT TO IMPEACH | The women of the senate want to impeach philandering Fitz, putting newly-minted senator Mellie in a tough spot. “I do not want to impeach my husband,” she insists to Cyrus, who counters that that’s exactly what she needs to do if she hopes to ever set foot in the Oval Office. “You either go after your husband and claim the White House for your own,” Cyrus warns her, “or you do nothing and end up being a sad little well-meaning freshman senator… wanting to hang yourself.” Oh, how I’ve missed Cyrus’ pep talks! Mellie soon discovers that all of Cyrus’ sound and fury signifies nothing but his own hurt feelings about being cast aside by “son” Fitz, and promptly orders him to make like a tree and leave her the hell alone. He then quits.

DATE NIGHT | In the end, Fitz opts against doing the smart thing — selling his legislative soul to the Republicans in order to avoid impeachment — in favor of doing the bats–t crazy right thing: taking his mistress out on a date, as the entire world looks on. That sets up the inevitable final scene: Mellie announcing to her fellow female senators that her previous nay on impeachment is now an unqualified yea.

Thoughts? Do you think Fitz and Liv’s first public outing as a couple is setting the stage for FLOTUS Olivia Pope (an idea Shonda Rhimes recently admitted being intrigued by)? What do you think of Gladiator Marcus? And the episode overall?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus please us, is Jake so irrelevant to the series that they have to dig up a long-lost ex to make sure he still gets air time? I give up.

    Anyway, kudos to Fitz for doing the right thing and macking his mistress in front of 4 — count ’em, 4 — SS agents. That elevator was looking kinda crowded.

    • Nee says:

      Get over it and go knit sweaters for your cats or something.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Aw, wassamatta — you still pissed that Jake ended up as an also-ran? That’s all he ever was, wasn’t it?

        • Nee says:

          This may come as a surprise to you, given your lack of touch with reality and your proclivity to whine and moan in comments sections about these things, but there are people in the world who aren’t bothered by the actions of fictional characters.

          Now, about those cats of yours…

          • Cheyenne says:

            LOL all over you, you sad little gollum. How about you get a life of your own instead of getting all up in my business?

          • Grief says:

            Shouldn’t the fact that you think arguing with someone over the Internet, constitutes “business” be all you need to know that you should probably reevaluate your life? Jeez. “LOL” all you want but this is sad to witness.

          • MFL says:

            Lol this made me chuckle…

          • Cheyenne says:

            Why are you so interested in my cats? Do you need to borrow them to chase the rats out of your trailer? Let me know.

    • Angie Marie says:

      Love your comment! I hate Jake. This episode was so good.

  2. Brian says:

    This season so far is head and shoulders above seasons 3 & 4. All that B613 crap & that forced triangle storyline made both those seasons unbearable. But so far this season feels ballsy. Like what they’re doing with Olivia & Fitz and I like Marcus as a Gladiator and i’m loving Mellie. Hope the writers keep it up.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mellie’s being Mellie. It’s not enough for her to cut off her nose to spite her face, she has to throw in a coupe of ears as well. Give her enough rope and invariably she hangs herself.

      • Amanda says:

        She isn’t being Mellie, she’s being real…he just promised her that he wouldn’t embarrass her anymore and she stuck to it her end….until he mocked her yet again and took his HOE for a stroll in front of cameras! I wasn’t always the biggest Mellie fan, but on the Olitz front, I am. He’s making a fool out of her, at least he could keep it private until they decide whatever they decide to do about their marriage.

        • Andrea says:

          That was before she embarrassed him and threw his entire life under the bus on the advise of a man who was scorned. I’m not saying that she didn’t have the right to do it, just that because she did, she should no longer expect loyalty from Fitz; though it could be argued that she never had his loyalty to begin with. Mellie wants to win, but all she knows how to do is lose. It’s going to take a lot more than this to make her president, and last I heard, she has quite a few skeletons in her own closet. Even if Fitz does get impeached, he’ll no longer have any reason for keeping quiet about her own affair or the fact that she allowed innocent jurors to be executed for her own husband’s gain, the same husband she conveniently currently vilifies.

        • Lola says:

          OMG! You are disgusting! Calling a woman a hoe! You are exactly who Olivia was talking about! Why do you feel the need to tear another woman down with such a hateful and disgusting word. I’m ashamed to share a gender with you.

        • Kat Aston says:

          Oh please Mellie is the biggest whore. She slept with a man who didn’t love her or would risk anything to be with her. Anything Fitz does is going to hurt Mellie. Mellie won’t be satisfied unless she has Fitz by her side like a statue. Who wants to stay in a loveless, sexless marriage? Fitz is tired of hiding. Mellie needs to move on and stop trying to act like she didn’t condone the affair.

    • Bigdede says:

      Mellie just needs to make up her mind. One minute she wants her and Fitz to be cool the next she wants to hang him by the balls. She needs to pick a side and stay with it. Glad she’s doing the impeachment thing. It fits with her being a career driven woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Marcus is a miracle. I love him.

  3. TrudiV says:

    Mellie did not fire Cyrus. He quit

  4. TrudiV says:

    I love giddy Liv when she realizes Fitz is on his way to see her.
    I love giddy Liv in the elevator

    Fitz is da man

  5. Brian says:

    I don’t get the Jake thing either, Cheyenne. This guy is just so unnecessary to this show it’s just embarrassing to watch now. Hands down the most forced character on TV at this time.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Damn, Fitz, I have to give you your props. When that pig congressman told you to get a more palatable girlfriend, you didn’t waste any words on him. You went out there, got your woman, and shoved her right in the country’s face. This is my woman, f**k anyone who has a problem with it. Of course that includes Mellie. Just when I thought she was finally seeing Cyrus for the fraud he is, she has to go leading with her chin again. This dumb bitch never learns.

      • Kikelomo Anunobi says:

        I’m really unclear on how Mellie is the “dumb bitch” and not Fitz who promises his WIFE not to hurt her any more, then publicly takes his mistress on a date while he is still married to his wife who happens to be a US senator.. Did I mention Fitz was the President of the USA!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Do you honestly believe Cyrus has Mellie’s best interests at heart? Do you really think he wants to help her? Do you think he cares whether or not she becomes president or even if she lives or dies? Because if you do, there is some oceanfront property in Montana I’ll sell to you cheap. I thought maybe, just maybe, Mellie had finally seen the light and was using her head for the first time when she kicked Cyrus to the curb, but NOOOOOO. The minute she saw Fitz in public with Olivia, common sense goes out the window and she’s back in dumb bitch mode, leading with her chin. Trust Mellie to be Mellie. It never fails.

        • Bigdede says:

          Fitz has 18 months left in his term. He’s too selfish to care about his presidency or his legacy. As powerful as Olivia is, this looks very bad. Anyone can say Olivia influenced policy like the Brandon Bill. She was the fixer on that case and brought the daddy to meet the president. His own party is upset with him and you know the Democratics will go after him. He doesn’t care about the American people only himself. It was sweet when he came to get Olivia but as President it was stupid

          • Cheyenne says:

            On the contrary, it was an incredibly smart move. Fitz had two choices: 1) do the smart thing: cave in to the senator’s demands, dump Olivia, and take his chances on impeachment and the Brandon Bill. 2) do the right thing: tell the senator to eff himself, publicly acknowledge Olivia as his woman, claim the Brandon Bill as his legacy and impeachment be damned. If he is removed from office, Susan Ross becomes president, and the Brandon Bill is her baby as much as his, considering all the work she put into it to improve it. Only if a far right wing candidate becomes president would the bill be in danger. In this case, the right thing could actually turn out to be the smart thing after all.

  6. anna says:

    Fitz deserves to be impeached for being the worst president ever. He’s incapable of thinking about anything other than his genitals. Instead of doing anything important, he parades his mistress around. I know this is a soap opera, but they should try and be a bit realistic. If this White House was real it would be the laughing stock of the world.

    • Cheyenne says:

      You need to bone up on your American history. Worse than Pierce? Buchanan? Andrew Johnson? Harding? Hoover? Nixon? Bush Jr? They were some doozies.
      BTW, being the “worst president ever” is not an impeachable offense. Clinton was impeached not for boinking Monica Lewinsky, but for lying about it. Fitz threw the truth right in the country’s face.

      • Aeryn says:

        except he has been lying about it to the press since season 1. Soooooooooo

      • Aeryn says:

        and Buchanan is the worst ;p

      • Pamela says:

        I agree. Honestly i dont care if the president gets divorced and starts dating, that happens to much of the world. Obviously it has to be tactfully done and with confidentiality agreements for a good public image being realistic. I care about how the president handles the country and whatever affects me.

      • anna says:

        Clinton was impeached because of the Republicans intense hatred for him. He was always popular with the public. Also the public always accepted him and Hilary as a team no matter what was going on in their private lives. Fitz on the other hand is an incredibly arrogant man who thinks he can flaunt his mistress in everyone’s faces and get away with it. And he doesn’t even care how much he hurts his wife and kids or damages the white house by doing that.

        • Barbara Long says:

          What show are you watching because it’s not Scandal. Fitz and Mellie barely spoke to one another until Olivia came into it. This started when Mellie went to a Republican women’s luncheon with Fitz and told them the reason they seemed distant as a couple is because she just lost a baby, it was not true and Olivia felt sorry for them and Fitz told Olivia the truth that there was no baby. Fitz confessed everything to Olivia on a bus ride to the hotel which all of this started. Please watch Season one and get the facts about what happened.

          • Bigdede says:

            What show are you watching? Remember what Olivia said season one. Fitz and Mellie talked but it didn’t look like Fitz was screwing his wife. That was the problem. Rewatch season one. And after Fitz told Olivia the truth on the bus and said why didn’t he wait for her, he had sex with Mellie which is how Teddy got here.

          • HQ says:

            Bigdede, that is not where baby teddy fit into the picture. Remember, having another baby was Olivia and Mellie’s solution to take care of the Amanda problem at the end of season one. Baby teddy is very much a political move like everything else in their marriage. Mellie and Fitz have a political marriage and nothing more. They are friends and partners and had both mostly accepted this as the reality to achieve their political goals. Then Fitz fell in love with Olivia and was no longer satisfied with just a political marriage. Mellie goes back and forth between being a jealous, scorned wife and a smart political animal. She does still love Fitz so sometimes her jealousy takes over and she makes rash decisions, (eg. the impeachment) but most of the time she loves him enough to want him to be happy and accepts being his partner. It isn’t a black and white situation for any of them which is what makes it interesting and at least I find that part realistic because what in life is black and white? We live in shades of gray!

          • Bigdede says:

            I know Teddy is a political move my point was he still had sex with Mellie which is how Teddy got here. Heck Fitz had sex with Amanda Tanner

          • kommice says:

            Bigdede : Baby Teddy is a political move to cover up his relationship with Olivia. And that was Mellie’s idea. Since more than 10 years, Fitz has no sex except with Olivia. Amanda was not a sex story : when he learnt she was pregnant, he’s immediately said that’s not my baby. Unless he used condom, or be sterile how can he be sure ? He didn’t have sex with any other ladies even Mellie (it’s 1974 down there Mellie said after her first son die). Fitz is not a womanizer, he felt in love. How hard is it to understand that ?

      • KnolaSphere says:

        Fitz is a bad president who deserves to be impeached but not because of his affair, but because he is an idiot with a list of impeachable offenses that have nothing to do with sleeping with Olivia. Forget real life, let’s just stick with the world of Scandal where he won an election through fraud (not his decision, but still he learned about it and ran for re-election), sent the U.S. military to war with a country over his mistress (not the reason he told the country), lied about his mistress to the country and let’s not forget his B613 activities. Fitz acts entitled as if he should be able to do what he wants, tell the truths that he wants to tell and treat Mellie and the Congress as if he owed them nothing. Instead, he’s going to lose all political capital and will be unable to get anything done for the country. He will be lucky not to end up in prison. Olivia is a smart woman who deserves a smart man and Fitz is an entitled child. With every decision, Fitz becomes less and less of a man worthy of Olivia Pope. Papa Pope’s assessment of Fitz was dead on. This is from a woman who used to be an Olitz fan. I don’t know what these two have in common anymore other than sex and politics, and that’s not enough.

        • Pocket says:

          Fitz is one of the worst presidents that we have had on tv. I just don’t see this great man that they tried so hard to elect. He is a terrible president who makes irrational choices for his office all for a woman he emotionally manipulates. I see them ending up in Vermont because they are stubborn until Olivia gets hit by a clue by four and realizes she is a Pope. She doesn’t retire to Vermont. She wears her gladiator hat and she fixes things.

        • graze says:

          You forgot to mention he killed a supreme court justice with his bare hands in the list and shot down a passenger plane while an air force pilot which is how he got caught up in BGone613, otherwise good summary.

          • TrudiV says:

            He should have wrung Verna’s scrawny neck with his bare hands. She got off much too easily.
            Fitz was never caught up in B613. Fitz found out about B613 during his presidency.
            So what if he shot down a passenger plane while he was in the military? On one of his days off, he just decided to take a plane up in the sky and decided to shoot down a plane, because he was bored right?

            It is a otherwise a good summary if you have absolutely no understanding of what you have watched or because you decide to be willfully ignorant of show because of some ax to grind.

        • TrudiV says:

          Why should he not re run for election? I can understand if you said if when we learned of the election rigging in his first term if he had gone to Congress and the AG and stepped down and get Mellie and all the rest thrown into jail, but I don’t see what that has to do with his re election run.

          The Vice President attempted a coup? An innocent American citizen has been put in harms way by war mongers and the military industrial complex and Fitz gets all the blame? Some of you have a really facile view of events. The whole kidnapping plot was stupid because it was illogical – but Fitz made the right decision. Good for him. No matter what he is saving the woman he loves. Good for him.

          Fitz owes Congress nothing! That is how our political system is set up. Have you never heard of the concept of check and balances.

          Fitz has put up with Mellie’s BS for 20. He got up out of his bed after a bullet took out part of his skull to keep her stupid azz out of prison. He has paid 10 times over. He doesn’t owe Mellie a damn thing.

          Fitz not worthy of Olivia- well Olivia just showed you that Fitz is more than worthy of her.

          Get over it!

          • SoGirl1977 says:


          • MFL says:

            To be fair Olivia is all kinds of messed up & has serious esteem issues. What type of a woman settles for being a side ho for all these years with nothing to show for it. She does not know her true worth…She deserves 100x better than that manchild! She’s has been let down time and again by Fitz. Well Fitz has let down everyone in his life including the country he runs. Fitz is just the worst and useless!

      • Bigdede says:

        Clinton was impreached? Since when? They had the hearing but I must’ve missed the part he was impeached

      • Bigdede says:

        Fitz is fictional. Why are you comparing him to actual presidents? Why are you telling her to bone up on her America history? Over a fictional president

  7. Lovely says:

    Fitz is the worst character on this show…& the worst TV POTUS ever!!

  8. Mandy says:

    I do love Fitz and think out of all the characters on the show he is the most honest. He never hides his intentions… All the other underhand stuff is always done by those around him in their bid to keep him in the White House. He might be naive but I definitely think he is stronger than people give him credit for. Maybe the fact that he is not afraid to show that he is human and is not infalliable as a leader is what people consider weakeness? I think it takes great courage to hold up your wraknesses for everyone to see. It is so much easier to front…

    • Mandy says:

      I mean weaknesses lol!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Best scene of the whole episode: Fitz and Olivia in the elevator. “Look the other way, guys, I’m going to make out with my girlfriend.” I hit the floor laughing. Too bad the elevator cameras couldn’t show that to the crowd outside the building. And did you notice this time he took an entire motorcade to Olivia’s house? He’s shoving this relationship in everybody’s faces and saying suck it, haters, this woman is mine.

  9. star says:

    I swear I will watch that news programme about Olivia Pope, it was so believable, shout out to the lady that hosted it.
    I like jake a lot,but what’s his use these days? Shonda should give him a meaningful storyline.
    The fact that fitz went to her house makes the show more unbelievable, I know it’s fiction but it should be a bit more realistic.

    • WI says:

      So apparently, you prefer the reality of lying and manipulating people to believe the lies to actually living honest even if it’s in your best interest. It’s why it’s fiction – it should remind us how to live right.

    • Cheyenne says:

      It’s like Shonda signed Foley on for x number of episodes but now she doesn’t see, to know what to do with him. He’s just excess baggage weighing down the show.

  10. Uyai says:

    Oh Jake finally has an ex? HALLELUJAH. Can they fall in love and fade into irrelevance?
    I didn’t see the end of last night’s show coming. definitely did not. Shonda has found her mojo.
    I also like how she makes us feel Fitz is weak in one episode and so damn confident in the next. I need Fitz to take by Cyrus. Absolutely loved this episode! Great episode (minus Papa Pope and Jake).

  11. Kathryn says:

    This episode was on point. Didn’t love Jake’s storyline as it felt forced, but I’m confident it will fit the narrative soon. It’s season 2 quality lately.

  12. niloofar says:

    I remmember third season’s premiere when Olivia’s father berated her for settling to be just the mistress and that he raised her better.

    • TrudiV says:

      Olivia’s father is the last person who should be making comments about anyone. Mama pope hoodwinked him into giving orders to shooting down a plane with over 200 people.
      Mama Pope treated him like a puppet as the fool that he is

      • Bigdede says:

        You still want better for your children and you don’t want your children going through horrible trials.

        • Cheyenne says:

          He had no problem pimping his daughter out to Jake. What kind of father does that? Rowan never gave a damn for Olivia except for how he saw her as an extension of himself.

        • TrudiV says:

          He should have thought about wanting better for his child before pimping her out twice to two men who I would not even let walk my dog.

          If he wanted better for his child he should have made sure Mellie met with an accident, if he was so very vested in his daughter’s well being.

  13. TrudiV says:


    Sweet baby Teddy. That is so not how Teddy Got here. If Fitz had had sex with Mellie after Fitz and Olivia’s interaction on the bus, Teddy would be at least 6 years now.

    You really need to stop watching your own version of Scandal and talking about it in public.

    • Bigdede says:

      I didn’t say he stepped off the bus and went directly and had sex with Mellie. But after telling how he felt about Olivia and after having sex with Olivia, he went and had sex with Mellie . Teddy was a baby during Fitz 2nd year in office. For 2 years him and Olivia were together yet he had sex with Mellie to make Teddy. And Teddy should be 6! Fitz has been in office 6 almost 7 years. Teddy was a baby during his 2nd year. What Scandal are you watching?

      • :-) says:

        Teddy was born because to fix some mess Melle told the press she was pregnant. They had to make her pregnant to cover a scandal.. it was all part of the deal mellie and Olivia struck

      • TrudiV says:

        Sweet Baby Teddy…. How many times do people have to explain to you how baby Teddy came about?

        So what if he had sex with Mellie? Have you never heard of any port in a storm?

        Does Fitz have sex with Mellie or Amanda or anyone else when he and Olivia are in sync?

        When Olivia broke up with him and he went and had sex with Amanda ,instead of with Mellie, how many times did he have sex with Amanda? Why didn’t he go and have sex with Mellie instead?

        I am fairly confident that most of us are watching a different show to the one that you watch.

  14. I honestly cannot stand Fitz and Olivia as a couple. Ugh.

    • Mandy says:

      Really? Each to their own I guess. I think Olivia are great together as a couple and have amazing chemistry. Both are brilliant strategists and can’t wait to see them work together!

  15. niloofar22 says:

    I liked Fitz paying attension to the child he has no talking about the ones he will have with Olivia.

  16. Joe says:

    The sharks are starting to jump with this story

  17. Jill says:

    Ugh olitz. Do people actually like them together now? The most unhealthiest relationship on tv since Kermit and Ms Piggy were together. I guess anything is better than b613.

  18. :-) says:

    I loved Marcus. The b613 plot seems interesting although I wish they would spin that into it’s own show. Maybe a hiatus show like agent Carter is for agents of shield. I have already worked out that Elise is enacting Lasirus. I don’t know if she is working with poppa Pope or not

  19. robandco says:

    Jake’s storyline makes no sense. He was sort of good the past season but now it’s just they don’t even try.
    I am liking where this is going. Marcus was great.

  20. Julianna Scherbatsky says:

    Hatred is the word I can use to describe my feeling towards season 5 so far. I do hope that Mellie impeaches his sorry as… behind! All I really wanted to see on Scandal is a little bit of respect from Fitz towards the woman who dedicated her life to him, the woman who gave him 3 kids, the woman who lost her son because he couldn’t keep it in his pants, and the woman who stayed by his side through it all. By the way, if Mellie didn’t love him, like many people love to say it, she wouldn’t have done half the things she did. Ps. What’s with Shonda and mistresses always getting what they want?

    • TrudiV says:

      LOL. This is a funny rant. Good for you that you can completely rewrite the show into something that’s not recognizable. You are very talented.
      Keep it up

      • Julianna Scherbatsky says:

        LOL this is a funny reply! How about you “keep it up” with your opinion and I do the same with mine?

        • TrudiV says:

          Mine is fact, yours is opinion. Fact I cannot argue with. Opinions are useless and can be made fun of ad infinitum. But continue on to air yours. If and when I feel inclined to do so, I will challenge them and make fun of them.

          Please do continue…

    • Cheyenne says:

      You mean the woman who refused to give him sex for ten years? The woman who put the life of his unborn baby at risk by inducing labor a month early to force him to stay with her? The woman who never gave a damn about their marriage except the status it brought her? You really think she did the things she did for love? She did them for herself. Mellie is about Mellie, first, last and always.

      • Julianna Scherbatsky says:

        And because she did those thing she doesn’t deserve any kind of respect? Really?

        • TrudiV says:

          So what generates the respect? Because she’s breathing or because she’s got this manly voice that she disconcertingly use at times?

          • Julianna Scherbatsky says:

            Once again, 3 kids, 20 years of her life and lost her kid because of that hoe. I’m not gonna say she deserves respect because she is a woman, but because she is a human being and all of us deserve respect. You Olivia fans are the worst.

          • Cheyenne says:

            How did Olivia make her lose her kid? Now you’re blaming Olivia for what her crazy father did? Have you lost your marbles? You Mellie stans are positively batshít.

    • Mandy says:

      What you said sounds like Mellie speak to me, you know, twisted half truths to justify her actions especially considering they have had a dead marriage for so long. That said, you are right in that Fitz should have been a bit more circumspect to avoid humiliating Mellie further. Unfortunately this could not have been avoided after that senator threw down the “palatable to the base” gauntlet. I am glad he stood by what he felt strongly about – unfortunately Mellie was a casualty. Hope he gave her the heads up.

  21. Julianna Scherbatsky says:

    Man, I hate Olivia Pope! and Olitz is the worst couple ever.

    • TrudiV says:

      I love love Olivia Pope – quivering chin and all. OLITZ is the best thing on TV now. I so look forward to Thursday nights

    • Kat Aston says:

      I love Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope. I don’t know any other couple who has that much chemistry. Whether they are talking on the phone or just staring at each other. It’s funny how you called the Olivia character a “hoe,” but not Mellie. She has committed adultery also, but you aren’t slut shaming her. This episode really made an excellent point of how women of color are treated by the media. Although, on the show Mellie’s adultery isn’t known by the media, but as a viewer you know about her, yet she gets a pass from you. Well she doesn’t get a pass from me and many other fans. She not only a who’re, but a pimp also, begging her her husband’s girlfriend to come back to him. She’s pathetic.

    • Mandy says:

      I adore Olivia Pope. Olitz are the reason I watch Scandal.

  22. TrudiV says:

    @lanae Ramble
    Chile, you know right… Mellie is sure a hoe

  23. TrudiV says:

    @Julia Person

    So Fitz has/had the same three children and he is a human being. Does he not deserve respect as well?

  24. Tony says:

    I find myself enjoying the show despite Fitz and possibly Liv, with the latter being the most disappointing. What was once a strong female character has turned into a door mat for one of the worst characters ever.

    • Mandy says:

      I beg to differ. She seemed strong and to have it together because we did not have her back story. I think she is stronger now because we understand what she has had to endure to be the woman she is right now. How many of us can endure the intense scrutiny she is dealing with without running for the hills? She fell in love with a married man, which is wrong but Fitz loves her too and tried to leave so many times to be with her. Remember, this is not a happy couple she is coming between. Olivia is flawed but incredibly strong.

      • TrudiV says:

        Incredibly strong to be brought up by those two wolves for parents and yet managed to come out of it normal.
        If Olivia had broken up a happy marriage I would be front and center crucifying her. But we all know the quality of the relationship between Fitz and Mellie. I hope Olivia ride that Fitz pony till he speaks in tongues.

    • Tony says:

      I commend her for not being a card carrying psycho considering who her parents are. However, I just find it hard to respect or revere anyone who allows themselves to be treated the way she has by the men who supposedly love her. And it isn’t so much about whether or not she came between a happy marriage ( we all know it wasn’t anywhere close). I understand people can’t help how they feel. It’s the way she’s allowed him to treat her and others when things don’t go his way.

  25. Tracy says:

    I am very disappointed! It is a horrible message! To me we are saying that cheating on your mate is okay. This is very damaging to what this country was built on – honor! I am so upset that I am ready to stop watching this show and to encourage others not to watch it.
    I think it is hypocritical for someone to say it is okay to cheat in TV but not in real life. Patrick Dempsey being fired for cheating on his wife the perfect example. There are Americans that still place value on the family and are not led by their selfish desires!