Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Secrets and Spies, Plus: The Witnesses as Roomies

You’ve gotta begrudgingly grant Sleepy Hollow‘s Pandora a little respect.

Girlfriend shows up in town last episode, and already she’s harnessed a secret-sucking shadow monster that — however inadvertently — gets the Witnesses to confess their darkest confessions to each other? And that treevil she’s growing in the ruins should be ready to take over the town in, what, two more episodes? (Take that, Henry and your season-long tinkering with that silly model town!)

All I’m saying is, the Third Tribulation better get to the bullpen and start warming up its arm, because Ol’ Boxy-but-Bad works quickly. Luckily, so do Abbie and Ichabod. Read on as we review what takes place in “Whispers in the Dark.”

HELLO, ROOMIE | Ichabod sings a jaunty tune whilst cleaning Abbie’s house; he’s so thorough, he even gets all up in her laundry — including her hand-washed unmentionables. He’s holding a see-through chemise up for closer inspection when she surprises him, and as usual, Ich is very funny when he’s flummoxed. We learn that he’s got a room at Abbie’s place, and they’re living together until he can find a place of his own. (Side note: Am I the only person who, based on what we’ve previously seen, assumed Abbie had an apartment rather than a house?)

After Crane burns dinner (if we’re ranking Crane curses, “God’s teeth!” is right up there with “God’s wounds!,” no?), the Witnesses’ take-out feast is interrupted when Abbie gets a call about a death. Aw, I just realized Abbie and Ichabod are eating Chinese together again, guys!

MEET THE NEW BOSS | About that dead guy: He was an accountant at the county comptroller’s office, and he was on hold with the FBI when he had a heart attack at the local train station. Abbie’s investigation hinges on the call: Why did he so desperately need to talk to an agent? While she and Crane are investigating the scene, a good-looking guy in a suit arrives and a surprised Abs introduces him to Crane as Daniel Reynolds, her old classmate (and, we later learn, hook-up) from Quantico.

Daniel is there to take the regional chief position vacated by a very dead Agent Granger. It’s clear Abbie wants Ichabod outta there so she and Daniel can catch up, and the nearly imperceptible way Nicole Beharie breathes, “Mmm-hmm” when Icahbod asks if he should go is one of those throwaway moments I love so much (and missed dearly last season).

Outside the station, Ichabod notices some odd shadows and harsh whispering in the air, then he bumps into Pandora who apparently has chosen “flamenco hipster” for her persona this episode.

WRAITH, WRAITH DON’T TELL ME | Back at the archives, Abbie and Ich hear the same scary whispers in the background of the victim’s aborted phone call; when the signal is cleaned up, the terribly creepy voice says, “Secrets! I will kill!” This jogs Ichabod’s memory re: something in Grace Dixon’s journal, which brings us to a flashback involving Gen. Howe, Ichabod undercover and Betsy Ross in her britches.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Betsy Ross in the ÒWhispers In The DarkÓ episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Thursday, Oct. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

As it turns out, Howe conjured a “whispering wraith” and yoked it to a turncoat colonial soldier named Marcus Collins in order to learn the secrets of Washington’s spies. It killed two agents embedded in Howe’s camp, and it nearly got a third — Betsy Ross, in her skivvies as a result of how she “handled” Howe. Ichabod managed to extract the seamstress/spy just before Marcus frightened her to death, too.

The Witnesses realize that the wraith killed the FBI caller in similar fashion; they then deduce that he had a secret he was keeping with some others, and the creature is likely putting those others in danger. Some more digging reveals that the caller and his co-workers knew their boss was embezzling funds from county employees’ pension plans, but when Crane and Mills try to warn a second whistleblower, he winds up dead and the wraith works its mojo on the Witnesses.

A TIME TO SPILL | Ichabod later confesses to Abbie the secret the ghostly being dredged up for him: He was captured by Howe and offered absolution for his treason if he’d only give up the names of Washington’s covert operatives. He didn’t do it, of course, but he thought about it for a second, and the shame has dogged him for centuries. He tells all of this to a rapt Abbie, but when it comes time for her to reciprocate, she gently redirects the conversation.

Which brings me to Mills’ “good fences make good neighbors” edict to Crane, whom she also bats away from her personal affairs when he starts to pry about Daniel. Abbie, you can keep your sister out of your business. You can keep your boss out of your business. But you can’t — and shouldn’t — keep Ichabod Crane at arm’s length. This is the same man whose dying, demon-spawn-carrying wife you cradled while he wept and performed CPR. This is the same man who saw you wearing little more than a sports bra and a scorpion after you’d known each other for all of two days. This is the same man who fished you out of a library fishin’ hole, who hugged you so hard in Purgatory, who tearfully clasped your hand as he chugged Masonic poison and who submitted himself to the ignominy of skinny jeans at your behest. For (actual) God’s sake, the flipping BIBLE foretold of your friendship!

To sum it all up: Abbie, your fellow Witness is the very person to whom you should reveal the deepest truths of your soul. I’ll be interested to see if the new living situation brings down any of those walls of yours.

THE PRESSURE OF A NAME | Crane and Mills grab the victim’s second co-whistleblower before the wraith can, and when the creature comes looking for her, they realize that Betsy was able to escape him back in the day because she called him by his true name: Marcus Collins. Uh, OK? So Ichabod literally calls out the wraith, who becomes corporeal in a Jack Skellington kinda way and soon winds up with a giant, fatal puncture wound to the chest.

On the porch later, Ichabod muses about how having Abbie by his side “is the greatest boon,” and how good it feels to finally have his Howe confession out in the open. She finally caves under his not-subtle pressure and says that her secret is that she found her father — who’s still alive and living in Saratoga, N.Y. — and she kind of stalks him sometimes but hasn’t gotten up the courage to talk to him. She also hasn’t told Jenny.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Joe Corbin (Zach Appleman) and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) ) in the “Whispers In The Dark” episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Thursday, Oct. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

JOE IN THE KNOW | Speaking of the other Mills sibling, Miss Jenny spends much of the episode with Joe Corbin, who desperately wants her and Abbie to let him in on their supernatural work so he can better understand his dead dad. She pushes him away… until he’s kidnapped by a tall drink of yum named Randall who really wants to get his hands on a supernatural artifact in Jenny’s possession. Jenny kicks a little butt, hands the piece in question over in exchange for Joe’s safety, then reluctantly agrees to anoint Baby Corbin as the newest member of Team WTF.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX | While Ichabod is wrapping up a meeting about making the archives a historical site (and therefore impervious to mini-malling), he realizes that the train-station coffee shop he saw Pandora come out of never really existed. (Side note: That low bow, though.) When he alerts Abbie to the folie a deux, and points out Pandora on the security footage, she recognizes her as the bookish woman from the bar and quickly jumps to the conclusion that she’s the entity “throwing monsters at us.”

Back at her headquarters, Pandora does some more senseless rambling and waters her rotten tree, which grows to great heights (and I’m guessing that’s really bad news for the Witnesses).

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. John Jacob says:

    There is no doubt that this season far surpasses the crap that was Season 2. I just don’t know if it’s going to make it given the timeslot and anger from Season 2. A lot of people gave up on it and I don’t envision a lot of them coming back. It’s such such such a shame what a snorefest it was last year. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Alichat says:

      The biggest disappointment of season 2 was the utter waste of John Noble. Just a complete waste of such a talented man. I was wanting to see Henry and Ichabod interact, and they had them together maybe twice.

      • SayNay says:

        Thank you! Such a waste of John Noble. I think the worst thing they ever did was make him Ichabod and Katrina’s son instead of exploring the sin eater piece.

      • John Jacob says:

        Isn’t that the truth. John Noble standing over a crib, John Noble sitting at a desk looking perplexed, etc. I had to force myself to watch episodes and it definitely felt that all of the “fun” of the first season was GONE GONE GONE.

  2. Angela says:

    I’m liking the idea of Abbie and Ichabod being roommates :D. I loved the way Ichabod was humming to himself while he was cleaning house. Should be quite fun to see how they work out living together as the season goes on.
    Also love the idea of Ichabod trying to make the building where they have their meetings a historical landmark. Really hoping they can make that work, ’cause I’d hate to see them lose that spot.
    I’m excited and curious about the news of Abbie’s dad still being out there! Hoping that means we’ll get to meet him this season-and I’ll be very interested to see how Jenny will react whenever she finds out that news. The talk Abbie had with Ichabod about her dad was very touching and sweet. I love their “little talks” moments.
    As for Reynolds, he seems cool, and I’m glad that at least his parting with Abbie seems to be on good terms, that the awkwardness isn’t due to anything bad between them. I look forward to seeing how he gets roped into Abbie’s adventures throughout the season. And as for Abbie not telling Ichabod about him…hey, Ichabod’s been rather reticent to share anything about Betsy outside of the missions she was a part of, so…:p. I do agree that it would be entertaining to see them each finally opening up to each other about their past relationships-perhaps sometime soon we’ll get that sort of conversation.
    I also liked the scenes with Jenny and Joe. Joe’s whole thing of wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps-aw. I’m cool with him joining in on the team’s adventures when possible.
    Agreed on that “treevil” (great word), too. Yeah. Definitely not a good sign. I’m glad the Witnesses know about Pandora now-look forward to seeing them do battle with her.

    • Pam says:

      Where did Ichabod live in previous seasons? I assumed he and Abbie were roommates before since they were always together (doing yoga, hanging out, etc.).
      What happened to Corbin’s cabin? I thought they kept a lot of their research info there, not just in the archives…
      I’m not too thrilled with Corbin’s son… bring back Hawley instread!! He was much more interesting and nice to look at!
      The actress that plays Betsy Ross is terrible… I’m not buying the character!

      • Angela says:

        I want to say he might’ve been living in the place that is their archives? I could swear he did briefly have a place of his own for a time, too-I’ll have to go back and rewatch sometime. But yeah, it just seemed like they’d been living together already for the very reason you note :D.
        And I think Corbin’s cabin is still okay, too-wasn’t there a moment in this week’s episode where Joe said that he’d been cleaning out some stuff from his dad’s cabin?

        • sharon says:

          ichabod lived alone at corbin’s cabin starting out, but then katrina moved in and they lived there as a couple. when they became estranged, i think he hung out at the archives and now probably avoids the cabin since katrina’s betrayal. and that would be the same cabin that joe would have cleaned out.

          i believe abbie did initially have an apartment but maybe the increase in pay being an agent allowed her to purchase a home. the future she alluded to that she’d always wanted.

      • The Squatch says:

        I’m pretty sure Ichabod was staying at the cabin the entire time the show has been on. I figured that while he was gone overseas Corbin’s son came back and maybe decided he wanted to stay at his father’s cabin therefore causing Ichabod to need a new place to stay. Hence, roomies.

        • sharon says:

          joe is living out of the trailer. i think ichabod is avoiding the cabin because of memories of katrina who lived there with him and then lived their singly when they were estranged. her betrayal runs too deep. but joe still has access to the cabin.

          • Jenny lives in the trailer. Joe stopped by to see her, said he poked his head in and noticed the mess that guy made looking for the shard of Anubis, and called Jenny home. Perhaps he’s taken over his dad’s cabin now that he’s back, though I doubt Ichabod would be interested in returning to it anyway.

  3. Tracee says:

    Loved it! Feels like Season 1. Season 2 was a tragedy I’m pretending never happened. Hope the ratings go up, FOX needs to promote this show more!!!!

  4. I just have to say ... says:

    I’m new to ‘Sleepy Hallow’, after binging it on Hulu. Quick question: is Team WTF’s name shorthand for the standard meaning of WTF, or is there another meaning?
    I agree that Ichabod was awesome while he was cleaning, but especially so whilst vacuuming. (Tom Mison is perfectly cast as man-out-of-time Crane.)
    And Nicole Beharie can say more with her eyes than most other actresses can say in a page of dialogue.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      *Hollow …. stupid autocorrect.

    • Alichat says:

      WTF is shorthand for the standard meaning. They were christened Team WTF back in season 1. I also loved the vacuuming moment. That was classic Ichabod. And I loved how he got all protective when meeting Reynolds.

      • I just have to say ... says:

        Thanks for the info. Yes, Ichabod introducing himself and sidling over to Abbie in the process was great, too.

  5. Ulrich says:

    Love Abbie, so pretty….but hate this being on Thursdays as I have too much to download/watch. This season seems pretty okay so far, but I fear it might be “too little, too late” as Americans say.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I’m really wondering if Fox is trying to kill this show. It’s coming back nicely from a disastrous second season, and the two leads are great, but whoever thought it could go up against Scandal should have his head examined. Move it back to Monday where it had a strong lead-in from Gotham. At this rate it won’t survive into the new year.

  6. prish says:

    The husband saw Abbie and Ichabod with their new look, asking, “Do they have the same barber?” A light moment, never fear, for this is one of his (ahem, our) favorite shows. “Oooo, wow, kind of spooky there.” are his favorite bywords, while watching. I guess it is the 60’s meeting the 1770’s.

  7. CindyC says:

    The show has found itself again and deserves a better time slot.

    By the way, Kimberly, when you call a demon by its name you have an advantage over it. That’s why, OK.

  8. Curly Girly says:

    That low bow though. *sigh*

  9. Galli's mom says:

    Season 2 really dropped the ball. John Noble as Crane’s son was just ridiculous and a waste of a fine actor. Katrina was a complete waste of air time, soooo glad she’s gone. New witch Pandora is a vast improvement.
    What’s up with the trees? From the opening credits to the ones Crane hacked to pieces to the ones that bound them at the end of season 1 to the one now growing in Pandora’s lair. Someone help me out, what do they symbolize? The power of the supernatural over the natural perhaps?

  10. Debbiethedr says:

    Episode was good not great, the show does seem to be getting back on course. Glad the show is focusing on the witnesses and will be interesting to see why Abbie and ichabod where chosen. Fox does not promote the show not sure if loose ends will be wrapped up because the time slot and season 2 may lead to cancellation. Too bad.

  11. delorb says:

    I think that they should have been living together way back in season 1. So much wasted time.

  12. Liza says:

    Second episode of the season. Second time I fell asleep and missed the ending. The lead characters are still great, but the story lines are not engaging at all!

  13. I love the show. One question: How in the world can Jenny carry a gun in New York State. She is not a Law Enforcement Officer, so she cannot carry a handgun, unless the local Sheriff signed a Concealed Carry Permit for her……… that what happened and did I miss it?

  14. How can Jenny carry a gun? She is not a LEO? New York State will put your butt in jail if you are not a LEO and carry a concealed OR open carry handgun……………. I need to know! :-)