Blunt Talk: Did Patrick Stewart's Boozy, Newsy Comedy Get You Buzzed?

Blunt Talk Series Premiere Recap

God save the Queen Walter Blunt’s liver.

Because if the British news anchor at the forefront of Starz’s Blunt Talk continues the way he’s going in the series premiere, he’ll pickle himself by the end of the season.

In a moment, we’ll want to hear what you thought of the half-hour comedy. But first, a quick recap:

Patrick Stewart plays Walter, who is essentially the anti-Picard: a drunken mess of a man who appears before millions on a cable news show each evening but who barely can button his own shirt without the help of his (similarly inebriated) valet/war buddy, Harry.

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We meet Walter as he drinks in a bar, rambling to the bartender and shrugging off the stalling tactics of the pianist — Brent Spiner, in a nod to the Star Trek: The Next Generation looky-loos out there — before entering his car, getting high/more drunk and picking up a transsexual hooker named Gisele.

A brief but tense interaction with the Los Angeles Police Department later, Walter is in a lot of trouble with his bosses at the cable network. The network’s solution to his PR nightmare includes him undergoing therapy (comedian Richard Lewis plays Dr. Weiss); Walter’s solution includes him interviewing himself on his show — a plan that goes even more awry when he takes a lot of drugs and passes out on set.

Along the way, we meet Walter’s staff, which includes executive producer Rosalie (played by Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook), neophyte segment producer Martin (Karan Soni, Betas), senior producer Jim (Timm Sharp, Enlightened), and senior producer Celia (Dolly Wells, Doll & Em).

Walter’s infantile antics are the source of the series’ comedy, though in future episodes, his subordinates get into their own trouble. And watching Stewart play against type is a treat; the worse Walter’s situation becomes, the better Stewart is.

Now we want to know what you thought. Grade Blunt Talk‘s series premiere via the poll below, then elaborate on your pick in the comments!

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