Did Daenerys Ditch Her Pals? Orphan Clone Gone Too Soon? Why the Fosters Recast? Flash-y iZombie? And More Qs

Orphan Black

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Silicon Valley, The Fosters, iZombie and Bones!

1 | What did you think of Orphan Black‘s new clone, Krystal? Bummed she’s already gone?

2 | How could Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys just leave her advisors and lover in the bloodbath arena as she flew away on her dragon?

3 | Considering Silicon Valley‘s brainiac Jared knew the uses for amyl nitrate, are we really to believe he didn’t know what Schrödinger’s Cat was?

4 | Did Larry David and Jason Alexander’s biting banter as Tony presenters make you wish they’d host next year? And did Kelsey Grammer’s Finding Neverland performance give you flashbacks to Peter Pan Live‘s Christopher Walken?

Salem5 | Did Salem take the prize for Most Shocking Kiss of the Year when it had the Countess Marburg lock lips with Mary’s prepubescent son?

6 | At this rate, do you think The Bachelorette will end up with any of the guys that were originally cast on her season? And is it perfectly natural — or terribly wrong — that we keep expecting a dark turn in the updates about Britt (this season’s runner-up for leading lady) and Brady (the songwriter who followed his heart/need for screen time to pursue her)?

7 | TVLine reader laurelnev asks about The Whispers: “Why didn’t Grandma ask why Deaf Grandson [Henry] was suddenly watching TV with sound instead of closed captions?”

8 | Does the host of UnREAL’s “Everlasting” almost jarringly sound exactly like (and even favor a bit!) Arrow’s John Barrowman?

9 | It’s weird that The Fosters is recasting Jesus, right? Like, is the character’s absence so terrible that we we need a new actor to bring him back?Murder In the First

10 | Did TNT’s Murder in the First deliver the week’s eeriest moment, when all the dead teens’ cells began ringing/lighting up?

11 | Can’t American Ninja Warrior just, like, leave one of their courses in the middle of Times Square for passersby (…or TVLine staffers on the way to the office…) to play with?

12 | To the iZombie fans who were iffy on Major: Did that awesome action sequence win you over? And as great as the use of “Der Kommissar” was, are you curious to see that scene with “When Doves Cry” playing instead?

13 | Are we to not notice 20Qs_Fulvio_Cecerethat the same cop (played by Fulvio Cecere) works for both iZombie’s Seattle PD and The Flash’s CCPD? Or is this simply a case of, “That’s the Vancouver talent pool for ya”?

14 | As Younger’s Josh was watching Liza’s video, did he seem to at one point be thinking, “Um, who took these pictures of us during intimate moments…?” Also, is that all we get of the marvelous Martha Plimpton?!

15 | All these years later, have we had our fill of America’s Got Talent‘s America's Got Talentincessant reaction shots from Nick Cannon?

16 | Were you surprised that The Briefcase’s “God-fearing, gun-toting Republican” family, especially given the homophobic sentiments they shared with one another, gave the lesbian wannabe moms as much as they did?

17 | Have you ever attempted to watch MTV’s mind-numbing, talking heads-blathering Girl Code? If so, can you please explain its appeal? (We only lasted 11 minutes, so… maybe it got less horrific?)

18 | The Today show’s Gilmore Girls reunion segment — correspondent Janet Shamlian asked some surprisingly smart, evocative questions, right?

Bones19 | Are we alone in thinking Bones’ Cam and Arastoo had vo-dee-oh-doh-doh’d in her office?

20 | If Wayward Pines’ Abbies have such a super-evolved sense of smell, why did that one not detect Ethan hiding, even behind a deer corpse? Are you sad that in 2095, we still have minted currency? And can we assume that in an unrated edit, Ben responded to Mrs. Fisher with, “Get the f—k outta here!”?

21 | Your favorite Beauty and the Beast premiere moment: the hot-and-heated rooftop makeout session, or the sweet proposal?

22 | Who’d like a little more plot development to go with Hannibal‘s extended Season 3 dreamscape? And on that note, were you fooled into thinking Abigail might’ve actually survived her throat-slitting  — or did you know she20Qs-Coneheads was a figment of Will’s imagination right from the start?

23 | Kremnotts (yea) or mebs (nay) to this ad campaign?

24 | Who is the most ubiquitous actress of June: Constance Zimmer (UnREAL, Entourage movie, USA’s upcoming Complications) or Carla Gugino (Wayward Pines, San Andreas movie, HBO’s upcoming The Brink)?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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