Fosters Recap: Is Jesus Gone for Good?

The Fosters Jake T. Austin Exits

Did The Fosters Jesus perish during the car crash that closed out last season’s finale?

Monday night’s Season 3 premiere answered that burning cliffhanger question, revealing that Jesus — whose portrayer Jake T. Austin is no longer a series regular — actually left the clan behind for boarding school on a wrestling scholarship. So an appearance around the holidays for some leftovers is totally possible — and Jesus will look different when he returns. ( reports that the character will actually be recast.)

However, Stef is still haunted by the traumatic event, both in her dreams and during the day, even though both Jesus and sis Mariana came out of the accident alive. She’s determined to find the other hit-and-run driver.

“I’m a mess,” a teary Stef confesses to her wife. “I thought we lost them. I thought my babies were gone, and I thought I’d never be OK ever again.”

Meanwhile, Mariana is spending all her time helping Ana take care of the baby, which she decided to keep. When Ana is finally mobile enough to look after Isabella herself, Mariana finds something else to occupy her time: losing her virginity to boyfriend Matt before he departs on his band tour and an endless supply of groupies. “I want to do it, but not like this,” Matt replies when Mariana suggests they get it on at a public beach.

Wyatt and his gorgeous locks end up providing comfort and booze. Then Mariana asks him the tough questions: “How do you get your hair to fall like that? It’s softer than mine. What do you do? Do you use some special conditioner or something?” All the caressing of tresses and alcohol leads to making out — and then some! (Mission accomplished, I guess?)

Another relationship takes a big step, too, as the news about Jude and Connor spreads among their classmates. “I’m not gay!” Jude exclaims. It’s not that he doesn’t like Connor, but he wants to know, “Why can’t I just be Jude?

Elsewhere, Callie bonds with A.J., a runaway teen boy who was separated in the system from his brother. (Hello, love interest!) She lets him sleep at the center, and he ends up screwing her over. She gets fired, which means she might not graduate on time.

Finally, Brandon’s Idyllwild experience does not get off to a good start. First, he finds out that he’s in the composer, not pianist, program. Then he gets partnered with a female pianist who is “passionate” (aka bratty — joy). “I’ve seen every kind of tantrum ever thrown,” he tells her. “I don’t scare easy.”

Fosters fans, what did you think of the premiere? Are you glad Jesus is still alive and will be back, thanks to a new actor? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick.

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  1. Recasting Jesus!! Noon say it ain’t so!!!

  2. Carm says:

    I think AJ is going to live with the Fosters. Hopefully Callie will not have another in-house love interest. They have already done that.

  3. “Is Jesus Gone for Good?” I’ve heard he’s coming back. A second coming as it were — oh, wrong Jesus.

  4. Ian says:

    Ummm, Mariana slept with Wyatt??? WTF?
    No me gusta. I should have known it was only a matter of time before this show got beyond ridiculous. I quit Switched At Birth last season, and now it’s time to quit The Fosters.

    • "A" Has Awaken says:

      If you would have WATCHED the episode to see why and understand her state of mind, you’d get why she did it. Don’t be so quit to throw a series away for no reason. -_-

    • Anna says:

      Drunk, rejected, and sad teenagers have made far worse decisions for far fewer reasons. Also, imo Brandon and Callie hooking up was way worse than this – a homeless foster kid who was about to be adopted (along with her little brother) by a family that genuinely loves her after years of being in the system/juvenile detention decides to say screw it because she likes her foster brother? Sigh.

  5. LK says:

    Real cop out on the cliffhander to have them all survive like that

    • Steven says:

      Are you really surprised. This show is the king of cop outa. Remember Callie’s sister and the ambulence? Conner and Jude being shot at?

    • Helen says:

      Agreed, they lied saying someone died and built up all this hype around that & then when the new season finally starts, no one is dead and everyone is all fine?? Lame…

  6. Melanie says:

    This felt like a different shOW. Everything felt OFf

  7. Felicia says:

    Such a boring season premiere. Jonner is the only reason I’m still watching. Every other character has lost their appeal or become annoyingly unlikable.

  8. Carmen says:

    Ugh, not a fan of recasting characters. Recasts usually don’t work especially if the person played that character for more than the majority of the series.

    • ToyCannon says:

      Recasting has worked many times in the past. Soap Operas do it all the time. Dynasty successfully recast both Fallon & Steven. The Jeffersons recast Lionel. Roseanne recast Becky. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air recast Aunt Viv. Bewitched recast Darin & Gladys Kravitz. And so on.

    • Barbara says:

      I’m not a huge fan of recasts either, but every time Jake Austin came on screen, we’d all yell at the TV, “He’s got to go!” because the truth of the matter is the actor can’t act his way out of a paper bag. He was terrible in the role. We even used to mute anything he had to say and just read captions. So, yes, we are all thrilled he’s gone!

  9. Me says:

    I loved everything, except the ending with Mariana. I thought this was a poor writing decision. I think the writers just wanted a shock factor and they pulled a cliché. Mariana might be “Miss Thang” and makes mistakes but she isn’t one to INTENTIONALLY hurt someone–much less, cheat.
    Worst choice the writers had.

    • Karla says:

      I agree! That whole Mariana losing her virginity to someone other than her boyfriend is dumb. Disappointed with that part

  10. Caesar says:

    That made me cry

  11. Miamor... says:

    I thought her sister was dead and no one knew lol, and the foot thing was lame..guy has no aim if he shot down smh

  12. Coal says:

    So from the season opener we learned that, the shows favourite punching bag (Callie) is as naïve as ever, Marianna is just another cliché or CW stereotypical hormonal teenager. We are setting Brandon up with another potential love interest and a good old fashioned “I kissed someone else” plot for the adults. At least there is some progression with the Jude plot.

  13. matraupach says:

    I for myself would have liked it more, if Jesus died, or Ana died, or the baby died, well anybody except Mariana (I really like her) that would have been so much more drama that felt so drama less without any deaths at all.
    The scene with Stef (Teri Polo) at the car crash was really strong though, but I would have liked it more if there was a bigger aftermath.
    Mariana proved again, that she is the dumbest smart-girl in television!
    She can be wiser than Gandhi and smarter than Steve Jobs, but at the same time she does things so stupid that she might actually doesn’t have a brain at all.
    Callie on the other hand is like the good-hearted punching bag once again:
    She always does something with the best intentions with the pure desire to help others and in the process she puts herself in misery once again.
    Lena and Monte is the core drama for me right now in the show. Never thought they could create dislikeable characters so fast, but Monte even got a character progress to become so disgusting.
    Jude and Connor became the heart of the show and their storyline is the most interesting so far. I like how they progressed. It is always exciting to find out what happens next.

    So far I still think it was a worthy premiere.
    They still surprised us and there was interesting stuff that happened.
    But the drama was still kinda low for a show where you scream and cry usually most of the time while watching. This time I cried only in one scene at the car crash and that is not much for the standard of this show ;)
    But it build up the foundations for a lot more possible drama to happen in upcoming episodes, so it was still a really good episode and the our watching flew away fast as ever ;)

  14. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Besides Shameless, I think this show has one of the best gay story lines with Jude and Connor. Sort of hope that the Brandon story line is not all about them getting together romantically. It seems like the Mariana story line was added for more drama. And, please can the writers give Callie a break. She has been through so much; she has to graduate. :-) Still rooting for Stef and Lena.

  15. Kel507 says:

    Marianna is clearly a kid who suffers from major rejection issues. Every time she feels rejected she makes a stupid knee jerk reaction….
    Wish Callie could catch a break and absolutely love Jude and Conner!!

  16. aph1976 says:

    I had a feeling that Jesus would be alive but i do think someone should have died in the crash.For example the crash could have caused Ana to miscarry and how that could have affected things.Then the driver of the other car could be accused of killing the baby,

  17. Cathy says:

    Did anyone else notice how the show made a dig at Jake T. Austin? I’m pretty sure that the whole storyline with the other driver from the crash fleeing the scene (and the conversation between Stef and Lena about why anyone would do such a thing) were a direct f-you to the actor, who fled the scene of a car crash a couple years ago (not long after getting a DUI). It makes sense, since there are rumors that the writer/producers were angry that he tweeted his exit from the show after the cliffhanger finale.

    • matraupach says:

      I have also the feeling that they actually didn’t split up in good terms!
      But I always felt that Jake T. Austin was only on the show because his name helped at the ratings.
      If you look at his acting he was the worst of the cast.
      And it never felt that he was really part of the cast, the rest of the cast felt like a family and he was the one who acted together with them, if you understand what I mean.
      He never had any serious acting to perform.
      Look at Maia Mitchell, what emotions she had to deliver and how good she performed it.
      Or even the child actor Hayden Byerly had more challenging scenes than Jake T. Austin (and did really good)
      Most of the time, Jake T. Austin was just walking around shirtless and had sex with other girls. And he never had really much text.
      Btw. I think Callies (Maia Mitchell) line was a f-you at Jake T. Austin too, when she said after the phone call:
      “That was the longest conversation we ever had”
      I bet the producer had to shorten the lines for him all the seasons ;)

  18. mal says:

    Im pissed Jesus by Jake T Austin was my favorite character. Getting someone else to play him is making me mad

  19. mindy says:

    I want Jude to be proud of who he is. I’m on this episode right now currently watching it.