Grey's Anatomy Recap: Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Meredith and Derek Baby

Hello? Is anyone out there? If the comments on last week’s recap are to be believed, so many of you will have skipped this week’s two-hour Grey’s Anatomy that I might just be recapping it for an audience of one. (Thanks for reading, Mom!) But, on the off chance that you were merely in shock over Derek’s demise — and really, who of us wasn’t a blubbering mess in the moments after Mer told her husband that it was okay to go? — I’ll press on. Care to join me and review the twists of plot?

THE MOURNING AFTER | As “She’s Leaving Home” began, we rewound to the end of “How to Save a Life” and Derek being taken off life support, then flashed forward to Mer’s arrival the next day at Grey Sloan. In a daze, she announced to Richard, Owen, Callie, Maggie and Alex that Derek was dead. And then, because the gang was so engrossed in their chitchat that they didn’t hear her, she had to announce it again. And again. Finally, she just fainted.

Upon learning that Amelia didn’t yet know that her brother had passed away, Owen waited until she was out of surgery, then broke the news. But, rather than accept his offer of comfort or even react, really, she shut down. She’s been here before, she insisted. “It’s not a big deal.”

Following the funeral (which we only got to glimpse, maybe so we wouldn’t collectively ask, “Why on earth isn’t Cristina here?”), Mer pulled an Ellis, woke up the kids, threw some clothes in a suitcase and, as the title told us she would, left home. When her friends found the note that she’d left for them, Callie suggested hiring a detective to track her down, but Richard — noting that Mer was not only a responsible adult but her mother’s daughter — advised against it.

TIME WARPED | After Mer’s exit, we flashed forward to Easter — April leaving Jackson for three months to go study new techniques in a war-torn country (Iraq?) with Owen, and Callie treating a reinjured Dan (who took every opportunity to tease her about her having called him boring). Next, we flashed forward to Memorial Day — Ben and Bailey continuing their (apparently months long!) conversation about how he wanted to be kept on life support indefinitely, should he ever need it, and Arizona tearing into a doctor that she overheard complaining that the board had yet to hire a neurosurgeon to replace Derek. On the Fourth of July, April informed Jackson that she was staying overseas to continue learning new techniques, and Catherine rejected Richard’s marriage proposal before he could even make it. By Halloween, Stephanie had grown so tired of Amelia making jokes about Derek that she offered to join her at a grief support group, and Jackson was letting April’s call go to voice-mail. At Thanksgiving, Alex finally got Mer to answer her phone. But no sooner had she told him that she and the kids were fine than she’d hung up on him! Finally, on Christmas Eve, Dan thanked Callie for seeing him through his amputation, gunfire broke out frighteningly near April during a tense call to Jackson, and we saw that Mer was very pregnant!

MOTHER’S DAY | After starting a new year in the second hour, Callie broke down in tears when Dan rocked a prosthetic leg that she’d developed with Derek, Jackson welcomed April home with open arms, and Amelia rejected the hell out of Richard’s concern… just as Owen walked in to witness her meltdown. Later, at Casa Grey-Shepherd, Owen kept Amelia from downing a pocketful of oxy by encouraging her to stop “managing” her grief and instead go ahead and feel it.

Meanwhile, Mer started bleeding so badly that she let Zola call 911. After giving birth to a daughter named Ellis, the doc was told that her husband was there to see her — but it wasn’t Derek, it was Alex, her emergency contact.

On Valentine’s Day, Ben gave Bailey his living will and permission to pull the plug (which only upset her!). And, as the two-parter drew to a close, Richard accepted Catherine’s proposal of marriage, and Mer returned home with Alex and the kids to face the bed in which her husband would never again sleep. She even managed to share a laugh with Maggie and Alex, and return to work, where she put on Derek’s surgical cap and assured Bailey that she was indeed ready for this. “All I have to do,” she said in a voiceover, “is begin.”

OK, your turn. Did you see Mer’s pregnancy coming? Hit the comments!

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