Grey's Anatomy Recap: Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Meredith and Derek Baby

Hello? Is anyone out there? If the comments on last week’s recap are to be believed, so many of you will have skipped this week’s two-hour Grey’s Anatomy that I might just be recapping it for an audience of one. (Thanks for reading, Mom!) But, on the off chance that you were merely in shock over Derek’s demise — and really, who of us wasn’t a blubbering mess in the moments after Mer told her husband that it was okay to go? — I’ll press on. Care to join me and review the twists of plot?

THE MOURNING AFTER | As “She’s Leaving Home” began, we rewound to the end of “How to Save a Life” and Derek being taken off life support, then flashed forward to Mer’s arrival the next day at Grey Sloan. In a daze, she announced to Richard, Owen, Callie, Maggie and Alex that Derek was dead. And then, because the gang was so engrossed in their chitchat that they didn’t hear her, she had to announce it again. And again. Finally, she just fainted.

Upon learning that Amelia didn’t yet know that her brother had passed away, Owen waited until she was out of surgery, then broke the news. But, rather than accept his offer of comfort or even react, really, she shut down. She’s been here before, she insisted. “It’s not a big deal.”

Following the funeral (which we only got to glimpse, maybe so we wouldn’t collectively ask, “Why on earth isn’t Cristina here?”), Mer pulled an Ellis, woke up the kids, threw some clothes in a suitcase and, as the title told us she would, left home. When her friends found the note that she’d left for them, Callie suggested hiring a detective to track her down, but Richard — noting that Mer was not only a responsible adult but her mother’s daughter — advised against it.

TIME WARPED | After Mer’s exit, we flashed forward to Easter — April leaving Jackson for three months to go study new techniques in a war-torn country (Iraq?) with Owen, and Callie treating a reinjured Dan (who took every opportunity to tease her about her having called him boring). Next, we flashed forward to Memorial Day — Ben and Bailey continuing their (apparently months long!) conversation about how he wanted to be kept on life support indefinitely, should he ever need it, and Arizona tearing into a doctor that she overheard complaining that the board had yet to hire a neurosurgeon to replace Derek. On the Fourth of July, April informed Jackson that she was staying overseas to continue learning new techniques, and Catherine rejected Richard’s marriage proposal before he could even make it. By Halloween, Stephanie had grown so tired of Amelia making jokes about Derek that she offered to join her at a grief support group, and Jackson was letting April’s call go to voice-mail. At Thanksgiving, Alex finally got Mer to answer her phone. But no sooner had she told him that she and the kids were fine than she’d hung up on him! Finally, on Christmas Eve, Dan thanked Callie for seeing him through his amputation, gunfire broke out frighteningly near April during a tense call to Jackson, and we saw that Mer was very pregnant!

MOTHER’S DAY | After starting a new year in the second hour, Callie broke down in tears when Dan rocked a prosthetic leg that she’d developed with Derek, Jackson welcomed April home with open arms, and Amelia rejected the hell out of Richard’s concern… just as Owen walked in to witness her meltdown. Later, at Casa Grey-Shepherd, Owen kept Amelia from downing a pocketful of oxy by encouraging her to stop “managing” her grief and instead go ahead and feel it.

Meanwhile, Mer started bleeding so badly that she let Zola call 911. After giving birth to a daughter named Ellis, the doc was told that her husband was there to see her — but it wasn’t Derek, it was Alex, her emergency contact.

On Valentine’s Day, Ben gave Bailey his living will and permission to pull the plug (which only upset her!). And, as the two-parter drew to a close, Richard accepted Catherine’s proposal of marriage, and Mer returned home with Alex and the kids to face the bed in which her husband would never again sleep. She even managed to share a laugh with Maggie and Alex, and return to work, where she put on Derek’s surgical cap and assured Bailey that she was indeed ready for this. “All I have to do,” she said in a voiceover, “is begin.”

OK, your turn. Did you see Mer’s pregnancy coming? Hit the comments!

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  1. shaw says:

    As the biggest Grey’s anatomy fan… that was the worst two hours.
    There were good parts, but all the flash backs were too much.

    • milo says:

      biggest greys fan wouldn’t say that..i, as a big greys fan, thought it was fantastic

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        I thought it was fantastic also. Loved the story line and the healing process Mer had to do by herself.

        • kacey says:

          Agreed- i think they did a great job

        • You’re so right! It was perfect, loved the way they let everybody heal in a different way. Have not cried so much in forever. Last week’s and this week’s Episode emotionally wrecked me. I know it’s hard to understand, but in reality, after watching it again and again, everything does make sense. Shonda actually did a beautiful job telling a great, extraordinary story of this beautiful, strong woman who was lucky enough to find her true love, and we got to see that, and live with it and grow from it. Actually it’s pretty epic. I’m gonna miss Derek for sure, but I guess I know why everything turned out that way, you could actually see it coming and It’s a great way to bring Meredith’s story to the next Level.

      • dee123 says:

        So a big Greys fan can’t not like something? Pathetic.

        • Fran says:

          Of course not! Its a tv show and if you can’t watch it and enjoy everything about it, you’re just a “hater”. Constructive criticism is not welcome here! Gotta love it. I didnt mind the episode but understand why many people are disappointed and I think after watching for 11 years…. They are so certainly entitled to feel that way.

        • Did you even read the posts above? Three people indicated that they thought that the episode was great. Not a single one of them even hinted to the notion that a “big Grey’s fan can’t not like something.” Talk about hyper-sensitive.

          I hated the episode. Does saying so suggest that the people who liked it are wrong to have an opinion and to express that opinion?

          • Kate says:

            milo says:
            April 30, 2015 at 8:05 PM
            biggest greys fan wouldn’t say that..i, as a big greys fan, thought it was fantastic

            Yeah, that seems like a pretty big hint…

    • Alice says:

      Epic failure ! Nothing happened. We knew she would be pregnant no surprise. Given how the series goes I thought April Owen and Ben would be dead by the end of the episode. Surprised nothing happened. Now I’ve hardened myself to not feel for any character because who knows when queen shonda may get pissed at them and discard them like stale leftovers. Derek got the worst end ever. Does shonda hate men? I’m a woman and I don’t get her concept that Mer is sun and Derek isn’t. A couple can be happy together, no one needs to outshine the other. Shonda always wants independent women who kick men out of their lives aka scandal or who lose men to death. Saw today’s episode with hope of closure but felt like shonda gave the finger to mc dreamy fans. Good bye shonda, I’m done with all your shows forever.

      • Nothing happened?!?! Have you ever lost someone and grieved?

      • tjmack says:

        Oh geez! You act like she’s killed off a million characters or something. 4. She has killed off FOUR characters in 11 seasons. I dare you to find a show that has killed less in a similar amount of time. If you don’t like characters dying then I have a list of plenty of shows you should stay away from. Lost is a big one. They killed a main cast member every single season, perhaps even more. 24 Is another one. They killed 2 MAJOR characters in 1 episode. They also enjoy killing at least one pretty major character a year. Not to mention the fact that women character’s didn’t last long at all on that show. So perhaps the writers of 24 hated women?

        Whenever did they say that Meredith is the sun?? As far as I remember she has always been described as dark and twisty, minus this season.

        I honestly can’t fathom giving up a show after 11 seasons because of one death, or even it’s because of all four deaths. It’s a tv show, it happens. You might wanna stick with comedy’s if you can’t deal with character death, because every single drama I watch kills characters all the time.

        • Michielle Bryden says:

          I know about killing off people but kill off the irritating ones not the ones we like there’s always someone like on star trek send someone with away team no one knows so someone can die but not the stars….. SEE

          • tjmack says:

            The characters that you don’t like, maybe other people like them and would be hurt by their death? Honestly, I wasn’t that big on Derek at the end there because he had been such a douche at the start of the season. Plus, there were so many hints to his death it wasn’t really that shocking.

        • Cass says:

          Christina’s parting words when she left for Zurich were “He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun…you are”. It’s what inspired Meredith to not move to DC with Derek.

          • tjmack says:

            Yes, which was at the end of season 10 … I said that she has been dark and twisty until THIS season. Make sure you read the whole comment before commenting. I think Meredith had earned a bit of sunshine in her life, since her life sucked pretty horribly for a while.

        • seireinia says:

          There have been far more than 4 Character Deaths on Grey’s.

          1) Denny
          2) George
          3) Mark Sloan
          4) Alexandra “Lexie” Grey
          5) Adele Webber
          6) Mousey
          7) Henry (Teddy’s Husband)
          8) Derek
          9) Samuel Norbert Avery

          There’s been 94 Character Deaths, according to the Grey’s Wikia. Vastly more than your 4.

          Point is, Shonda is a Character Murderer. She doesn’t believe at all in characters having a truly happy ending.

          • tjmack says:

            Yeah, I meant main cast. Half the characters you named were barely even a part of the show, which meant that you didn’t even get a chance to get attached to them. The only ones you named, aside from the four I was talking about that were of major importance to the show was Denny & Adele. Both of who were very sick prior to death, so no shocker there that they died. Neither of them however, were main cast.

            So back to my point. 4 MAIN CAST have died. And all of them made a point to prove that they had NO intereest in returning. Therefore, she killed them. Which she has every single right to do. If she hadn’t killed those characters all she would hear is when are they coming back, which would most likely be never since the actors have said they were done. Period. I’m just saying, there is grieving for a character, and then there is being a bit of a drama queen. Most fans are being drama queens right now. Really? Just stopping a show after 11 seasons. Apparently you weren’t a real fan.

          • Trista says:

            Don’t forget the two interns shot during the Grey’s hospital massacre.

          • Welcome to real life. People die. They work in a hospital, at least 3 of the characters you mentioned had a life threatening illness when we met them so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they died. This is an American soap opera, a melodrama, w/ a bit more realism. Meredith got 11 years with Derek and three children. When the show started she couldn’t even imagine that for herself. In a long running show, you have to be prepared to kill off characters and still be able to move on. Shonda Rhimes does that very well.

          • nurseJAZZ says:

            So what! Shut up already. She can kill any character she wants. She created the show she pays their salary. Sparticus killed all their major character off.

          • Veronica says:

            Sure, but how many of those are major characters, not just a part in an actual character’s story arc? Not Denny, Adele, Mousey (couldn’t even remember who you meant), Henry (So minor you needed to make your own parenthetical notation, I see.), and the Avery baby. And Ellis, and Lexie’s mom, who should have gone on your list of minor characters who died by were really only intended to serve to broaden the story of an actually significant cast member. It’s a medical drama. People are going to get/be sick and die. If you can’t handle it like a stable adult, watch something else.

          • abz says:

            Denny and Henry’s deaths affected me so much. Two of the most heartbreaking deaths on this show. I don’t care if they weren’t main cast members. Their deaths to me were almost equivalent to main character deaths.
            There was also Susan Grey which was also a very sad death. What would Meredith’s life have been like if maybe she had a little bit more time with Susan in her life.

          • Veronica says:

            Sure, they were good characters and their deaths were sad. It was sad too when the girl who was run through with a pole (with another man) died, but that does’t mean it’s fair to lump them into a “THAT HORRIBLE SHANDA KILLS EVERYONE!!!!!!!111!111” chorus.

          • A fan of TV says:

            94 deaths obviously includes hospital patients with multi-ep arcs. But to act aghast that of those 94 are dozens of very I’ll hospital patients is a sever overreaction.

          • Erica says:


          • Meredith says:

            Yes, but some of those can easily be explained away:

            1) He was introduced to be killed off, I’m pretty sure.
            2) No argument here.
            3) No argument here, but the actor was leaving the show. I don’t really see how they could have written him off without making him seem like an awful guy. If he had just left town or something, people would be saying he would have never left his daughter.
            4) No argument here.
            5) Not much of an argument here either.
            6) Absolutely no argument here.
            7) Another character that seems like he just got introduced to be killed off.
            8) Killing Derek off was the only choice that made sense (short of him and Meredith riding into the sunset together with the kids). In any other scenario, he’d be the dead beat dad who left his kids and wife. Imagine how THAT would have gone down?
            9) No argument here.

        • Are you seriously comparing 24 to Grey’s? The majority of the cast of 24 were in peril for every minute of every episode. Doctors working in a Seattle hospital would not face similar danger, not even close.

          • tjmack says:

            Oh geez. Read the comment. I wasn’t comparing the two shows! I was telling the person that if they can’t handle character death, that maybe they shouldn’t watch any televised dramas since most if not all are rife with character death. 24 was one that came to mind because almost all of my favorite characters died on that show … didn’t stop me from watching it every single week though. I’m just tired of all the whining and crying over one death. This is worse than Mark & Lexie’s and I thought that was bad. If you’re not gonna watch the show anymore, then don’t. But real fans that enjoy the show despite the deaths, and that are planning on continuing the show don’t wanna hear about it every single week. So, all I’m saying is that these whining fans need to either pull on their big boy/girl pants and move on, or they just need to stop watching the show … or quit complaining about to people that are sick of hearing about it.

            I come to this site to read the recaps, because they’re always fun/funny. And to have an actual adult conversation about the episode at hand. Not to whine and cry because something didn’t go my way.

          • They can put on their big boy pants and you can get off of your soapbox. Some people get overly invested in their shows and characters and they are inevitably going to voice their opinions about it when a showrunner chooses to off those characters. This is a discussion forum, for C’s sake. If they choose to voice their displeasure, they have every right to do so. They can, of course, stop watching the show but you can also stop reading their comments. It really irks me when people insult others for having an opinion and choosing to voice the opinion.

        • kpmom says:

          4 is a lot of main characters to kill off a show. Imagine if they killed off 4 people from Friends. Not much of a show left. Yeah, you can replace people but it changes the show. Can’t dispute that.

          • kyle says:

            Lets be honest here – a lot of you people had decided you were going to hate this episode no matter what happened in it.

            You call it boring, but if it had been filled with action, you’d have said it was disrespectful to Derek’s character that they didn’t have more time to reflect on him.

            You criticize the time jump, but considering this episode spanned around 9 months, come February 2016 you’d have been complaining if Meredith was still grieving.

            You complain that Cristina and Addison didn’t show up, but had they appeared, I’m pretty sure people would have said that their appearances overshadowed the main cast.

            Greys couldn’t really win here. I don’t know what happened with PD, but if he was leaving, then killing him off was the only way that the show could go on. I personally HATED it when Mark and Lexie died, but it’s a television show.

            In my opinon this episode was a solid B. It wasn’t always the most rivetting and I could have done without the flashbacks, but it’s set Greys up much better for the next season and beyond. I think it’s a shame that Derek died, but it’s done now. The show must go on, and I think they did a good job of starting that, without completely glossing over the character completely. Peace and love! :D

          • Mary says:

            Killing off 4 on Friends is killing off 67% of the main characters. Greys doesn’t come close to that.

          • tjmack says:

            Really? Comparing a very large ensemble cast to Friends … who had 6 main cast members? Also, comparing a drama to a comedy. 4 characters over an 11 year span = no so bad. How bout you try watching a show that kills 2 main characters in the season premiere? See how badly that screws with your emotions. If you can’t handle character death, then my suggestion would be to strictly stick with comedies. It’s less likely to deal with character death.

            I mean, how long are we as a collective group of fans going to have to hear about this? It’s not like Derek’s death was that big of a surprise. All the flashbacks leading up to his death? Not to mention it was a pretty big giveaway when the cops showed up at the end of the episode before his death. Just for future reference, when you’re husband is missing, and the cops show up. Nothing good is about to happen. At that point you have to think, he’s dead or in jail. Considering the show, it was safe to bet that he was dead … or dying.

            I’m also super sick of hearing how disrespectful his death was. The man died a hero. Yes, he made a mistake that ultimately resulted in his death, but do you know how many people die because of a stupid mistake? A LOT. People die because they’re speeding, or because they pull out in front of other cars. Tons of stupid mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid people. They could be really smart, and just not think for a moment. It happens. Smart people can do stupid things. Smart people are human as well, they make mistakes just like the rest of us. He was probably thinking “This isn’t a heavily traveled road, let me just grab my phone real quick.” And the semi was probably on that road for the same reason as Derek. Because of the accident on the interstate that Amelia had told him about at the beginning of the episode.

        • tvadictmom says:

          Christina told Meredith she was the sun not Derek

        • Anne says:

          There has definitely been more than 4 deaths… George, Lexie, Mark, Reed, Charles Percy, Henry, Heather, then Derek. Adele and Ellis Grey also died but you could choose to not count them since they were only recurring characters. The issue that fans have was that it was completely unnecessary to kill off such a central and beloved character, but even if they ‘had to do it’ they shouldn’t have done so in such a sloppy manner. The episode was idiotic, full of plot holes, full of character inconsistencies and then the follow up 2-hour load of crap which paid zero tribute to him. They just mashed up a bunch of flashbacks and had a scrub cap at the end. It was terrible. I’m stunned at people saying it was the best episode ever and am convinced they work for the Greys PR dept. It was the worst written episode ever. But anyway that was Shonda Rhimes’s intention because clearly anyone who offends her in any way gets the boot in the dumbest way possible (case in point: Izzie).

          I can understand why fans are fed up. And Patrick Dempsey, who was a cornerstone of the success of Greys, deserved more than that. And I am saying all of this as someone who is not even an avid fan of McDreamy – even I see the importance of his character and felt betrayed with the way they wrote his character off.

          p.s. don’t be rude to Cass, she was just answering your question “Whenever did they say that Meredith is the sun??”

          p.p.s Also you cannot compare Greys to Lost or 24 where action/adventure/survival is the theme of the show. Next you’ll be comparing it to Game of Thrones.

        • Melissa says:

          If you watched Christina’s farewell!!
          She called Mer the sun and Der dreamy…

      • Lila says:

        You make it sound like the entire episode no one was doing anything… They were grieving! And when Christina called Meredith the sun she meant that Mer shouldn’t put her entire life on hold because Derek wants to go to DC

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Lila, Christina gave Mer good advice that every woman should follow. No woman should put a man a head of her happiness. This is. A TV show with some realism incorporated a long with some fantasy.

          • Hmm says:

            It’s not realistic that no one ends up
            happy. Let’s not make Derek’s death about female empowerment. Shonda relies on shock and awe–it’s all she does and after awhile it’s boring. Watch don’t watch/11 seasons was a good run. I’m glad that Patrick’s fans honor him in a way the show didn’t.

        • Anne says:

          Yes they did nothing. Grieving?? They didn’t even mention Derek. Except maybe Callie which I thought was the best tribute and most true to her character. Arizona did rant on about him but I thought it was rich coming from her since usually she is as insensitive as the person she was yelling at. Bailey and Ben debating about extraordinary measures… Catherine and Weber back and forth with proposing… April going off and Jackson pining after her… Owen about to go off… WHO CARES. Even Amelia who was clearly struggling and breaking down didn’t say two words about him. It was more about how everyone in her life was dying.. etc etc. There was zero tribute to Derek. As someone mentioned on twitter, JJ (the patient) was grieved more by her other patient friend than the characters did for Derek. And let’s remember that all of this happened in the span of two hours. Two hours of nothing! The scrub cap end was fine but could not make up for the nothingness that made that sad excuse for a television episode.

      • becca says:

        I’m right there with you! It seems like anytime anyone acts difficult or anything shonda just kills them off. It’s very frustrating that her shows revolve around sex, divorce , break ups, death and negativity. I would like my show to have a little bit of happiness in it!

        • Joanne says:

          So right Becca!

        • Miss Rozie says:

          @Becca ~ Shonda writes what goes on in every day life. People everywhere have sex, many divorce (have you seen the divorce rate?) people break-up from dating or from jobs, everywhere I look there is negativity. It’s up to each & every one of us to try to make each day on Earth as great for us as for others. And remember, we ALL die, fact of life. This show is about the life of Meredith Grey. The love of her life died a horrible death, from a particular doctor who botched HIS job & from his injuries because of that doctor. And what we saw at the end of the wonderful 2-hr show, was a very strong woman BECAUSE of Derek Shepherd having been in her life for the time that he was. To ME, there IS a happy ending to their love story because Meredith didn’t try to take her life like her mother did AND there is one more human being on earth because of Derek Shepherd & Meredith Grey- baby Ellis. And through that strength, Meredith will move on with her life & raise her three children, hers & Derek’s children. Life & death, that’s what it’s all about folks. Have a happy day.

          • I don’t consider it a happy ending because Meredith didn’t take her life. I didn’t once think that she would. Meredith proved herself stronger, more resilient and better than her mother long ago, so suicide wasn’t really on the table as a possibility(even though Shonda would have had us believe that it was). There was no happy ending to that relationship, nor could there be. She was a stronger woman because of him and was blessed with another piece of Derek to carry on with her(baby) but the end of D and M was, is and always will be tragic.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Becca, you do know that you do not have to watch her shows, right?

      • liame says:

        Hey Alice in Wonderland why don’t you switch to the Disney Channel where everything is cute and unbelievable. You act as if this is the only show on TV that kills off beloved characters and break up couples. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes regarding actors and their contracts, but love to speculate based on gossip by the tabloids. Some actors let their ego’s get the best of them. I’m sure if it was Sam Rhimes instead of Shonda Rhimes calling the shots, you wouldn’t be so bitter. Do you hate women?

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Thank you, liame. I said the same thing. People need to stop it. Dempsey was not even a good actor, just arm candy. If it was a man at the helm reaction would be different. Why should all the people involve with the show from the actors to the crew members suffer because Dempsey is going through a divorce and bring is personal problems to work. Showing up late, not remembering his lines. Shobda suspended him and he came back bitter. She should not have to put up with his crap! No one person is bigger than an ensamble show. No one is indispensable or irreplaceable. Where I come from if you are not productive the job suspend you as a warning for you to shape up or ship out. Dempsey could not shape up so he was shipped out. Thank goodness, Now let’s move on there are lits of superb actors on Greys both veterans and new and they are performing. Shonda gave Dempsey a chance she should not have to wipe a 50 y/o man ass. If he is that good an actor he will get work if not then oh well he will race. :))))

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        Alice, you really are not making any sense. Dempsey was not that great an actor. His character flourish because of Ellen Pompeo & Shonda. He was just arm candy. Don’t watch the show because there are many others who will.

      • Justin says:

        I think the amazing words spoken to the Amelia character by the amazing, strong Owen character is proof the Ms. Rhimes loves men. Maybe you just need to find shows that lack depth and complexity, and never challenge you to feel things you don’t want to feel. Dealing with heart-crushing nature of the universe was the entire point of this difficult episode, and I struggle to pass that test on the daily as I watch what is going on in this cruel world. This episode synthesized that reality and the joy of victory over despair as it applies to real life, and I am grateful!

        • Ruby Red says:

          I had a really hard time hearing the last couple of sentences that Owen whispered to Amelia while she’s collapsed in his arms. It was a beautiful scene. I don’t have captioning and I’m hard of hearing (HoH). Any chance you’d be able to tell me Owen’s exact words in that last part of that scene? I’d appreciate it!

          • Justin says:

            Sorry Ruby, I’m not sure and already deleted the episode. Hopefully someone else can help out.

          • Meredith says:

            You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna survive this. Okay (????) Nobody does. It’s perfectly normal, it’s boring even. It’s so normal.

            The part with okay eludes me a bit, he says something really short that sounds like okay or pain to me, but I’m not a native speaker, so maybe I’m missing something. Nonetheless, the rest is correct, I think, I’m just not sure about the connection between the first two sentences and the part with “nobody does”.

      • Casey C says:

        I agree! It bothers me so much that there is a sense that an independent women cannot be in a relationship. Really? Meredith could have been completely independent, completely happy with Derek, and have an amazing career. Shonda has issues. If I only knew 11 years ago….

      • Jillian C says:

        I liked your post! And I think I see things the same regarding Shonda ! Thanks, I am always glad to feel I think like the normal rest of the folks!

      • the8tregirl says:

        “…I thought April Owen and Ben would be dead by the end of the episode.” Now that’s funny stuff!!

      • Phil says:

        Most of the people who were killed off chose to leave the show themselves! If wasn’t hust Shonda deciding she had enough with them. People need to stop blaming her. I know people were upset about Derek but there was no other way to write him out! There was no way that he would have left Meredith so it was the only way! The emotional scenes and the drama are all the reasons why we like Greys in the first place – they make the show so much better! And can I just say that Shonda doesn’t write every single episode, sure she had creative control over everything being show runner but she certainly doesn’t write was happens with every single character!

    • ? says:

      I don’t know, they finally showed a lot of close-up reaction shots of random extras in the background being all like “these people are f-cking crazy,” which is what it would be like to work at that hospital and watch all the scenes these characters make trying to deal with their issues and which I thought was hilarious. Unless those are the good parts you were referring to? I certainly appreciated the nod to just how absurd these episodes’ plot would actually be in real life.

    • abz says:

      I thought it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t perfect. but not terrible.
      “Every man I’ve ever loved has died…including my baby.” That line broke my heart. Poor Amelia. And I really felt for her watching the preview for the next episode. Meredith didn’t call her and she never got the chance to say goodbye to her brother.
      Meredith. What can I say? I feel heartbroken for the character. She’s been through so much and now she’s a widow having to raise her three kids by herself. It just isn’t fair. I know it’s a show, but the amount of pain and suffering this one character has gone through is just insane. The parallels between Meredith and Ellis were beautifully done and I just love the way they use the flashbacks (although maybe they were a bit excessive this episode). Seeing Mer’s racing thoughts. So sad.
      Other things: Callie again connecting with someone who lost their leg. Bailey stuff was unnecessary in this episode probably because she is a shell of the wonderful character she used to be. Sorry I’m just not as crazy about Bailey much anymore. Although the Idris Elba thing was a bit funny.
      My issues with the episode: While there were some great moments, mainly the Meredith stuff, overall Derek’s death just seems very poorly planned. You wanna kill off a major character like this and not make an effort to have his own mother, any one of his sisters (perhaps even the fourth sister whom we’ve never even met, they could have easily cast her), Addison, Cristina? These are people that matter in such episodes like this. Not the Bailey stuff or any patient cases.

      • Missy says:

        I 20% agree with ‘abz’. I hope next episode is better.

      • Samantha says:

        Did Amelia’s last boyfriend/fiance at the end of Private Practice die? Because I didn’t think so, and that line confused me.

        • Trista says:

          No – she left him to move to Seattle. e

        • Ruby Red says:

          Amelia references losing the love of her life. That was the boyfriend who OD’s and died on Private Practice. She was pregnant with his baby. That’s the child that had hydrocephaly and died at birth, to be an organ donor. Yes, Amelia has experienced a LOT of loss. Especially if you recall that Derek was with her as they witnessed their father’s murder as children.

          • Roses says:

            Somehow they seem to make Amelia conveniently forget all about James! Yes, she suffered a lot when her boyfriend and then their baby died, but we also saw her move forward thanks to James! They fell in love and got engaged….but poof that’s all gone!

          • Annie says:

            The boyfriend she had for like 10min when she was high as a kite was the love of her life. That I don’t get. I get the heartbreaking over the baby, of course, but not the boyfriend

          • abz says:

            @Roses: I think the difference between Amelia and a lot of other characters on different shows is that we get to see her post-series finale. During the final season of Private Practice, they had to wrap things up. Amelia was shown to have been working towards moving on and she was getting there with James. The difference is when PP ended we have no idea what happens to them. There were no plans at the time to bring Amelia on Grey’s. We don’t know if there is some problem in Addison’s life, or Charlotte/Cooper. Finales usually make everything happy and magical so we don’t see anything. It’s not impossible to imagine that Amelia and James just didn’t work out after a while just because we saw them get a happy ending in a finale of a different show. Amelia was brought onto Grey’s and thus they needed a reason to bring her. I’m not saying the writing perfectly explained everything, but just because she was shown to be happy during the finale of one show doesn’t necessarily mean it would have continued. If PP had gone on for another season, there would probably be some drama created between the two.

          • Roses says:

            When she first arrived in Seattle she was still engaged to James, then she broke it off on the phone!! I’m not saying they were supposed to live happily ever after, I just wanted a real, good reason as to why that happened! The fans invested in that couple while watching PP so if you’re bringing half of it on Grey’s then the least you can do is explain the why and how.
            If the actor couldn’t come back (I believe he’s on another show) they could have brought another actor in his place just for the viewers to get closure!
            Anything but pretend the guy didn’t exist! At least for me, it makes Amelia supposed feelings for Owen seem cheap!

        • abz says:

          Her father, Derek, her baby, and Ryan (if I’m remembering his name correctly). He did die during their drug overdose in the fifth season. All these men taken away from her. I think while she was working on being with James, it’s clear she didn’t love him or things probably didn’t work out or else she wouldn’t be on Grey’s.

    • bluefairy says:

      Yeah, it was quite disappointing. I liked Meredith’s journey through grief and the parallel to her mother’s situation and I didn’t mind the flashbacks, but it did drag on a bit too much. And the other storylines (especially Miranda/Ben and Richard/Catherine) were boring and annoying. If they had just made a one-hour episode focused mostly on Meredith, it would have been great.

    • cyrano says:

      I think that the last few minutes saved the whole thing for me…

    • Liz says:

      I agree…worst two hours…I sobbed when Denny died and I felt like by reusing the music from Denny’s death episode they were trying to go for the emotional punch that Denny’s death was – but it felt so rushed that I didn’t have time to shead a tear…as a viewer, I felt like the time jump minimized the impact of Derek’s death.

      • Inge Angel says:

        Totally agree – was not as emotionally as I expected these 2 hours to be, from what preview showed.

  2. joeyreifer says:

    This episode was so predictable. Every time Sandra kills off a main character there’s a time jump. Aka lazy writing, they don’t wanna deal with the aftermath so they gloss over the deaths.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Oh please, the 2 hour episode was awesome. Love you Shonda, go get a new wife Demsey and send Shonda a thank you for all the money you made from greys .

      • Alice says:

        Watch greys go downhill from here. Shonda will regret her decision

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Alice, trust me she won’t and she does not have to. Shonda is a strong talented woman and after 11 years of greys being successful if it ends now its a job well done and she will find another project. That is what successful people does.

        • Meredith says:

          Dempsey wanted to leave.

          The only decision Shonda made was to kill him off instead of some other option.
          Why won’t people get this?

          And for the record, if Derek had left Meredith and the kids (which would have been the only other realistic way of writing him out), it would have been a far worse way of wrapping up his story arc.

          You people can complain all you want about HOW Shonda killed him off. About how sloppy you think the writing was, and all that. I might even agree in points. But people seriously need to stop blaming Shonda for Derek’s death, that’s on Dempsey. He wanted out, and he knew full well that meant his character had to die. They would have never allowed Derek to just walk out on the love of his life.. and his children.

          • Roses says:

            I get that death was the best option for this character if Dempsey wanted to leave (still have my doubts about that cause from what I read he only wanted some time off after all he had signed for another year) anyway it’s the how I have trouble with!
            Derek deserved better than to die with a group of strangers!
            Derek deserved and his fans deserved a chance to really say good bye!
            And if you don’t get the cruel irony of killing him off the way they did then you can’t get why fans are mad at the writers!

          • Meredith says:

            It wasn’t exactly my favorite way of killing him off either. The writers could have come up with a more appropriate solution. That said, these things do happen. Sometimes you don’t get your beautiful, heroic heartfelt ending surrounded by friends and family (although Mer really should have called his family, but that’s a different point altogether!).

            And from what I read around the web, the fans are divided. The irony in the way he died was of course cruel, but funnily enough that was the thing I liked best about the way he died. The things I take issue with are that Meredith didn’t call his family, the all-too-convenient-way he got hit by that truck, and, for that matter). I thought Derek, a world-class neurosurgeon, dying because of his doctor’s incompetence was an interesting touch. Cruel? Sure, but unfortunately not unrealistic. Medical blunders and mistakes happen often. Even world-class surgeons can fall victim to them. *shrugs*

            And I have been with Grey’s since the beginning. So I consider myself a fan. Just saying. So keep your condescension to yourself.

          • Roses says:

            Sorry if I sounded condesendent, wasn’t my intention!
            As for yes, these things do happen, and people do die that way, but the writers were sending off one of the major characters, loved by millions, so if we’re to believe that Meredith hostile uterus got pregnant after one try, they could have written him a real good bye, which could have been less realistic but where fans actually said good bye to him!
            Like you I don’t understand why Meredith didn’t call his family, and what I most hate about this death is the rush!
            We had patients who were in the hospital for many episodes before dying and they get rid of Derek in 20 mins?!

  3. kn1231 says:

    I loved the episode. I know a lot of people will complain about the lack of Derek being mentioned, no Cristina or Addison, or the huge time jump… but damn, the acting in the episode was incredible. Ellen Pompeo and Caterina Scorsone were so good. The time jump made sense to me because that’s not the type of grief people get over quickly. The only thing that I would have liked was a longer funeral scene for Derek, but it was most likely skipped over because the event wouldn’t have been done well with Sandra Oh or Kate Walsh. As for the ratings I think we’ll see a dip for the second hour, which is unfortunate because it was the best part.

    • kn1231 says:

      Wouldn’t have been done well WITHOUT Sandra Oh or Kate Walsh****

    • Bobbu says:

      I totally agree! Didn’t even want to watch it ! I thought it was so well done and totally in keeping with meredith’s character….loved it!

    • sarah says:

      The reason for the dip in ratings in the 2nd hour because directv claims it was a network error that we couldn’t watch the 2nd hour….apparently directv subscribers were the only ones not able to watch the 2nd hour

      • kn1231 says:

        I wasn’t referring to their being an outage that will effect the ratings, I’m more referring to the fact that I think people may have turned off the show because the first hour was a bit slow. All the good/juicy stuff happened in the second hour

      • Ash says:

        Omg That’s why I’m on this blog trying to find out what happened! I recorded it and it looks like the full 2 hours but then stops after we see Mer’s pregnant (which by the way I totally predicted last week!). DirecTv is the worst cable ever… Now I have to wait and catch on

      • Chance L'Meier says:

        Sorry, I watched it with Directv and saw all two hours of it and hated it’s!!!

      • Robin Severson (@RDSeverson) says:

        That is me…a DIRECTV viewer…thanks too you…I now know what happened. It’s bedtime for this viewer.

      • TinLV says:

        I have directv and I watched both hours.. not sure what you mean… I loved the episode.. it was well done and well acted and they covered 9 months so the characters can all move on with their lives.. not that Derek will be forgotten, but they will come to terms with it. Just like real life. Having lost a husband very young, I thought it was realistic (I would have taken my kids and run away too, if I could have), it was sad but thoughtful and it drew on Meredith’s history, not just with Derek but with her Mother.

      • jlj7861 says:

        That definitely happened to me too and then you had to go on but login with your direct TV login to access it. I’ve never seen them require a login for before

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      I agree kn1231, it was fantastic and the leap made sense. A story had to be told and the actors was superb in telling it. I am sick of people complaining and making it seem like the other actors can’t act. Damn Demsey did not really act he was more fairytale & ponies. Baily, Catherine, Alex, Amelia, Owen, Weber, April, Jackson and most definetley Meredith can act and they acted the heck out of this two hour episode. Demsey was probably off signing up for his next car race. You nailed it Shonda, love you!!!!

    • cookie says:

      I so agree, most people really show embarrassing grief, and queen Shondra really should have had a real reunion of past characters there. There is no way Christina would not be there to support Mer, her BEST FRIEND! !! NO speeches at Derek ‘ s funeral, nothing, she didn’t allow the fans to have a grieving moment, this was so wrong. He should have been eulogized by his colleagues! !!

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I understand why the funeral scenes were so short, so they could have the “feel” that the right characters were there even though they couldn’t get the actors on short notice.
      Hopefully, when they start planning out Season 12 they’ll have a story where Meredith and Amelia do some kind of tribute for Derek and his career where Addison and his two friends from med school (from PP) show up, in addition to his mom and sisters Nancy and Lizzie. And, maybe we’ll finally meet Kathleen (Lauren Graham, please).

      Also, I really hope the April and Owen story is flushed out more – especially for April. You just don’t go to a war zone to work and then come home and everything is fine.

  4. Hayes says:

    What a weak episode. 2 hours of a whole lot of nothing.

    • milo says:

      um shut up? amazing episode

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Take a xanax and go to sleep. It was fantastic. You don’t have to watch. Shoda will not care.

      • really says:

        Is shonda paying you for trumpeting her horn 📯 I mean really why are you so aggressive that Noone should have a different opinion than the episode was great which to be honest with you it wasn’t.. In my opinion it was confusing and a slap in the face 😔 to the people who have supported this show loyally for 11 years!!

  5. Marly Lahart says:

    Even though I love this show – even in the not so popular moments – this felt too forced and rushed. Too many sweeping changes for characters without giving us the time to get invested in the shifts. Not nearly enough Meredith and it was a slap in the face to have no Cristina, Addison or Mrs. Shepperd. Fans are invested in this show and the characters and this was just lazy storytelling.

    • Annie says:

      They didn’t focus on the funeral, because those characters were not present. Their absence is not a slap in the face to fans, sometimes it is hard to work out schedules or to get actors to return.

      • Kat says:

        They are saving $10 million next year with the killing off of Derek, surely they could have used SOME of that to entice those actors to make a two day-shoot for a brief appearance. This whole thing is lazy and sloppy.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Marly, Ru for real. These other actors have a life with other jobs. How do you know if they were available to do the episode. If they were available were you going yo write a check to pay them. It was not a slap in the face. These people do not act for free and television production has a budget. You people seems to care more than the missing actors. They were probably somewhere getting paid while you laid up saying it was a slap in their face not being at Derick’s funeral.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Lol..have you ever seen Derick’s mom on Grey? This is a new storyline and I loved it.

  6. Jessa says:

    Ridiculous. Such a poorly written end to Derek as a character, not to mention the fast-forward of a year. Now, a year later, Amelia is mad at Meredith for not calling her before she took him off life support? (Commenting on the promo for next week). We just conveniently sped through Mer’s grieving process so we can return to Shonda’s regularly scheduled nonsense next week? This show has just become so badly written that I won’t continue it next season. It’s so over-the-top that it’s almost a caricature of itself.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Jessa, Shonda do not care if you watch or not. The actors are still getting paid. It was awesome and I loved it. Demsey is happy he made millions and Grey put him n the spotlight of fame. So shut up!!!

      • Fran says:

        People are allowed to have different opinions you know. Who are you to tell someone to shut up?

        • Tai says:

          I’ve noticed that this person has replied to every negative comment about this episode too. It’s almost like negative opinions have offended them personally. The Internet is a strange place.

          • nurseJAZZ says:

            Fran, you are right, I am sorry it’s just that people are making it seems like Dempsey was the show and that none of the other actors matter. Saying that the show should end because of one character’s death putting a lot of people out of work and I am talking people such as crew members is silly.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Fran, you are right, I am sorry it’s just that people are making it seems like Dempsey was the show and that none of the other actors matter. Saying that the show should end because of one character’s death putting a lot of people out of work and I am talking people such as crew members is silly.

      • LC says:

        It’s OK. We can leave Jessa and the rest of the haters to their sour grapes. They’re going to complain about the fast forward, but if Shonda had spent a hour on the funeral and the second hour on mourning…and all of next season on everyone’s recovery…then they would complain about how slow the story was moving. Some people just can’t watch a show and enjoy it.

        And yes, I loved it. I thought it was perfectly handled. I liked how they made you think Mer was going to really pull an Ellis and give the baby up, but in the end, in brilliant parallel story telling with the little girls and the 911 calls, they reminded us that Mer is not Ellis. She is stronger, and because of Derek, she is able to weather this storm. I thought it was beautifully told.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Fran, you are right, I am sorry it’s just that people are making it seems like Dempsey was the show and that none of the other actors matter. Saying that the show should end because of one character’s death putting a lot of people out of work and I am talking people such as crew members is silly.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          LC, well said! Lol…lol…

      • Luli says:

        Completely agree with you about next week’s episode! I just commented the same thing on youtube! Am I supposed to believe that Amy is confrontring Meredith one year after she pulled the plug?!

        • Christine says:

          Well. Apparently Meredith was missing for a year and no one was able to find/contact her. She was likely still in shock at the funeral and they Meredith was gone.

        • abz says:

          Meredith cut herself off from anyone for almost a year. No one could contact her. When would you have expected Amelia to have the opportunity to confront her? And now Meredith comes back with a new baby and a new niece for Amelia. Obviously she isn’t going to confront her the second she comes back. And Amelia was basically in deep denial for so very long too and refused to allow herself to grieve so there’s that too.

        • Rook says:

          Are ya’ll forgetting that Meredith took off. Amelia probably didn’t have time to confront her about it before she left. It’s not like she could get in touch with her while she was away.

        • Meredith says:

          That’s not the part that bothers me. People carry grudges, and this is the kind of grudge you will probably carry for a long time. But didn’t Amelia say she didn’t want to know how he died? What changed? I wonder whether the show’s going to address that.

      • Lauren says:

        nurseJAZZ – you need to get off this comment board and stop telling everyone off who doesn’t agree with you. FYI most Grey’s fans are disgusted by Derek’s death and this latest episode, and your comments up and down this board will not change that. Go away.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Lauren, please spare me. IDC, Derick was arm candy he had no depth as an actor. He let his personal problems invade his professional life thus, impacting the whole cast. Why don’t you haters write a petition or send his wife Jill messages not to divorce him. Calling Shonda out for doing what was in the best interest of the show and other cast members is really stupid. All those who are mad because he was killed off the show Ru also mad at Jill for divorcing him? Also, for your information Lauren, Dempsey talked about leaving for years, he loved the money, but he eluded that the long hours impacted his marriage. The man does not want to come back to the show, he wanted off and that’s what he got. He said his racing his is passion and now he has all the time in the world to race. Give it a break lots of people are working due to grey. Let the show transition in new territories. Also, when Derick was in DC, mer told him that she can live without him, but she did not want to. Shonda writes leads to protray women of strength. Lots of women lose their spouse and has to go on holding down the fort for their kids. I would rather draw strength and encouragement from that soryline. Live with it I am not going anywhere.

          • Lauren says:

            You’re a crazy person for going up and down this comment board since last night defending Grey’s and Shonda, and slamming everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Get a life. 90% of the fan base disagrees with you. Sorry. But if you want to continue, check out the comment board on EW and People, lot’s of “haters” there too who are disgusted with how the show has turned out. Have fun telling them they’re all wrong.

    • Mary says:

      What is ridiculous is how everyone is complaining how Derek died. Hate to break it to you but in real life unexpected deaths happen all the time. It is obviously the actor has other priorities at this time and having Derek leave was not realistic. As much as I was shocked and disappointed he was killed, I actually see this as the beginning of a new story line.

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        Mary, my thoughts exactly, I too was surprise when Derick died. I suspected something was going to happened when two weeks ago Mer was worried because he went to DC to resign and wrap things up, but they said he had not got there and Mer could not reach him. Baily told her to wait till 5 pm and if she had not heard from him then she could worry. Remember that episode ended with her watching the clock and as soon as it said 5pm she picked up the phone and we saw police lights foreshadowing the window. Also, Dempsey had issued statement prior saying he wanted to leave. He said he would never commit himself to a 24 episode series again because the hours are long. He also said he was well compensated. Everyone as a right to have different opinions and viewpoints. What tick me off his saying the show should be shutdown because of Dempsey is foolish. What about the other actors how do you think they feel hearing that? They are very talented and has the ability to carry the show. When April was written off Shonda eventually brought her back and this talented actor was allowed to showcase her talent. Look, when Mark and Lexie died they did not have a funeral not even a memorial and Lexie’s body was eaten by wild animals. Derick loved cars he loved to race Shoda gave him a death created by what he loved. Mer has always been a loner and a woman of strength. They keep parlaying info about Ellis her mom because even though her mom was a talent expert surgeon she let her love for Richard and his lack of reciprocity break her emotionally to the point of attempting suicide. Shonda wanted to illustrate that inspite of the lack of maternal mothering Mer was strong. Young women needs that in society today. They need to see that they can go on inspire of insurmountable loss.

      • Anne says:

        Because of the endless plotholes and inconsistencies in the episode.

    • MJ says:

      Well I think Amelia recognizes that Meredith and her nieces and nephew need her right now so she’s hardly going to just bail on them in their time of need. That said, Meredith ran away and just got back and Amelia is only now feeling the loss she spent months dissociating herself from. So I think there really hasn’t been an opportunity for them to have it out over this. At least that was my impression of the situation.

  7. Al says:

    The first hour should have focused on the funeral!!
    The second hour was amazing though

  8. Holly says:

    An entertaining 2 hours. Ellen Pompeo was again superb, as she was last week.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Holly, I agree. I loved it all the actors shined and brought their A game. I love how Zola is growing and becoming more of an integral part of the show. Excellent work Shonda.

  9. cdeno says:

    So is this the hint that Grey’s is ending?

    • nursejazz says:

      I think that the 12 season will be the last. For those who still choose to watch the show, like myself (yeah!), look for clues on how the various storylines are getting ready to be wrapped up. Look for clues to see which direction each character will be exiting Greys. I loved how charmed wrapped everything up. I liked how Desperate Housewives wrapped everything up. I am sure I will love how Greys Anatomy wrapped everything up.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I for one thought that it was an amazing episode. I was really brought back to the season 6 premiere and how they handled George’s death. I thought they paid tribute to Derek in a great way, and I think that finally having Amelia break down and grieve about Derek’s death was great. It was like being in a therapy session with all of the cast of grey’s as they work through everything that they’ve been through. Can’t wait for next week when Amelia confront Meredith about pulling him off life support, and for another catastrophe episode!!

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Jeremy, I was expecting Ameila to confront Mer this episode, but I see that its going to happen next episode. Either way, I knew it was coming and I cannot wait. Two superb actors confronting each other epic. Loved the two hours. I was looking forward to it all week and Shonda did not fail me.

  11. Kayla says:

    I found they really did a disservice to Derek here. We barely got a glimpse of the funeral. It would have been nice to see Addison at the very least if not Cristina. I wasn’t really surprised by the pregnancy. I was so sure Meredith was going to say “it’s a beautiful day to save lives” at the end and I would have had a meltdown.

    • ashley miller says:

      Oh my gosh, me too!! I actually said it in my head as she put that scrub cap on and I did have a breakdown last week and this week. I know they were running out of story lines buy I really regret that they killed derek off!!!!!

    • LC says:

      Yes, the funeral scene was short, but assuming Kate Walsh, Sandra Oh and Tyne Daly were unavailable, they really couldn’t dwell on it. Who would believe that Mer’s person, Der’s ex-wife (who he was on good terms with) and his mother were not at his funeral. They spent an entire episode on Derek last week, no need to dedicate an entire hour to his funeral. He got his send off.

  12. Camille says:

    Didn’t watch it! Glad I didn’t!

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Glad you didn’t also so don’t comment Camille. I watched it and loved it. In fact I am going to watch it shin on, on demand.

  13. Kel says:

    Well at least we won’t have to sit through a whole season wondering if Mer’s baby will be ok. That and the fairy boat scrub cap were the only good things to come of this.

  14. Meg says:

    I called it last week. I knew she would be pregnant, I just didn’t expect her to be pregnant and give birth in the same episode.
    Did anyone else notice a woman with dark hair at the funeral? They only showed the back of her head, so maybe they were trying to make it look like Cristina was there. I kinda expected that Mer was with her the whole time. I’m disappointed that she wasn’t.

    • Alichat says:

      I think there’s a debate going on as to whether that was meant to be Cristina or if it was Amelia. Alot are leaning toward Amelia. I rather thought it was meant to represent Cristina, which is why we didn’t see her face. Then again, it could have been Mere’s other sister whom we never hear of, or one of Derek’s other sisters (who are all brunettes I think).

      • Suzanne says:

        When they were all together at Meredith’s house talking about how to find her Alex said he had talked to Christina and she said she hadn’t seen Meredith since the funeral.

        • nurseJAZZ says:

          Exactly, finally someone is paying attention.

          • nurseJAZZ says:

            Lauren, I have a life and that’s why one board is enough for me. It seems like you do not have a life that’s you you are trolling on all the various boards to analyze that 90% of the fan base want Derick back. Well, go get him then. After reading all the foolishness regarding Shonda you bet I wanted to say something. Still, haters will hate and at the end if the day Shonda is riding to the bank and she can always have another project. Since all you haters seems to think Shonda us the only writer on Greys and she makes decisions based on malicious intent. Boo boo kitty, bye Felicia!

        • Amy says:

          actually I thought Alex said that Meredith had not talked to Cristina since the funeral. Which doesn’t mean she was there.

          • Alichat says:

            Right. Alex’s line was “I called Yang again but she hasn’t heard from Mere since the funeral.” The whole thing was shot in such a way and intentionally vague so that it really could have been either character.

    • Kristen says:

      They showed the back of her head and her holding mers hand…it was supposed to be christina, definitely. Sandra Oh left less then a full season ago…ppl need to remember this. And while we are all upset over dereks death, there was no other way to excuse his absence from the show.

      Mer packed up the kids and left weeks after the funeral and when they were in her house asking if christina heard from her Alex said she hadnt since the funeral, indicating that she was there. Thats why they skipped over the funeral mostly, bc Oh wasn’t available to shoot it. They did what they had to to make ir flow without her. Everyone is so ready to curse Rhimes but they forget there’s only so much they can do….it’s not her fault Dempsey wanted out or Oh wanted out etc etc….if you love the show you cant fault the creator for everything you don’t like about it.

      • gilbert says:

        Amen!!! Preach

      • Jessica says:

        I’m glad to hear that they made it clear that Cristina was at the funeral. BUT, the problem I have with your statement is that you don’t know. You have no idea what they could or couldn’t know. You don’t know if Sandra or Kate or any of the other actors were willing to come back for this episode or not. Or if Shonda chose to do it this way from the getgo. You also don’t know if it was Patrick’s choice or Shonda’s. If it was Patrick’s then no, it’s not her fault. And that’s what I initially believed and that they planned it out a long time ago. But Patrick said in an interview basically that it wasn’t him and it was sudden and happened fast and it just made sense. He didn’t outright say the words, but he implied that it was not his choice but he was okay with it and said it made sense. So none of us have any idea if Shonda did this all on her own or if it was multiple contributing factors. Either way, I hate the way it was all written. I could have accepted Derek’s death if it was written well. It wasn’t.

        • Mary says:

          I won’t speculate if Patrick wanted out or not, but the truth of the matter is he has a lot going on in his personal life right now and maybe he wasn’t 100% committed to the show, which is understandable. I actually thought his death was written well. Unexpected yes, but in life many of people die without warning. How would you of liked him to die? A long a painful death. The shock value worked, good TV, and we are all going through our grieving process. I see this as an opportunity to a really good story line, because quite frankly it has become mundane recently.

  15. Natalie says:

    I was disappointed with the 2 hour episode tonight. I really thought we would get to grieve for Derek and spend some more time at his funeral. Instead, we did a time rush through a year and experienced a very bizarre episode. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next two episodes this season. I am not sure where Shonda is going to go next with the storylines. I miss Derek a lot. I am glad they had Amelia begin grieving for Derek with Owen. Amelia had some good scenes tonight but I think a lot of the other cast members were robbed because they were not able to express their emotions.

  16. Nickreras says:

    I was OK with killing Derek off last week, now all I feel is indifference, but not just to the death but the show as a whole.

    Honestly I’m more disappointed that there was no Meredith and Cristina. It’s just such a gaping hole in the universe that is Greys, and a show that I have loved since day one.

    I know shows can go on without certain characters, the real question is SHOULD they? I feel like the Greys I knew is dead.

    Dramatic much!

  17. Larc says:

    That was a wasted 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get back. What a pile of crap!

  18. Did April lose a leg? I missed 2 seconds but it seems that what was going on…and she stood funny on her right leg before jumping into Jackson’s arms…….I shouldn’t drink so much wine during Grey’s but needed it tonight!

  19. Christine says:

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch, but it was a phenomenal episode. I didn’t agree with many hating Meredith’s reaction last week, an this week you saw that she reacted as meridith would. Well done.

    • Bobbi says:

      I expected to hate this episode and didn’t want to watch, it was awesome! So well done tying Merediths dark and broken past with the present. I wanted to hate it Shonda, but kudos to you!

  20. Annie says:

    The first hour was a waste. I feel cheated that we didn’t get to see Meredith go through the stages of grief. The first hour lacked emotion, which given last week’s events, didn’t make any sense. The second hour made up for it, and was very good. It was obvious that Meredith was pregnant, and we didn’t need to sit through the horrible first hour in order to setup that twist.

  21. Alichat says:

    Man, Grey’s really does know how to do a weepfest. I was never Derek’s biggest fan, mostly because he became such a jerk when things didn’t go his way, but I have to admit, Shonda gave that character some fantastic lines when it counted. I’m on the fence about the time jump. I understand doing it for dramatic purposes and so they don’t have Ellen Pompeo walking around in a fake belly, but they could have just not given her another baby. So….now we’re in February on the show?

  22. Earl says:

    That can’t have been Derek’s kid. He died before easter and she was born (early) in Feburary.

    • Tammy says:

      Mer left when she found out she was pregnant. When they all gathered at the house to read the note etc. they said it had been weeks. Easter is in April and usually it’s late April…. so early Feb isn’t far fetched. It’s Derek’s…. who else? She wasn’t with anyone else.

      • Meg says:

        Even if Meredith had conceived on April 30th her due date would have been February 4th. The timing for the birth of Ellis was off.

        • Fran says:

          If we’re talking about the actual conception date (as opposed to the first day of your last period) April 30th would put her due date on the 20 something of January…. But we never got an exact date as to when she gave birth did we? Just sometime after the new year and before Valentines day…. So the timing seems fine to me. But we know its Derek’s baby anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    • kpmom says:

      How do you know she was born “early”? She could have been due that day for all you know. Just because Meredith experienced a complication, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t born on time. She could have even been overdue. You have no idea because Shonda didn’t write it in. Even women who go full term can have complications when labor begins.

    • kpmom says:

      Also, we only know she was born sometime between New Year’s and Valentine’s day. They didn’t give us an exact date. And anyway, you know its Derek’s kid and it’s ridiculous to say otherwise so are you just trying to be a troll on this board?

  23. When Derek was talking to her about wanting to make another baby with her right then and there, you knew she was going to be pregnant.

  24. Jan says:

    I will finish out this season, but I am done with this show.

    I wasn’t moved at all. I was bored and forced myself to finish.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    Did Meredith give birth to a 20-lb baby?!

  26. Now I wish I watched it between intermissions. But from the other comments, it sounds like I made the right choice in sticking to the Capitals game. But wish I did see the new baby though.

  27. laurel says:

    it was good , Ellen Pompeo was great. it’s a tv show.

  28. My brain hurts. MY BRAIN. Not my heart, not my feels. NO emotions were harmed in this episode. I’m angry. I personally think that Shonda Rhimes may have taken one too many oxycontins herself before starting on the cheap ass boxed wine.This episode was so sloppily written, It’s the first time I can say “Twilight was a better Love Story Than that.”

    So no. It was not good, it was a total fail. And I think the show should end.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Kristen, thank you! Some people here has no comprehension on how to decipher a ongoing storyline. You broke it down to the

  29. Dianne says:

    Made a real life situation ..It absolutely is true of how people handle grief differently only a few are more concerned about your grief than their definitely made you want to see the next episode..she will love again and it will be exciting to watch it take place and interesting to see if it is an old friend or someone new enters the equation..couldn’t turn my back on this show but will miss Derek.

  30. BT says:

    watch the new DVD version of 50 shades of gray with alternate ending instead . Made the right choice the DVD has extended red room scenes and a much more satisfying alternative ending. Predicted the baby and sounds like I didn’t miss much it’s time for GA to start wrapping up

  31. cej says:

    From what I read on Twitter and here, sounds like I made a good choice to quit Grey’s last week. This episode just would have made me even angrier.

  32. Tahimar says:

    I was surprised how awful it was , considering it was written by Stacy McKee, one of Grey’s best writers, and loved by Calzona s fans and guess who didn’t have a scene together, again, but Ben and Bailey had like ten minute scenes..which makes me think he will die.
    so disappointing..

  33. Pope says:

    Very disappointing episode. Shonda nice try with the time jump… But it did not work for me. I am done with GA. Deleted all episodes from my DVR and will not watch or record future episodes. I kept waiting for the “dream” reveal… never happened. My heart has been broken 2 weeks in a row by Shonda Rhimes.

  34. N says:

    This ep. didn’t focus on Mer. I feel cheated

  35. Sara says:

    So let me get this straight (full disclosure, I didn’t watch).
    They sped through the first year after Derek’s death so that we don’t actually get to go through Meredith’s grieving process with her?! Wasn’t that what Ellen Pompeo claimed to be excited and honored to portray in her statement? What completely lazy writing and another slap in the face to the fans. Now I’m glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t watch. Pathetic.

    • I highly doubt Meredith has fully grieved her husband in only a year.

      • Sara says:

        Obviously not, but we don’t get the full story or her full journey with this fast forward. I mean, it seems we barely know what she was doing in the months she was gone other than that she was pregnant. There was so much rich storytelling that was abandoned for a quick fix to reboot the show.

    • Tammy says:

      If you ask me the whole 2 hours was everyone grieving. They all did it differently. It showed you that it’s always bubbling under the surface for people. Arizona blowing up. Amelia in denial. Bailey obsessing over her husband wanting to be left on life support in hopes he wakes up one day. Webber wanting to propose because life is short. Meredith running….. running from it until she holds her daughter and realizes Derek is still with her. Some were in denial, some ran away, some dealt with it. It shows you that you can’t get over it in a short time or you never really get over it. It was almost a year before Amelia was willing to deal with it. That’s how important Derek was to everyone.

      • Gerri Garvey says:

        Brilliant writing!

      • Sara says:

        That’s great and all, but that doesn’t address my questions about what was expected after Ms. Pompeo’s statement about representing those who have lost loved ones. There are a lot of details that need to be taken care of in the immediate aftermath and in the months after a terrible loss like that. Boring? Perhaps. But to those who she was claiming to be honored to represent, it would have been more truthful than just brushing by a year and barely showing Meredith and her journey. That was my point. Good, I’m glad everyone else was shown grieving in a very abbreviated manner, but where was Meredith’s journey that we were promised?

        • Mary says:

          If you have watched the show from the beginning Meredith was always a loner, she drank her problems away. She put up walls to not let anyone in. I am sure we will see more of her grieving in the next couple of weeks to come. It is not unrealistic that she took off by herself, because she has always been afraid to let people in. I for one am glad that they didn’t have a two hour show of her crying and being hysterical. I saw her journey as getting away from what was her life with Derek and focus on the kids and life without him. When the baby came, she realize that he would be with her no matter where she was and that gave her the strength to go back to the place they once shared and start to live again.

      • cyrano says:

        Well said! If a show does not go the way someone particularly rabid fangirls and boys then they start attacking everything… I’ve done it before but you are right. This was a way to deal with everything in a manner that is realistic…

  36. What a time warp. Covered every holiday from Valentines Day, to Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So Meredith was pregnant for an entire year? And next weeks episode shows Amelia going off on Meredith about not calling her before Derricks life support was disconnected? Amelia waits an entire year to confront Meredith?

    • Kristen says:

      How could Amelia confront Meredith? Meredith was gone and no one could find her for a year, not even Alex. This is the first time she can talk to her.

  37. Sherry says:

    Please bring Derrick back.

    • Sherry says:

      We have all loved this show and have lost so many characters that we have cherished and now you want to keep taking those special ones that keep us grounded in the show away. It’s hard to stay engaged and keep following a storyline of someone or others that we cherish or relate to in life? I have always been a big fan, but I’m just tired of it. I have made plans around this show. I’m not a social moron, but just appreciated the story and characters. Maybe that’s why series don’t last? Sad. I thought you guys figured it out.

  38. specialka says:

    I knew she was pregnant!

  39. Tammy says:

    I liked the episode. I wouldn’t want a year’s worth of episodes that focused on Derek’s death. I like the fact we were able to see how it effected each person, how they dealt with it or didn’t deal with it, and how they moved on. It was focused plenty on Derek to me, he was the driving force behind everyone. He was constantly on their minds. I have always thought it was interesting some of the parallels in Meredith’s and Ellis’ lives. To me, she finally came to grip with losing Ellis as much as losing Derek.

  40. sillylilnut says:

    All I can say is I was surprised at how much I liked it. I am hoping we see more Alex and Meredith, they are amazing together and have plenty of chemistry. Jo and Stephanie need to move on to their own storylines. Alex and Jo have nothing compared to Meredith and Alex so I hope we see the end of Jolex and explore fun dating with the younger interns while Meredith and Alex grow closer. I hope the writers take note and recognize what works. I still miss Christina and dont really like the Owen/Amelia pairing but like Amelia. We need more hot young male doctors!!!

    • Ash says:

      What? Okay, I missed the 2nd half but I think Alex is falling for Pierce. They’ve been together a lot lately and remember when he was talking to her about all her good qualities (when the Black doc never called her after their date)??? There was definitely something there…

      • Justin says:

        Fir Shure, Ash. I was thinking the same while watching. One of the only things about the episode that I had real trouble processing was the fact that Jo wasn’t with Alex at all despite what they’ve been through, but she’s a busy resident and was stuck dealing with the burnt folx. I can deal. I liked Jo and Alex, but it also felt a little incestuous. I love the idea of Pierce and Karev. Hope we’re right!

        • Justin says:

          And if I think Jolex is incestuous, y’all can guess what the idea of Alexideth does to my stomach. They are right as they should be in their siblingly way.

          • Ash says:

            Hey Justin,
            I HATE the idea of him with Mer but I kind of like him with Jo. And I liked Pierce with the oh so sexy Lance Gross but it looks like they forgot all about that storyline lol. I didn’t like that Alex and Jo weren’t together AT ALL either but that just makes me lean more towards something on the horizon with him and Pierce. I can deal with either but def not Merideith… they’re been through too much and are literally siblings in my head lol.

        • kyle says:

          Definitely been expecting it too. I don’t know, I guess they’d make a cool couple, but I really always thought that him and Jo were well suited..

          If they do put Alex with Maggie, I don’t really know where Jo can go as a character. She’s been in Greys for like 3 seasons now, but has very few connections. Stephanie seems to be mixing with a lot more of the established cast, but Jo really only has connections with Steph and Alex.

      • sillylilnut says:

        I like them together too!

  41. Surabhi says:

    They should have dealt with aftermath but a nice episode

    • Meredith says:

      I actually liked this approach, for a change. There’s only so much you can do with those kind of episodes, and Grey’s has had a number of deaths, so I think it was refreshing to skip over the immediate aftermath and grief, and instead focus on how everybody’s lives had been affected.

      It would have been interesting to see Meredith coping with Derek’s death, but I have a feeling that will come back in season 12.

  42. Terru Musgrove says:

    First, Shonda dishonors us, the fans, by trying to convince us that Derek was stupid enough to pull across both lanes of the road, (close to a curve in the road) STOP there, and mess with his phone! Then, she blows past the whole ordeal like it was the neighbors pet chicken who died…no big deal!! Mark Sloan got a much more compassionate send-off. Shame on you Shonda!

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Actually it took everyone 40 days to get over George’s death in Season 6 and it took almost a full year for everyone to come to terms with Derek’s death. And, it’s obvious that Meredith and Amelia will still be dealing with their grief next week (promo). I liked how they showed every one dealing in different ways – who will get Performer of the Week or will TvLine give it to multiple GA characters: Arizona (yelling at the doctor), Callie (breaking down about how she and Derek worked together in the past), Miranda (the final scene with Ben when she admitted she didn’t want to think of life without him), Amelia (her yelling at Richard and then the breakdown with Owen and even the flippant scene with Stephanie) or Meredith and her grief over both Derek and Ellis.
      Great directing in the parallel scenes of a young Meredith and Zola calling 9-1-1.
      I hope the show deals with what happened to Owen and April during their time overseas (Syria?), especially April since she had never been in a war zone before and is likely to have some kind of PTSD or nightmares… Also, I’m guessing the April/Jackson marriage could have some tension since he was unhappy that she kept postponing her return (yeah he was happy to see her, but he also thought she might’ve been killed by the gunfire during their last call).
      I’m starting to wonder if the actress who plays Jo will be written out – her main story was with the burn victims and she hasn’t had much to do lately. Alex has Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Maggie all of whom he seems to have stronger relationships with.
      So are Ben, Jo and Stephanie now in their fourth year of residency, possibly heading to the fifth (and final) year next season?
      I knew Catherine was going to propose to Richard – it was perfect and keeping in character for her to be the one to do the asking. Will they marry this season?
      Did anyone else expect Callie working with the cop who lost his leg to bring back memories of Arizona? I hope we get a Callie/Arizona scene by the end of this season where they either come to terms with the past or possibly get back together.

    • Justin says:

      Yeah Terru, I think Derek was mcdreamy enough to get sidetracked into thinking about calling Mer about everything that had just happened even in the middle of the road. The character had a tendency toward having his head in the clouds. That said, I was screaming at the screen and feeling those same types of ways as it was happening. The show isn’t through dealing with the loss, and next week might give more of what you’re looking for.

      • nursejazz says:

        Justin, I think next week it will be focus on Amelia & Mer. I know that no matter how much criticism these past episodes are getting they would have Amelia address Derek’s death. I did wonder why Mer didn’t call Amelia, but in truth Mer has always dwelt with things by herself. Really, she has connected to three people and that’s Derek, Christina, and Alex. She connect to Weber as a father figure after he admitted his part in driving her parents apart. She forgave him right before she and Derek got married. At one time she was closer to Christina than Derek. Now that Christina is gone, Alex is her person he gets her because they came from the same dysfunctional background. Amelia already sees herself has the best neurosurgeon and since Derek died from a brain injury of course she would think that she could save him. Of course she will blame Mer for not giving her the opportunity. Honestly, with Amelia there is no win because by the time Mer got to Derek it was too late, but Amelia doesn’t know that. I think that even if Mer had called her out of respect and she could not save Derek it would have impacted her so either way Amelia is emotionally conflicted. I think that she might be the next person to leave Greys. She will probably always blame Mer for not calling her unless she reviews Derek’s medical record and see the time line. P.S. for those who think that I am being too opinionated. I have been a fan of Greys from day one and I mean the whole show. I have not been a fan of Scandal, never have and never will. Once I saw one or two episode I didn’t like so I never watched it. Still, I don’t trash it. I just think that attacking Shonda’s credibility and going off on some characters death is foolish, dramatic and over the top. Still, I guess some people use television as an escape. I am curious to see if the so call die hard fans are still gonna be lamenting Derek’s death next month. Jebezus, RIP DEREK. P.S.S. when Derek survive the shooting Shonda incorporated his love for racing cars in the show. Remember he would be driving recklessly that it got to the point where Mer left him in jail overnight after the arrested him for speeding. Right now he is in Belgium for a car race. So maybe there was a reason they killed him off that way. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Plus, they needed a storyline. The fans never ever have a say in how a storyline flows because if they did it would reck havoc on the storyboard. What’s done is done and I am damn sure it will not be undone. One more thing there is a saying that one can catch more flies with honey than vineger. Maybe if people was more sensitive with how they approached their views on how things turned out it might have had a slight impact I don’t know. What I do know is that after the whiplash that has been thrown her way I doubt it Shonda would even consider, reconsidering. She strikes me as the type that when she gets pushed, she pushed back except harder. I am laughing right now because I believe the only people riled up are the fans. The casts are cool and they are at peace. Derek has moved on with is new home. Shonda truly probably does not care what anyone is saying because right now she and Lee Daniels can get any actors that they want on board to do a project. With that said, I MISS YOU EMPIRE!!! COME BACK # COOKIELYONS

  43. Hana B says:

    I totally knew that the pregnancy was coming like honestly all the shondaland pregnancy signs were there. from the minute they had that first talk I knew that a pregnancy storyline would come into play and when she started puking and fainting there was no doubt she was pregnant. I just did not realize it would happen so fast!!!

  44. Jane says:

    Cristina was there. Maybe not Sandra Oh. But it shows Meredith sitting beside a curly black beaded woman at the funeral. You only seeing it from the back.

  45. Tammy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it was a full 2 hours of grieving for Derek? He was the reason behind all the choices made during this episode. Everyone reacted differently. It was constantly bubbling under the surface. It showed you that there is no time period for grief. I thought it was an excellent episode. Sure we could have filled out some of the scenes here and there but overall I liked that we touched based over the year, saw how this was affecting everyone and how Meredith couldn’t really move on until she held her daughter and saw Derek in her. She also came to grips more with her own mother…. why she named her Ellis.

    • Sherry says:

      I think that most definitely, without a doubt, what the episode was about….on Derrick!! Right?!? Don’t think that it was just lost on you?

      • Sherry says:

        But honestly, I think we are grieving the show now.

        • Tammy says:

          I’m not grieving the show. I was never a big Der/Mer fan. I have almost quit this show a few times. I’m just reading all the comments on how they wanted more Derrick or we didn’t grieve him enough. to me this show isn’t one character or one couple.

          • Mary says:

            The main character has just lost the love of her life. Forget that people are upset because they loved Derek (and yes, many fans DID love Derek and invested many years in his character). Focus on the fact that the MAIN CHARACTER lost the love of her life. She will never get a truly happy ending now because the love of her life is dead. And they barely showed Meredith grieving that fact.

    • nursejazz says:

      Tammy, good catch. Remember that Mer was never close with her mother. In fact when the show first started she never told any of the residents who her mom was. I think Derek’s death some how allow Mer to understanded her mom better that’s why there was crosscutting. The fact that she named her daughter Ellis is evident of that. The so called die hard fans should realized that some of what’s happening now ties into how the show started. After Mer’s group of residents crossed over a few years ago and became attending doctors I thought that was it. Then a new set of residents came in and with that new storylines. Still, things happens people situation changes and sometimes they want to move on. That’s what happened to Izzy. Heigl signed her contract then wanted out. She trash talk Shonda and Greys and her career was never the same because what? She became difficult to work with. Dempsey unfortunately did the same thing.

  46. Carol Mehler says:

    And anyone was surprised by Meredith’s pregnancy. Nice try to appease everyone pissed by Derek’s death. It didn’t work.

    • nursejazz says:

      I don’t think that she was trying to appease anyone because frankly from what I read about Shonda that’s not her style. I think that has been the story all along and its about Merideth Greg that’s why it’s called Greg’s Anatomy. That’s why 90% of the time she is the one narrating. I think if Shonda was trying to appease people she would have had Mer having a son and named him Derek Jr aka DJ for short. This was more about Mer wrapping up and coming to terms with her emotional conflicts regarding her mother, hence a daughter named Ellis. The next couple episodes will be geared towards closure. The 12th season will be the series finale.

  47. TheGreysGhost says:

    It made more sense to me when I rewatched it. The live experience was annoying but now, it’s all goods. Looking forward to the reunion episode which no doubt will take place in a cemetery. 7.5/10.

  48. Thom says:

    How dare the show have that white nurse humiliate that Asian nurse by telling her off in the cafeteria in front of everyone.

  49. Emily says:

    Absolutely ! Derick just told her they should try for another kid.. And then they did ! Also when she was outside after pulling the plug she threw up. I think everyone saw it coming.

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      What the heck happened to Meredith having a hostile uterus?! All of a sudden they have sex once and she’s puking in the bushes that very next day? I call BS. Does shonda not expect the viewers to understand how a baby is conceived, not to mention we remember that she has a hostile uterus which makes it difficult for her to conceive! (I know it’s just a show…but really, poor writing!!)

      • JJM says:

        I’m pretty confident she the threw up because she’d just found out her husband was brain dead and just signed papers to turn off his life support.

      • Mary says:

        Difficult but not impossible, sometimes it only takes once. Maybe you don’t understand how a baby is conceived. I think throwing up was due to the circumstances not the baby. In the very first episode she threw up outside after she saved the patient. This show was about parallel situations that she has encounter to bring her to where she is today. I think most people complaining need to re-watch and piece it all together.

      • MLO says:

        Apparently now she just has a hostile personality.

      • kyle says:

        My sister was repeatedly told that she would be unable to conceive many years ago, so when she give birth to my beautiful niece it was a wonderful surprise. Then two years later she give birth to twin boys. All conceived naturally (no fertility treatment/IVF etc)

        Pregnancy and conceiving can be a funny thing. Sometimes these things happen, even when they aren’t meant to – just ask my sister! :)