Grey's Anatomy Recap: Crash Course

Greys Anatomy Derek Dies

In the Shonda Rhimes-penned hour that ABC called “the episode America will never forget,” Grey’s Anatomy revealed not only Derek’s whereabouts but his fate as well. Aaand… ? Let’s just say you might wanna keep the tissues handy as you read this recap. A lot of tissues.

SPEED DEMON | As “How to Save a Life” (named for the show’s favorite song) began, Derek left a message for Meredith, then chatted with Amelia, April and Bailey (who were in surgery) while driving to the airport to go to his meeting in D.C. Amelia and Bailey teased him, suggesting that he was gonna miss his flight, but he insisted that he’d be fine because he was taking a shortcut. Bad decision, it turned out. No sooner had he lost his connection to the OR than some A-hole went racing by him — and, as Derek noted, he was already going 10 mph over the speed limit himself. Next thing ya know, he was slamming on his brakes because Speed Racer had cut off the SUV in front of him and caused a horrific accident. Avoiding a collision himself, Derek leapt out of his car and checked on Sarah and Winnie, the mother and daughter in the SUV. “I think I’m dead,” Winnie believed… until Derek assured her that her pulse guaranteed that she was, in fact, still alive. Next, Derek found Alanna (Lisa Shay!), who’d been thrown from the speedster. She’d had the wind knocked out of her but seemed more or less okay. The driver, however… When Derek found Charlie, he was wandering down the highway about to collapse from a massive head injury.

LIFE SAVER | Once Derek had helped Winnie out of the car, he tried to send her off to wait with Charlie and Alanna so she wouldn’t see how painful it was for her mom when he helped her out of the SUV. Though Winnie wasn’t afraid to stay – she’d seen her father die – she relented and brought bandages to the teens. Good thing she did, too, because worse than Sarah getting out of the vehicle was Derek popping her hip back into place. (Her thank-you: “I hate you.”) After the sportscar exploded, Alanna had a meltdown about how very much she wasn’t supposed to be there. “I’m a mathlete,” she declared. But when hot Charlie asked if she wanted to go for a ride, she couldn’t refuse. As if fate was making her pay for that decision, she then doubled over in pain – her insides were coming out! That being the case, she was sure she was gonna kick the bucket right then and there, and she might have except for one thing: “I don’t let people die,” Derek explained.

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED | After the smoking car brought help and the victims were taken away, Derek was about to resume his drive when his cell rang. Positioned awkwardly in the middle of the highway, he stopped to try to retrieve his phone from between the seats, and… BAM! He got plowed into by an 18-wheeler! For a second, it looked like he was getting taken to Grey Sloan, but no, it was a fake-out. He got taken to another hospital, one without a trauma center. Though he’d lost the ability to speak, we heard in voiceovers that his mind was absolutely fine – he was even able to diagnose himself and knew that he should have been taken to get a head CT immediately. Discovering him – and much worse for wear than when she last saw him – Winnie broke down in tears but checked his pulse and assured him that he wasn’t dead. When the ER docs found her in Derek’s cubicle, she revealed that he was the doctor who’d saved all of the accident victims. Unfortunately, as he was wheeled into surgery, he knew, “I’m going to die because these people aren’t properly trained.”

END OF AN ERA | During his operation, Derek voiceover’d as loudly as he could what the docs should be doing. In the end, they needed a neurosurgeon, stat. But the guy took forever to get there – and then wasted more time kicking out of the OR the lady doctor who called him on his terrible response time. By then, it didn’t matter. “You’re too late,” Derek knew. When we returned to Mer where we left her last week – at her front door, police lights playing across her worried face – the cops told her there had been an accident and asked her to come with them. So she bundled up the kids and went to the hospital. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” said the jerk neurosurgeon. Derek was on life support but, for all intents and purposes, gone. Looking at his chart, Mer immediately noted that not getting a head CT was a bad call. (That’s putting it mildly.) Faced with the choice of sending Derek away to a long-term care facility and praying for magic or pulling the plug, Mer yelled at the doctor, “Give me the papers!” Outside the hospital, the lady doctor who’d failed Derek apologized to Mer. “Yeah, you weren’t good enough,” Mer replied. “So learn from this, better yourself, and you will be better for next time.” How could she be sure? Because for this lady doctor, Mer said, Derek was “the one” – the one whose face she’d see every time she treats a new patient forevermore. Alone at last, Mer threw up in some bushes, then reentered the hospital to do (sob) what had to be done. “Derek,” she said at his bedside, a tear trickling down her cheek, flashbacks to happier times starting to play along with “Chasing Cars.” She’d be fine, she promised her husband. “Are you ready?” asked the nurse. “No,” Mer answered, “but go ahead.” And with that, Derek’s life support was shut off, and he died.

What did you think of the way the show handled Derek’s demise? On a scale of 1 (“Eh”) to 10 (“Can’t type! Still weeping!”), how much will you miss him?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matthew says:

    Somebody hold me :'(

  2. Jules says:

    Who cares. This show needs to end already.

    • T. says:

      If you don’t care, why are you here!

      • katydid1903 says:

        Because there are always trolls that say they hate a show but actually watch every second of it and then think they will get the attention they never get in real life by making snide comments trying to ruin everyone else’s day.

    • Tamim says:

      I don’t watch this show and I’M devastated from just reading the recap. My condolences to all Grey’s Anatomy fans. And to the others – if you can’t say something nice, just let these people grieve for a while… complain tomorrow

    • SJ says:

      Don’t watch if you don’t like it. You are an idiot.

  3. Good lord! I’d love to know how the show bounces back from this…

    • Liz says:

      Yeah – I’ll be interested to see the ratings for the rest of the season, especially to see if the actual current viewers hold true to the sentiment that they won’t watch anymore.

  4. Matthew says:

    seriously? Messed up.

  5. kn1231 says:

    After I read an interview last week where Dempsey said his focus was 100% on racing, I knew that Derek was going to be leaving the show. Wish it wasn’t a death, but hopeful this doesn’t ruin Meredith. I think this show has proved that it can last without Derek. But maybe the ratings have stayed steady because fans of Derek were hoping he would turn up. Regardless, I’m going to stick with the show until the end. Oh, I also thought it was a fantastic episode! Maybe Cristina might make an appearance? Maybe Callie & Arizona will see what Meredith is going through and realize they want to be together? Maybe this death will mellow Amelia out a bit (shes too high strung). I think a lot of good can come out of this death.

    • Clandestine Green says:

      I would love for Cristina to make a visit…it would be bizarre if the character didn’t, As for Callie & Arizona…I like them better apart. That relationship has been too annoying and tortured. I have always felt that Callie deserved better.

      • kn1231 says:

        I think the Arizona character has definitely suffered from bad writing. She was once the bright light of the show, with her heelies and positivity. The writers have somewhat ruined the character. But she is redeemable, and I hope they continue to get the character back to the way she use to be. I still love her though. Just think about Callie, so many people disliked her at the beginning and now shes a fan favorite. It’s all in the writer’s hands.

    • The only reason this show is still okay is: 1) Meredith stopped being depressed. 2) Amelia (whom I LOVED from Private Practice). I hope Meredith doesn’t fall into her downward spiral ad Amelia doesn’t have yet another relapse. Anything else is just fine.

      • Ari says:

        I love Amelia so much! She is the only reason I started watching Grey’s again. The woman who plays Amelia (her name is slipping my mind right now) is so talented and I am looking forward to seeing what she does with this. Losing Dempsey was a killer but he’s been talking about going for years. I think the show can bounce back. They’ve kind of eased him out this season.

        • Tee says:

          Caterins Scorsone. Everyone who thinks Amelia is annoying needs to watch her episode on Private Practice when she gave birth. That episode KILLED me. She can be as neurotic and torn about Owen and her career as she wants. That episode where she gives birth made me love her as an actress and character. Amelia is awesome.

        • Caterina Scorsone. She’s fantastic. I really adore her character. She’s literally the only character I care about in Grey’s, because she comes fro Private Practice, which was one of my very favorite shows. I was so scared that Shonda was going to kill her when she was brought to Grey’s. But I guess her life is secure now. Whew.

    • ? says:

      I agree with you. Say what you want about the decision to kill him after all the other people they’ve killed on this show, but the way they did it made for a fantastic hour of television. Doctors are only human, they make mistakes and it’s someone’s life when they do, and just because you’re a neurosurgeon yourself doesn’t mean you won’t be one of those mistakes. As a doctor herself Meredith knows this and she sticks by what she believes, she doesn’t act all irrational about it and whiny and accusative, showing just how much she’s grown as a character over the years. Like anyone would after 11 years of growing older and practicing medicine, it just felt right. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and I can honestly say this is the first time Ellen has ever impressed me with her acting. And Patrick got a nice showcase send-off too. I don’t know where the show goes from here and what happens next, but as long as they can still write quality hours of television like this (even if only occasionally), I’ll be watching.

      • t.w.123 says:

        Here! Here! Agreed!

      • leesmichelle says:

        Yes! I agree! I think Ellen did an AMAZING job when she was talking about the ‘next step’. As sad as I am, I am looking forward to where the show can go from here

      • kn1231 says:

        Ellen really was fantastic! Even imagine something like this happening two seasons ago, Meredith would have been a wreck. It’s going to be great seeing where she goes from here. Hoping she stays solid for the sake of her kids. I agree with everything else you said as well. I’m not too worried about the quality of the show changing too much after this, especially since Derek wasn’t really around much this season anyway and the episodes were still great!

    • Very good thoughts! Do you think… that Derek may take one more deep dramatic breath and come back to life? I love the character and this bums me out. And, I thought it was kind of weird how Mer reacted, so low key, but I guess it worked for her character. I just can’t believe the character McDreamy is gone. Your ideas for plot development are great though!

      • kn1231 says:

        Yeah, I don’t think he’s going to wake up. With all the exit interviews and the previews for next week, he’s definitely dead. I liked the character too, but I think the show can survive another season without him. I think next season will likely be the last.

  6. Julia says:

    Yep still crying…Devastating.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’ve never cried so hard from a TV show and I mean HARD. Never expected it. Must be he was able to back out of second year contract he had signed to include season 12.

    • Yeah I was bawling my eyes out…last time i cried like this over a TV show was when Buffy died (the 2nd time).

  7. DYu says:

    WHY!!!!!!! this was supposed to be happy ever after.

  8. Viewhx068 says:

    Snow Patrol**** not the fray.
    Absolutely heartbreaking. Now words to describe this at all.

  9. Jr says:

    11! Bawling like a baby. No amount of chocolate will fix this! NO. AMOUNT.

  10. Ella Wade says:

    I’ll never watch this show again. In my opinion, Shonda’s shows have become bloodbaths. Not what I signed on for. Not entertainment.

    • Abby says:

      Yep. This.

    • Scott says:

      Ok, I think people seem to exaggerate the deaths in this show. In 11 seasons we have lost only 4 main characters to death, that really not that many in 11 years.

      • kn1231 says:

        Exactly, it could be a lot worse with that time frame. And while they didn’t have to kill Derek, Patrick wanted to leave the show and probably shut the door on a return. Which is what probably led to this.

      • Abby says:

        It’s not just the deaths. All the over-the-top tragedies. The bomb, the ferry, the shooting. It’s just so silly to think all these things could happen to the same core group of people at one hospital.

        • Scott says:

          But it’s a tv show. We watch them to escape reality. There’s reality TV if you want some more realistic.

        • Scott says:

          And what would the show be about if there wasn’t drama and tragedy by the way? What do you want to see happen. There has to be continual conflict or else there is no story.

  11. Kate says:

    what. the. CRAP

  12. Mallory says:

    What even!? I have no words…

  13. Laur says:

    Wasn’t the song at the end by Snow Patrol, not The Fray?

  14. goober says:

    Who’s next to be killed off?

  15. AmyP says:

    I’m not going to pretend like I won’t watch anymore, because I know I will. But this show just makes me so tired. When the death of a fairly central character is…you’ve done it too many times (I still cried, but it doesn’t mean as much when they off a character practically every year).

    My favourite part of Grey’s the past few years were the scenes with Derek & Meredith (and when Callie was with them as well) interacting with the kids and just being normal people. Grey’s needs that normalcy and humour. The constant relationship and grief drama is just exhausting to watch.

    • AmyP says:

      Not to mention that this was foreshadowed so freaking hard that it was hardly a shocker. Just, meh.

    • Scott says:

      Only 4 major characters have died in 11 years, that’s not that many. Tired of hearing this complaint, shows with shorter runs have killed off more main characters.

      • AmyP says:

        It’s not just ‘major’ characters that I’m referring to. Denny, George, Reed, Percy, Mark, Lexie, Henry, Brooks, Lexie’s mom, April & Jackson’s baby, Ellis, Adele… I find the constant catastrophies kind of tiring. That could just be me though.

      • Sonja says:

        4 is actually quite many, considering that Shonda started her killing spree in 2009 after killing George (I’m not including Denny cuz he was a patient). Meaning she’s killed off George, Mark, Lexie and Derek (and if you include the dead interns, Brooks, Reed and Percy, that’s 7 doctors in 6 years if I haven’t forgotten anyone else)

      • Journey95 says:

        How is that normal?

        this isn’t a freaking crime show it makes zero sense that so many crazy things have happened and so many have died

  16. Cavanaugh says:

    What the hell did I just see. It’s 3.30 AM here in Italy, and I am not heartbroken, nor sad. I am simply embittered.
    Derek’s death was rushed. I’m Italian, so I might have not understood some parts of the conversation, but come on… Meredith should have at least called Amelia, or Derek’s mom, to give them the chance to say goodbye.
    I am really done with this show. I’ll watch the rest of season 11, and after that I’m done. So tired of all this drama, real life is already difficult enough, I watch TV shows to entertain myself, not to get all pissed off and sad.

    • Lina says:

      I was thinking the same thing… It makes no sense that she wouldn’t have called Amelia

    • amy says:

      I thought that the whole time! Let all the friends and family say goodbye! And be there to support her. And let the kids say goodbye. She shouldn’t be alone. That part wasn’t realistic… This just annoyed me and made me angry. Don’t know if I’ll enjoy this show anymore. It’s just freaking depressing to watch.

      • Cavanaugh says:

        At some point, she looked live a divorced wife that has to say goodbye to her former husband. She was calm, collected… In five minutes, she chose to pull the plug and she watched him dying. I might understand while she didn’t let Zola and Bailey in, but a friend, or Derek’s family, even her sister… I don’t know, it felt so forced.

    • No USA says:

      I thought she should have called Amelia and his family also. After I thought it through though I realized that’s not mer handles things. If Christina was around she might have called her but none else. Also remember how mark went. Derek didn’t want that and it was hard on everyone. I feel like she did what was expected.

      • Cavanaugh says:

        If my sister’s future husband did something like that, not giving me a chance to say farewell, I wouldn’t forgive him. And I don’t think that Derek’s family should forgive Meredith for taking that decision all by herself.
        I understand that it’s not how Meredith handles things, but come on. Derek was the love of her life. She could have taken an hour or two to decide about this.

    • Camila says:

      Totally agree with your comment!! Throughout the ep I was believing (hoping) that it was just a dream because I couldnt believe that Mer wouldnt call anybode to be there for her ! It was just all to rushed. And I can see Amelia being really pissed, that Mer took her chance of saying goodbye to her brother! :( Next week will be so much worde…

    • sherry says:

      i agree

  17. Abby says:

    this is just stupid. I stopped watching Greys and being invested in it after the plane crash finale a few years ago but I’ve sort of kept up with the plots (mainly through this site!). How much tragedy can actually befall one group of people?! It’s just crossed the line into total ridiculousness – it’s a slap in the face to longtime passionate fans IMO. Just put this show out of its misery already!!

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, yes, and YES. I was a regular watcher too and couldn’t take it anymore ESPECIALLY after the plane crash. It just needs to end already.

  18. Ann says:

    It was so sad .still crying. I don’t believe i will still watch the show. Der/Mer was the reason that i watched the show and now that he’s gone .I don’t see the point anymore

  19. Kristen says:

    Why didn’t Meredith call Amelia??? If I was her, I would be really pissed off!

    • Suzanne says:

      I thought the same thing! His sister is a genius neurosurgeon! She needs to sue that hospital too and then she can have a matching set.

      • Scott says:

        He was already brain dead when she found out. There was nothing Ameila could have done.

        • renee McKinney says:

          Thank u he was already dead win she got to DA hospital his sistercouldn’t do a got damn thing is she told her she was heartbroken the 1st think u do win ppl die is is shut down not pick up the phone call real quick

          • kpmom says:

            She could have said goodbye. If my sister-in-law turned off my brother’s life support while I was living in the same city and didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye, I’d never forgive her. It isn’t about Amelia trying to save him, it’s about her being his sister. His family. That wasn’t right of Meredith.

          • Cyan says:

            @kpmom They never really said that the accident occurred in Seattle… Meredith may have decided it was best to wait to tell everyone. I agree it was a bad call because Derek and Amelia were somewhat close, but, still… it might have been for the best. And who knows, good may come out of this.

    • Kathy says:

      I thought she should have given his mother and sisters a chance to say goodbye

      • Scott says:

        Maybe, but they were rushing her remember, they needed the bed, and she was processing her husbands death, I’m sure she wasn’t thinking clearly

      • Scott says:

        I’m sure that will even be part of the conflict next week, Ameila mad at Meredith for not telling her right away

  20. Laura says:

    This is ridiculous. I am very upset with Shonda. I won’t be watching this show anymore. What’s left to watch? Nothing happy will ever happen.

  21. Mary says:

    He was under contract still. Why did she kill him?!

  22. Ken says:

    tear trickling down her cheek, flashbacks to happier times starting to play along with The Fray. She’d be fine, she promised her husband. “Are you ready?” asked the nurse. “No,

    um, no the Fray is the group who’s song is the title of the episode. The song playing at the end is a cover of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars.

  23. Scott says:

    Well it’s heartbreaking. Since there are 4 more episodes left, I think it would be a good time to wrap up the show, but I guess we would know about that already if it was going to happen.

    • I agree. This is the beginning of the end.

      • Marc says:

        GA is about Meredith and Derek, more than it is about the five surgical residents–one is dead, two are gone–or this hospital itself. It just won’t be the same show. As long as Meredith is there, I suppose that it can go on, but, more than when they lost George, Izzy, and Cristina, it will be a different show.

        • RIP Derek says:

          Shonda has always said it was not about a girl and a guy. She was never sure they would stay together.

        • N says:

          I still miss Izzie! I was crying so hard during the episode and now I find out Derek was fired or left the show! I can’t watch a 2 hour show of mourning Derek. I think this show should end. This season has been so sad.

          • Ray says:

            Izzie, George, Lexie, Mark and now Derek–all came to a terrible end (well technically Izzie is still alive but the character took a terrible turn for the worse. These surgeons would have all been better off at other institutions. The hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace seems to have a cursed surgery department…and the woman responsible for casting that curse? Shonda Rhimes!

  24. Hayes says:

    I know Meredith is very independent, but I can’t believe how she made the decision to end life support without talking to anyone. Not a single person.

  25. Jazz says:

    I love it when people blame Shonda when it’s the actors who want to leave the show, so entertaining. People need to relax he was on the show for 11 amazing seasons! Celebrate the good please!!

  26. Rachie says:

    I’m not going to bad mouth the show out of respect for the people who still love it. I’ve loved Grey’s for a long time but heading into this season I lost the avid interest, the edge of my seat, can’t wait for Thursday Night feelings I used to have for it. I still figured I’d just catch this season a little down the road on Netflix, but now having heard this, I probably won’t even bother. I have always thought that the 2 things this show SHOULDN’T survive would be the death or loss of Meredith or Derek. I hope they don’t take the brilliance that this tv show was & ruin its legacy by forcing too many more seasons after this. RIP McDreamy, can’t imagine Grey’s without you! *tears*

  27. Kat says:

    I think I am going to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy because of this

  28. sara says:

    Jesus, Mer has had a rough life. Her mom, sister, husband… All dead. Her childhood, awful. Best friend moves to a different country. Watched a good friend die from getting hit by a car. In a plane crash that took said sister and pseudo brother-in-law. Poor poor Meredith. You should have moved to DC last year.

  29. the8tregirl says:

    Okay, you know what. I stopped watching Grey’s on a regular basis during that whole George & Izzie debacle, although I will admit to back sliding two or three times a year based strictly on the preview ads. If Kevin McKidd was highlighted in the spot, I would probably watch. Hell, I even BOUGHT “Made of Honour” because I’m such a fan. And because I liked Patrick Dempsey’s work even when he was a geeky boy(ish) actor back in the day. Not even the promise of Kevin McKidd time is going to bring me back to Grey’s ever, ever, never again.

    I don’t care what Shonda says about an exciting new direction for the show. I don’t care that this is creative and exciting. I care about the fact that an honest, realistic, freakingly happy marriage — with all its bumps and joys and challenges and delights and pain and ultimate pleasure — was shown on a regular television and someone who apparently cannot understand or deal with HAPPY decided to do this. If you seriously look at all Shonda’s shows, they are all about UNHAPPINESS. They’re about crappy stuff happening and horrible people cutting someone else off at the knees and, mostly, they’re really about anger…. a lot of bitter angriness and this, I don’t need.

    Both Dempsey and Pompeo had contracts that could have accommodated their being written off in a year or so, a way that celebrated a good marriage, a sound family, a professional couple moving on together. That’s the way life is for most of us. And yes, bad things happen, and people die, and we learn lessons from it. But we also learn lessons from having role models who make work and family life and red hot romance work. Lessons Shonda obviously doesn’t want us to learn.

    • Abby says:

      well said! 👊🏼

    • AmyP says:

      I agree- very well said.

    • I agree fully with you. I am through with Greys !

    • Karen says:

      I just can’t agree that this was ‘an honest, realistic, freakingly happy marriage’. Meredith is way too neurotic for that to be true – she suspected him of having an affair (which he nearly did) just 2 episodes ago! If you want to see a realistic happy marriage portrayed on tv, then watch Madam Secretary.

      • the8tregirl says:

        I agree with you completely about Madame Secretary — now THAT’s a hot marriage!! But I do think that Shepherd/Grey had all the lumps and bumps that marriages come with… which includes opposite personalities and outside temptations and professional crossroads. It’s the good ones that find ways to compromise and accept and keep their pants zipped. My biggest problem with Derek’s death is that this role model marriage has been ripped up and certainly not in the ShondaVerse is there a replacement. Plus, as a writer, foreshadow (too) much???

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I stopped watching Full House in the 90s because they would not kill off that annoying little brat Michelle. I used to want to punch her face every time she walked into the room.

    • nancy says:

      This is bull. Why can’t they leave anyone happy in t.v. I think we would of better been served seeing Derek and Meredith get together and show a success to the struggle of marriage versus profession, especially that she could be the professional and he happy to. Why does it seem that t.v. always leaves the message that once you figure out true happiness you will die the next week. Isn’t reality sad enough? We need to see happily ever after. Please let this of been a Mc Bad Dream and bring him back.

  30. Christie Scheidel says:

    I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning and very disappointed they killed Derek off. Not sure I can watch anymore.

  31. I never thought they would have him die. It crushed my heart. I am not even sure I can watch next weeks show. It will rip my heart out. They were a part of my life. This was my all time ever favorite show. I have to say that after next week I don’t believe i will continue watching Greys. In my heart it was Erick and Mer for life. Just a show but you had me from the start of this show. Good luck with whatever you do down the road with Grey’s but I can’t continue on. Char Zimmerman. PS. By the way I am not a young watcher. I am a very young 65.

  32. T. says:

    I don’t even watch Grey’s anymore but this broke my heart when I saw the outpour of grief on Twitter, my goodness, end of an Era. MerDer were the best most lovable couple on TV by far. This is really sad

  33. BlueJade says:

    This show has just gone the way of Downton Abbey season 3 ending. Killing a beloved character and thinking people are just going to suck it up and still watch. Well like DA found out, don’t mess with your fans. Viewership dropped significantly which is exactly what’s going to happen with Grey’s. Shonda could have left him DC. Death was so unnecessary.

  34. Batman says:


  35. Amy says:

    She killed him… could they do this?

  36. Bonita Newton says:

    The episode itself was okay but I am really really disappointed that Patrick Dempsy is leaving the show.!!!! Merideth and Derek WERE Grey’s. The show will never be what it was with him in it. Others that have left the show didn’t have the kind of impact to the series that this loss will. Kind of causes me to lose interest in the show.

  37. renee McKinney says:

    I blame the doctor if he wouldn’t get there on time he will still be alive

  38. LaurenMC says:

    Well, that’s it. I hung on through all the crazy storyline and deaths, but this is too much. I cannot believe Shonda has killed McDreamy. I’m done, and I will never watch a Shonda show again. All she does is kill off beloved characters and disrespect fans. This is too much – I can’t.

  39. Amy says:

    I am (in a tv sense) devastated. Regardless of the fact of if it should have happened or that it was heavily foreshadowed it doesn’t take away the fact that Derek is dead, that half of the couple at the heart of the show is gone. Grey’s has not focused on Derek as much in so many years, but he was always there, being brilliant, loving. Meredith. And now he is gone. It is so, so sad. I am rarely broken up this much by the death of a character, but Derek Shepherd was weekly on my tv screen for the past 10 years. The fact they used Chasing Cars made it that much worse. Grey’s will never be the same without McDreamy.

  40. Bonita Newton says:

    I love Grey’s. Have watched every single episode. But the loss of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is a devastating blow to this series. Derek and Merideth WERE Grey’s. I relize he was maybe wanting to leave but I don’t think the show will survive or rate very well without him. I know my interest level just plummeted.

  41. Amy says:

    Wtf….when you watch a show for 10 flipping years, there is supposed to be a happy ending. Derek dying means that Meredith will never have a happy ending. The viewers will not have a happy ending. Total sucko decision to kill him off

    • Amy says:

      I mean if he wants to leave the show, fine, but why did he have to die? It makes me feel cheated to have been invested in them as a couple for so long and she just kills him off.

  42. Jen says:

    Lady doctor? Really? Have you ever seen this show before? Would you call Bailey “black lady doctor?” You’re like one of those Wikipedia editors who group writers into “authors” and “female authors. ” i’m sure you thought you were just being cute, but you’re just perpetuating the stereotype – and I Shonda Rimes production deserves better.

    • Jess says:

      My friends and I kept referring to her as “lady doctor” in our texts tonight before this was even posted. What’s so offensive about it? She’s no one who needs a name.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Not sure what the female doctor’s name was. I was referring to the male doctors as the Neuro-devil and big fat a–h-le. The woman was brilliant female doctor.

  43. Pam says:

    End the show. It is over. There is no fun left. It is depressing and not worth. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite shows on TV. Josh Charles dying on the Good Wife was written much better.

  44. Amy says:

    And how am I just supposed to watch Scandal after this?

  45. ejdax37 says:

    WHY!!! Why do I let Shonda so this to me over and over? And Patrick Dempsey is going on the list along with John Francis Daley (Sweets on Bones), Shannen Doherty (Charmed) Dan Stevens (Matthew on Downton Abby), and Terry Farrell (Dax on Star Trek: DS9). Finish out the show people!

  46. Emily says:

    I honestly thought this episode was really well done, but I’m pretty sure I’m done with this show now. I just don’t understand why they would kill off half of the main couple in the series. Serious fans have spent the last 11+ years hoping for them to get there happy ending and be together because Shonda kept throwing in obstacles for them then when they finally get happy they kill Derek off! Probably gonna finish out the season, if it gets renewed will keep up with storylines for a few characters, like Alex, but highly doubt I’ll continue watching this show into a 12th season. In my mind, this show is over, they should wrap it up in the next few episodes and call it quits.

  47. Susan says:

    The episode was excellent. But I am really going to miss him. I would have liked it better if they separated and it would leave it open for him to come back. Show is an excellent show and I don’t want to see it cancelled.

  48. blue says:

    A terrible episode and an awful ending for Derek’s character. Meredith has just become so ugly angry. One cannot feel any sympathy at all for her character. Pretty quick to pull the plug wasn’t she? Didn’t even call any other family members. Screamed at the doctor to give her the papers. Wow, jyst terrible. The words she spoke a few episodes earlier when Derek said that he couldn’t live without her and she replied “I can. But I don’t want to” well now she can. The writers have turned her into someone who is completely lacking in warmth. This show just needs to be put out of its misery.

    • Deanna says:

      Seriously? didn’t you see her agonizing over what had happened to him last episode? didn’t you see how much she wanted him to be alive and smiling at her and cuddling up to her? didn’t you see that she screamed at that doctor because she knew what he was going to tell her about options? didn’t you see that pulling the plug is exactly what Derek would want her to do? That vital, wonderful man wouldn’t have wanted to be kept alive by machines. It obviously was ripping her up inside to do what she did. But she did it. She let him go. Because it’s what he would have wanted.

      • Crystal says:

        I watched this episode with tears streaming down my face. I think she was devastated… Just to know they were finally figured out their lives together and now all that was ripped apart. Everyone is forgetting that she worked in Neuro before General so she knew after seeing his chart that there was nothing else for her to do but to let him go peacefully. The last thing I would be thinking about is making phone calls after realizing that we will never get our happily ever after.

    • RIP Derek says:

      She’s never had warmth. Do you watch the show

  49. Able says:

    Hasn’t Meredith suffered enough through her whole life? Who’s next -the kids? That’s cruel