Forever: 12 Things to Know About the Episode That Reveals Abigail's Fate

Tuesday’s Forever (ABC, 10/9c) brings Dr. Henry Morgan to the point he’s longed for/feared for decades: the moment when he finds out exactly what happened to his missing wife, Abigail.

TVLine has seen the pivotal episode, and while of course we’re not going to tell you what became of Abe’s mom, we wanted to give you Foreverists a taste of what the hour holds. So, without further ado:

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* Remember the name “Sylvia Blake.” It’ll prove important.

* Though Abigail was in her later years when she disappeared, flashbacks give both of her portrayers (Mackenzie Mauzy and Janet Zarish) plenty of screen time.

* We get a definitive status update on Jo and Isaac’s relationship.

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* Hellebore: If you don’t know what it is, Google it.

* Henry and Jo discuss that moment in the antiques shop from the last episode, and the conversation ends with a loaded look.

* Reece gets a little sneaky. It’s a subtle sneaky, but it’s sneaky nonetheless.

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* Someone gets an introduction to Henry’s downstairs lab.

* Hanson does something that likely will make his wife want to strangle him.

* Lucas says this to Henry: “You’re a beautiful man. Just when I thought you’d peaked, you take it to a whole new level.” But why?

* At one point, Jo raises her voice to Henry and demands to know who Abigail was “to you.”

* We get a glimpse of Jo in her apartment after hours when someone shows up on her doorstep.

* Prepare yourselves, guys: Henry is wrong (!) about something of crucial importance (!!) to the plot.

Got guesses about what’s what above? Log your suspicions/predictions in the comments!

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