Forever Creator: Abigail's Fate Will Be Resolved by Season's End

Forever Abigail Mystery Henry

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Forever.

Abigail Morgan, this is all your fault.

As we learned during Tuesday’s Forever, Henry’s second wife is possibly still alive (despite her long absence) and definitely the reason he’s moped through the past few decades.

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“Since the time that she left him that letter until present day, Henry has never seen or heard from her,” series creator Matt Miller tells TVLine. “That doesn’t make any sense for him. In addition to being in love with her, that’s one of the reasons he’s never put a move on, because he doesn’t have closure.”

Fans will recall that an episode earlier this season introduced Abigail’s mounting anxiety as she grew older, but her immortal husband stayed perpetually in his 30s. Flashbacks during Tuesday’s hour chronicled Henry’s slide into depression following her departure — and showed how Abe, in his mid-30s at the time (and played by Judd Hirsch’s Numb3rs co-star David Krumholtz) helped his adoptive father “out of the gutter and the abyss,” Miller notes.

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But this week’s episode is just the first piece of a mythology arc that Miller promises will enable Henry, “by season’s end, to find out what actually happened to Abigail.”

In next week’s installment, Miller previews, Abe gets a lead on his missing mother, but “He’s afraid to tell Henry about it, because he doesn’t want Henry to sink into one of these manic fits of despair, so he decides to do a little recon on his own.” And who better to help the antiques-shop owner with his quest than a cyber-minded medical examiner’s assitant with a demonstrated history of too much free time?

“Lucas and Abe,” Miller says, laughing. “We haven’t really done a story with the two of them throughout the season. It’s really fun to see those two actors, Joel David Moore and Judd Hirsch, together.”

Speaking of working closely together, we’re just going to leave this parting Miller quote here, and the ‘Mortinez’ ‘shippers can make of it what they will: At he end of next week’s episode, the EP says, Abe gets “very, very close” to figuring out Abigail’s fate — “at the same time that Jo and Henry are getting very close to one another.”

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  1. TVNerd says:

    honestly, I enjoyed this show in the fall but stopped watching in Jan-Feb because what’s the point…its getting cancelled due to low ratings.

    • Cathy says:

      Not necessarily, its done better in that slot than anything in the last 3 years, plus it gets a great boost in Live +3, which is what ads are typically sold on

    • S. says:

      Shows get cancelled because of low ratings–no one watching. Thank you for being part of the problem.

      • autumndreamer76 says:

        No one cares what I watch – I’m not a Nielsen (Nielsen?) family so it doesn’t matter if I watch Forever or something else in that time slot. Does DVR playback or on demand requests from anyone count or is that also just Nielsen families? I do watch though and hope it somehow gets renewed and I hate watching doomed shows.

    • mewp12 says:

      Maybe it is viewers like you that get it cancelled.

  2. N says:

    Thanks Kim! I love Forever!

  3. kath says:

    Sounds good.

    Fingers crossed the show gets renewed.

  4. Like I said elsewhere, I suspect she’s an immortal too now. If there can be two, there can be others.

    • m3rcnate says:

      An old immortal though? I mean sure but…meh. I would have loved for Abigal to become an immortal if it was the young version (pictured above), i really liked her and her acting.

      • Lazarus says:

        Considering the nature of “immortality” in a fictional universe there’s nothing to say that by gaining immortality late in life, you wouldn’t revert to your optimal genetic self before your cell replication started to become imperfect and reach it’s limit. Aging after full biologic maturation is really only your cells inability to perfectly replicate indefinitely. An immortal wouldn’t necessarily have the same problem. Therefore just because Fiction has generally shown one to be locked into their age at the point of immortalization (Vampires, Highlander) doesn’t preclude the fact in this fictional universe immortals are always fully mature and in peak physical condition regardless of age.

        Plus ya know…. Magic.

        • m3rcnate says:

          They watched her get old and have issues with her mortality, and then she pops back up young again and is immortal? Then he has to ask “how are you immortal? how are you young again?” and she has to basically give the speech you just did of “apparently if you are old and become immortal you revert back to your optimal genetic self…etc”. Seems a bit overly complicated for these type of shows like that to keep everything really simple. This isn’t Fringe.
          But you guys could be right. I just see it going a different way, she was abducted or killed or something to do with his mythology (highly likely involving the other immortal)…but if they were to have someone from his past turn up and still be alive (and immortal) and that throw a wrench into his life it would be her…the woman he loved most and raised a child with.
          But then that kinda makes things weird…she cant die…they are husband and wife…will she be on the show for season and after season? (assuming the show isn’t cancelled). Will she be on the show for a season then find a way to kill herself and do it? Leaving him heart broken? I just dont see the path of the story that makes sense.

  5. mike says:

    I would like this show to be renewed for a second season. 3 out of four shows have be cancelled for there to be a second season. So either resurrection, revenge, nashville, castle have to end.

  6. Deion says:

    I have to assume that whatever happened to her is the reason that Adam found Henry. So I figure she’s dead, but she either found an immortal for Henry, or one found her.

  7. autumndreamer76 says:

    It just keeps getting better IMO!

  8. Anna says:

    I really, really want this show to get renewed. Seriously. It’s become so much fun! I feel like there’s so much story left to tell! I know the chances are slim to none, but one can still hope, right?

  9. arial2 says:

    Really like this show. One thing I don’t understand: how can Henry, who’s had more than 200 years on this earth and is a very smart guy, not have more money in the bank? You’d think he’d have close, personal relationships with Swiss bankers, but that doesn’t seem to be. There’s little indication (except for his fine wardrobe) that he’s at all wealthy. Perhaps he’s just good at keeping a low profile that way? If ABC does cancel the show, I hope they’ll give us shippers some closure by the end of the season.

    • Lani C. says:

      I imagine that he traded/sold/cashed in lots of his valuables that he couldn’t use with the changing times anymore (gold coins, old currency, valuable antiques, etc.) and probably has lots of cash stashed away that would set off the IRS if it was in his bank account.

  10. Dina says:

    This is such a great show. I hope it gets another season. The characters are so clever and the story line has so many possibilities.

  11. TVPeong says:

    I loved the casting of David Krumholtz playing his tv dad in Numbers

  12. MichaelC says:

    I actually think it’s the one of the best new shows this season that hasn’t seemed to take off. Before I watched, the premise seemed off to me. But after watching just a few episodes, I got hooked. I am hoping for a renewal too.

  13. Heidi says:

    Loved seeing the Epps men (at least two of them) back together again. David certainly has Judd’s mannerisms down after all this time.

  14. Mary Keesling says:

    Eeeeek!!! It’s so hard to wait another week!!!! LOVE THIS SHOW TO BITS. oops, shouting…
    #renewForever #Forever

  15. robin says:

    I loved seeing David as young Abe.

  16. robin says:

    I loved seeing David as young Abe. And the show needs to be renewed.

  17. David says:

    I’ve been hooked on this show from the beginning! It’s got great characters and great actors, plus it’s original!
    If ABC doesn’t renee Forever, hopefully another network will pick it up. It is too good of a show to cancel, but so was Firefly…

  18. I really hope this show won’t be cancelled. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s fun and sweet. And our tv deserves Ioan’s face and talent once a week :)

  19. Sharon says:

    Canceled no way. We don’t need another zombie, vampire or sexy show. This is a fun and fascinating show. Give it another season it go so many different ways.

    • Nonnaru says:

      And we certainly don’t need any more reality shows either. Forever helps keep our imagination alive and too many of us want it to be renewed….are you listening ABC?

  20. barb says:

    Love the show, don’t ever want it to end

  21. Stephanie says:

    Forever should definitely be renewed. The cast is awesome, the plot is getting better and better, and the characters are all so diverse its hard not to love them. Plus, we need to see Mortinez happen and by the sound of it, the last episode is going to be a cliffhanger. Forever deserves a season 2!

  22. mewp12 says:

    I love this show,. I hope it is renewed or picked up by someone.

  23. Jennifer says:

    Please Please Please let this be renewed. I love the show and I love the cast!

  24. Therese says:

    Love this show! Don’t let it be like all the others that I like, which seems to be the kiss of death, and they get canceled. Love the low key-ness, the actors and the fun plots lines. Lots of storytelling left! We don’t need another action/vampire/zombie for gosh sakes/ show. Please renew it!!!

  25. Trish MacLeod says:

    Best show on network t.v. I sincerely hope it is back for a second season.

  26. Judy says:

    Renew Forever. I really like the show as well as the cast. Why not Forever? We have vampire series and movies. The show is very interesting. Ioan is wonderful. The cast works well together! Come on ABC!

  27. Michelle says:

    This show had our household hooked from the beginning. It really is a shame they aren’t continuing to a second season.

  28. John says:

    This is the ONLYnetwork show I watch. It would unfortunate if the show did not have at least a second season to develop its footing.