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John Noble Recalls His Time on Fringe, 24, Sleepy Hollow and More

John Noble Elementary

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In his distinguished acting career, John Noble has played — among other roles — a lovable mad scientist, a sin eater, a power-hungry Transformer and the insane steward of a Middle Earth throne.

And as such, when you approach him on the street, he knows exactly what you want to talk about.

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“Over the years, I’ve found that there is a bit of cliché about fans being an oppressive sort of people. But they’re not. Most of them are really beautiful, thoughtful and very respectful,” Noble says, sitting in the lower lobby of New York’s Linda Gross Theater, where he’s starring opposite Hamish Linklater (The New Adventures of Old Christine) in Atlantic Theater Company’s Posterity through April 5.

“Without people watching us or following us or caring about us, then it doesn’t matter what we do. It’s a two-way process,” he adds.

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Fan love for the Australian actor is boosted by the American television sci-fi projects in which he’s been involved (Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, Transformers Prime) as well as his role in the fantasy juggernaut Lord of the Rings films. But there have been quite a few others — The Good Wife, anyone? — and at TVLine’s request, Noble revisited several of his past jobs.

Click through the gallery below to get Noble’s take on playing Walter Bishop, Henry Parrish, Matthew Ashbaugh, Anatoly Markov and more.