Revenge Recap: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Revenge Emily David

David Clarke, “a symbol of hope and courage?” That’s what the media’s calling him after Sunday’s Revenge, though it’s totally OK if you still see him as the self-whipping, daughter-attacking, insane beard-having lunatic we’ve all grown to love.

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With Victoria and Charlotte by his side — and Emily in the audience at her most emotionally wrecked — David fed the press his sob story, which they gobbled up like free Molly at a Brooklyn rave. My personal favorite anecdote was that Conrad faked David’s death, then paid to have him contained and tortured. Like, did we not all see Papa Clarke whip himself in the cold open? He may have everyone else fooled, but at least we can all agree this guy’s a raging nut job.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; this epic coming-out speech was delivered mere hours after Emily came face to face (via a two-way mirror) with her father and discovered him to be a lot less dead than previously believed. And kudos to Emily VanCamp; her quivering lip, panicked breathing and single tear made me feel.

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Despite what many commenters have argued, though, I’m still not convinced David knew who he was attacking last week, which means we’ve still got one last half-reunion to look forward to.

Elsewhere in the great state of New York this week…

UGH… DANIEL | OK, I have a few questions about Daniel Grayson: First, what makes him assume he’d thrive in a wealth-management position when his only source of personal income is delivered poolside by his mother, who was literally trapped in a mental asylum not two weeks prior? Furthermore, why are the other people in his life — here’s lookin’ at you, Margaux — so blind to his weasely, man-whoring treachery? And it goes without saying that no good will come from his new deal with Louise (unless we actually get to see him try on the “uniform” she supplied. Should that occur, I might be willing to reconsider my position on the matter.)

Revenge Season 4

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BEN | Show of hands… Can we all just agree that Ben is the worst? He made it pretty clear in his first appearance that he’s a no-nonsense, by-the-books kinda guy, and I respected him for that — but his behavior officially crossed into the “not cute anymore” zone this week. Kudos to the rookie for figuring out that David should be questioned in Emily’s assault charge, but keeping Jack from warning Emily ahead of time? Then barring her from the precinct once the F.B.I. had arrived? Any Emily suitor worth his salt would have bent the rules like Beckham, but apparently Ben isn’t as committed to Operation: Woo Emily Like A Freakin’ Creep as I thought he was. Can she just marry Nolan?

JACK BE NOBLE | Conversely, is Jack not the best this season? I mean, did you see the way he reacted to David in the line-up, then how his heart broke for Emily when she faced him blind? That shiny new police uniform isn’t just an in-case-of-emergency stripper outfit; it’s also a metaphor for the kind of person Jack has become. He would do anything to protect the people he loves, a list that now begins and ends with “Emily Thorne.” Like, if this show was set in a middle school, Jack would spend the entire hour scribbling “Mrs. Emily Porter” in his Marble notebook, while Daniel gets busted for drinking on school grounds. #GreysonPrivilege

Revenge-rs, did Emily’s reaction to her long-awaited discovery meet your expectations? Are you as over Daniel as I am? And what else is on your mind this week? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.