Witches of East End's Mädchen Amick Previews 'Twisted' Season Finale, Explores Wendy's 'Other' Sister

Witches Of East End Finale

Witches of East End wraps its second season Sunday (Lifetime, 9/8c) with a two-hour finale that’s likely to claim the lives of at least a few key players — but will Wendy be one of them?

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As already stated in this week’s Ask Ausiello, star Mädchen Amick is remaining mum about her character’s fate, but she’s got plenty to say about the explosive finale, the fate of Tommy and an unexplored branch of the Beauchamp family tree.

Ready? Let’s do this:

TVLINE | The promo makes it look like the Beauchamps might actually be working with Tarkoff. Am I crazy? He’s a really bad guy.
The interesting thing about Tarkoff is that, although he is completely loyal to the King and to the cause, he has this really twisted obsession with Joanna. He’s sickly in love with her, so if she said to him, “I’ll be with you, come to to my side,” he’d totally flip. There’s this constant thing going on between them, this power play.

TVLINE | I know Tommy is the vessel for the King’s spirit right now, but does that mean he’s beyond saving?
When they took the spirit from Freya [with that box] in the last episode, it also took the host body. But that’s not necessarily the case in every circumstance. That’s why Wendy is really holding out hope that there will be a way to save them.

TVLINE | I’ve loved watching Tommy and Wendy together. Is that a relationship you hope to explore?
It has been really great, hasn’t it? Even back when we did the screen test together, there was no doubt whatsoever. We had great chemistry and [Ignacio Serricchio] is a great actor. Tommy can throw the attitude right back at Wendy; they wanted to give her a relationship that has more meaning, and I’d like to keep exploring that. It’s been a lot of fun.

TVLINE | There was a deleted scene earlier this season which introduced another sister for Wendy and Joanna. What are your thoughts on her?
There’s obviously some pretty major history between Wendy, Joanna and this other sister; I mean, she’s been sent to the Underworld. What’s interesting is that Wendy has gone to the River Styx time and time again, when she dies and comes back to life, but she’s never gone any farther and had to face her sister. But there is that looming idea of kind of a bad character down in hell, plotting revenge on us. We’re just getting it from all sides. Hashtag witch problems!

TVLINE | Assuming you get a third season — and I am crossing all my fingers and toes — what do you hope to see from Wendy in the future?
I’d like to see Wendy’s darker side. She’s always teetering on it, then controlling herself, but she had a pretty big New Orleans voodoo phase. I think that’d be really fun to see.

So, Witches fans, how do you hope the finale will play out? Browse sneak-peek photos below, then drop a comment with your best theories.