Witches of East End: Watch Joanna's Deleted Nightmare and Meet [Spoiler]

Ding dong, the witches are… not dead.

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Sunday’s Witches of East End reversed the tragic twist of last week’s episode, reviving Ingrid and Freya at a devastating cost, and TVLine has the exclusive first look at an intense — not to mention plot-twisty — scene that didn’t quite make the final cut. (To be fair, there was a lot to squeeze into the hour.)

Remember when Wendy woke Joanna from her pseudo-suicide, and she claimed she’d been with her daughters? This scene is that nightmare, and in addition to seeing her girls being sucked into hell, Joanna’s little trip also reveals the existence of — wait for it — another Beauchamp!

Hit PLAY on the video above, browse photos from last night’s episode below, then drop a comment: Assuming we’ll eventually meet her, who should play Joanna and Wendy’s sister?

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