Were Castle Cops Hasty? Is Vampire Damon Stuck in the '90s? Ideas for Savi's Send-Off? And More TV Qs!

Once Upon a Time True BloodWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Castle, Bones and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Who would win in a light fight: Once Upon a Time‘s Emma or True Blood‘s Sookie? Also, does the below photo Once Upon a Timeconfirm, as we suspected while watching the scene, that Giancarlo Esposito worked opposite a Lana Parrilla stand-in? (Perhaps due to scheduling issues?) And just how long did it take Elsa to walk from the town line (in the evening) to Main Street (basked in morning light)?

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2 | Shouldn’t Resurrection’s Maggie really have done an EKG on Bellamy, before assuring him that nothing was wrong with his heart?

3 | Really, Good Wife? Alicia was shocked to discover that she needed Peter’s sign-off before taking out a second mortgage on their home? And is there an Emmy for Best Single Outfit Worn by a Boss that we can give to Diane’s leopard-print number as she exited Lockhart-Gardner for the final time?

4 | Who else suspects that Sleepy Hollow‘s Kindred is going to pop up sometime later in the season, perhaps when Abbie and Ichabod need him/it most?

5 | Not to question the 12th’s police work, but shouldn’t one of Castle‘s detectives at least glimpsed inside the compactor to see if Rick was in there, possibly somehow alive? And wasn’t Ryan a bit hastyCastle Once Upon a Time to not have Tory immediately “push in” on the security cam footage? What if Beckett had not thought to? And which ABC bride-to-be had the prettier dress: Kate or Once Upon a Time’s Anna?

6 | In the wake of Alyssa Milano announcing her exit from Season 3 of Mistresses, what’s the best way for Savi to be written off: Death? A move to the East coast prompted by Joss and Harry’s hookup? An around-the-world trip to get her mojo back? And are you for or against producers’ plans to bring in a new “mistress” to hang with Karen, April and Joss?

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7 | On The Voice, didn’t it seem a bit out of place for Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston to sit there while she talked about her love of Jamaica (and reggae artist Anita Antoinette?)

8 | Might the healthiest (and funniest) relationship on Sons of Anarchy be the one between Tig and Ratboy?

9 | Considering Selfie is based on the musical My Fair Lady, wasn’t it a bit odd that a song from Grease was used in the final scene?

10 | On Forever, will Henry’s assistant Lucas ever be more than the punchline-heavy sidekick?

11 | Now that The Mindy Project has started the parade of Mindy’s ex-boyfriends, who do you want to see return next? (Our vote is for Seth Rogen.)

12 | Thanks to New Girl, have you been humming Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” all week?

13 | Did Awkward‘s Jenna really mistake Pachelbel’s Canon for a Robin Thicke song? (We thought she The Bridgewas supposed to be smart.)

14 | The Bridge, or The Walking Dead Season 3?

15 | ‘Fess up, black-ish viewers: Who Googled the “triceratops” and “devil’s threesome” sex positions?

16 | On Nashville, how are we supposed to worry about Luke as a real contender for Rayna’s heart when she seems — at best — only mildly interested in anything he has to say? (Also, is “Ruke” the worst couple nickname you’ve ever heard?) And should Layla and Will be having a loud argument about their personal business in a busy restaurant? And what was with the weird direction/editing during Juliette and Avery’s fight?

17 | Whatever happened to Charlie’s dad (played by Thomas Ian Nichols) on Red Band Society? Or is there only room for one parental unit per ward per episode?

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Bones18 | How many times during this Bones scene did you have to remind yourself that it wasn’t Sweets sitting there but his look-alike replacement Aubrey? And now that it’s been wrapped up, can someone please explain the Hoover conspiracy to us?

19 | After watching Gracepoint, who cued up Broadchurch‘s own premiere, if only to compare that extended opening tracking shots? Also, if you were Danny’s mom, would you have accepted Mark’s “I was working” as an explanation for his whereabouts the night of the murder?

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Vampire Diaries20 | Between the flannel and the soundtrack (Collective Soul!), is it safe to assume The Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie and Damon are eternally trapped in the ’90s?

21 | Scandal fan/TVLine reader CK asks: “Can Cyrus’ storyline this season just consist of him being tempted by a trio of male prostitutes played by all the fathers from Teen Wolf,  please?”

22 | Place your bets early — even though we’re all almost certain to be wrong: Who do you think killed Sam and Lila on How to Get Away With Murder? And are we looking at two different murderers or a double-homicide?

23 | Between her fun cameo on A to Z and her Dancing With the Stars turn, is Lea Thompson having a moment?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!