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Supernatural Season 10: Who's the Mystery Returning Guest Star?

Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers Chuck

Supernatural will be welcoming back some familiar faces for its 10th season (premiering Oct. 7), and TVLine has the scoop on the returning law enforcement officers — as well as a surprise guest.

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Not only will Sheriff Mills (played by Kim Rhodes) make another appearance, but “we’ll see one character that we introduced last year in ‘The Purge,’ Sheriff Donna Hanscum [played by Brianna Buckmaster], who I think is a lot of fun [and a] wonderful actor,” executive producer Jeremy Carver tells TVLine.

Meanwhile, the CW series’ “musical-ish” 200th episode will feature “just about every character — I’ll say they will be represented — that you’ve ever loved or hated on the show, and I say that very obliquely on purpose,” Carver teases. “So they will be there in spirit.”

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The EP also says “we’ll see one other character that we introduced a couple seasons ago who I don’t want to spoil just yet.”

Given that star Jared Padalecki told Zap2It that the milestone hour brings the Winchesters to “a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books,” could the mystery guest star be Rob Benedict, aka Chuck the Prophet, aka (maybe) God?

Supernatural fans, hit the comments with your theories! And let us know which other characters you’d like to see return.

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  1. Deion says:

    Someone ask Kripke for the final word. WAS CHUCK GOD?!

    • Robby Horine says:

      Why end the mystery/ As said on “swan song”, fans are going to bitch.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Who cares? We don’t need any more religion on this show.

      • eve says:

        Chuck still loves you even though everyone else thinks your an @$$hole.

      • rowan77 says:

        I don’t see religion on this show. There was mention of how the Bible gets a lot of things wrong, but mostly it’s legends and myths at its core. There is no time spent taking about Jesus or Mohammed or any other religious figure. This is a show about legend and mythology. In the show they know God exists – and he’s a deadbeat dad who didn’t care enough to help during the apocalypse. That doesn’t sound like they’re bible thumping to me.

      • Givens says:

        Depends on your perspective. To an atheist it is all myth. Jehovah and angels are no more real than Odin and Valkyries..

      • Oz The Great & Terrible says:

        What religion? Angels and Demons are creatures of myth and legend, traditionally associated with Christianity yes, but I was would dare say the presence of Crowley or Castiel in any way brings religion to the fore. If anything, Supernatural ignores those aspects of religion to concern themselves more with questions of morality, conscience, and free-will.

      • Rickey says:

        Honestly, there is nothing wrong with showing religion, especially since they are not limiting it to Christians. They also show a lot of mythology. And please, who can get enough of Crowley? Crowley is the demon/king of Hell you love to hate. One of the three best supporting characters on the show.

      • Castiel Angel says:

        hey, assbutt!
        why don’t you just enjoy the show? instead of bitching about religion being in a fictional tv show!

    • Gustavo says:

      He said that already. Chuck is God.

  2. Gerri says:

    PLEASE let it be Chuck.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing Felcia Dey come back from Oz either.

    • rowan77 says:

      I’m betting that Charlie will be back. She’s a fan favorite and she loves doing the show. I really hope we see Chuck again, but it would be rather silly that Chuck/God is too busy staging a play about the boys to care about what Metatron did over the past two seasons. Although that would be funny.

  3. Ari says:

    I would be so effing thrilled if Chuck makes an appearance! I’ve missed him!

  4. Nancy says:

    RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. Pretty please???

  5. JC says:

    The EP also says “we’ll see one other character that we introduced a couple seasons ago who I don’t want to spoil just yet.”

    Could this be Benny? They introduced him a couple seasons ago.

  6. alistaircrane says:

    John Winchester or die!!!

  7. My brain is telling me that it could be Becky Rosen. If it has to do with fanfic in a way, wouldn’t it almost HAVE to be her?

  8. Dee says:

    I would love to see Gabriel come back.

    Maybe the Golem will be back.

    The Sheriff was hysterical. Glad she is coming back.

    • Rickey says:

      Gabriel was awesome. His character has so many flaws and a great sense of humor. We absolutely need to see more of Gabriel/the trickster.

  9. Ramona says:

    Bring back Bobby please!

    • Katrina says:

      I think that bringing Bobby back would be wonderful we would even be able to get the answer to the question of what happens to ghosts once their bone are burned

      • Rickey says:

        I’d like to see Bobby too. But since Sam already sprung him from Hell and sent his soul to Heaven, that might be difficult. Unless since the closing of Hell brought back other souls… but then we would have a huge cast including their dad who went to heave after the yellow eyed demon was killed. And of course the dude with the mullet lol.

        • Rickey says:

          Going to edit myself… meant closing of Heaven, and the mullet dude was Ash.. just couldn’t get the name to come to me lol.

  10. Drew says:

    So happy to see Jodi coming back. She is a great fit for this show and works well with the guys. She feels like a part of the extended family.
    Also happy that this wasn’t about Charlie coming back. She is horrible.

  11. scott21 says:

    I hope its Matt Cohen young john winchester

  12. Kathy Kyle says:

    Rob Benedict as the Prophet Chuck??? That would be awesome. I LOVED him– so funny. Maybe it will be Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer!! He was funny, too. I do miss Bobby, and Rufus. Very glad Kim Rhodes will be back. She is a good fit. I have always wondered though, why no one from Smallville has guest starred on Supernatural. Tom Welling? Kristen Kreuk?? Erica Durance?? Tom Welling is friends with both J’s and has worked with both before.

    • Drew says:

      I think Tom Welling would be awesome on the show. Maybe they could introduce him as a John-like character who loses his family and starts dabbling in the hunting world.

    • ninamags says:

      Oh, god, I’d rather see Mrs. P. returning as Ruby than see that awful KK on my show. Jesus, it’s bad enough she completely ruined Smallville, please don’t bring her on this show.

      Tom should do the show.

    • Symphany says:

      Tom Welling on Supernatural! That is Absolutely Amazing! I was a huge fan of Smallville. As a fan of both shows, Tom Welling would be a great fit for Supernatural! I think I would love to see Jensen, Jared, and Tom Welling!

  13. Dominique says:

    personally i think it’s about high time they get Adam out of hell, so i’m hoping it’s him… but it probably won’t be, so i’m puttin gmy money on either gabriel or chuck.

    • Drew says:

      I agree. It’s a peeve of mine that nobody has even mentioned Adam. Dean promised to save him and he failed. That should weigh heavily on him, but it doesn’t.
      The only time Dean seemed to remember Adam was one time when he died and spoke with Death. It made me think that maybe there was something more at play. Maybe his memory had been blocked and he could only remember Adam when he was dead.
      At this point, I think they’d have to discover that Adam hasn’t been in Hell for a long time. Sam’s soul would have been in there for the equivalent of a couple centuries, which is why it was so damaged. By now, Adam would be beyond saving if he was left in there. But maybe God pulled him out? I don’t know.
      There was also the fact that when Sam and Dean went to Heaven that one time, Ash said that he couldn’t find John or Mary in Heaven, and he didn’t know that Ellen and Jo were dead either. I’ve always wondered where all of these people were, if not in Heaven.

      • rowan77 says:

        Adam chose to be the vessel. He knew the risks and went through with it anyway. Adam was never a particularly interesting character to me so I don’t care if he’s brought back. Chances are Michael’s protecting him from Lucifer anyway.

        • Drew says:

          Dean wouldn’t just walk away from a brother… A son of John’s. He wouldn’t walk away from a promise. And if there is no way to get Adam back, he would at least mention the poor kid.

          Adam didn’t make any choice that Sam didn’t and Dean probably would have made the deal too.

      • Isabelle Otis says:

        Maybe he doesn’t talk about Adam is because the weight is so heavy. He doesn’t want to remember that he failed his brother. That he couldn’t save him like he wanted to.

    • Same. It feels like the Adam plot line has simply been dropped, but I am SO not okay with that. I mean, come on, this is Supernatural, they’ve pulled more rabbits out of a hat than any other show I’ve ever watched.

      • rowan77 says:

        Dropped? He made a choice and took the consequences that came with that choice. End of story. There was a clear ending to Adam’s participation in the story. Just because it’s not the ending you wanted for Adam, doesn’t mean it’s not his ending.

        • Kotji says:

          Adam unlike Sam and Dean didn’t know what he was getting himself into… no one really explained what was going on to him plus his still in the cage we all saw what it did to Sam

          • rowan77 says:

            That doesn’t mean anything. People make stupid decisions. That doesn’t mean they’re story didn’t end. The stupid decision drove the ending and now he’s playing the price for his impulsiveness by staying in the cage with Michael and Lucifer. I think considering what we know they did to Sam, we can reasonably believe the same fate happened to Adam. The end.

  14. Carla Krae says:

    The husband and wife witches are still alive, so they could still return, too. Played my JM and Charisma Carpenter.

  15. Eva says:


  16. Autumn says:

    The only two characters I want to see again are Jo and Ellen. They were the best female characters of the show. Still disappointed they’re gone.

  17. Sophie says:

    I would love for Gabriel to still be alive, and trick them some more! I need more Gabriel, he was my favorite!

  18. vickie says:

    I would like to see Bobby back.

  19. Jack Kable says:

    The Antichrist Kid! Whatever happened to him? Or the other little kid Dean Killed his mother behind Sam’s back!

  20. paula nesiba says:

    It has to be Bobby! I think his boys could use a little more tough love! Especially since Dean is a demon now! ( hate that!)

  21. Gwenllian says:

    A character “we” introduced a couple of seasons ago? So does that mean during Carver’s reign as showrunner? So in S8? Benny maybe? Hope not. Or…dear God no…not Amelia…please not her…

    Maybe it’s Aaron or The Golem. That would be good.

    Personally I’d love to see Lucifer back. And John Winchester.

  22. Fingers crossed that it’s Adam. Perhaps a reference to how the fans are always talking about how they forgot him in Hell?

  23. Katie says:

    I don’t think Aaron returning is a secret – he posted it to his twitter a few days ago. I’m going with Chuck. That’d be cool. As much as I love Benny, I don’t want to see him again, in current time. I feel like his ending was so tragic, and selfless, that what could he even say? He already gave everything he had.

  24. Tracy says:

    I’d love to see Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Rufus, John and Mary make an appearance in the musical episode! Or any episode!

    • Tracy says:

      And Benny! I forgot about Benny! If Jared ever decides to leave I’d watch the show with Benny, Cas and Dean fighting evil! They’d be a trio of hotness!

  25. so sad says:

    *sigh* They’re never going to bring back Missouri, are they? I should probably just give up hope. :(

  26. Kimberly Berger says:

    I love Supernatural. I have watched it from the beginning but I think they should definitely bring back Bobby, and I love the episode’s with Charlie and Bella. I know Bella has been dead for a while but I love her on the Walking Dead. I hope these shows go on for a long time. Love all you guys.

  27. I would love it if Bobby And the Roadhouse Crew were brought back…

  28. Heather Tbd says:

    I’m not digging Crowley’s weight loss, somebody throw that man a cheeseburger

    • Symphany says:

      Maybe Crowley decided to lose weight since he is going to team up with Demon Dean. Since Dean Has lots of muscle and is really fit, perhaps Mark Sheppard Decided that his character should lose weight, to not look chubby next to Dean.

  29. hudasar92 says:

    I’m assuming Charlie will be back as well! I love her she’s so cute!! Dean should totally go for her (after he’s undemonised of course).

  30. Kevin says:

    Lusifer?????? Mabey

  31. Katherine says:

    I hope it’s Chuck! I’m dying to know what happened to him!

    • Sheila says:

      Me, too. Where is Benny? I like the children especially the kid who is neither good or bad.. What happened to the All dogs go to Heaven dog. I especially liked him.

  32. Hot Dumb Italian Mike!! says:

    The show has had so many characters these past nine years I couldn’t even guess. It would be a great shock if Sam’s Stanford girlfriend, Jess came back. Eventually, the show will have to introduce God at some point, but hopefully not for a long time, because that would pretty much be the show’s demise. Also, bring back Sam’s second girlfriend that died season 8, the one that worked at the aution house with her dad, she and Padelecki had great chemistry!

  33. Anna says:

    I’d love for Felica Day (Charlie) to be in the musical(-ish) episode because she has a lovely singing voice AND Charlie really does need to meet Castiel.

  34. vzsgabe says:

    I want Jeffrey Dean Morgan back!

  35. Cindy says:

    Hope you bring Bobby back.

  36. Vic says:

    Benny, Bobby, Gabriel, Charlie and Chuck! PLEASE!!!! Loved Benny’s Character.. maybe he could pull Dean out of being a demon………..just a thought!.

  37. Fan says:

    Timothy Omundson as Cain, and/or Lucien Laviscount as Ennis, taking up hunting like his dad

  38. Kristin Cook says:

    I want Charlie back!

  39. joseph says:

    Return bobby

  40. Laura says:

    How about bringing back Daddy Winchester.. I want Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!!

  41. Metallx321 says:

    They need to bring back Meg. Before Bobby Singer. Before Sheriff Mills. They need to bring back Meg first. A storyline with just her and Cas

  42. I would love to see Bobby back on the show.

  43. Amy says:

    I need to see Gabriel, Chuck and Lucifer… and Balthazar :) Definitely need to see them all :D

  44. Leroux Kazmire says:

    Come Back Wish List: Bobby, (of course), Meg, Charlie, and Gabriel. Chuck as God, now that is an interesting twist.

  45. Amanda says:

    Jo, Ellen, Bobby and Chuck

  46. Claire says:

    Hoping and looking forward to it being Chuck-but I want to see Gabriel again — well for that matter–want to see a lot of others return too! Can’t wait for Oct. 7th.

  47. Larry Tucker says:

    Bring back Bobbie

  48. Michael says:

    It’s Lucifer, Mark Pellegrino is credited on his wikipedia page for Season 10 of Supernatural.

  49. Erica says:

    Please bring Benny and Meg back!!! I want Cas and Meg together forever!!! And Benny who didn’t love Benny??

    Bobby’s ending was at least good since he went to heaven. But those two had such heartbreaking endings. :(