Arrow @ Comic-Con: Season 3 Trailer Has Happy Oliver, Bloody Felicity?! Plus: Scoop on 'Oracle,' Darker Thea

The first trailer for Arrow Season 3 hits the action-packed bull’s-eye, as revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday evening.

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Following a refresher on Oliver’s alliances and adversaries from the CW hit’s sophomore run, we get loads of new footage — including an Oliver/Diggle quarrel, that date, Brandon Routh’s introduction as Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) and a taste of Oliver’s Hong Kong flashbacks.

You’ll also spy Prison Break alum Peter Stormare’s own take on Vertigo, Roy in his Arsenal ensemble, Sara’s quotable comeback line and what looks to be the foundation for a renaming of Starling City…?

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During Arrow’s actual Comic-Con panel, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, “So much of Season 3 is about the price of victory. Everyone is enjoying the peace that they’ve found … [but] as Joss Whedon has always said, ‘The minute you give one of your characters happiness, you have to yank it away from them.'”

But does that mean Oliver and Felicity’s joint happiness is also on the line? That shot of Felicity bleeding on a table in the trailer certainly doesn’t bode well. “They go for Italian,” exec producer Marc Guggenheim revealed of the pair’s upcoming first date.

“We weren’t trying to fake anybody out with Oliver’s confession to her,” added EP Greg Berlanti, noting that their feelings for each other have “always been genuine.” Added series lead Stephen Amell: “It’s not like there hasn’t been sexual tension between the two characters” — though the actor was wise not to reveal who he really thinks Oliver belongs with.

Another Felicity tidbit dropped on the panel: We’ll learn about her time at MIT during a Season 3 episode titled “Oracle.”

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As for Oliver’s relationship with Roy — aka Arsenal — Amell said there are definitely “unresolved issues” between them. “However good they are right now,” he teased, “I’m sure they’ll get bad really fast.”

And you can bet that Thea and Malcolm’s daddy drama will only serve to exacerbate those issues. “Thea is going through something pretty crazy right now,” Willa Holland said of her character’s darker turn. “All I can say is that I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit. … The girl you saw in Seasons 1 and 2 is not the girl you’re going to see in Season 3.”

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On the subject of The Flash and Arrow‘s two-hour crossover event — which will be episodes 108 and 308, respectively — Kreisberg promised, “Everyone will get a little taste of each other,” before immediately realizing what he just said. In other crossover news, Felicity will show up in The Flash‘s fourth hour.

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  1. chaouad says:

    omg omg omg !!! poor felicity :O I’m so excited !!!!

  2. Cate Amos says:

    Just call me Veruca Salt, ’cause “I want it now!”

  3. Lo says:

    So the implication is that Olicity’s date goes bang? They’re wearing the same clothes as the date…. Can poor Felicity catch a damn break already?

    • brynnomsfordmommasqwirl says:

      Exactly. They will have a good time, kiss and then something will happen to her causing Ollie to pull away for her safety.

  4. Sara says:

    Well, that looks all kinds of awesome!!! Why is October 8th so far away?!

  5. Roger says:


    Umm, holy frak!

  6. Ashley says:

    Never have I ever been so excited for a tv season to start

  7. Luke says:

    the very first thing I’ve noticed was that there is so much daylight now ( comapared to the 2 previous seasons); and I hope Felicity isn’t dead, because she looked kind of dead on that table, and the way Oliver was looking at her….;

    • Malia says:

      I noticed too that there were a few scenes filmed outside during the day which is something new. Maybe it’s before the new count turns up then it will go back to normal? Felicity won’t have died. She’s a pivotal character now. It probably forces oliver to let his dreams of being with her go. Oh well. Dig being forced to take a back seat? Noooo but understandable.

  8. Sparky says:

    I’m a 36 yr old acting like a teenager right now!!!!!!!! Why isn’t it Oct already!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!! If Arrow does not become the CWs highest rated show this season I will, well I’ll be super shocked. This looks so freakin brilliant!!!!!

    • Mehvash says:

      This!!! I’ll be 36 in a few shirt months and I’ve become crazy fangirl…and proud of it ;) October can’t come soon enough

      • Sparky says:

        Love it…..LMFAO!!!! I love when a show gets it right and these guys writers and cast alike are hitting it out of the park on all fronts!!!! Cannot wait for the new season!

    • Shipper says:

      Me too! I’m 30 and I’ve never fangirled in my life but Olicity and their relationship have done something to me! I think it’s the way he looks at her. How anyone can doubt his feelings when he looks at her like that, I don’t know!

      • Sparky says:

        The way he smiles at her in the clip put a big smile on my face too!!! But besides the Olicity stuff which I love they have assembled a really great cast and supporting cast and DC is behind them on this which is kind of amazing for a small CW show. So looking forward to the new season…..

        • Shipper says:

          MTE. Seeing Oliver so happy is the nicest thing! Olicity is my favorite thing on the show but the whole cast is awesome and I was just saying in a comment below that I really love how Arrow balances out all the fast-paced action and everyone gets their chance to shine. Such a great show!

  9. A says:

    This looks awesome! Even Roy looked cool lol

  10. chaouad says:

    “Felicity will show up in The Flash‘s fourth hour.” what does that mean ? Felicity will be in episode 4 ?

  11. lucky says:

    Also it looks like laurel and Oliver will become business partners with the queen family company or something else which isn’t going to sit well with laurel haters or felicity and the olicity fanbase.

    • Elle says:

      Well you’re wrong there because I’m a HUGE Olicity shipper and I don’t mind AT ALL if Laurel and Oliver become business partners. I think it’s the best way to start her on the team. Oliver gives her baddies to put away. Simple. Please stop judging all the Olicity shippers. Yes, we’re passionate about what we like but there’s nothing wrong with that. Support what you love but don’t bash what you hate.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree I think Laurel helping the team as a lawyer is good, I don’t see her replacing Sara as the black canary though, as she still doesn’t look capable of kicking anyone’s ass

    • Andie says:

      I don’t know about that. I am a huge Olicity fan, but I don’t dislike Laurel. I just don’t think she would make a good romantic match for Oliver. But business partner? Sure.

  12. eddie says:

    felicity is a little sister, not a love interest. please stop trying to make olicity happen!

    • Nate says:

      Agree completely

    • wonderwall says:

      If my brother looked at me the way Oliver looks at Felicity, then we’d probably be Jaime and Cersei Lannister :p

    • Snoopy says:

      Totally agree! I’m a supported of Ollie and Lauren :)

    • Briggs says:

      Even Stephen Amell says there’s sexual tension. I have no idea where this little sister talk is coming from. He’s never treated her like one. Now, if we were talking about Diggle and Felicity, that’s totally brother/sister. “Nice jammies.”

    • Andie says:

      I think the beauty in the Oliver/Felicity relationship is the progression from platonic boss/assistant to the heightened awareness that comes along with earned respect and equality. She has proven her worth to Oliver and grown from unsure IT girl into legitimate crime-fighting partner, and it is obvious that his feelings toward her have changed throughout the show. The fact of the matter is that MANY romantic relationships, both in the real world and in fiction, have started with a “little sister” type relationship that grew into something else as the characters developed and their feelings toward each other evolved. These characters are not related; that is allowed to happen.

  13. Itsjustvanny says:

    Thank god I don’t watch this show for Olicity. Because if I did I would be so sick of the forced writing to appease a fan base, what’s next the brothers on Supernatural are going to start banging each other because there’s a small group of people that want to see it happen? This just why I am very annoyed with the Mistresses storyline between Joss and Harry, it’s clear they have chemistry, but does it have to be sexual or even love?

    • wonderwall says:

      I think the EPs have it under the impression that the Oliver/Felicity fans make up a huge chunk of the Arrow fan base (as said in some interviews). You might think it’s forced, but some people have seen their development throughout the past 46 episodes :) And please don’t compare Oliver/Felicity to Sam/Dean. That’s just not right. Now Dean/Cas? That may be a better, yet still invalid IMO, comparison.

    • Andie says:

      I respectfully disagree. I am a fan of Olicity, yes, but they are not the reason I watch the show. I enjoy their interactions regardless of any romantic potential. But I think the writers have followed a very natural progression with their storyline. Whether or not they will have an actual relationship in the run of the show, Oliver and Felicity are two very attractive people who work incredibly closely together in very intense situations. Their respect for and trust in each other builds every single episode. For them to not explore at least the idea of it at this point would feel more forced, in my honest opinion.

  14. Drew says:

    “Oracle”? I suppose it would be asking too much of them to bring Barbara Gordon into the story? Seeing Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress in the same episode would be wicked cool. But I guess they might just let Felicity fill the Oracle role now.
    I figured that the pregnancy would cause complications for Diggle on the team. I thought that Diggle might bow out a little bit more often, but it looks like Oliver is the one taking the family into consideration. It changes things when you have something to lose, and someone who can lose you.
    I’m not even going to comment on the Felicity/Oliver stuff or the Laurel stuff. I’ve come to learn that it all gets drowned out in the end, so it’s difficult to discuss those storylines.

    • Elle says:

      I don’t think Felicity will be Oracle. She’s already similar but I like the thought of her meeting Barbara Gordon at MIT and maybe tutored by her in the art of hacking! That would be so cool.

      I love the Felicity/Oliver stuff so I’m excited about that but fair enough if you don’t want to discuss it. Laurel was barely mentioned though, to be fair.

      • Briggs says:

        Barbara Gordon is the young daughter of James Gordon. She may not appear on Gotham, but maybe because she might not exist yet. Bruce is older than she is by at least a decade, and he’s still a young boy. I don’t see Arrow being allowed to use her, under this logic. Besides which, there was an episode called “Birds of Prey” in season 2, and Barbara Gordon was nowhere to be found.

      • Mark says:

        Felicity never knew her father so it may end up being a Arrow twist as Felicity Gordon …. but Im going on her father being Ed Raymond in the show to get around the whole marriage thing and character cross over in flash in ep 4. As this will help introduce Robbie Armell.

        • Anne says:

          I don’t think she is his daughter. Love interest maybe in the DC world Felicity actually marries Edward Raymond so I don’t think they would make him her father that would be way off base. I would be surprised if Felicity fell for Robbie Amell he is her step son in the DC world. I want Slade to be her father tht would make everything more interesting especially for Oliver and Felicity relationship.

    • wonderwall says:

      I actually hope that Felicity isn’t Oracle but was inspired to hack because of Barbra or someone who liked to call themselves ‘oracle’ at MIT. Now THAT would be a fun story :)

      • Arsenal says:

        I agree. The idea of her being Oracle doesn’t sit well with me, but I’m not worried because I doubt the show will do this. We wouldn’t even need to see Barbra Gordon, just have her name mentioned. Since she isn’t in Gotham, I don’t see how it would be a problem. Only time will tell.

        • Briggs says:

          Except that, if you go by Gotham’s plot, she might not exist yet. True, they could take another char and just call her Barbara or Babs, but they would still need Fox’s permission, because they own the rights to the Batman Universe.

          • Arsenal says:

            Ra’s al Ghul, the League of Assassins, & Nyssa Raatko are from Batman as well. The former was mentioned and the latter was seen on Arrow. There was also a hint of Harley Quinn. Technically, they’re all property of DC. I can see them having exclusive rights to Batman-specific names (Bruce Wayne, Gotham), but Barbara Gordon isn’t exclusive to just Batman.

            While I will be watching Gotham, I only mention it because you said it was set before her time. I’m not going by its plot as the two shows aren’t connected in any way (especially timeline wise).

            My main point was that Oracle is a very well-known, popular character, so I can’t see them giving Felicity that identity. In the end, maybe the title episode shouldn’t be taken so literal. It could have nothing to do with the character for all we know.

          • Briggs says:

            *sigh* All the characters you mentioned? Greenlit before Gotham the show was. Arrow used them before Fox got the rights. Yes, really.

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Trailer for new season looks great. Sucks Felicity gets hurt. Not good Oliver & Diggle will have problems. Good to see Sara as her hero alter ego in trailer. Excited to watch new season.

  16. Hodan says:

    Oh! This looks soo good!

    Love Olicity, Sara, Diggle-Oliver confrontation, and Roy’s as Arsenal!

  17. M3rc Nate says:

    What I loved seeing here most was Black Canary (Caity Lotz) is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im guessing she is the one who will train Laurel, which is a plot i dont mind, i would prefer the real Canary be Sara…and i dont know how much i’ll believe in Laurel’s Black Canary when she will probably only have a years worth of training by Sara and maybe Oliver. Thats not the same as having your crucible and training for years and years like Oliver on the Island and Sara from the League of Assassins.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree and they were younger when they began having more time to be in the suits as superheroes, it takes a long time to become as proficient as them and not to be mean Laurel is rather old to be starting, even older characters now like Slade and thea’s father started younger, the older you are the more difficult it will physically to learn

    • Arsenal says:

      I thought I heard somewhere that Laurel’s new love interest is the one who teaches her how to fight; I’m not sure though. She’s also the daughter of a cop, so you’d think Quentin would’ve taught her at least a little self-defense.

      By the way, Sara is called the Canary, not the Black Canary. There’s a difference. Arrow’s creators have made many DC characters their own, including Felicity (who we all know was in the Firestorm comics), so Laurel’s possible superhero persona could be something none of us are expecting.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        No Laurel is Black Canary, since the first panel when they were just showing the pilot she has been confirmed to be Black Canary.

        Yes she knows good self defense as shown in the beginning of S2 when she is held at gun point on the date with the Blood guy. However…Black Canary is the best female fighter in the DC universe (of normal powered humans), a even better fighter (aka she could beat) Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. So no, a year of Krav Maga at the YMCA and some moves her dad taught her, along with training from Sara/Oliver for 6 months does not = what Oliver and Sara can do, let alone beat them.

        I have not heard that about Laurels love interest or her being taught how to fight…thats weird cause id think that would be bigger news, and that whoevers casted as that guy would be bigger news (only big casting ive read is Routh).

      • JC1 says:

        There’s a lot of speculation going around that Laurel’s new love interest will be Ted Grant, who was apparently one of Black Canary’s trainers in the comics. So far, however, it’s only speculation. Unless something is being announced at Comic-Con as I type. :)

        • JC1 says:

          Ha! Apparently Ted Grant was announced at Comic-Con last night, but no confirmation yet on the love interest part.

  18. Elle says:

    Loved the trailer. I’m so excited for the next season. I’m looking forward to Olicity because their growing relationship has been such an unexpected pleasure to watch. I am 32 years old and I’ve not enjoyed a pairing this much in some years! I’m really interested to see Laurel and Oliver working together. I like that the dynamic appears to be moving away from a romantic one. This is not my wish just as an Olicity shipper but as a supporter of strong independent women! Laurel should never pick up romantically with Oliver after everything he did to her. That side of their relationship is too toxic and tainted now. But a fresh start putting baddies away sounds like a great way to rebuild their friendship and maybe give Laurel’s character some weight. I like the idea a lot.
    I’m worried about Diggle’s family life affecting his place on the team but I was concerned by that development since the season 2 finale so we’ll see how that’s handled. I just love Team Arrow so much that I don’t want the dynamic ruined. Season 3 looks awesome! I’m here for all of it!

  19. Poh says:

    Roy is looking goooood! And, of course, Captain Lance :)

    I wonder if all that Olicity crap will pay off ’cause its all I’ve been hearing about in Arrow news lately.

    • wonderwall says:

      I think it’s the EPs way of throwing the fandom off track and keeping them preoccupied with all of the romance stuff so they can keep the real surprises of the villains/plot/etc. a secret. I’m glad they’re getting the romance stuff over with so they can focus on other important things like Oliver’s development as a hero, Diggle’s family life, Felicity’s backstory, Sara’s return…

  20. Dominator of destruction says:

    Caity Lotz owns as Canary she has so much sass and grace in her action scenes and warmth and likeability as Sara

  21. Luli says:

    What was Sara’s quotable comeback line?????

  22. Briggs says:

    Of course their date gets crashed. It’s them. If the date was uneventful I’d smell a rat. But I’m not speculating what that means for the future, since this is Arrow, and speculation is rarely right when it comes to this show (I give you the big argument about the compound bow in Laurel’s hands in a *photo*). One of the reasons I love it. :)
    Oh, a third ep with the name Oracle and Felicity MITness? Yes please! I have my own thoughts on this, but regardless as to *who* Oracle happens to be, I can’t wait to see what they do with her on the show. So far, practically nobody has translated directly from canon to the screen in their most popular incarnation (if they have more than one), so this should be fun to watch.
    Ooo, trouble in bromance territory. Now Dig gets a taste of Oliver overprotective-ness. Not so easy to be patient with him when it’s you he’s driving crazy, is it, John? I wonder if, should they follow up on the babymomma, if he might throw this back in Oliver’s face if he gets custody for some reason (I actually have a whole storyline theory for that one, but that’s what fanfiction is for).
    And Roy’s having fun. Good for him. He deserves at least a little, after all he’s been through.
    Oh boy. Thea getting layers, possibly. Loving it. She needs them desperately. And you know she has to find out about Oliver sometime. Daddy is going to be in *so* much trouble when she finds how he knew and didn’t tell her. That’s not speculation, that’s fact. His fault for teaching her to throw a punch, as my father used to say…
    And all the crossover goodness. Oh, that’ll be good. Oliver and Barry as superhero besties (see short promo) ftw. :)
    Is it still July? Dang it!

  23. Amy37 says:

    My jaw is on the floor..

  24. Foshi says:

    I can’t wait for this show to come back. I love the idea of Oliver and Felicity. Like Oliver said in Season 2 episode 1 “not everyone sees the real me” I truly enjoy that from episode 1 with finding another way to be the Arrow to the end of the season and outsmarting Slade, Felicity has helped Oliver become a hero. I love that she sees the real him and has helped him in his hero journey. Plus they have great chemistry and I think the Team Arrow dynamic would be really fun to watch as a relationship between them develops. Some of the funniest moments from season two were when they were bantering or arguing and poor Diggle was in the middle “all right”. Love this show and season 3 looks awesome!!!

  25. Mel says:

    Oliver has a kid right? I’d like to know if they’ll bring that up this season.

  26. Pat says:

    Oh my gosh, that scene of poor Felicity laying on that table all bloody, what the heck happened to her????? I was anxious for the season to start up but after seeing this scene, not so much.

  27. enri says:

    Wowza! Is it October yet?!

  28. Shipper says:

    I’m kind of sick of all these anti-Olicity comments I’m reading on youtube. Olicity doesn’t take over the show! Their moments make up a few minutes each episode, if that sometimes. I really like the balance on Arrow. There’s action and moments for everyone, including Olicity. I love it all. I admit that the promotion of Olicity is heavy and perhaps too much at times but if that’s what creates buzz then they’re obviously gonna use what works best for them. I just wish people wouldn’t constantly hate on things. I don’t hate on the things I dislike, why does everyone else? Spread the love guys!

  29. Kristina says:

    Whoa this looks good. I mean that’s not really a surprise since I loved the first two seasons but I’m so excited!

  30. James D says:

    AHH! More please i would like more right now. This show is too freaking good can’t wait.

  31. EJ386 says:

    So much AWESOME!!

  32. sonrisa says:

    this sounds absolutely amazing.! x3
    i can’t wait to see Oliver and felicity’s date.! =))
    i love that he tells her about China.
    digg and Olivers talk is going to be really intressting too!

  33. Marc says:

    So Felicity ends up bloody and unconscious on her date with Oliver, wanna bet that incident is what Oliver will use an reinforcement to his season two speech about not dating people who he cares about? This date will probably be the first and last one for season three anyways.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah spoilers have suggested that Oliver will probably push Felicity away for the rest of the season after she gets hurt but that doesn’t mean he won’t still have feelings for her. His season 3 journey will be realising that he can be The Arrow and have a personal life. but it will take the whole season so yeah, this is probably their first and last date for season 3 anyway!

      • Mars says:

        I just heard Stephen say at one of his one on one interviews that there is only one lady this year for Oliver ….and its Felicity ….it just came out …I wonder if he was supposed to say that …doesn’t matter … love the romance ..and love all the action, Team Arrow, the villains, the stories … bring on Season 3 ..

  34. aunni says:

    where is matt..? if he is busy where is v..? bt andy… ugh. he stinks frm tvd n to…blahhh.

  35. JC1 says:

    Well, I was pretty sure I was done with this show after last season’s finale. But with Sara being back right away, with Laurel apparently on the slow road to Black Canary, and with Stephen Amell saying he doesn’t think Oliver and Laurel will ever be together again, I’ll give the show another chance. But….no killing off of Sara! Seriously show. Laurel is easier to tolerate if whatever happens with her isn’t coming at the expense of one of my favorite characters. :(