Shemar Moore to Return to The Young and the Restless — But There's a Catch

Shemar Moore The Young and the Restless Return

Malcolm Winters is coming home to Genoa City.

Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore will return to his daytime TV roots this fall when he reprises his fan-beloved role on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, the network announced Wednesday.

But Malcolm’s homecoming will be a short one: Moore will appear in just two episodes, which will air on Wednesday, Sept. 10, and Thursday, Sept. 11.

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Daytime Emmy winner Moore originated the role of the smooth ladies’ man in 1994 and played him until 2002, returning for a brief stint in 2004-2005 before joining Minds.

This go-around, according to CBS, Malcolm will visit with the Winters family to make amends for his hasty exit and to find out what’s been going on since the last time he was in town.

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“I am excited about returning to The Young and the Restless as a special guest,” Moore said in a statement. “This is where I got my start, and I am looking forward to reuniting with my soap opera family.”

Press PLAY on the video below for a smattering of Moore’s greatest Y&R moments, then hit the comments: Are you glad Malcolm will be back in town?

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  1. LaLa says:

    Oh, hallelujah. I’ve always wondered why Shemar wouldn’t pop up on Y&R from time to time, especially since he still works for CBS. I mean, I wouldn’t expect him to work full time on both shows, but during the summer break, to appear in 5 to 10 eps, maybe.

    • Alex says:

      He must make a lot more on Criminal Minds than Y&R can afford to pay him.

    • Artell says:

      that sounds GREAT!!!!!!!

    • Lucinda says:

      would love to see him come back in the winter time full time all the old players wish they would come back I also would like to see Michella to come back not replace her and come out of the coma I am a 71 year old woman and I been watching this show ever since 1967 and when I could not be home I would record it on the VCR and watch it at night time. J.T. is not gay Him and Victoria is married and have two boys

      • Christopher says:

        Respectfully- Y and R started in 1973, not 1967. I agree it would be good to have him back full time along with all the old players. Too bad some of them have died over the years in real life. You sound like you are a very loyal viewer- I was too from 1982 to about 2004, but the golden age of this show was finished by the time I stopped 10 years ago. When a show abandons its history with plot lines out of nowhere from new writers, irreparable damage is done.
        It was such a stupendous show in the 1980s and 1990s.

  2. I can’t wait to see Malcolm back on the Y&R,he sure made daytime soaps enjoyable!

  3. mollytanner says:

    didn’t Eddie Winslow play Malcolm last?

    • Kvivik says:

      Yes, Darius McCrary (sp?) played Malcom last. Was a total failure.

      • Boo says:

        I totally agree!!! Not the best decision there. I guess they needed to fill that spot quickly and the only one they could have found at the moment was Eddie Winslow. Good try, but complete failure!!!!

      • Summer says:

        Darius is handsome and talented but I like Shemar as Malcolm better, I get to see him on my birthday, yes!!! (on television).

    • GG says:

      Eddie Winslow lol!

    • Boo says:

      Yes he did. He didn’t look right playing the part though. He will always be Eddie Winslow! :D

    • Jae says:

      Shemar put his stamp on that role. Just PLEASE don’t have him come in, sleep with Neal’s wife and get her pregnant. That whole “there is no other black woman I want other than my brother’s woman” thing between Malcolm and Neal is TIRED! Remember Lilly found out that Neal is her “real” father after he slept with Drucilla when she was medicated and Neal’s youngest son is with the woman who came in as Malcolm’s fiancé. TIRED!!

      • Summer says:

        Exactly, I remember that whole Dru, Neal thing and not so much about whats going on now, somehow I lost interest maybe school, change in work hours who knows its been years but they need to make the best out of this two day deal. Maybe Lilly is his daughter after all and Victor is his father, I know I am reaching

      • peggy says:

        neal is not lilysfather,malcome is. That was the reason for all the problems

        • And when the truth finally came out, it didn’t come out as it truly happened. Dru thought it was Neal because she was so messed up on her medicine yet we heard none of that part until eleven years later when Neal found out. This is my only soap I watch and so many story lines get rewritten/changed/outrageous things supposedly happened decades/years ago that would have been great story lines yet were stuck in the show and for those of us that have watched from the start get a tad frustrated.. It will always be #1 IMO but rewriting the storyline and adding things that would normally be a main part. such as Dylan being Nikki and Paul’s son, would have been in the show BACK THEN. I don’t know if I’m the only one but one of the more recent “timing events” is that Faith was born on the show in 2009 while Summer was born in very late December 2006 and they in no way appear 3 years apart in age to me. I love Shemar Moore and would love to see him return as an oft recurring character but TWO episodes? I also love Criminal Minds and the entire cast of that show clicks so I feel good where he is now. When I read he’d be in town to “catch up on what’s happened since he’s been away, my first thought was “Im TWO episodes?

          • jena says:

            and why is Neal playing a regukar, abit, high profile employee when he was coorperate lawyer to newman yrs ago

    • Yes, but there is nothing greater than bringing back the original person who played the character. People relate better this way.

  4. alistaircrane says:

    Oh, thank goodness! This will erase the memory of the terrible Malcolm recast played by Eddie Winslow from Family Matters.

  5. Audrey says:

    Amen, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! Even if it’s just 2 days… I’m a happy, happy camper!

  6. Gloria Zimmerman says:

    He has been missed ! What a great guy ! He has it all , looks and personality and talent to spare, can’t wait to see him again

  7. Elaine Oxford says:

    How super to see Malcom back loved him in Y&R !

  8. Jan says:


  9. Erin says:

    Glad to hear he remembers where he started & isn’t too good for daytime now.

  10. Tracey says:

    I’m excited for a REAL Malcolm return! Of course with Shemar having a regular primetime gig, I wouldn’t expect a full return, but it surely would be nice to see him back in the role for a little while. :)

  11. sherry Hern says:

    I love Y&R! Have been watching since I was 16 and try not to miss one episode:). WILL be glad to see Shemar Moore come back for a lil while. Would like to see JT come back and the old Billy:).

    • Danielle says:

      Great!! Would love to see him back and also the old Billy.

      • Boo says:

        I miss the old Billy!!!! This Bully (HA-HA) is not cutting it for me. He just don’t look right. You see they got rid of the other Billy as well (Heather Tom’s brother) because he didn’t fit the part either. They need to get it together and bring him back….the fans have spoken!!!!

        • Info about about Y&R says:

          Pretty haed to get back old billy and even adam but adam was the clown at the party1

          • Young & the Restless has lost viewer the last year, a lot. Ever since Michele Stafford’s character was written off and months later two Y&R cast favorites where replaced. One was written off s well. The role of Billy Abott has been played by 3 different actors in a matter of months.

        • Robin says:

          More fans need to speak…..Absolutely on the old Billy. Took off the recent one because he looked too young for the part….Nothing really against this one but he kinda of looks too old for the part…he would of been good as another character.

  12. Kvivik says:

    Shemar and Kristoff had such great chemistry as brothers Malcolm and Neil. Hope they still have it. Will be wonderful to watch.

  13. Yes ,Yes and bring Tre’Scillia back with U………Missing Y’all like CRAZY💖💖💖💖💖

  14. KCC says:


  15. Danyelle says:


  16. Colleen says:

    YES!!!!!!!! Just wish he’d come back for good and do both shows!

  17. Dena Scott says:

    I love Shemar Moore he is a good actor to me and you are gorgeous too.

  18. bjohns says:

    The only reason I’m tuning in is for the REAL Malcolm return. He has always had a great relationship and attitude about his soap roots. Remember the episode of Criminal Minds where Derrick and Rossi stayed in Vegas to help Reed with the case that involved his mom and dad. When Reed came in his room, they were watching Y&R.

  19. LuAnn says:

    Thrilled to see that Shemar Moore wil reprise his role as Malcolm, even if only for a short visit. A short visit is better than no visit. Now we just need Victoria Rowelle to show back up as Drucilla – since her body was never found!!

  20. Roberta says:

    I don’t watch Y & R……sure don’t want him to leave Criminal Minds. My favorite show along with NCIS.

  21. Gayle says:

    Happy Shemar is coming to visit, miss him as Neil’s Bro

  22. DavidSask says:

    JT coming back would be awesome!!

    • I adore JT! HE was my favorite! The fired him because he was gay and decided to come out in his personal life. The show did not like that and did not renew his contract thus he was fired. .

      • Xanadude says:

        Actually Thad Luckinbill (who plays JT) WASN’T fired (he chose to leave) and ISN’T gay — he’s been married to Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) since 2007 & they have two kids together.

      • jayne says:

        Gay? He’s gay?

      • Diva M. says:

        I never heard that Shemar was gay. Where do you get this info that he is gay!! Please, please tell me his is not gay. Too gorgeous and masculine to be gay.

  23. Shemar is extremely talented as everyone knows but so much more, I loved him on Y&R and Diary of a Mad Black Woman as well as the other actors that movie. Great on minds also. He’s just got IT.

  24. Love him. Hated the other Malcom. UCK. We need drucilla back. The real one.

  25. Shamar Moore is a great actor, what can I say! It will be great seeing him back on YR!

  26. Anne says:

    I won’t miss those 2 days, that’s for sure! Shemar is (and was) the best on Y&R!

  27. LANA says:


  28. Juanita says:


  29. barbara says:

    yea I am happy that Shemar’s return on the Y$R. wish he would be a full timer back on that show. He was a great on that show and they need a lot of the old timers that left or was pushed off because of contract issues. It sure will be good to see him again even if it is for just 2 episodes but maybe this will give him a taste of it and will want to come back for more shows and still keep his Criminal Mind show. Good to have you back!!!!!

  30. Claudia Lea says:

    YES, YES, YES………….bring him back!!! EYE CANDY!!!

  31. Charlene says:

    He was terrific as Malcolm. No one could replace him. I just wish he would become a permanent cast member again.

  32. Brenda says:

    The Happy Song

  33. Cheryl says:

    Happy to hear that Shemar is back on Y&R for a brief appearance. Would like him longer but only if he and Neil could mend their differences.

  34. Truth says:

    Now, if they can just bring back Billy Miller, all will be right in the world of Genoa City.

  35. DJ says:

    Shemar Moore is so talented, handsome, shraming I would watch him where ever he decides do on tv. “Go Shemar “, do your “thang”. R & R rating will go up those two days. LOU!!!!!!!!!

  36. debbie blizzard says: glad to have him back if only for a couple of days. love shemar and always will

  37. DJ says:

    Shemar is proven to be more than a great face and awesome body (yes!!!!!!!), but a very talented actor. Y & R rating will go up those two days. Love, love, love!!!!!!!

  38. Priscilla says:

    I love this man, I even watch CM just to see him, all my coworker at the hospital where I work can not wait…just a few days is ok by me,,,,,,,LOVE LOVE LOVE Him.

  39. Audrey Goodon says:

    Loved him then…………..and nothing has changed now…..Glad to have U back Malcolm(even 4 a short time)

  40. He has always made my heart beat faster. He is on that silly show about murder and his talents are being wasted. He needs to be displayed in proper form and the soap allowed that. My guess is he gets more $$$ on the criminal show? If Y&R wanted him full time they need to pay the proper salary to match the one on the nighttime crime show. Daytime TV has a stigma also. Most daytime TV stars are biting at the bit to get into prime time television. So do but most don’t and stay in daytime forever.

    • jayne says:

      I loved seeing Shemar Moore on Y & R. He’s is so attractive and talented! You are right! he is wasted on that criminal show. I would like to see him in some tv dramas.

  41. Gia says:

    Absolutely FINE, glad you are coming home no matter how brief, you are so easy on my eyes, cant wait!!!1

  42. aleena says:

    Welcome home Shemar! Dru will not be back due to the fact that what’s her face as Lily & her do not get along & says she’ll quit. Bye! I haven’t watched for sometime… can’t stand Neil or Lily. Writers getting stagnant. Same-o. I have watched it since Snapper was on.
    R.I.P. Jeanie Cooper- ♡ her.

  43. Deborah says:

    Yes what a change love his roll. Why not bring back Dru too. just for a min.

  44. deborahc says:

    Be still my heart!

  45. Bring him back. I have really missed him!!!

  46. I’m glad it’s brief! His skills need to stay with his serious role!

  47. D wilson says:

    “Yeah, yea ha’! Beautiful, I just want you to know…your my favourite guy!” I just love seeing the people who made the character REAL to us all!

  48. terri says:

    o yea baby

  49. John says:

    Will he get his eyebrows re-shaped?

  50. Jimmy says:

    That second scene in the gym between Malcolm and Neil is proof that Shemar Moore and Kristoff St.John are gold together. The show failed miserably when they recast Malcolm with Darius McCrary, he did not fit the role at all, nor did he look like Neil’s YOUNGER brother. I would love to see SM play Malcolm every now and then (Like how Beth Maitland pops up every few months or so).