Switched at Birth Boss on Bay/Emmett Vs. the World, Toby's New Love & More

Switched at Birth Season 3 Spoilers

They say it’s better the second time around, and that’s certainly true for Switched at Birth‘s reunited lovers.

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“We had great fun with Bay and Emmett [this season],” says executive producer Lizzy Weiss. “[We dive] into second-semester-senior-high-school love and what that [feels] like and when you’re anticipating leaving each other at the end of the year. I think the Bay/Emmett fans will be excited.”

And that’s not the only big romantic development on the horizon: Toby is getting a new love interest! Come Monday’s episode (ABC Family, 8/7c), a teacher at Carlton (played by Hollyoaks‘ Rachel Shenton) will catch his eye.

Read on for scoop on “Bemmett” 2.0, a changed Toby, college dilemmas and more.

TVLINE | What does Bay and Emmett, the second time around, look like after everything they’ve been through?
It’s better and more mature. The whole Simone/adultery thing, they’ve worked through so much. The final lesson was doing it herself and realizing, “Doing it doesn’t mean I didn’t love Tank in my own way. It was something that happened in the moment.” It finally does put that whole thing to bed for her. There was so much turmoil when they got together. He was going through the terrible divorce of his parents. He was in a bad [place]. It’s a little bit of Bay and Emmett against the world once we get [past] the first couple of episodes.

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TVLINE | The scene where Daphne asks Angela to learn sign language is such a big step in their relationship.
I love that scene so much. They’ve had rocky times. She’s held on so long to her grudge against him and her anger at him leaving when she was three. It was a big priority for us to work towards healing that relationship. The premiere sets that up, the way that they begin that process. It’s a big story for us this season.

TVLINE | What’s Toby like when he gets back from Iceland? Is he changed?
He is changed. When you go on a trip like that – international, alone, after a broken heart – we wanted to be honest to what that does and doesn’t do. It does give him perspective. It does make him feel better about a lot of things. But it’s not a 100 percent fix. He comes back with a new look, I will say. He’s matured a little bit. He’s a little bit older. But he’s still figuring out what his plan is. We do have someone who is circling him and we do have a new passion of his. … [Rachel Shenton is] awesome. I’m really excited about her. We don’t have anyone like her on our show. She’s adorable and has a different kind of flavor.

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TVLINE | What’s ahead for Kathryn and John?
We have a fun story coming up where they’re in New York for a book party. There’s a lot of mom and dad stuff this season. That empty nest is really looming now. The family is really the core of this season and getting back to class, race, different ways of parenting. Who’s going to pay for college between the two families? Latina scholarships – who gets to apply? Bay or Daphne? Just really interesting questions that we’ve asked ourselves a lot over the years and finally had a chance to explore in the story.

Switched at Birth Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | How is Travis’ relationship with Mary Beth going?
Aww, I adore Travis and Mary Beth. I want to keep them in a little bubble. [Laughs] They’re this lovely, grounded, strong couple. We do have strong Travis stories this season. One of our most fun ones is the Derrick Coleman story, and he’s coming up in Episode 3. They’re on that little adventure together to find Derrick Coleman.

TVLINE | Speaking of romance, are we going to see more of Marlee’s character and that cute doctor?
Absolutely. We loved their chemistry. We kept wanting to get back to them, but we never had time. Now we do. We have a big episode for them early [on]. My rule is as much Marlee Matlin as possible.