Game of Thrones: The Story Behind 4 Finale Deaths and a 'Missing' Lady

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Spoilers

Game of Thrones wrapped its fourth season Sunday, taking several beloved-ish residents of George R.R. Martin‘s vast world along with it. But what were the real stories behind all the shocking deaths? And which book-related omissions did you find equally surprising?

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TVLine collected key explanations from showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff, as well as behind-the-scenes tidbits from the cast and crew, to help make sense of last night’s game-changing hour. (WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.)

Let’s begin:

Gwendoline Christie describes Brienne’s fight with The Hound as “one of the f–king hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.” She tells it required six additional weeks of training in preparation, then another week just to recover after filming it. Fortunately, Christie notes of herself and sparring partner Rory McCann, “We’re both insane.”

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Spoilers* Weiss loved every minute of the climactic clash, and hopes fans felt the same way, regardless of the outcome. “It’s two people you’re both extremely invested in,” Weiss says, “and there’s a fascination and horror of knowing that one of them is inevitably going to get the worst of this situation.”

* As for the biggest death of the finale — after offing Shae, Tyrion pumped his father full of arrows — Weiss says that’s “gotta be the most intense toilet scene ever shot.” Adds Benioff, “To have the privilege to write for an actor of that caliber [Tywin’s portrayer, Charles Dance] and then to know it’s over is a huge honor and incredibly depressing.”

* It should also be noted that in A Storm of Swords, Martin’s third novel, Jaime tells Tyrion that his first wife — Tysha, who was only mentioned in Season 1 of the show — wasn’t actually a prostitute. That reveal was omitted from the finale. Martin explains that, in the books, Tyrion’s murderous rage is also fueled by learning that Jaime “played a part in this traumatic event of his life. … He’s so hurt that he wants to hurt other people.”

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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Spoilers* And then there was the lesser — but still heartbreaking — death of Jojen Reed, whom the EPs describe as Thrones‘ version of John the Baptist. “It felt right to have him sacrifice himself to get Bran to his destination,” they explain. “Also, there are a lot of wights in that frozen field. It seemed pretty unlikely they wouldn’t score at least once.” (Can’t argue with that.)

* Here’s that major spoiler we mentioned: As for the exclusion of Lady Stoneheart — the revived, zombie form of Catelyn Stark — from the finale, director Alex Graves explains that “it was never on the docket to do this season — ever.” With everything else going on in Season 4, Graves says the team really had to consider, “How does it play into the whole story in a way that we’re really going to like?” And in the end, they decided it didn’t fit at all. As for whether or not Michelle Fairley‘s highly anticipated character will appear in Season 5, Graves honestly says, “I have no idea.”

Book readers, were you disappointed by the finale’s lack of Lady Stoneheart? And non-book readers, who were you rooting for during Brienne’s battle with The Hound? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale, and your hopes for Season 5, below.

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  1. I didn’t know Lady Stoneheart existed. Now that I do, I’m eager to see her in live-action.

    • This Lady Stoneheart storyline sounds immensely dull and boring.

      Please keep it off the show.

      • str8talk says:

        Lady Stoneheart is all about revenge. In book four she has a major character hanged, but in book five that character appears to have mysteriously come back to life. At the end of book five of this series it appears Lady Stoneheart is about to get revenge on a major character of the books which will result in that major character’s death. there is lots of mystery surrounding Lady Stoneheart and the things she does.

        • BattleMage says:

          Smh… She didn’t “mysteriously come back to life.” Lord, did you forget to read the words at the most important moment? She SCREAMED A NAME, remember?

          Lady Stoneheart heard, and the rest is history. She wasn’t killed. She was hanged and released.

  2. Before you mentioned the part about Lady Stoneheart you should warn the readers. I had no clue Catelyn Stark is coming back as a zombie!!!

    • D. says:

      Seriously, I’ve been waiting for her reappearance since last year’s finale. WTH

      • Cipher says:

        Tywin Lannister dies at the end of book 3, Lady StoneHeart appears over halfway though book 4… but online idiots wanted to ruin any possible surprise by this HUGE SPOILER release.

        • Steelegrave says:

          Lady Stoneheart appears in the epilogue of Storm of Swords

          • James says:

            Lady Stoneheart appears at the conclusion of A Storm of Swords in the epilogue. She isn’t given her moniker until later on in A Feast for Crows, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t appear earlier.

        • ShowMeMary says:

          I, who have read the books, watch with someone who hasn’t read the books. When the Red Wedding was over, my friend was glad that Catelyn was gone. Ever since, I’ve been looking forward to her reponse when she reappears. I hope the people who write the spoiler columns realize how much fun they ruin for those who want to be surprised or who watch with people who want to be surprised.

    • You Know Nothing says:

      “WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.”

      “Here’s that major spoiler we mentioned”

      They warned the readers twice. How many warnings do you need?

    • Mark Taranto says:

      She isn’t really a zombie. She is resurrected by the Red Priest, who is part of the company that had kidnapped Arya and The Hound earlier. We saw this Red Priest resurrect their leader in that episode.

      • Alex says:

        Not a zomby, but not alive. She was not resurrected, but summoned by him. She is undead now.I’m not sure, but I think she was summoned by sir Lord Berric. After that, he disappered, possible, died.

    • I think that goes along the lines of HERE IS THAT MAJOR SPOILER

    • didideath says:

      Read the freaking books if you’re so afriad of “Spoilers;” they’ve been out for years! Or better yet, read the WHOLE article: they tell you right at the beginning! (WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.) How many times do they have to tell you?

    • Alex says:

      It’s no strange here. All clues were in the book. Catelyn Stark was murdered at the bloody wedding first, then thrown in the river. After that her body was founded by Arya’s wolf, Nimeria and after that Cat became a Stoneheart after the Fire Kiss of Red Priest. But she is not a zomby, like a Cold Hands behind The Wall either. She is undead.

    • They warned you twice. Seriously. You only have yourself to blame.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      What part of MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON-BOOK READERS was unclear?

    • S says:

      (WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.)

      They did warn readers.

    • SMH says:

      “*Here’s that major spoiler we mentioned:”

  3. Yep, for non book readers of the series, the Lady Stoneheart thing is DEFINITELY a spoiler…

    • Andy Swift says:

      Before the bullets, I said “(WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.)” But I can add in an additional warning.

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        Big flashing lights might help.

      • nctucker22 says:

        The GoT writers are IDIOTS for not including Lady Stoneheart in the final scene. Now, everyone is going to be reading ABOUT her appearance (or lack thereof) in all of these retarded GoT click-bait articles instead of finding out about her by watching the show.

  4. Avery says:

    Book spoilers – The lack of Lady Stoneheart was completely ridiculous and inexplicable. I also have no idea what they were thinking with that final Jaime/Tyrion exchange. They keep changing things from the books, which is fine in some respects – it’s an adaptation, I understand that, and scenes like the initial Arya/Brienne conversation were great – but removing fundamental aspects of character arcs (Stoneheart, the Jaime/Tyrion conflict about Tysha that motivates both of them throughout books 4 and 5, explains Tyrion’s actions re: Shae and Tywin, and largely shapes Jaime’s relationship with Cersei going forward) just doesn’t make sense. It feels like badly written, extremely expensive fanfiction at this point.

    • Kirsten says:

      Agree, Avery. And I basically only skimmed through Martin’s books. Weiss and Benioff aren’t just omitting and condensing details to get straight to the point — they are now effectively rewriting the story. When you dramatically alter character arcs book to screen, you permanently change viewpoint, perspective, and ultimately the entire context of the story. As with all things, context matters. According to ScriptLab, the leading online scriptwriting educational magazine, this could be the undoing of Game of Thrones Season 5 through 7 (or 8). Especially since Martin’s books 4 and 6 (A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons) suffer from slow moving plot progression. Are Weiss and Benifff going to reinvent the entire storyline in the next two HBO seasons?

      • KC says:

        Sure, why not? People create new storylines all the time. I have not read the books and I won’t until the series ends. I’m always disappointed by adaptations of books to movies/tv if I read the book first. I prefer to see the production then read the book, there are always more details and the characters motivations are literally spelled out in a book. Having said that, there’s not much you can do if you read a book that’s been adapted to a movie other than try and keep in mind they are two different things and there are going to be changes to the story you read. Difficult if not impossible to do, depending on the quality of the book.

      • Aimee says:

        It is almost impossible to cram everything from a book into a show adaption and even if you could it probably wouldn’t end up as good. Some things just don’t work as well on film as they do on a page. I don’t see how this could be the “undoing” of the show which has plenty of fans who never read the book. As long as the story remains interesting people will keep watching.

        • mrsdp says:

          The issue, as I see it, is not that some things are excluded or changed, it’s that some things that have been excluded or changed actually impact character arcs going forward. For example, in the books, there is another Tyrell brother Olenna and Margaery attempt to pair Sansa with and later serves as Cersei’s “intended.” Loras, at that point, would have been a unavailable for marriage as part of the Kingsguard. In the TV adaption, there is no third Tyrell child. Both brothers are wrapped into Loras and really it doesn’t change the key story points, so who cares. However, Jaime disclosing the ‘facts’ of Tyrion’s first wife is fairly key to Tyrion’s motivation going forward. It sparks his anger. It sparks his rage and it subsequently pushes his choices where he travels, etc. JoJen is another potential big change. As of the end of ADWD, JoJen is still around. No one knows what happens to him heading into book 6. It is true that Martin has disclosed certain story points to W & B so I will assume offing JoJen now doesn’t throw things out of whack further down the road. It is true that Bran’s story line is much farther in the show than it is at this point in the books. I’m also concerned that Cold Hands was not introduced. . .

          • MissGugu says:

            Does Tyrion need further motivation to be angry after all that has happened this season? And you forget that it what happens in the books won’t necessarily happen in the show.

          • Sully says:

            No one ever mentions in their arguments about leaving out the story about Tyrion’s first wife, and this is all over the place, that in show the relationship and love between Shae and Tyrion is much much deeper than in the book. In the show Shae is the love of Tyrion’s life and his motivation for killing Tywin is based on the love he had for Shae who he found in his father’s bed.

        • I have read all of the books and agree that you cannot cram everything from the novels into the shows. If Martin is happy with what the screen writers have done with his works, I think that says a great deal. Martin has created a complex well written body of work that is rich enough to be re-adapted again and again. We are all lucky that all of these talented and creative people are working together to produce such excellent escape entertainment. I love the show, the cast is awesome and I plan on re-reading the books because as out-standing as the show is, the books are beyond excellent. I would encourage fans to continue watching the shows and also read the novels at some point the differences/changes, I think will not offend the fans who have not done the reading first if they take the time to read all of the books.

      • willdozen says:

        I hope Weiss and Beniff reinvent the story, for Martin has lost his spark and is milking his prior laurels. Book 5 nearly totally sucked, and if the HBO team stays with that story, the show will die before anything good happens. and from the looks of Martin, he will probably die before he writes any thing of value to bring closure to the series.

      • David says:

        There is no way for a 10-hr/season TV series to be faithful to over 4500 pages of text. I love Martin’s writing, and like many others have been complaining bitterly (in private) that the next book isn’t out yet. However, I also love the HBO show, and feel that they have done a very respectable adaptation, given that shows and novels are different beasts. Sometimes, the changes in a TV adaptation can even improve on a novel, such as not killing off Lafayette in the 1st episode of True Blood (not that Harris is quite as good a writer as Martin…)

    • Jim says:

      At least it saves us from Tyrion asking every person he comes across “where do whores go?”

    • Scott Johnston says:

      Unfortunately TV viewers who haven’t read the books will have no idea who Tysha was. As it says in the item she was only ever mentioned in Season 1 (and I don’t think they used the name back then). It would have been pointless referring to her unless the audience had been reminded of who she was first.

      As for the missing Lady, my understanding is she’s hardly of any significance in books 4/5 so introducing her now (pnly to do nothing with her) would come over as cheap stunt.

      • Gertrude says:

        Exactly — Martin reveals her as a gotcha memory and then doesn’t do anything with her.

        • Gertrude says:

          “gotcha moment”

        • James says:

          That “gotcha” moment when he brings her up again just so happens to shape Tyrion into who is he is in A Dance with Dragons. It is the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak. After everything he’s been put through; everything he’s tolerated and merely turned the other cheek, it’s that final reveal, that betrayal, that makes him snap. It’s why he went to Tywin’s room, it’s why he killed Shae and Tywin.

          If ever there was a crucially important “gotcha” moment, it was that one.

          • Aimee says:

            Uh, I think they are talking about a different moment James. They are referring to someone else and not Shae or Tysha

      • Another major thing missing was Tyrion telling Jaime about Cersei’s whoring and evil deeds

      • Jeff Kulas says:

        Umm, there was a whole story about Tysha is Season 1 where Tyrion told both Bronn & Shae about her, including how Tywin had his guards rape her in front of Tyrion, one by one. It was a pretty emotional moment and one of the reasons Mr. Dinklage won an Emmy for his performance in Season 1. Now, the lack of follow-up means that story was basically pointless.

        And, plenty of other shows have events that happened 2-3-4 or more seasons earlier come back later on to influence current season happenings, so it’s not like it would have been too much for an audience to handle.

    • Gertrude says:

      Why do they have to introduce Lady Stoneheart now, just because Martin chose to do it at the end of book 3? Better to wait until Brienne meets her and she becomes relevant to the plot. People are making way too much about this… There have been plenty of other characters that they have brought into the story later than Martin did.

    • DL says:

      As someone who’s read all the books, I think people are vastly overstating the import of that exchange. Yes, the Tysha bit would have added something, but to say it will enormously change the arcs of the characters is quite hyperbolic. And the omission hardly makes it “badly written.” The writing is and continues to be excellent–at times, I think, better than the books (expediting Bran’s trip to the raven, and adding in the battle at Craster’s Keep for Jon, were both brilliant choices, I think). Truly, the two are different art forms and must be thought of as separate beasts.

      Furthermore, regarding Stoneheart, much as I too was disappointed at the lack of her presence in the finale, I’m hopeful we’ll see her in season 5, and the fact that she wasn’t in season 4 changes nothing, as she’s largely relevant to Brienne, and later, Jaime, and those characters aren’t far enough along in their storylines anyway.

      • Steelegrave says:

        Why does Tyrion go to Tywin’s room then? He specifically wanted to confront his father about Tysha. In the show it is pointless and silly for him to go to Tywin’s chamber. And what is his motivation going forward?

        • He wasn’t motivated by the fact that his father was having him killed for a crime he didn’t commit? I think that’s reason enough to seek out his old man and gun him down.

          • April says:

            Exactly! I didn’t read the books and I didn’t remember Tyrion even had a first wife but him going to confront his father still made perfect sense to me.

          • Joe says:

            typically when people are fleeing for their lives they flee, they don’t take detours against the most powerful man in the land to find out why they wanted them dead. it was dumb luck, that wasn’t worth the risk, that a cross bow happened to be there… but it trying to find out why Tywin messed over his marriage to Tysha, the only woman who ever loved him for who he was the trip makes sense, at that point it was worth his life

          • mrsdp says:

            As other’s allude to through the comments section, the Tysa disclosure impacts more than just Tryion sidetracking his getaway. It does influence the relationship between the brothers. It does cause Tyrion to strike back at Jamie by disclosing Cersei’s habit of bedding men to get what she wants in life – which is pretty paramount to her future storyline, as well as Jamie’s continued evolution from the “Golden Son” to the “Really? I want nothing to do with these people I share a last name with.” The disclosure contributes to not only Tyrion’s path going forward, but also his persona. I suppose, however, one could argue that Shae’s much more “pro-Tyrion” and truly in love leanings could substitute. If I recall (and it’s been a while) Shae in the books wasn’t really more than a prostitute who felt she found a meal ticket in Tyrion and acted the part. She didn’t betray her ‘love’ out of jealousy in the books. She did it out of self-preservation – her meal ticket was no longer an option so she’d find a new one.

      • Bradley Darewood says:

        Really? I see why they added Craster’s Keep, but it felt poorly written– it was glaringly written by someone else and cobbled together in a way that didn’t quite fit. Expediting Bran’s trip totally loses the creepiness of Coldhands, and the suspense that comes with doubting their supernatural hosts– basically cutting all of the tension out of Bran’s storyline. Considering the slow pace of later books and GRRM not being finished, if anything they should have spread some of these arcs out instead of expediting them. Giving Stoneheart a cameo this season was important because if you wait too long after the Red Wedding, it loses it’s emotional impact, and you also miss out on the suspense of waiting to see what’s going to happen with that arc. I liked the early seasons quite a bit, but I felt like this season’s changes were largely bad writing and poor directorial choices.

        • mooshki says:

          Exactly. When Lady Stoneheart does show up, it’s going to feel like a cheap gimmick instead of something that builds tension over time as you wonder what kind of revenge she is going to take.

      • Agreed on all counts. I have read the books but I enjoyed the changes they made immensely and think the scene with Brienne and the Hound was brilliant. And they saved us page after page of Bran agonizing over his choice with one scene at Craster’s Keep. Did it need the Tysha storyline?…I don’t think so because the exchange he has with Tywin in an earlier episode and sentencing him to death is more than enough to send him looking for his father. And seriously wasn’t the betrayal by Shae and the hypocrisy of Tywin enough to justify the rage Tyrion felt.

        • Tysha was the last straw though and showed just how cruel Tywin really was to Tyrion. Plus that conversasion affect Tyrion and Jaimies relation ship and Jaime and Cirice’s as well.

    • MissGugu says:

      I have not read the books and while I didn’t know about the deeper motivations for Tyrion, I feel that on the show his motivation to kill Shae is quite obvious. There he was going to “stick it” to his dad only to find the woman he loves, and has already betrayed him in a major way in his trial, in his father’s bed. He was shocked, heartbroken and he snapped. Totally believable to me.
      Besides this is not A Song of Fire and Ice saga, it’s Game of Thrones season 4. They are bound to have their own character arcs and such.

    • Morgane says:

      ITA…It seems the more popular the series becomes…the lazier the writing becomes.. I’m almost done the 5th book.. The books are much darker than the series…I really people would stop referring to Lady Cat as a ZOMBIE…it diminishes what she really is… I don’t know HOW they can let that out of the next season…this is my first post on this sight..😉

    • I enjoyed the season exactly as it was; no one says they have to follow the books EXACTLY. That may make it boring for the book readers. I bought the books and I am reading them, and I am absolutely okay with the show as is. At any rate, you don’t even know if Lady Stoneheart is going to be included–she may be.

  5. I was happy with the omission of Lady Stoneheart. As a big fan of the books, I haven’t a clue where GRRM is headed with her story, and I can’t see what it would have to do with the bigger picture. The omission I did hate was the Tysha revelation. Though Tyrion has a lot of reason to want to kill his father, that revelation was the only one that made sense enough to push him over the edge.

    • Gertrude says:

      I doubt there was one person watching that who thought “oh my god, why on earth would Tyrion kill his father?” Or Shae. The extra motivation isn’t needed.

      • Rachel says:

        It’s less about Tyrion needing motivation for killing his father, and more about him literally having NOTHING left in King’s Landing, or Westeros for that matter. In the book, when Jamie confesses the truth about Tysha – Tyrion fires back by telling Jamie that Cersei “cheated” on him with Lancel (and others) and then lies and says he did kill Joffrey! This creates a huge rift between the brothers – it’s not all “hug it out, I’m going to miss you brother” – so moving forward, there is little to no hope of the brothers coming back together/helping each other in the future, etc. I don’t like that the show gave Tyrion a “life line” with how he parted from Jamie – viewers will think that maybe they could meet back up at some point or each come to the other’s rescue if need be. I prefer the book version — I want Tyrion to be DARK going forward (and I want Jamie to be questioning Cersei).

        • Steelegrave says:

          Concur. There is no reason for Tyrion even to go to Tywin’s chamber without the Tysha admission. It is silly and foolhardy for Tyrion to risk his new found freedom by even going in there.

  6. Charlotte says:

    So in other words, there was no real reason they didn’t include LSH. What a surprise.

  7. Alice says:

    The change in the Jamie/Tyrion conversation was the biggest change for me. (I was hoping for no LS this season. It would have diminished the rest of the big events in the finale. There’s a lack of punch in the later books, use her then). Not only the fact that they don’t part angry due to the Tysha revelation (although I always thought that was supremely bad timing on Jamie’s part) but also because, Tyrion now never tells him about Cersei’s infidelity with the other knights- which had repercussions for how much support Jamie is willing to lend her later on. Of course, the show also hasn’t shown her infidelity much after that scene in season 2- Maybe they are saving that for later as well, I’m not sure. But rather than an ending where basically all three siblings hated each other, we got a very different state of affairs.

  8. Katrina says:

    Loved Loved Loved this ep! So many things happened! I’m curious to see what “you will fly” means for Bran! I think he will fly on a dragon at some point! I like how Varys just said F*** it I’m getting out of here and left on the boat with Tyrion! I was heart broken when the dragons had to be locked up! How sad was that!?? uh…they deserve to be free!! Was hoping Arya would help the hound! Guess he just dies up in the rocks! :( I was waiting actually have been waiting all season for Lady Stoneheart! My husband has no idea that she is supposed to show up, I want to see his face when she appears! Hoping for next year at least! Man Im going to miss this show! Until next spring!

    • DezH says:

      Yep, Varys heard the alarms being raised and nope nope noped his ass on to the boat.

    • KC says:

      The only thing sadder than locking up the dragons was the man with the charded remains of his three year old daughter roasted by said dragons.

      • Brenda says:

        Umm KC it was a hard thing to have happen but the fact is this world is an ugly one to begin with (Westeros/Essos). There aren’t always “happy” endings as the big dragon killed the child not Dany’s smaller dragons. She made a bad move in doing that rather than trying to TRAIN her dragons, they can be tamed with magics and skill.

        • Tallus Rip says:

          Both of which are things Dany lacks. I’m still wondering why there hasn’t been any mention of Victarion this whole season. His Dragonbinding Horn is exactly what Dany needs to get her dragons to take orders.

        • Did I miss something in my reading?? Where did Martin write or infer that the dragons could be tamed with magic and skill? Please cite the novel and page/pages, thanks.

    • woody says:

      Maybe the hound did not die. The Lady Stoneheart appearance would have added another final shocker as it did when I read the book. I was expecting it but maybe she will show up later

    • Morgane says:

      I with U on that…When Varys heard the alarm and slowly walked back on board sat next to Tyrion in the box. ..he had that ” F**k My Life ” face…I didn’t mean to giggle but I did because it was so apparent that he had to start this life as “The Spider” in another place …which I think to gain the trust of people in power is NOT an easy task in those times…I wondered if Tyrion was in the same box as Varys kept the “Wizard ” that tormented him all those years ago & made him a eunuch ?
      I too was waiting for Lady Stoneheart..but from all accounts on this site & other sites …I don’t think it’s gonna happen :-(

  9. Amanda says:

    This entire article was nothing more than a summary of the various articles posted on regarding the finale. Lame, guys.

  10. fan says:

    I have an idea why they differ too much from the books. They don’t have enough funds. It’s quite obvious. For example, the lack of people in the meereen “court”? That’s ridiculous, I don’t know that a court could be that empty. And the eyrie too, so quiet. In the book there’s a singer who is served as a scapegoat for Lysa’s death. And they hire Sandor full season when he’s supposed to be gone in the first episodes, probably because they dont have money to hire new actors. And they killed jojen because the actor won’t be in payroll anymore, he’s not dead yet in the book. I kinda feel sad though feeling this. The book is great, too great maybe but there’s not enough money to make it so.

    • Cheli says:

      Fans loved Rory as the Hound, if he had been offed earlier a lot of people would have been disappointed. His exchanges with Arya were some of the best of the season.

      • salvussis says:

        I disagree. One of the coolest parts of GOT is that one never knew who was “going” next. Look at the popularity of The Walking Dead. That show hasn’t changed MO for fans of certain characters.
        Arya is not the child in the books, and truthfully, the child that would develop as a result of the life she has led. Seeing the Hound as a mentor? please don’t insult fans. The way she left him in the text was brilliant. It makes us wonder about reincarnation later -via the left out Lady, when others “see” the hound. hmmm.

      • I agree, I think how the directors showed the Hound’s inter-actions with both girls was spot on because in the novel, it was clear that he loved both of the sisters and that aspect, for those that did not read the novels, was made clear in the shows. It made me wonder what the Hound saw in the girls that caused him to protect them when he could have harmed them. Lastly it was sad ( to me) that Arya left him to die like a useless dog.

    • MissGugu says:

      Really, money is the only reason they’re not including countless characters in the show? I doubt that. With film/tv choices are usually made to evoke feelings to the viewer. The lack of people in the eyrie evokes that emptiness of the crazy leader they had and you could tell she was not that big on people. Some characters are kept longer or represent more than one character so that the viewer can invest to said character emotionally and also to not cause a lot of confusion or to keep asking “what happened to that other guy…”. In Meereen it’s never bothered me and what would the motivation be anyway to just have a bunch of people around court? And who will those people be – the Masters, the former slaves?
      Which is more powerful – some unknown singer made as a scapegoat or Sansa actually showing some sense for once and coming through for Littlefinger and asserting a stronger position for herself at the Eyrie?
      Jojen’s job was always to get Bran to his destiny in the show, he has served his purpose.

  11. qj201 says:

    Before people start whining about the producers…Martin is consulted on everything.

    • Joey says:

      Until people start complaining. Don’t you remember the scene when Jaime raped Cersei? Martin kept saying he had no idea what was happening. So what’s the truth? I believe he is consulted on everything, honestly. He just didn’t want to be held accountable for that deviation.

      • Leigh says:

        From a practical standpoint, I’m guessing Martin is consulted on the initial script, but not much beyond that. Therefore, creative liberties subsequently taken by D&D and/or the director might not be brought to his attention.

  12. this show without Mother Merciless is NOTHING NOTHING!

  13. tvlover says:

    What a mistake to change the Jaime/Tyrion scene so much. It was (for me) one of the most dramatic scenes in the book, and the repercussions drive both characters’ actions forever after. It pretty much marks the end of Jaime and Cersei, and it absolutely devastates Tyrion. I was really looking forward to Peter Dinklage playing that scene.

    • MissGugu says:

      But how was that going to work exactly? Jaime rescues Tyrion in a hurry because time is not really on their side, and in those moments he is supposed to mention a wife of eons ago?

      • CathyLou says:

        In the book, it only took a few minutes. Tyrion thanked Jamie for saving his life and Jaimie said he had a debt to pay. Then Jaimie explained that Tyrion’s first wife was not a whore – that was a lie their father made him tell. Tyrion already told Bron about it in the first season (except for the fact that his wife was not a whore, which Tyrion didn’t know at the time) so it wouldn’t have taken much time on the show, just as it didn’t in the book. Tyrion is very angry and bitter and tells Jaimie about all of Cersei’s affairs and falsely confesses to killing Joffrey.

  14. Vincent says:

    By the way: Lady Stoneheart is NOT a “zombie”, she’s not a wight. She’s still Catelyn brought back to life by the Lord of Light. Beric Dondarrion was still himself after being resurrected the same way six times. Stoneheart is Catelyn, but Catelyn has gone insane after the Red Wedding. In fact, Catelyn killing Aegon Frey (or Walder Frey’s wife in the show) was her first act as Lady Stoneheart. Even if she had somehow survived the Red Wedding, everything she had experienced in these last few months of her life turned her into Lady Stoneheart and not her own death.

    • Leigh says:

      I may not be remembering correctly, but I thought the reason Lady Stoneheart was so messed up was because she was dead for such a long time before being brought back to life.

      • Joey says:

        That’s why she’s so messed up, physically. I believe her hair has turned white and is starting to fall out, and her skin is a bit…curdled and extremely pale. And since her throat is slit open she can barely speak (plus in the book she has those scars on her face from when she started to go insane). I don’t think her being dead necessarily had any effect on her psyche.

        • Scott Johnston says:

          All that sounds like a good reason to drop the character entirely. There’s no way the show can do the character exactly like she is described, and I imagine the fan base will be up in arms if they don’t.

      • Physically she’s messed up because of the damage to her body but she came back differently because she shed the blood of an innocent before her death. Beric comes back almost completely normal because he was a soldier and doing the honorable thing but Catelyn killed Frey’s simpleton son who was like their jester and that is why she is the way she is.

  15. christine says:

    Is this a GoT fan page? This show gets sooo much coverage while other great shows get next to none. I like GoT but…..really????

  16. Kristina says:

    Don’t care about the exclusion of Lady Stoneheart, I never cared for that storyline. But I hate they left out the Tysha reveal to Tyrion. Why did they do that?!

  17. SandyCamargo says:

    I hated the zombie storyline in the books. In fact, I found all the Wall stuff incredibly boring. So, please no Lady Stoneheart. Let dead people we care about stay dead.

  18. Phil Parr says:

    The lack of Stoneheart in the finale robbed the viewers of the first real taste of vengeance by the Starks.

    If the writers decide to do the same with Arya and Sansa’s characters the show will lose a lot of viewers. Sorry, no show is in danger of not losing it’s audience.

  19. Squid says:

    Really disappointed at the lack of Stoneheart this season (and the lack of certain comments back and forth from Jaime to Tyrion and vice versa), but not as disappointed as if we don’t see Euron, Victarion and Aeron next season. Come on series, give us our Greyjoys already!

  20. Ralph says:

    Catelyn Stark will be back once she can convince Jack Bauer (24) that there are more bad guys to fight in these magical realms, than there are terrorists in our world. :-)

  21. LibKat says:

    Book Spoilers ahead – I was pretty sure we weren’t going to see Lady Stoneheart when there was no indication that the Freys were having trouble traveling and getting home alive. Once I thought about it, I assumed it wasn’t just that Michelle Fairly would have to travel all the way to wherever they were filming to do one scene, but that they would have needed a lot of time to get the makeup right and to screen test it. If the LSH makeup isn’t perfect the character could go bad zombie movie laughable very quickly. I hope that LSH will be the final shot of the season 5 opener.

    I was really disappointed that there was no mention of Tyrion’s first wife. They could have had the scene from season one in the previously on montage. Tysha is the book’s justification for his cold blooded murder of his father. The sweet brotherly moment between Tyrion and Jamie was great, but I wonder how the omissions will affect Jamie’s ongoing story. Between the rape-iness of the scene in the sept and now Jamie being back with Cersei, they are really messing with Jamie’s redemption story.

  22. Kenny says:

    Lady Stoneheart makes two appearances in the books. She couldnt be revealed and then not shown for nearly two seasons without getting into material for Book 6/7. So it’s either not showing her or showing material from the books that havent come out yet.

  23. whammer says:

    I would have liked to see LSH this season but she can always be introduced later though i think it would have left the non-book people in shock to end the season with her. im much more upset about the leaving out the jaime/tyrion falling out because it really does have implications on the story and people who say it doesnt need to look back and see this is what truly seperates cersei and jamie and puts a rift between them and without her brother for support she stats to completly loose it. im also very upset about bloodraven having 2 eyes whats with that thats not even hard to get right. he even says in the show, “a thousand eyes and one” so why does he have two eyes.

  24. Again I say NOT MISSING!! Just not included in this season!

  25. Mark Taranto says:

    I really enjoyed the finale. Most of the changes from the book (Brienne vs The Hound), I didn’t mind. I was looking forward to Tyrion’s comment after killing his father, though — the one where he says something like “Apparently, he doesn’t actually Sh** gold.”

  26. Koltiras Rip says:

    I was really angry as it was that Coldhands was completely removed from the story. Everything about what he did, saving Sam and Gilly, the flocks of ravens that showed up periodically…those were all Coldhands’ doing in the books. But then Bran & co get to the tippy top of the North and Coldhands never shows? Are they just saying the 3-Eyed-Raven was in control of the raven flocks now or something? Coldhands was supposed to fight the Wights that killed Jojen…he wasn’t supposed to die! Grrrrr….more and more I don’t like this show…

    • Don says:

      Well, didn’t we see Coldhands in a snippet earlier in the series (the white walker who rides)? At least it is teased, right?

      • Ernest G. says:

        Coldhands is Benjen Stark. They don’t say it outright in the books (yet) but it’s him.

        • LOL I know right? That’s totally what i think.

        • suzu says:

          I don’t see how Coldhands could be Benjen, though, when Leaf says that, “he died a long time ago”. Benjen went missing at the begining of the series, which is, like, 2 years prior to when Coldhands first appears. Isn’t Leaf like 200 years old? I doubt Leaf would consider 2 years to be such a long time ago.

  27. PeterLake says:

    GRRM doesn’t seem to want to finish the series, so let Weiss and Benioff have at it!

  28. Herbert says:

    Leaving Lady Stoneheart out was mistake. I am finished with the TV series. I’ll stick with the books.

  29. Matthias says:

    As far as I’m concerned, there is no excuse for Lady Stoneheart’s exclusion. The director said she was never even on the docket. How is that even possible? I guess I just thought that since they took two seasons to cover one book that they would, you know, finish the book. And with the emotional toll brought on by the Red Wedding, Lady Stoneheart was sorely needed. They could have had the best season finale of any show ever, but instead the decided to not bother with it, and essentially flip the bird to every fan of the series. I could have forgiven all the other changes made to the story, but the omission of Stoneheart seriously took away from my enjoyment of the finale. HBO, you truly botched this one up.

    • suzu says:

      Why have LSH appear when she does next to nothing over the course of the next two books?? I’d rather have her appear next season (or even the one after), at a time when she actually has something to do. I’d be much more disappointed if they had revealed her, then just shoved her off to the side for the majority of season 6 because, I repeat, SHE HAS NO STORYLINE.

      And, they didn’t finish the book. Even if they did squeeze the two main battles on the Wall into one, they still didn’t manage to cover all of the stuff that happens in the third book.

  30. Matt Eli says:

    Weiss and Benioff are starting really shift away from the books, I fear they are on a jump the shark mode. I mean, look how well that worked for “True Blood”. The books have elements that play in later, fine tune dragon control and explain the plots and schemes and move this or that character up or down. Many have been damaged this season especially – Jon Snow’s direwolf “ghost” is an after thought. Arya’s has been completely forgotten. Varys should NOT be on the ship with Tyrion…..but I suppose he will now replace the other traveling companions from the books. I don’t see them including Lady Stoneheart since she is a minor side track that is as significant as the other events in the Iron Islands which have been skipped. This means other events will be missing or redone……I see it unraveling and not ending up better.

    • mrsdp says:

      You raise a good point. Jon and Arya both have warg-like scenes. Both ‘dreaming’ they are their wolves (although when reading I assumed they had a Bran-lite warg moment) play into their arcs later in the book series too. There certainly is a lot of info to cover, but not covering any of the Iron Island scenes becomes a factor later too. I would hope much of this becomes fodder for Season 5….but who knows.

  31. AngelamG says:

    I was really disappointed not to see Lady Stoneheart in the finale. I really thought that’s how the last few minutes would end (I still think it would have been great). I hope they add the character next season. I also wonder about the omission of the Tysha reveal and how/if it will play out in the future. I think this explained, in the book, much more as to why Tyrion committed two murders (the level of betrayal was so much more than shown on screen). I liked the Arya/Brienne meet up and enjoyed the fight between Brienne and The Hound. All in all, a good finale, but not the greatest yet, as promised, at least, not in my opinion. I think they are adding more things not in the books to keep all of us surprised and guessing what is coming next and I do like that!

  32. Papa In Pajamas says:

    I didn’t care when Jojen died…he was a bore and I could barely remember his name. I still don’t know his sister’s name and she’s more interesting. Bran is also boring and useless.
    Arya is the ONLY Stark with any brains. Other boring and miserable characters are Stannis, Jorah,Sansa,Rob-Now-Dead-Stark,Tommen,…I would have placed Jon Snow on the list but he seems to be coming around. We’ll see.

    • mrsdp says:

      Part of that maybe that some of those characters (Jorah, Robb, Tommen) are not POV characters in the book and so there is less material to work with. Robb is only ever spoken “of” or seen in interactions with other. He was never a primary character despite being one of the 5 kings vying for their throne. While I understand the change of age book to TV has a reason, I also think that some of Sana’s naivete is more problematic when she’s seen as an older teen vs the 11 year old girl she is at the start of GoT – 14 by a Dance with Dragons. Sansa’s over romanticized idea of her engagement, her trust in Cersei and Jofferey, her willingness to ask her father to confess…etc is much more reasonable when she’s barely middle school aged and terrified. When she’s an older teen, it just looks dumb. Tommen, similarly, is only 7 in the books. Not 12 as he is in the show.

  33. StannisSupporter23 says:

    I don’t know what was more upsetting, the lack of Lady Stoneheart or the lack of a Winds of Winter Release date :(

  34. Nate says:

    I like the fight with the Hound. In the books its ambigious if he died and even in the show they were along the road to the bloody gate so someone can come along and help the Hound still. The lady stone heart thing I can see them saving that for next season since the next book is supposed to be a slower book so that gives them filler to work with. I am most suprised that they didn’t do the Lord Greyjoy death this season as its quick and simple.

    • it’s not ambiguous if the hound died in the books. you know he did. On Brienne’s quest she met someone who told her he found his body by the side of the road (where Arya left him) and buryed him. I did like the fight wiht her and the hound though, but was a little sad they took the Rorgue kill away from her and wonder if they show will have a similar encounter in the show.

      • Johnny Buttons says:

        ……. You need to google ‘the gravedigger’
        ; )

      • cat says:

        On Brienne’s quest there was a very large man who was a “novice” gravedigger with the holy men, makes you wonder if the hound survived and was taken in.

  35. jenny says:

    for me this season seem to go fast and was kind of disappointing

  36. NoNo says:

    Benioff and the show writers are dumb for not including it. Not with all of the GoT articles everywhere you look, most people will learn of Lady Stoneheart from a journalist, which is not how she should be revealed to the viewers of the show.

  37. nctucker22 says:

    Benioff and the show writers are MORONS for not putting Stoneheart in at the end of this season. Now, everyone is going to read about it instead of finding out about from watching the show.

  38. paul says:

    I didn’t see the Hound die! He was left for dead.

  39. karen says:

    I wanted the Hound to win.

  40. Rodrick says:

    Since we already knew the hound dies and Lady Brianne doesn’t it was okay to tie the two characters together even though they never actually meet. It seems tidier this way. I was concerned with the variations this seasons GOT took, but it ultimately ended up where everything needed to be.

  41. Cyd says:

    how did you miss ” (WARNING: There’s a major spoiler for non-book readers in the final bullet.)”?

  42. Maybe, just maybe, the Hound will live…but where is Strong Belwas?

  43. Ben says:

    I was surprised that that Jamie nor Tywin didn’t say anything to Tyrion about his first wife

  44. karenj900 says:

    In the books so far, you only get a few bits and pieces of Lady Stonehart, so I have to say I was not that broken-hearted that she didnt’ show up in the last episodes of this season. They were pretty jam-packed anyway. Loved that they followed the book and let Tyrion off the old man on his ‘throne’. Exactly what it needed to be!

  45. Totally wish they had had lady stoneheart as the final scene. When I read it it was WTF. wow didn’t see that coming. it would have had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for next season. the ultimate ending. much better than Ayra heading out of Westoros.

  46. eric nutting says:

    I think it would be cool if somehow the Hound does survive. Although, being a new fan of the show, I find it hard to get to attached to any character.

  47. I liked both characters the Hound who was rather nice to both Stark girls, and Brienee who was following an oath she made to Catherine. I can see why the Hound didnt believe her. Out of the two of them I would say Brienee was the “good guy”. I want to see Brienee walk past Lady Stoneheart. They gave a tip off with the Mountain scene about the Mountain coming back, physically they are probably the same but when they come back they are not the same. Unlike the guy who dies in the Men wihtout banners she definitely did not come back right away. I would still expect her to have a huge scar across her neck

  48. Ashley says:

    I didn’t want the Hound or Brienne to die. I wanted them to come together and help the little girl out (I can’t think of her name right now….lol).

  49. sml20009 says:

    yes, very disappointed she did not have a five or ten second appearance.

  50. jo slattery says:

    Bran and his group are so boring they kill the momentum of every episode they are in. Even the fantastic work of the undead in this episode doesn’t increase the value.